What Makes Jeremiah Wright So Racist?

I watched Jeremiah Wright preach and answer questions at the Press Club and I am still waiting to hear all this hate speech that people are so offended by. I mean I didn’t once hear him call the girls on the Rutger’s University Soccer team a bunch of stringy haired hoes. While being questioned by the white moderator at the Press Club did he get indignant with her straightforward questions and call her a stupid ass cracker? I guess not but he did point out that the words spoken by him after 9/11 were not his own but the words of the Iraqi Ambassador who said them the day before. Yet, read any right wing or racist Blog out there and they seem to overlook that one and continue printing he is unpatriotic.

When has this man been a part of a dominant culture who consistently utilizes racial amnesia while disparities between the races runs amok. He isn’t a part of a dominant culture that has used a century of self perceived racial superiority to subjugate other races. He isn’t part of a dominant culture who consistently uses their racial preference to continue to mis-educate the black community specifically and the white community indirectly. He isn’t a part of a dominant culture who continue to use racial preference to keep the business sector a white dominated presence. He isn’t a part of the dominant culture who continuously uses racial divisiveness to keep pseudo-segregation alive and well in today’s world.

And he definitely isn’t a part of the dominant culture who consistently uses racial solidarity to rally behind racist who get caught spewing hate such as Don “Nappy headed ho” Imus, Michael “Nigger, nigger, nigger” Richardson, Dog Duane “Soulless niggers” Chapman, William “Abort all black babies” Bennett, Kelly “Tiger should be lynched in an alley” Tilgham, Wolf “They’re so black and so poor” Blitzer, Bill “Where’s my M-Fing ice tea” O’Reilley, Tony “Tar Baby” Snow, George “Macaca” Allen, Geraldine “Only because your a black man” Ferraro, Joe “He’s so articulate” Biden, Ron “95% of black men are criminals” Paul, John “White’s need a baby boom to combat browning of the homeland” Gibson, James “Blacks are unintelligent” Watson, Rush “Chocolate chip” Limbaugh, Lou “Cotton Picking” Dobbs, and Bill “Next Obama will say he never stole cars” Clinton.

All these people, mostly white, will sit and chew this man apart with words such as he is a “stone racist”, “bigoted, hateful, a buffoon, an ignorant fool, and last (but not least) a heretic. These were taken right off of the Blogs that seem to be so full of them selves. Yet these are the same people who will say to give Dog the bounty hunter the benefit of the doubt, or that Don Imus got his racist rant from the blacks he was slandering. So then how about we just all say give Jeremiah the benefit of the doubt and that he only got his so called racist rant from white people. Like Wright said, “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” So now look whose chickens are coming home to roost!

I have yet to read these people Blog about hmmm let’s say Pat Buchanan, or Pat Robertson or any of the bigoted racists who call the right wing home. In fact not only are these people not talked about or Blogged about much they are given a platform to spew their stupidity constantly. I can see Pat “dumb ass” Buchanan on CNN, MSNBC or Fox Crap oops I mean News. These so called Reverends are continuously talked about as if they don’t matter in the big scheme of things or that they somehow don’t speak for the majority of whites so lets just ignore them. I actually read a post where the Blogger asked “when are blacks going to denounce people like Jeremiah Wright.” Well when the hell are white people going to denounce the plethora of racist that are running roughshod over this country?

How many white people denounced Pat Buchanan for his outrageous paper where he slanders blacks. Yet, blacks should denounce Wright. I still have not seen any of these Blogs actually answer the question of what is so racist about his words. Is it the fact that he is putting the stinky crap that white people have done up to their noses like a puppy who did a no, no? Or, is it the way he is unashamedly straightforward without beating around the bush, like a lot of our so called racial speakers, and actually addresses white America without the “I don’t mean you good white folk” talk.

What makes this man such a big a racist in most white people’s eyes is he tells it like it is about all the crap you pretend that you don’t see, like white on black racism. He is an out of control Negro. Let’s think about some of the things he says, like blacks and whites see religion differently. Is this a lie? Hell no, blacks and whites see the WORLD differently. That is why white people will say that Dog the bounty hunter isn’t a racist after calling his sons black girlfriend a Nigger.

Yet, white people have brandished a man who has NOT uttered one derogatory name towards the white community as one. How about whites in the past wore church robes on Sunday and KKK robes on Monday. Is that a lie? I think you would be a fool if you said yes. White people (even those good church goers) were burning black folk’s houses to the ground in their white sheets constantly. I know that this is hurtful to think of your ancestors this way, but sometimes the truth hurts.

It isn’t that Jeremiah Wright is a bigot or a racist to white people. He is a threat. God forbid black people actually wake up and “listen” to that man. Then they would all want the inequality to stop and we can’t have that. Where would we be without white privilege? Oh, I forgot, white privilege doesn’t exist. At least that is what I am constantly told by some of my readers. Anyhow, what makes a person a racist or bigot? Actually doing something that inflicts harm on a person of another race? Like hanging nooses or calling names and doing your best to insult them just because they are from another race? How about advocating someone’s lynching. Or is it pointing out the fallacies, hypocrisies and inequalities in the lives of Americans? Yes, I think that last one hit the nail on the head.



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  1. therese

    the real question with reverend wright is WHY. why is he trying to get his 15 minutes of fame? why is trying to sabatoge progression and perpetuating the “crabs in a basket” theory? why is he adding divisiveness to a campaign that barack has tried hard to bring unity to? we all know it is a continued struggle for black equality, but with people like reverend wright, we will continue to lick our wounds back open and play into the stereotype. i mean, eventually, dont we have to move on?? with people like reverend wright, racists have a friend indeed.

  2. Therese,

    First of all NONE of us would know anything about this man, nor would he be on television at all if it weren’t for the race baiting opposition who were digging for a story. Next, the divisiveness was already added when we are kept at an arms length in this country.

    Lick our wounds back open? When did those wounds close? Nothing has been done to heal anything so those “proverbial” wounds are and have been open and festering since our introduction to this country.

    Move on! We don’t need to move on. We need to deal with our collective problems. These aren’t just things that can be brushed under a rug or shrugged off as those in the dominant culture would like to have done.

    Since you feel he is a racist. My question goes out to you. Why and what makes him a racist? People comment that he is one and never give any supporting information. You can’t just call a person a racist without having a shred of evidence and that goes for blacks as well.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. therese

    i never said he was racist. he needs to move out of the spotlight and keep the focus where it was supposed to be: on barack. and of course, the media loves controversy so they will run it for all it’s worth.
    it is up to each of us individually to close our wounds otherwise we will always be weak and helpless. and yes, we do need to move on! does move on mean forget our past and pretend we dont have scars? of course not, it’s impossible. it means to focus on the many positive strides that we have made and use our battle scars to further those strides. we will continue rising in this country, but not by living in the past.

  4. Therese,

    Unfortunately, we were not individually subjugated. And the people who ARE subjugating us still are not doing as individuals. We have a system of white privilege, not a system of individual privilege, this is why it is going to take more than a person running home to lick wounds alone.

    Move on means just that move on. It does not imply anything further. When was the last time you or anyone else told the 9/11 victims to move on, the holocaust survivors or Jews as a whole to move on? Or survivors of rape, murder and mayhem to just move on?

    No one says this about them, they were allowed to be made whole by the people who wronged them. We are the only community where we are constantly told whether it be by a black or white, to move on. Go heal alone, stop picking the wound.

    How is it that we are supposed to further any strides if we are silent as to our predicament in this country. You can’t have it both ways. Because to further our stride means to bring to light those things that hinder us. And in order to do that someone or something has to be the squeaky wheel.

    Obama getting into the white house isn’t going to magically erase ALL racial disparity. We have to stop with this kowtow attitude of somehow gaining full equality by sitting silently in our place.

    When did racism become the past? As far as I can see it is alive and kicking our ass into the future. I for one am not going to claim that the things this man talks about is in the past. If MLK had sat silent while trying to gain further strides from our freedom from slavery we would be even further behind.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Barbara A. Johnson

    Rev Wright is doing nothing to help Barack but bring him down. He needs to preach from his church, yet he is lovin the media attention and workin it. Racism still and will ALWAYS exist, but I have worked hard through my struggles as a single parent and raised my kids to have hope., despite their deadbeat father, suspect friends and a broken justice system. And you know what, they are strong and positive about their future. and believe in themselves. It has been a long, hard struggle but nothing worth fighting for is easy.

  6. Barbara,

    The problem is that you and others act as if this man came charging forth to make himself a media whore. Like I said, he would not be here without the people who put him there.

    Now with that said. I don’t know about you but obviously the man has been slandered. He should have every right afforded to everyone else to defend his name.

    Nothing is easy that is a fact. I am not doubting that your children and many other children including my own are positive people and positive about their future. But, the reality is that racism exist and your children (I am assuming, black) will no doubt be faced with racism in their future.

