How Is Pfleger Connected To Obama?

I know that everyone has already seen and heard the statements from Father Pfleger. Now my question is to all the people who feel that somehow Obama is responsible to answer to this mans speech. Is he Obama’s Pastor – NO! Has he or Obama stated that this man now somehow represents Obama – NO! Is this man somehow connected to Obama in any way – NO! Wow, so then why is it that everyone is coming out to say that Obama has another skeleton in HIS closet? Should McCain have to answer to every guest speaker that Rod Parsley, who he said was HIS SPIRITUAL LEADER, has at his church that then says something people don’t like? And isn’t this Father, Priest or Reverend entitled to his opinion and his own view? Or are we showing the world exactly what America is all about?

He said that Hillary felt that she was entitled to the candidacy because she was white. Well I don’t have to necessarily agree with this statement but she does raise my eyebrows when she boasts that Obama can’t win the racist working class white vote. You know those HARD WORKING AMERICAN’S not those shiftless blacks. The same Hillary camp that came out with the Obama is only where he is because he is BLACK. And now I have to sit and read these ignorant people link a person who has NEVER had any relationship with Obama act as if they are brothers. Give me a break. Everyone was so quick to cast aside McCain’s pastor when he made his racist statements by saying that they weren’t very close even though he said that this man was his spiritual leader.

When do we start looking at these slanderous Bloggers as the racists that they are? It is obvious that this has gone far past “I don’t like his views” and has entered into “I just don’t like his black ass.” Because I don’t see any of these people whether they are Hillary or McCain supporters go to these lengths on each other, only on Obama. That is interesting. I wonder what excuse they will have. Will they say that they must attack Obama because he is the greatest threat to getting their prospective candidate into office? Is Obama going to have to now answer for each and every white or black person who ever says anything about either candidate or about the white race in any way? Isn’t that a bit extreme?

And as far as I can see this whole thing has been nothing more than a name calling race on those who are telling it like it is. They want to tell us that this is some sort of “theology of victim hood”. I guess the same can be said of all the complaints of racism from the white community on this. Isn’t it always being said to blacks that they should stop crying and whining about racism, well white people now it is your turn, SHUT UP! Pull yourselves up by your boot straps and go get an education, then those preachers won’t be racist against you. Just work twice as hard as the parishioner and you will be just as welcome as the black people at that church. Of course this is parody of the stupidity blacks have to hear when they say something is racist, I guess things that go around come around.

I even read a few Bloggers say that “of course there is white privilege” but this isn’t the way to address it. Then what IS the way to address it? It is interesting that whenever blacks do something such as a bus boycott or any type of boycott we are told that this isn’t the way to make change. Should we just sit and wait for white people to get tired of all the white privilege and end it on their own. That’s funny since we have been doing that from day one and I don’t think that white people will ever get tired of white privilege. So I guess it IS high time that we actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And unfortunately for the white community there are more and more of them jumping ranks and telling it like it is and they are doing it and getting media coverage. UH OH!



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8 responses to “How Is Pfleger Connected To Obama?

  1. I can just see Pat Buchanana right now having a fit over Rev. Pfleger. The White media outlets and bloggers are gonna label him as some sort of a sell-out and then proceed to excoriate him. Whatever.

    According to ABC, Obama has a relationship with Pfleger. They’ve allegedly fund-rasied for each other and their alleged relationship goes back 20+ years.

    Obama has predictably “scrubbed” Rev. Pfleger from his website. God. I’m very bored with Obama distancing himself from his friends or endorsers. I understand that proponents of the status quo won’t allow for a levelled playing field in this election, but I’m just saying…

  2. Anonymiss,

    You and me both, are getting pretty tired of this game. He needs to learn to stand his ground. He can’t be responsible for each and every word out of each and every person he knows. Not to mention the man hasn’t said anything that isn’t true. People need to get a life and deal with the politics of the political race. And leave all the Hollywood drama where it belongs in the movies.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. MacDaddy

    A lot of people who say black people aren’t addressing an issue the right way are aping white oppressors.

  4. “A lot of people who say black people aren’t addressing an issue the right way are aping white oppressors.”

    What exactly do you mean by that.

  5. Great Post,

    The problem with engaging in normal conversation (face-to-face) is it can eventually be tied to racism (or “reverse racism” which is just as prevalent) if that is what you are looking for.

    You can read a transcript from “same race” bloggers and read nothing into it – it merely appears to be a heated debate. Ask someone to read the same transcript and tell the reader the bloggers were of different races and, all of a sudden, all the racial undertones kick in.

    Saying someone is racist needs to have some weight or examples to it other than simply a difference of opinion. It seems to me that oftentimes a legitimate difference of opinion, lifestyle, or culture gets labeled “racist behavior”.”

    Godfather (

  6. Godfather,

    I don’t actually know who you might be talking about with the racist name calling. But I do agree with you. NOT every disagreement is a reason to call a person a racist. There usually ARE more things being said that ARE of a racial nature.

    Now I have had a difference of opinion that has lead to a racism call. But when a person is trying to convince me that all blacks are inferior, that is racist. Sorry, that is beyond a difference of opinion that is a racist statement. And I don’t feel that I have to hold my tongue or get a bunch of examples to know this.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. I totally agree. In the end racism is racism and frankly, there is no place for it.

    A racist comment is a racist comment and can not be hid behind a “joke” that is supposedly meaningless.

    I think we, of all races, need to continue to educate people it is ok to have differences of opinion that do not have anything to do with race. Furthermore, the frank talk found in places such as this blog is the first step towards true equality.

  8. Godfather,

    Thank you for the insight. We definitely need this type of dialog if we are to fix what ails us.

    Thank you again for your reply.

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