    How will they handle that? What will they do? Because all the positivity in the world won’t stop racism, like you said it will ALWAYS exist.

    Also, How is Rev. Wright bringing down Obama?

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. therese

    i did not say racism is a thing of the past. when do we move forward, when racism is gone? that wont happen in any of our lifetimes. you said: do you tell a rape victim to move on? so, should they continue to replay that rape in their mind over and over again until they are dead? 911 victims: yes, in time they too will have to move on or should they continue to replay those events in their minds every day. stand up when you are wronged, protest, do whatever it takes. but continue to push forward with your life. i think we HAVE been a vocal society. youre doing it on this blog right now. we did it in the civil rights era. we are all free to let our voices be heard. we need more people building us up. we have enough tearing us down. barack is not our savior. politics is a dirty business and he will get his palms dirty. if mlk had to support one of them, which do you think he’d choose?

  8. Therese,

    Thank you for the clarification on your stance with regards to racism. The fact of the matter is you can’t look at racism as a single event. Move on from what if racism is still happening? This is my point. You can’t expect a rape victim to move on if she/he is constantly being raped.

    This is what is happening to our community. We are in a constant state of racial exclusion. And until the stabbing so to speak ends how can we clean, close and heal the wound?

    If MLK had to support one of them I think he would be stuck between a rock and a hard place. I understand the build us up stand point. It is always better to talk from a positive stance. But, since we have NO idea what the man (Wright) says, how can we know from 20 seconds of sound bites whether or not he is positive for our community.

    If they (media, Hillary, Republicans or whoever) had tons of sound bites of this man spewing hate, they would be playing THAT everyday as well. So it stands to reason that this was not his every Sunday sermon. Not to mention even when building someone up you must discuss what is dragging them down.


  9. Barbara

    My children (African father, African-American mother) have experienced racism many times. But they know not to let it paralyze them. They have been called niggers a thousand tiimes. Do you know what they do? They laugh! They say, “is that all you’ve got?” It shuts folks right up. If Reverend Wright is so passionate about liberating us, why is he destroying the chance for a brother to be president? And why is he spouting political views from church anyway? Now he is on some media tour of the country continuing to talk some negative bs. Yes, he is LOVIN THAT SPOTLIGHT. That is hurting Barack worse than Hillary Clinton could ever do.

  10. Barbara,

    That is good that you have taught your children how to deal with being called Nigger. I understand the need NOT to be paralyzed. But, who are you speaking about, is paralyzed?

    Also you talk about Rev. Wright spouting negative BS. This is what I wanted out of the readers. Someone to tell me WHAT negative BS? What is the man saying that is so rude and false or whatever?

    Also, every preacher in America is talking politics from the pulpit. Not to say that they should, because I am strongly against it. But I am making the point because this is where the hypocrisy begins. Why is he being called on it but Rev. Hagee gets a free pass? Why is Pat Roberston allowed to spout racism, sexism, anti this or that, plus politics from the pulpit?

    Thanks for the reply.

  11. therese

    are you really in a state of “constant racial exclusion”?? do you live in alabama or something? you are obviously educated and have the time to write this blog. i am dark as night, didnt go to college and could never say i feel constantly excluded because of my color. i have experienced plenty of racism as have my parents, but i feel free to do what i please. what are you excluded from? i agree regarding the rev wright soundbites but i really dont care about his opinion.

  12. Therese,

    What I mean by racial exclusion is have a close look at any large company’s top executives. The high earners. These people are over represented by white people. And it goes beyond them being the majority. There are companies out here that are located in diverse communities that are 100% white, how does this happen?

    I mean the fact that as a people trying to be represented in the professional world we are failing. I mean the fact that blacks as a whole make 87% what whites make.

    I am talking about the fact that we are three times as likely to suffer from health problems due to improper health care. You should read some of my other posts where I address these issues.

    These are just a few of the disparities between blacks and whites. And my position is that ALL blacks should be concerned with this. It won’t go away if we all avert our eyes.

    Reverend Wright was speaking about these very things in the sound bites. So I believe that you “should” care about not his opinion but information as to the state you and I are having to live.


  13. therese

    ive enjoyed our discussion but ive got to pay the bills!good talking black sentinel. until next time

  14. Therese,

    I can understand that. Have a great day and you are welcome to come back any time.

    Thanks for the reply.

  15. Barbara

    My reverend sticks to the bible. Politics are not preached from his pulpit. I just dont have respect for these preachers that go beyond what they are supposed to do: preach the good word and tell us how to be closer to God. Those are Jesus’s words and I live by that. Reverend Wright’s BS: the showboating, the blame the government for our troubles. the government created AIDS to kill black people. Can we please see some evidence of this? Last I read, most AIDS victims were white gay men. The government gives us drugs and then creates a three strike law?? So we blame the government for our drug addictions?? Jesus taught him how to love his enemies, yet he conde Whatever conspiracy theory about drugs you believe is fine, but WE AS BLACK FOLKS

  16. Barbara

    have to take responsibility because no one else is going to.

  17. Vince

    Give me a break…….Im so sick of this blatant racist ranting. Seems like the people that focus on race the most ( Nazi’s, Klansman, BPP, NAACP, etc….) are the biggest racist. Hitler used racist propaganda to make excuses for Germany’s lack of direction and leadership which was destroying the country. These biggots like Mr. Wright, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson are doing the same thing to the black community and making huge profit off of it! Without racism they would have to get real jobs ( so they keep it alive ) Can you expain to me why black folks who are succesful are told they are not black enough or if they excell in school and are not angry, militant and make friends with everyone regardless of race are called oreo’s? BY BLACK PEOPLE!!!! Is it because black is an attitude and not a color? My wife went through this kind of stuff growing up. She said she was treated better by ( whitey ) than her own. Yes! Im the enemy ( white guy ) who never had anything handed to me my whole life ( where is my priveledge card? ) arent all white devils issued one? I grew up hand me down poor for nothing! Who do I blame? I had to join the military to get a decent job. By the way I never heard the “N” word until I heard black folks using it on each other. People who continue to look back to the past stumble over the future in front of them. I wish I could take all these racist profiteers ( of all colors )and put them in a football stadium with ballbats and let them beat the h*** out of each other while the rest of us human beings BBQ out in the parking lot. YES! I know that there is injustice all over the world but its not always racist! Not all white people are racist as Mr Wright wants to assert by railing against ” white America ” Also why did he move to a pastey white neighborhood if whitey is so bad? Who’s fooling who?

  18. Barbara,

    As reverends should. But they should also engage in social construct as that was Jesus’ way. To help those who can’t help themselves.

    As for Aids/Wright. He said that he got the information from Horowitz’s book. I am taking that he means Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz who is a Harvard graduate who wrote a book titled Aids, Ebola and Vaccines. So I think your gripe is with him.

    Do you believe that if the government would take charge blacks wouldn’t be earning only 87% of what their equal white counterpart makes? Whose fault is that? I thought the government was here to protect our rights. I am not saying they are ALL of our problems but they could alleviate some of them.

    Where exactly do the drugs come from in the black neighborhood? Do they bubble up from some alley cauldron? Or is some black man who owns a bunch of planes and boats carting it in? The government isn’t bringing it here but they are not stopping the people who are. Not to mention you should read up on the Iran Contra issue we had with Reagan. That might shed some light on this issue.

    How does it help the black community when 50 grams of crack (probably the size of a couple of marbles) is equal to 5 kilos of pure cocaine which is probably being carried around some suitcases. Drugs are drugs and the last time I checked crack was just as dangerous a cocaine. The Supreme Court just ruled this was unjust.

    Of course we need to take responsibility, but the problem is that there is enough responsibility to be taken all around. These problems aren’t just a black issue, we don’t live in a bubble. Drugs, crime plus any and everything else is in ALL communities. Everyone keeps talking about how we should be an American community then turn around and single out the black community.

    Also, if you aren’t into conspiracies, what about the nice one recently that shows experimentation being done on poor blacks by giving them sludge in exchange for food coupons. In case you don’t know sludge is sewage after a couple of treatments. It was touted as a great fertilizer and cure for kids who ingest lead paint chips. Go figure. They now know that it is dangerous and causes illness. Go figure that sewage causes illness. Nope the government doesn’t experiment on us.


  19. Vince,

    So your married to a black woman and now you are a black community expert? When you claim people are looking into the past. The past could be yesterday or how about an hour ago. People are being discriminated NOW. It isn’t a thing of the past.

    Not to mention just because you never heard the N word until blacks used it now means that no one in the white community ever uses it. Gee maybe you should talk with Dog the bounty hunter or Michael Richards. It is in hot circulation and not just by blacks and celebrities.

    Also, have you ever heard anything from W.E.B. Dubois because he puts it very plain and simple. “It must be remembered that the white group of laborers, while they received a low wage, were compensated in part by a sort of public and psychological wage.

    They were given public deference and titles of courtesy because they were white. They were admitted freely with all classes of white people to public functions, public parks, and the best schools. The police were drawn from their ranks, and the courts, dependent on their votes, treated them with such leniency as to encourage lawlessness.

    Their vote selected public officials, and while this had small effect upon the economic situation, it had great effect upon their personal treatment and the deference shown them. White schoolhouses were the best in the community, and conspicuously placed, and they cost anywhere from twice to ten times as much per capita as the colored schools. The newspapers specialized on news that flattered the poor whites and almost utterly ignored the Negro except in crime and ridicule.”

    So hopefully that explains how you get your privilege. White privilege does not mean that you are somehow given a big stipend of money. It means that you don’t have to deal with the same racial issues as minorities.

    Also, Rev Wright moved into a white neighborhood baffles me as well. I never said this man was perfect nor some one that I hold up as a black standard. What I am looking for is direct quotes that he said which are blatantly racist and have NO basis in any truth. Or are not his words at all. I am not interested in things he quotes from others as then I have to find out what they intended by those words.

    No one is telling me anything concrete, which leads me to believe that no one has anything to share.

    Thanks for the reply.

  20. No! Give me a break! Back in the days of America’s institutionalized slavery the smiling, jig-a-boo dancing house Negroes would sell their souls if master said so. A house Negro would look at a field Negro and blame the cotton picker for not licking master’s boot hard enough or fast enough or good enough. A house Negro was referred to as a boot licker because they wouldn’t hesitate to tow the white man’s line. House Negroes would be rewarded for their devotion/submission by getting the best leftovers master didn’t want. What was left of the leftovers was distributed to the rest of the black people who just so happened to stay in the shittiest part of the plantation. Why would white people promote black people who are full of black pride and a genuine concern for other black people’s welfare? White people would only promote black people who know their place and don’t cause trouble.


    PS – You served in the military and never heard the word nigger? Yeah, right! What military branch? The Nordic Fantasy Arctic Patrol?

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  22. I absolutely loved this article. Every issue was carefully dismantled, and in the end, we find that America has no substantiative evidence of Rev. Wright’s Racism. (Even if so, it’s okay for a few whites to be racist, all hell breaks loose if one single black man is a racist–even though he is not, he is a truth identifier.) I’m glad to see you write this, I’m definitely adding this to my library. Keep up the excellent work.

    To all of you Rev. Wright denouncers, why even come on this website with this, there are plenty other outlets to get your illogicalness exhuming. Rev. Wright is your everyday black man/father, and if you consider him a racist then you might as well consider every black man racist. That is what drives more black people to the roof, white men and white women refusing to take accountability for their ancestors history.

  23. Vince

    Hold on a minute…….I never said my wife was black. She was called a coconut ( brown on the outside and white inside ) by other Mexicans because she stayed out of trouble, refused to get into gangs, studied hard and made good grades. Or maybe thats called selling out to you? Anyway, her work ethic was better than mine she finished college so she makes twice the money I do……..Gee, I wonder how that happened in such a racist society? And NO I dont claim to be an expert at anything but I can see whats going on around me and I watched what was happening. I went to schools that were mostly black and lived in those neighborhoods growing up in SC. I watched black kids isolate anyone who tried to get ahead ( oreo’s ) THEY used the “n” word constantly on each other and made fun of the darker classmates. I was 10 when I was first exposed to this. Same schools same education……It was all my fault that the military was my best option because I MADE BAD CHOICES. No one put a gun to my head and forced me to act up….I chose to! As far as the never hearing the “N” word in the Marines of course I heard it all the time and I also watched an officer ( he was white ) court martial a white and a latino marine for using the word. As far as slavery goes…..I never owned any and my dads family came over hear in the 1930’s so I dont think that has anything to do with me and I dont believe anyone on this site is wearing chains except for the ones you put on yourselves. Everyone faces some kind of scrutiny…..fat people, short people, handicapped people, Native Americans like my mother! etc……its part of life. We all have to conform to society. You say I havent said anything that is concrete about Mr Wright. Be honest, If a white pastor made the same remarks you would be upset and I dont blame you. YES YES I know you want to say somthing about Farwell and that other phoney preacher ( I dont listen to none of those fakes ) they are idiots too. Dog the bounty hunter? are you serious? what do you expect from some ex-con white trash? If I remember that idiot got blasted on the news for that stupid crap. He is not a pastor of a man who may be our next president! Well, you havnt given me an answer why black folks tear each other apart when one gets succesful. Can anyone explain to me all the succesful black folks Ive seen? Why does the black community hate Bill Cosby and anyone else that will teach responsibilty for your own actions. Im not saying that their isnt racism ( by everyone )and injustice that occurs in our country but I do think there are some wounds people inflict on themselves. It may surprise you that I agree with some of what Mr. Wright said….I do think our country ( the people that run it ) are capable of anything but at some point they will stick it to all of us not just you. I know you probably hate me and I dont mind ( well I dont understand it ) but I except it as fact. I just see a growing trend and Im trying to understand it. All im getting is old tired retoric and plantation stories from the past….funny how that doesnt seem to hold some black folks down. Situation kinda reminds me of white trash that blame minorities for the lose of thier jobs when its lack of effort and bad chioces on there part that is holding them down, well……now that I mentioned it maybe I do understand. Some pictures look the same in black and white.

  24. Let’s talk about Obama for real though. Check the link for more.

    Why none of this really matters:


  25. Koranist

    Wright is an Uncle Tom Clinton lover and does what many blacks know how to do, bring down their own kind. He loves the Clintons since they fit the image blacks see themselves as. Collar greens, corn bread and fried chicken and everytime they see another brother rise they have to bring him down. Blacks need racism to justify their economic and social failures, failures they bring to themselves. Like 2pac Shakur said, its my own kind doing all the killing here.

    It also is the hatred and envy that dominates black life that Wright represents. Blacks leaders always hated Obama because he rose in this nation while they lag behind preying on themselves.

    The hell with that Uncle Tom acting like he is some militant. He ain’t nothing but a player hater.

    Everywhere in this world their is oppression but many blacks can’t go on because they can’t fight the demons in them. The demon that make them rob each other, hate each other and abandon their own kids. The demons that makes them envy those among them who shine.

  26. The Engineer

    To The Black Sentinel, excellent reply to “Vince.”

    “…I wish I could take all these racist profiteers ( of all colors )and put them in a football stadium with ballbats and let them beat the h*** out of each other while the rest of us human beings BBQ out in the parking lot…”
    — quotation of Vince.

    I have never heard of the label, “racist profiteer,” applied to any Caucasian; therefore, I can only assume that Vince is referring to Minorities when he is suggesting the terrible beating of said Minorities. His statement alone and within the context of his entire comment appears to be disingenuous, violent, and perhaps borderline racist.

    Is it possible for a Caucasian male to be married to a non-Caucasian and still be a racist?


    Here is a weblink to an article entitled,
    “Police Chief Suspended for ”Gooks” Comment”
    An excerpt from the story:
    “The chief has declined to comment publicly for this story. But his defenders point out that Chief Fawcett’s wife of 35 years is Japanese and his children are Japanese/American proving that his is sensitive to the Asian community.”

    The presumption that he is sensitive to the Minority community is misplaced and unwarranted. Quite often, the Caucasian male has a “conqueror” complex that allows him to believe that he is “rescuing” the Minority female from the presumed evil and inferior Minority males. In the case of a Caucasian male and a Black female, it is even possible that he may harbor a kind of “Master and Slave” viewpoint. His racism for Minority males could very well be intact; it certainly seems that way for this police chief.

    According to Reuters, Mr. Obama was forced to re-address the issue regarding Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
    Here are some excerpts:
    “…Obama was forced to address the issue after Wright spoke on Monday at the National Press Club in Washington, where he repeated earlier suggestions that the United States deserved some blame for the September 11 attacks and that the government had had a hand in spreading AIDS to blacks.

    ”I want to be very clear that, moving forward, Rev. Wright does not speak for me, he does not speak for our campaign,” Obama told reporters as he campaigned for the North Carolina vote against Clinton next Tuesday.

    ”I cannot prevent him from continuing to make these outrageous remarks, but what I do want him to be very clear about…is that when I say I find these comments appalling, I mean it. It contradicts everything that I’m about and who I am.”…”

    The concept of “moving on” is quite interesting and complex. For myself, I cannot say that I have moved forward past racism, but simultaneously, I cannot say that I remaining motionless on the issue. I feel for Mr. Obama. He is currently under more scrutiny than the others are under.

    Thank you for listening.

  27. Vince

    WOW…( engineer ) way to miss quote me! If you dont believe that race baiters come in all colors ( that includes white ones ) then your head is in the sand. Way to twist my words to make it sound like I want minorities to get a beating. I guess we will give the Klan, Nazi’s and other sicko organizations a pass from the stadium since you can feel right on this one. As far as someone being married to someone of a different race and still being racist…. sure I agree because Ive seen it myself from a corporal who worked for me that was married to a white woman and was in the NOI. He told everyone who would listen how much he hated white people. Does that mean that all black men married to white women have some kind of perverted dominance complex…….I really doubt that, or maybe ( according to you ) Im stupid for looking at people individually and not lumping them together because of actions that someone who looks like them done to offend me. Not all of us ( including alot of black folks ) are ate up with bitterness and hate. I did notice however you failed to tell me how there are so many succesful black folks and why are they hated by there own. Hmmmmm. ALL of us have to conform to society in order to get anywhere. Its not called selling out its called conforming. Oh buy the way…..I really love my wife even though she is not white ( what a novel concept ) impossible in your mind….well anyway. I feel like we got way off course because this blog is about Mr Wright. ( my apologies to theblacksentinal ) I agree with some of his theories. Like Aids…that really backfired because more gay white men are infected than blacks. lol , I even believe 911 was planned. Yes atrocities happened in the past like slavery and what they did to my mothers people but I wasnt here for that and niether was alot of good Americans like me and those are not my views about people. So when Mr Wright talks about ” white america ” some of us may look that part but we are not part of the conspiracy. I guess I live in a fantasyland where everyone throws down thier crutches and pushes forward but Im not you and I cant pretend to know when I havent walked in your shoes. I still dont inderstand how some can push through this and others choose to never look in the mirror and….never mind. I just think Mr Wright is doing a diservice to people ( and profiting nicely from it ) by laying excuses at thier feet not to try. He knows his audience and he knows what they WANT to hear. Then he drives home to his rich white community.

  28. Vince,

    Vince, not true, there are far more blacks/Africans infected with aids than white gay males. That is a stereotype that people see gay white man and think aids because they were the ones getting the majority of attention for the disease.

    Also, he (Wright) never said whites were in a conspiracy. What he is talking about is white privilege. And you don’t need to even be white American to enjoy it. You can be newly arrived from anywhere with white skin and you are afforded certain comforts.

    I am still waiting for the name calling or where he says that whites are inferior. Or that they are ALL something (that isn’t true unlike all benefiting from white privilege). The problem is NO one has any of these so called racist wrongs.

    Don’t people accuse blacks of screaming racism, so how come it is OK for the dominant culture to do so with out a shred of evidence. Just because a person says something that you don’t like does not make them racist. It means they say things you don’t like. I have heard this many times about white people speaking ill of blacks.

    But the only difference is that when the white person was speaking about blacks what they were saying was rooted in stereotype and ignorance. (I am talking a specific case, not ALL whites who talk about blacks) Anyhow if he were saying that white people have kids with their siblings and have no teeth, then he is a racist bigot. This is the vain that some whites will use when speaking of blacks.

    Now since Wright is saying how we are being subjugated RIGHT NOW people are angry. They don’t want to hear this. They don’t want to acknowledge that they are participating whether directly or indirectly to people’s subjugation. This does not make him racist.

    Please explain how Wright has profited from hate speech or racism or bigotry? His congregation is made of all types of races. And he hasn’t been running to news outlets (like AL) trying to be seen. How long did it take for him to even answer his critics?


  29. Engineer,

    It is interesting that the police chief got suspended for using the name “gook.” Yet McCain was calling the Cambodians and Vietnamese “gooks” and WHAT, NOTHING!

    Thanks for the reply.

  30. Vince,

    Sorry, I missed this one. Where do you get that blacks hate successful blacks? I don’t know anything about hating successful blacks. I know that blacks HATE a black who becomes successful then claims they are no longer black. Hence Tiger woods and Morgan Freeman. Both have now claimed “hey I ain’t black.”

    You don’t see white people become successful and then claim they aren’t white anymore. Also, when do white people become successful and then become hateful of other whites. No they stay with the white community.

    A lot of blacks who become successful decide they no longer want to have anything to do with the community that they came from. They leave the black community in the dust. Maybe that is what you are thinking about? I don’t know. But being successful is not a precursor for being hated.

    Thanks for the reply.

  31. Koranist,

    Are you insinuating that whites don’t rob whites? Because I beg to differ. Every race preys upon their own that is not rocket science.

    Also, you say “Blacks need racism to justify their economic and social failures, failures they bring to themselves.” So I guess the fact that there IS racial discrimination in housing, education and employment, means NOTHING. I guess the fact that when all things are equal a black still only receives 87% the pay of his white counterpart, means nothing. I guess the fact that whites had years and years to build wealth for their future and that of their descendants, means nothing.

    Would it be fair if you and I are in a race, and I was given a motorcycle to ride while you were tied to a tree. I begin speeding on my motorcycle and then when I am 3/4 of the way to the finish line you are let loose from the tree but we tie a ball and chain around you leg, then told it’s now OK for you to start the race. Even though you haven’t eaten or drank anything plus that ball and chain are pretty heavy. The road is littered with glass and rocks and you have no shoes. OK, we will take off your ball and chain so you can walk a bit easier but stop always looking for a handout.

    I guess it would then be prudent of me to tell you to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” And that you aren’t making it to the finish line because of problems that YOU created for yourself through ignorance and laziness. Oh, that’s right you don’t have any bootstraps because you weren’t given any shoes. Well if that is your idea of equality then you are much less intelligent than I should be giving you credit for.

    The fact is that after 90% of the American pie has been divide up, you can’t then tell everyone else they need to fight with those who received the first 90% to get that last 10%. Not to mention when we were told it was OK to get pie we weren’t given anything in the ways of cutlery to get any pie. Think about it, everything about this system isn’t fair. Yet, I am sure I will be told I am living in the past, even though we don’t live in a vacuum so I am sure that everything is relative.

    Think again Koranist.

    Thanks for the reply.

  32. Vince and Koranist suffer from a lack of education about the history of the black experience. I suggest you read the Willie Lynch letter… to show you how the things that were done to us still have an mental affect on our community.
    It will take a while for us to move past these things if and only if we continue to talk about it and point these things out. Not to ridicule the black community like we purposely sabotage ourselves. Simply not the case there are reasons why we do the things we do to each other. We were condition to do these things… There are many many of my brothers and sisters that haven’t made it out of thois conditioning that i’m referring to. I’m not using these things as an excuse just as a reason to why we are how we are or tend to be. It is getting better of course but we must stay vigilant in our actions and educating people to why we’re like this. After the civil war we (blacks) didn’t just sit around and say well we’re gonna hate ourselves and kill each other… we have a self hate that has been ingrained in us. period. And until the whole country accepts this and realizes this and stop acting like we’re solely responsible for our condition.
    sorry for being off topic BlackSentinel it just burns my hide when people talk about us like we just don’t want to do better. There are reasons why. There are reasons why America was the richest country there is a reason why America is so much in debt. The debt isn’t gonna go away by ignoring it. You gotta pay down debt and stop the behavior that put you in debt.


  33. Damien,

    Exactly! And reading the Willie Lynch letter should be required reading in school right along side the racist Huck Finn. Does the fact that the child who grew up with incest or child rape become self sabotaging and promiscuous, give anyone a clue as to what things done in the past affects the future.

    I don’t understand why the black community is always supposedly immune to anything psychological problems due to our continued abuse. It is as if being the victim of the white community makes our suffering off limits for any understanding etc.

    I like the debt analogy. Maybe people will get a clue from that.

    Thanks for the reply.

  34. Vince

    yes sir, I could concede the point that more ( Africans ) are infected than white gay males. It would be easy for me to assume that you are far more informed on these stats than I. I know what you are trying to get to the point of…..you want me to be specific about what Mr. Wright said that is racist……and like everyone else I cant because he is making general statements that are racially provoking not specifically provoking. His inclusive terms like ” white america ” is alienating white people that would agree with the rest of what he has to say. ( like me ) and his association with Louis Farakahn ( who is a biggot ) does not help his image. My point is that we are ALL going to micro-chipped and enslaved/controlled by evil forces like ( the Rockafellers, Bildabergers, Bush’s Kennedy’s ) and other selfserving rich/powerful one world builders. So we are so stupid to fight with each other over stupid differences while they are laughing because we are not resisting them. What better way to achieve thier desires than to divide and conquere ( and race is an easy way to do it ) Thats why Im frusterated with Mr Wright and others like him because he is doing thier work for them. ( and getting rich doing it ) He is giving the right wing nut jobs the chance to sound bite him and waited so long to give a response. I dont hate you or anyone who resembles you but I cant control how you feel. I conceded your point about Mr. Wright but you have evaded my question about why black folks, killing each other and selling drugs to each other and attack each other over success, and degrade each other by speech and actions? and that is somehow my fault. I pass a package store everyday but I dont stop to buy a bottle, WHY? because I choose not to drink. Its all about choices! If there was no demand for drugs they wouldnt wreck whole communities, it all comes down to individual responsibility. I agree that some rich white dope head gets away with his briefcase full of cocaine because he is rich! ( Good lawyers make a difference… ask OJ ) while the young black man on the street gets busted for a few crack rocks. ( court appointed attorney, lol ) its not always about race. The gap between rich and poor is going to get wider and wider ( as designed by the NWO ) I do not despute that there is racism in America! Im making the point not everyone is part of it. Thank you for posting me and extending the courtesy to me with your replies.

  35. Vince

    Damien, thanks for the reply. I will read the Willie Lynch letter and I hope I get some insight. Im not trying to offend you…….since Im not in your shoes how do I understand unless I ask? You may not be solely responsible for your condition but it wont change if you wait for THIS government to correct it! We are ALL in a sinking ship right now.

    thanks again

  36. Vince,

    You say, “but you have evaded my question about why black folks, killing each other and selling drugs to each other and attack each other over success, and degrade each other by speech and actions? and that is somehow my fault.”

    You tell me about white people killing each other and selling drugs and degrade blacks by speech and actions?

    I have little doubt that blacks are doing everything you say. So is that conceding enough. The problem is THIS isn’t the ONLY problem or the main problem in the black community. These are stereotypical points made to you by the media. Have you ever lived in the black community, since being an adult?

    If you have then you undoubtedly see that sure there are people doing bad things but is it any more rampant than the bad things being done in predominantly (individually specific) Hispanic, white, or Asian neighborhoods. That is one of the problems.

    People want to say the white community has less or no crime. What a crock. Maybe some really high educated, high earning communities have low crime. Yet that goes for the blacks as well. Not to mention they are doing crime they just don’t get caught and when they do they can, like you said get that expensive lawyer, or better yet get a plea. So that NO they don’t serve time, they don’t get records and they don’t get the three strikes thrown at them.

    Not to mention I have had the pleasure of living in and close to each aforementioned community and yes there was crime and plenty of it in each of them. So I guess we only want to look at one set of people to point the finger of disgust.

    We ALL have choices to make. There is just as much or more drugs in high income white neighborhoods than in black poor neighborhoods. They just don’t count prescription drugs as “drugs.” They don’t nab the Paris Hilton’s who have marijuana fall out of their purse in public. Let that be poor Sharice from the hood and she would be serving time before Paris could pick up her stash.

    These are the problems with these stereotypes. Also, saying things that are racially inflammatory does not make you a racist unless they are rooted in lies. And when did your choice of company make you a racist. Is Jerry Seinfeld a racist for standing up for and still befriending “Kramer” actor Michael Richards?

    Is Larry King a racist for coddling Dog the bounty hunter? Is McCain a racist for continuing his relationship (even if by money) with Hagee or Parsley? How about the people who are going to vote for McCain? Is Hillary racist since she kept company with Rev. Wright?

    Knowing a racist does not make you a racist. I don’t agree with everything that people I keep company with so I shouldn’t be judged by their actions or words. If this is OK then almost every white person in America IS a racist because someone they keep company with has said, done or been racist.

    Thanks for the reply.

  37. Vince

    theblacksentinal, I got that view watching black kids picking on other black kids for doing well in school ( like I stated earlier ) and now that Im an adult hearing black leaders saying people like Bill Cosby, Condi Rice, Colin Powell and other werent “black enough ” in my own experience I have seen young black Marines get selected for officer programs and other blacks calling them uncle toms and sellouts because they were selected. The reality was those young men were going to college at night while thier peers where out goofing off and getting in trouble. It is a common sentiment from my observation.

    I hate golf so I couldnt care less about Tiger Woods but Im shocked about Morgan Freeman ( I love that guy ) Did he really say that? If he did then I could understand your angst with him.

    Well, got bills to pay and Im late. Thanks for your patient reply’s.

  38. We need better education in this country. That is the key!!!
    Instead we get people posting shit that they have been fed by the American mainstream media propaganda machine.
    People don’t say they’re not black enough… we say that they say shit that we already know. Talk about the shit that the majority population don’t know or refuse to accept. we know we need to do better in our families…as does everyone in America.
    Lets talk about the solution to the problem of subjugation. In my opinion is Education… a well rounded education from pre-K all the way to college.

  39. Damien,

    That is so true. The only thing people can do is quote the media propaganda machine. We need that education so that maybe we can teach people how to think INDEPENDENTLY instead of parroting every talking point that comes on television.

    And as far as the “not black enough” like I had said, I don’t know anyone who says black people aren’t black enough. What I know is that like you said our “black” talking heads like to continue spewing the same old rhetoric that white America A) already knows, B) propaganda spewed by everyone else, C) that white America feels comfortable hearing.

    Let someone come out and say something that breaks that comfort level and the dominant culture gets all indignant. Just look at what is happening around this Rev Wright bull crap.

    Thanks for the reply.

  40. @ Everyone, Especially Vince,
    Fake A.I.D.S. / H.I.V. Diagnosis For Black People pt1

    Fake A.I.D.S. / H.I.V. Diagnosis For Black People pt2

  41. John C.

    What is racist about what Reverend Jeremiah Wright said? Are you kidding? The man is an ignorant bigot when he speaks about politics.

    First, the U. S. Government is not equivalent, in any shape or form, to the terrorists of al-qaeda. Rev. Wright says we are just the same as the terrorists, going out and killing civilians instead of blaming 9/11 on ourselves. And the reason he says we are to blame for 9/11 is supposed to be some combination of our past acts against other nations and the legacy of slavery and racism in America. He almost speaks with glee, tinged with self-righteous black anger, when he says that we should basically just accept terrorism and blame it on ourselves. And his anger at the American government is most definitely racially motivated. He spew out typical liberal self-hatred, colored with a desire for black retribution against the white government for the racism and slavery that blacks and their ancestors experienced. Slavery was evil, but its over! Racism is evil, it should be condemned when it happens. But that doesn’t give this bigot the right to equate America with terrorists and it doesn’t make his self-righteous black anger righteous. His doing so is outrageous, racist in its origin and not in the least Christian.

    The American soldiers aren’t attacking innocent civilians and killing them on purpose, out of some twisted sense of religion. No, we are liberating the world of terrorists and courageously fighting terrorism at a time when most nations are afraid to do so. Civilians have died in the fight against the terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. That is an unfortunate consequence of war. However, we are not terrorists and I defy Rev. Wright to show how our past actions in defending our national interests have inflicted “terrorism” on other nations. He can’t, because they haven’t. Not ever. Terrorists, by the way, are by definition not a nation but a group of radicals acting for a cause. America is the greatest nation in the world and the great defender of freedom.

  42. John C.

    Second, Rev. Wright and those in he black community who agree with him have deluded themselves by confusing being black with being the chosen people of the Bible and equating being white with being the Romans responsible for Christ’s death and preaching that God is only with the black people, leading them to freedom against their white oppressors. Please! Slavery is over. Institutional racism is over! Racism is now something that is both individual and communal in its evil, but it is not what it was in the past. Certainly, racism exists. Whites harbor stereotypical and bigoted thoughts against blacks, both individually and in some communities. Blacks, to, do the same. The difference in the Rev. Wright issue is that many black leaders, especially those who are liberal in their politics, agree with Wright. White America is the evil Roman empire. Blacks are the chosen people and they can do no wrong against others, only against God. No, if you want to speak honestly about racism’s power today, it is black pastors like Rev. Wright and black political leaders like Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton, who use victimhood as a hammer to spew out racist hatred. The liberal media, which is mostly white, eats it up because they hate themselves for the sins of America’s past.

    The (it is understood) white government created AIDS to destroy the black community! Please? Where is the proof for that. The Tuskegee Experiment was wrong, but it was not a federal government conspiracy on some grand level. No, it was racist scientists prizing research over the dignity of black men and women, which was wrong. If Rev. Wright wants to talk about the past, lets do that. However, lets not confuse the racism and racist acts of the past with the present, so that your sermon sounds good, when it is not.

    U. S. of KKK, that was one part of America and it is in the past, as well. Thank God those racists no longer have political power. Does that mean Rev. Wright should be able to pretend he is a man of God and spew out hatred to incite his congregation to hate white men and women today for the sins of the past? I don’t think so.

    Certainly, the Gospel is social. Racism should be addressed. But as it is today, not as it was and as some black Americans want to pretend it still is.

  43. John C.

    Finally, I hardly ever hear Rev. Wright speak about the love of Christ when he ranting his racist rhetoric. I’m sure he must at other times. I understand the need for black Christians to have pride, but that can’t be a pride based upon hatred of white Americans. All Christians are like the chosen people, the Jews, not just black Americans. Making God in the image of who Rev. Wright and some black Christians want him to be is a useless endeavor. It’s just not true. God is love. I would love to hear Rev. Wright preach on how white and black Christians, white and black Americans, Christians and Jews and Muslims, can love one another. It would be better than the cult of personality his preaching style expresses today.

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a racist, bigoted, anti-patriotic man, in some measure, based upon his hateful speech in what were called sermons and that we have seen all too much of lately. Saying “I’m still in Bible country” doesn’t cut it when you preach political racism, bigotry and hatred. The Sacred Scriptures can only be understood through the Gospel of Christ and his saving, forgiving love. Maybe Rev. Wright and the black Christians and media and politicians who agree with him should concentrate on examining their practice of Christ’s love and forgiveness and stop using hatred and anger to find meaning in their lives.

  44. Interesting! How many sermons of Reverend Wright have you listened to before he made national news? Do you know how many years he’s been the senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ? In the past thirty five years, how many visits have you paid to his church? So many people are judging Reverend Wright’s career and his teachings of thirty five years based on a single sound bite. And it is only Reverend Wright that gets such scrutiny. If somebody shot sixty seconds of me taking a crap and posted it on the net people would swear all I do is sit on the toilet. You won’t know anything else about me. But then again, the dominant community feels it has the power to judge black people individually based on the stereotypical or anecdotal. Sixty seconds is more than enough to judge Reverend Wright’s life, and by association, Barack Obmama’s life as well.


  45. John C.,

    Anyway you speak about the things he said about 9/11. I guess you really have NOT heard the man speak or read any of the previous comments or you would know that he was QUOTING the Iraqi Ambassador.

    And “self-righteous black anger” is this somehow different from your self-righteous white anger? Or is it just meant to be more racism? Can he just be a PERSON who has self-righteous anger or does it always break down to race? Now exactly who is racist or bigoted again?

    You claim he says “colored with a desire for black retribution against the white government for the racism…” I never heard him say anything like that before. Are you sure we are listening to the same Reverend Wright? From what sermon did he say this, or just give me the direct quote and where you found it so I can see this for myself. And again don’t quote me some fantasy black liberation thing that you heard from someone other than Wright.

    We are “liberating” the world of terrorist. Are you freaking kidding me!!! We are doing no such thing. It is a FACT that since this stupid war on terror began there have been a huge RISE in people joining terrorist organizations. Next you will tell me that we attacked Iraq because they HELPED bomb the trade center. I am laughing already. You are a piece of work.

    Remember one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. According to Britain, George Washington and the gang were terrorists. According to the white settlers the Native American’s were terrorist for protecting their land. African Americans looked at the slave masters as terrorist. So don’t be so sure that you won’t be considered a terrorist collaborator one day.

    Institutional racism is over, ARE YOU CRAZY!?!? That is the biggest crock, now I know you are a right wing nut. I have seen just as much racism NOW that would hearken back to the Jim Crow days which would make even your thick head spin.

    When did Rev. Wright say that black people are the chosen people? Or are you actually quoting James Cone? I asked what makes what Rev. WRIGHT racist. Not what makes the people who founded black liberation theology racist.

    So you are saying that black people ARE NOT chosen? Aren’t ALL of gods children the chosen people? WOW your racism is bubbling over your boiling idiotic pot.

    Did Wright SAY “The (it is understood) white government created AIDS to destroy the black community!” Or are those YOUR words. Did you hear the man say those are NOT his words, he was quoting from the book by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz who is a Harvard graduate who wrote a book titled Aids, Ebola and Vaccines. Have you ever read that book? Scratch that, I know the answer is NO.

    Also, you claim “The man is an ignorant bigot when he speaks about politics.” When has the man spoke politics? In his last appearance at the Press club he said “I am NOT a politician.” Also, if he were going to speak about politics he has just as much right as anyone else. And he has the right to talk stupidly about it, hey it hasn’t stopped you from doing it.

    Tell me John C., how long have you attended Rev. Wrights church? Also, how do you feel about white racist pastors such as Hagee, Parsley, and Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and any preacher from the Mormon church who didn’t believe that a black person could enter heaven. Where is your hatred of these people or do they have excuses in your book?

    Thanks for the reply.

  46. This dude has the nerve to say that racist don’t have political power. This John C. dude is off his rocker… it must be very very nice where he lives… the air must smell like strawberries in the morning and roses at night.
    It just kills me when people look at our country through some beer goggles or something… Like America hasn’t done anything wrong and that people around the world may have a negative opinion about it… while he’s over here smelling strawberries people are dying and yes being killed by yes The United States of America. IT IS FOR REAL PEOPLE. Just cuz you say it’s not going on doesn’t mean that it is true. People just don’t pick the US out of some hat and say we’re gonna hate them. No, just like us when people attack us we go and attack them. What’s the difference, besides some bullshit rhetoric about how we’re the best country in the world but we can’t get our own people health care…? We’re the best country in the world and we torture people and expect the rest of the world and everyone in it to accept it. We’re the best country in the world yet we sold weapon’s to Saddam and when he didn’t do what we wanted him to do or expected him to do with WEAPONS now he’s our enemy. Maybe we should stop selling weapons. I wonder did we do a criminal background check on him before we sold him the weapons.

  47. Damien,

    So true. We have so much dirt on our hands it’s pathetic. We not only sold arms to Saddam we put his butt in office back in George H Bush’s term. And now we have the nerve to say he is a rogue leader. How about we stop doing nation building. Isn’t that what got us into this mess, isn’t that what has caused all the problems in the Middle East and Africa?

    He wants to laugh about people like Horowitz talking about how Aids was spread by the U.S. What about the Tuskegee Syphilis study on black men? How about the pre-Planned Parenthood organization that secretly sterilized hundreds if not thousands of black females in Harlem. How about this new study putting sludge in the homes of poor black people that just broke this last month or so?

    Yet, we are “paranoid.” Unfortunately if the government didn’t want us to think that they continuously wrong blacks in medicine they wouldn’t give us so much ammunition to prove it.

    Yet, this fool will tell me that racism is dead. Give me a break. Open your freaking eyes and stop drinking, smoking or injecting whatever drug you do to keep yourself in this pseudo state of delirium.

    Thanks for the reply.

  48. Damien,

    I just watched the video. That is pathetic. He is telling us basically how the ALL white legislature in that state think. Maybe they should be kicked out of office. How does John C. and his right wing buddies feel about this? Or will they have one excuse after another as to why this man ISN’T a racist.

    Thanks for that link and I hope that everyone who visits has a look at that.

  49. John C.

    In addition to the racist statements I mentioned in my three previous e-mails, here are some more of Wright’s bigoted, unpatriotic, racist statements.

    The criticism of his “sermons” is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright, but an attack on the black church. Really, it wasn’t that you spew racist, bigoted hatred from the pulpit and call it the Gospel! Louis Farrakhan didn’t make him that color (whites did)! He agrees with James Cone’s black liberation theology! White people worship on Sunday and then go back to the KKK and kill blacks on Monday! Yeah, that happens a lot today.

    Wright credits James Cone of New York’s Union Theological Seminary with having undertaken this systematization. Here again is Cone’s description of black liberation theology:

    Regarding Rev. Wright’s “pseudo-theology,” it is rooted in racism. He agrees with Cone, as he said to the National Press Club. Cone teaches black liberation theology, which refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community. . . . Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love. This is not the Gospel, it is politics.

  50. John C.

    In addition, here are his racist, stupid, scientifically-challenged comments to the NAACP.

    Wright’s scholarship, based upon black liberation theology and poor, racist books by crackpot, liberal, academic hacks, is that black people are right-brained and white people are left-brained.

    He notes in passing that the right-brain of black people is somehow descended from the griots of Africa. The griots were people who could remember long, very long, poems; proto-rappers if you will. White people had something like that too, but then they invented writing and lost the use of the right side of their brains.

    Africans have a different meter, and Africans have a different tonality. Europeans have seven tones, Africans have five. White people clap differently than black people. Africans and African-Americans are right-brained, subject-oriented in their learning style. They have a different way of learning (and so on).

    Victor Davis Hanson aptly summarized this speech.

    One of the strangest things about the NAACP Wright pseudo-scientific speech on learning, and its enthusiastic CNN coverage and analysis, was the abject racialism of Wright. It was sort of an inverse Bell-Curve presentation, based on assumed DNA differences. 

His convoluted explanation of African-American right-brain ‘oral’ culture as more creative, musical, and spontaneous versus European left-brain traditional analysis could never have been given by someone white to that audience without justifiably earning booing and catcalls. 

Three comments: this was just the sort of racist ‘genetic’ difference that most Americans learned to shun, now apparently quite acceptable again, and part of the mainstream.

Second, there is no evidence that so-called Europeans could not “rap” or create an oral literature as well as Africans — remember, oral poetry as we know it , began with bards like Homer somewhere in the southeastern Aegean and continued into modern times in the Balkans. 

Three, some of the most accomplished speakers of English and analytical thinkers are African-Americans, a fact everyone immediately recognizes from what they read and with whom they speak.
    In short, Wright’s speech on black-right brainers, white-left brainers — replete with bogus stereotypes and crude voice imitations — was about as racist as they come and at one time antithetical to what the NAACP was once all about. Again, the Obama campaign and its appendages have set back racial relations a generation. Just ten years ago, any candidate, black or white, would have rejected Wright making a speech about genetic differences in respective black and white brains. Now it’s given to civil rights organizations by the possible next President’s pastor and spiritual advisor — and done to wild applause for an organization founded on the idea that we are innately the same, while being gushed over by ignorant “commentators.” 

As I said before, between Wright’s racism and hatred, and Obama’s contextualization of what he has said, we have so lowered the bar that the next racist (and he won’t necessarily be black) who evokes hatred of other races and then offers a mish-mash pop theory of genetic differences will have plenty of “context” to ward off public fury.

    Finally, Fox News got it right about Rev. Wright. He basically reiterated his racist, unchristian rant, which was characterized as “snippets” on Fox News, at the National Press Club. However, some, who think he is the messiah and that his theology is sound, can’t seem to disagree with him. Thankfully, Obama did.

    Americaa is the greatest country in the world. We are the standard of freedom. We even allow racist bigots, like Rev. Wright, to say what he wants in public. However, anyone who recognizes his racism and seeks the truth knows that he is selling politics, not religion, in his “sermons.” Black Christians and leaders who can’t find it in them to disagree with him are simply addicted to a culture of victimhood that they think forever excuses them to say and think what they want and call it the truth. But, the truth is Christ and that God is love, not that black American Christians are right and good and that white Americans are wrong and evil. Who are the real racists in the media today? Not Fox News or the Wall Street Journal or the
    small amount of conservative media outlets. No, it is still the liberal media and the black leaders who never cease to play the race card to justify lunatics like Rev. Wright.

    I will leave this blog now, giving it back to those who will never agree with my assessment because they are invested in the politics of racial pride as a means of identity that gives meaning to their lives. By the way, I don’t think of myself as white. I am a Catholic, an American of Irish descent, a conservative and a someone who believes in the dignity of all human persons. The only time that most I can be characterized as “white” is when whites and blacks speak on race in America. There is no “white America.” Everyone thinks too differently to make it that simple. But, evidently, there is a “black America” with a “black truth” and a “black Gospel” that some black Christians and black leaders need to defend in lock-step, with no criticism allowed for racist preachers, because whatever the issue, it is “white America’s” fault.

    God bless you and I hope you have a change of heart on Rev. Wright’s racist message someday.

  51. John C.,

    I don’t know where he gets the junk about right or left brain. But it is a fact that people who utilize different styles of communication utilize different sections of the brain to do so. Thus the brain connects neurons to complete these actions more efficiently thus changing the anatomy of the brain. Do you feel that when scientists recently said that the anatomy of a female brain is different than a male brain, they were being sexist? I am not saying that what he says is or isn’t true. I am wondering why you find it racist?

    The tonality of speech is different. Hmm. I guess you have the same tonality in speech as a person who speaks Cantonese? I think not. Every race of people has a different tonality. Some white preachers practice the same tonality of black preachers. But the majority of black/white preachers is different. He said that they were different NOT one being better than the other.

    So I guess you can dance like say a hip hop black person? Or blacks dance and clap to Rock music the same way they do to R&B. Give me a break this isn’t racism it is obvious.

    I didn’t ask for a summarization from some lady. I asked for YOU to tell me what he said in DIRECT quotes. Thanks anyway. But I am NOT going to listen to her tell me what she THINKS he is saying. That doesn’t much matter.

    Small amount of conservative media outlets. Now who is spouting rhetoric that they heard on some right wing spewing station. Not only do the conservatives have ALL major news television. Their is only ONE news radio station that caters to liberals the rest are right wing conservatives. So by small amount you must mean the majority.

    America being the best country in the world is very subjective and beside the point. We may believe that statement. Yet, the people in Norway or Sweden who have not only more rights and freedoms than we do. They have healthcare for everyone and aren’t broke or waiting in these long lines like the liars of the right wing conservative news want us to believe. So maybe they think THEIR country is the best in the world.

    You came back with two statements whose racism is suspect. The man has been doing sermons for over 20 years. And all you have is two statements. I think you need to lessen the rhetoric of “he thinks” or “he shows” or “he means” and bring more “HE SAID”. How hard is this. If he is the biggest racist as you claim then there should be NO shortage of racist statements. This is what I am looking for. Not what you or some lady says he means.

    No Bill O’Reilley never played the white race card when he said that the liberals want to take away “the white male Christian privilege.” I thought white people had no white privilege, so what did he mean? What about John Gibson who said that whites should have more babies to thwart the browning of America. What did he mean? These are your Fox news people who you claim don’t play the race card.

    I could go on all day with DIRECT QUOTES! Not they show or they mean or they think or they imply. This is the difference between the two of us. If you would bring me direct quotes of him calling white people names, saying they are inferior, saying that they do (a,b or c). I might be inclined to change my view. But you can’t. All you can do is spout what Fox news told you or what Victoria Davis Hansen said he means.

    Thanks for the reply.

  52. John C.

    Here is the link, with commentary, to the speech at the National Press Club, where Rev.Wright confirms his racism, as shown on CNN.

    Finally, here is the speech at the NAACP, which is even more outrageous in its racism, in four videos.

    You tell me he is not a racist, bigoted person!
    Wake up and stop lying to your selves.

    Peace. May God bless you with his love.

  53. John,

    I only posted ONE of your lists of video as that is NOT what I am looking for. I have seen all of the sound bites. I have seen ALL of the commentary of people telling me HE IS RACIST. I wanted you to give me direct quotes and video is fine. IF it isn’t something we’ve seen over and over and over again. Which didn’t show me anything.

    Thanks for the reply.

  54. I am at work and I am not able to see the videos behind these links. However, I seriously doubt if Reverend Wright is saying anything racist. I have seen a lot of the clips in the network news and I have yet to hear Reverend Wright say white people are anything negative.

    But for the moment, let’s say that these videos show Mr. Wright damning America and offending the American majority which so happens to be predominantly white people. That does not make him racist. What it does mean is that he is not of the opinion that everything is good and fine in this country and he feels so strongly about the hypocrisy of America that he is willing to say something about it.

    But let’s say that all five of these sound bites that were posted show Mr. Wright taking America to task. Let’s be generous and give each clip two minutes of air time for a total of ten minutes. Reverend Wright has been preaching for more than thirty five years. He isn’t a part time pastor but a full timer. Let’s say fifty weeks out of the year, for the past thirty five years, Mr. Wright has delivered an average of two hours of sermons per week. We could guesstimate the total amount of Mr. Wright’s sermons made with the formula 35 years * 50 weeks * 2 hours * 60 minutes. That works out to about 210,000 minutes of sermons.

    FOX and ABC news agencies have pulled ten minutes of sermon tape out of 210,000 and we now feel we have enough evidence to judge this man. That works out to less than 1/200th of one percent of his work. We are willing to crucify this man based on such a microscopic sample of what he has preached.

    Using this ratio of measure to prove a man’s character is truly reaching. Imagine a company that said they could prove their drug was safe because one rat out of twenty thousand didn’t get cancer. Imagine the response of an automobile manufacturer who proved their cars were safe because one out of twenty thousand people who was riding in them and was in an accident didn’t die.

    Only with Reverend Wright, a black man, do we as a collective use such a flimsy pool of evidence to convict his character.


  55. The Engineer

    To The Black Sentinel

    WARNING: American Renaissance (a racist website) has been here.

    A interesting phrase from John C:
    “Call described a black man as “an animal in the form of a man, possessing the greatest physical power, and the greatest capacity for labor and endurance … a wild barbarian, to be tamed and civilized by the discipline of slavery.”
    But the same attributes allow these “black men” to make millions more in proffesional sports than any “average white man” anywhere in the world TODAY. When will the white mans burden be paid for?
    Posted by John C. at 7:45 PM on March 27

    Thank you for listening.

  56. The Engineer

    WARNING: the American Renaissance website (www.amren.com) is an EXTREMELY racist websit. The material is objectionable and obscene to all people (except Caucasians). I do not recommend visiting it.

    Here is some more about John C., so that your readership may have some perspective of his commentary.

    “Katrina’s Victims Ask For Huge Checks”
    dated January 9, 2007
    John C’s comment:

    I’ve got a question. When does the city of Houston get to sue* Katrina refugees for the skyrocketing crime and gang violence that “mysteriously” appeared after they were kind (stupid?) enough to open up their doors? $3 quadrillion is probably a bit excessive, but I think $50 trillion would be fair.
    *a.k.a. putting a suit on a cat
    “Little is known about the person who claimed $3 quadrillion. It was filed in Baker, 93 miles northwest of New Orleans. Baker is far from the epicenter of Katrina’s destruction, but the city has a trailer park where hundreds of evacuees have lived since the storm.”

    Little is known about this person, but a lot can be assumed. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that this person is a college educated, white male; probably married with children; and most certainly without a criminal record and/or history of drug abuse.
    “For the sake of perspective: A mere $1 quadrillion would dwarf the U.S. gross domestic product, which Scott said was $13.2 trillion in 2007. A stack of one quadrillion pennies would reach Saturn.”

    Saturn. But as we all know, the iron law of negotiating is to start with an asking price higher than what you actually want. And if your asking price is in the low 19 figures, then the defendants are certain to settle somewhere in the hundred trillion dollar range. Scoreboard!!!
    “Why dey always gots ta be puttin’ us thru da changes!” On a side note, Houston, in a moment of half-baked altruism, became a symbol of the American spirit when they took on thousands of refugees after the hurricane struck and the levees busted. They have since become one of the nation’s leaders in violent crime. In fact, it is estimated that one in every five violent crimes committed within city limits involves a Katrina refugee as either a suspect, a witness or a “person of interest”. Man, do you think they’d like to have that one back?
    Posted by John C. at 1:10 PM on January 10

    “Boy Scout Dad Speaks Out”
    dated December 4, 2007
    John C’s comment:

    This one hits close to home, literally. I grew up in that neighborhood, a mere five blocks away from where the robbery took place. When we first moved there, even at the age of seven, the racial divide was immediately clear. Catalpa Avenue was “the line”, with the whites on the east and the blacks on the west. The east side was a nice area; albeit lower middle class, but family oriented and generally crime free, sans the occasional vandalism or adolescent hijinks. The west side, however, was a ghetto then and it’s a ghetto now.
    North College Hill’s decline started when the elderly couples began to pass away or the younger families moved up the corporate ladder and to nicer neighborhoods. Black families bought or rented their homes. So, to no one’s surprise, crime went up, both in quantity and brutality. Gradually the mom & pop businesses began to shut down or relocate, and were replaced with Check ‘N Go. Black “yoofs” began roaming around the neighborhood like packs of wild animals, and the cycle of whites moving out and blacks moving in began to snowball.

    It was during this time that my attitude towards blacks was shaped. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time around blacks my age; mostly at school but around the neighborhood as well. My parents never raised me to be racist; in fact, quite the opposite. But it was my regular exposure to blacks that have lead to feelings of anger and hopelessness for their kind.

    Several years ago, a drive-thru owner by the name of Dennis Willhide was shot and killed by two thugs (also classmates) during a robbery. Mr. Willhide was a very pleasant man. During the robbery, he was ordered to get down on the floor, face-down and put his hands behind his head. He meekly complied. Bobby Shepphard shot him in the back of the head before walking out with about $300. To this day the very thought of these events infuriates me. That this man was killed for practically nothing; and I was just a customer. I can’t even imagine how his family must feel about this brutal and senseless atrocity!
    And so it goes. Every now and then, something like this makes the local news. I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is par for the course. What was once a nice little neighborhood to raise a family without amassing a mountainous debt has become another neighborhood ruined by integration.

    I can only hope that we as a people will finally learn that the only way whites and blacks will ever get along is if we voluntarily segregate. These kind of incidents happen in the ghettos all of the time; and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. But for white folks, there isn’t any need to subject ourselves to this kind of violence if we don’t have to. I hate to see us let go of the neighborhoods that we once held dear, but what price are we willing to pay to keep them?

    Posted by John C. at 7:12 PM on December 5

    To The Black Sentinel,

    Beginning with “renaissanceguy” and “The Bagel of Everything,” I suspected that your web log was being monitored by Caucasian racists and separatists.

    Please be careful.

    Thank you for listening.

  57. Engineer,

    It is quite obvious that this John C is nothing more than a hypocrite. He wants to know why Rev. Wright isn’t preaching love and togetherness, yet he frequents a racist website that spends all their time talking about their hatred of blacks. Then wonder why blacks are indignant towards white people such as himself.

    I have NO doubt that this is true that these racists are watching. I have even had one of them take it upon themselves to make a website mocking mine with racist rantings. And yet I don’t even post HALF of what these racist rant on about.

    Thanks for the information. Very interesting. These people are so transparent. I will have to start looking them up before I post their rants.

    Thanks for the reply.

  58. The Engineer

    Very well said, The Black Sentinel; very well said — those were excellent retorts to John C’s empty diatribe.

    Very well said, brotherpeacemaker; very well said — I especially liked the mathematics which shows an unjust judgment based on only 1/200th of 1 percent of Rev. Wright’s sermons.

    “When will the white mans burden be paid for?”
    — quotation of John C.

    “God bless you and I hope you have a change of heart on Rev. Wright’s racist message someday.”
    — quotation of John C.

    “Peace. May God bless you with his love.”
    — quotation of John C.

    Dear John,

    You are a fraud; you are a racist Caucasian completely devoid of any credibility, and you are hiding cowardly behind your brand of Christianity and behind your superficial and sanctimonious statements of peace and love.

    To The Black Sentinel and its readership,
    Thank you for listening.

  59. The Engineer is the bomb…errr….figuratively speaking that is. HA!

  60. Dawn Clabaugh

    I am a 50 year old white woman in Missouri. After hearing all the hoopla over Rev Wright I decided to watch his full remarks on C-Span during the press club televised viewing…I am so glad I watch. I had been a Obama supporter and after view Rev. Wright, I became a financial supporter of his campaign!! I belong to the obama.com web sight since Jan 2008 and had not contributed once, although I really liked the Senator. But after actually seeing and hearing what Rev Wright was say, in full context, I gave my full support for him.

    I feel it is sad that Obama has to distance himself, but I do understand why, especially living in the mid-west. I was raised in CA for 49 years and am a new transplant here. I lived with diversity and I thought everyone just did. WHoooa was I wrong. I have a neighbor who actually has the confederate flag in his front yard. I was shocked into reality moving here. I do love the fact that the prices are low, but truthfully, if I had 40K , I would move to St Louis and out of the rural area in a heartbeat to get where all different races reside.
    Thank you for having a column where I could finally say how I, as a white mid-age female feels!

  61. Dawn,

    It is just nice to hear from not only a white person “JUST” a person who actually took it upon themselves to get ALL the facts and not just rely on sound bites and commentary.

    This is what I did as well. You have to be willing to gather all the facts for yourself in order to make a reasonable decision and that is for everything in life. It takes a person of intelligence to do that. I have no doubt that if others would do what we and others have done we wouldn’t be talking about Wright any more.

    Thanks for the reply.

  62. Wow, that was a lot of idiocy in one comment thread. I don’t know if I can handle reading too much more of this anymore.

    …clueless people pontificating while attempting to exonerate themselves of their cluelessness by admitting, well, i can’t fully understand………..then stop preaching and listen.

    …yes I am speaking of Vince. Please take some time to study before thinking you have all of the answers.

    And to the black people who think Wright is there natural born enemy. This is House Negro behavior: blaming the man speaking about problems as if he is the problem. “When you point out racism they call you a racist.”–Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

    I understand that a lot of black people feel that we as a people need to pursue higher goals and “rise above racism.” I agree wholeheartedly, but one thing we can not do is mislead our kids, selling them false dreams. To misinform your kids of the deadly effects of white supremacy (racism),–psychologically, physically–is to send them into a state of chaotic confusion.

    I can vouch for myself, if my father would’ve told me about the time he was on a school bus and rocks and bottles were being thrown through the windows, because he was a black kid getting bussed into a white neighborhood to attend a newly integrated school, I would understand what’s going on profoundly more. I’m upset that my parents didn’t tell me and the racial climate of America was heaved onto me as shocking depression; it caused deep psychological trauma. One time a white friend was upset with me because I had a better report card than he did. If only my parents told me that there is an underlying sentiment throughout the world that darker people are less intelligent, I would’ve said hey, he’s just a victim of white supremacy.

    So my point is, we must educate our kids about what’s going on. And we must encourage them to accept nothing than perfection when it comes to their performance in any walk of life. One thing I’ve learned from studying my pass black leaders, is that they were all truly exceptional, and THEY did not allow racism to stunt their growth, block their paths to progress. And NO, they did not disown history, they became masters of history. They became trail blazers. I bet if your kids knew that some paths were blocked, wouldn’t they adopt some mental survivability mechanism that would internally urge them to start blazing some trails of their own through excellency and a no-excuse mentality.

  63. AKL

    I feel Mr. Wright is giving out something like a racial balance sheet in America, a summary of the facts. People need not get divisive or hysterical about it, but nevertheless everybody need to see the scores though to see where each one stands.

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