McCain Bigots Of A Feather Flock Together

You know what they say that bigots of a feather flock together. As I see it one bigot garnering support from another is not a big surprise. What is a big surprise is that somehow Jeremiah Wright is the only pastor that people can see fit to talk about. Just like McCain said, he could look past Hagee’s bigoted comments because “when we were doing the No Surrender tour, he came and spoke on behalf of not surrendering in Iraq.” So it is OK to have bigots in your camp as long as you repudiate their statements and they agree that we should continue this sham of a war in Iraq.

It’s funny that as he tries to distance himself he gets pulled right back in by his own stupid comments. He just recently said that sure he repudiates what Hagee says but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t keep the guys support. I can just see McCain saying – Oh, Hagee I wish I knew how to quit you!

Every time you turn around McCain is being forced to repudiate some bigot’s comments. Let’s see we have John “Gays caused Hurricane Katrina” Hagee, Jerry “the Teletubbies are gay” Falwell, Pat “Let’s assassinate Hugo Chavez” Robertson and Rod “America was founded to destroy Islam” Parsley (and to think that McCain calls this nut his spiritual advisor, it’s no wonder he wants to stay in Iraq for over 100 years). And surely more will pop up later.

Yet you have people saying that Jeremiah Wright is the worse racist, bigot or whatever. It doesn’t matter since we all know that it is far worse in this country to talk about race than it is to spout that the Catholic Church is a bastard religion or that America was founded for the sole purpose of destroying Islam. Teletubbies are polluting our children’s minds with gay images. How about that America should assassinate a president from another country because “hey, Pat doesn’t like him.” I mean how could you not see the logic in that?

McCain just recently went down to New Orleans to stump by telling the people that they deserved more than what they got. And exactly where were you when this was going on in the first place? What did you say about this travesty when it was happening at the time? Did he step up to say that the Bush administration was wrong or way off in their handling of the catastrophe?

Nope he did not say nor do a thing. He was too busy blindly supporting any and everything the president and his lackey cronies did. He did the same thing in Memphis where he admitted that he made a mistake opposing MLK Jr. Day. Really, was it a mistake? And so what have you done to fulfill Kings Dreams since you fought so hard to deny the people of Arizona that day? What has he ever done with regards to any type of civil rights, anti discrimination or ending any disparity? Not a damn thing.

He then wants to say that Obama is an elitist and out of touch with the people. This from a man who sat on 60 minutes and when asked about a war that the people did NOT want said “I don’t care what the people want” “really I know better what this country needs.” How elitist is that. He knows better what to do for the people than what they want. The last time I checked the president of the United States was working FOR the American people. Not for his own interests.

Yet I guess since he seems to be using the Bush guide to being the worse president, I guess he would think that what he said was appropriate. Not to mention he wants me to believe that he is in the minds of working class America when he has been a benefactor of nepotism all his life? Not to mention his wife is estimated to be worth over 100 million dollars. That kind of money puts you out of touch with most millionaires let alone the working class. Give me a break.

I am sure that this man will do nothing for this country besides continuing the downward slide that Bush has put us in. And to think that there are Hillary supporters who would rather see HIM in office than Obama. Now I know that must be a nasty case of racism. Because you would have to be the biggest bigot or just have a deep seated hate for America and the American people to want that nut in office. Yet it has always been obvious that people in this country have a penchant for voting against their own interests.

This man embraces bigots although he repudiates what they say. He has a never had an inkling of anything in the way of interest in blacks or any other minority especially not the Vietnamese whom he endearingly refers to as “gooks”. Has no idea how bad the economy is, thinking that giving us an 18 cent gas break is going to fix things. Does this strike anyone else as a call to let them eat cake? It seems to me that McCain is one bigot that seems to be flying under the media radar.



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  1. conundrum

    I was long an admirer of Mr. McCain because, unlike most republicans, he did not toe the party line and instead seemed to take positions that he thought were good for America. I view that as being more of a statesman than a politician.

    By contrast, I’ve lost all respect for him because, as a presidential candidate, he has abandoned all stateman-like qualities so he can suck up to all the extreme parts of the GOP like the (religious mostly anti-gay) bigots you named in this post. I am so disappointed.

  2. John McCain took the fortieth anniversary of the death of Doctor King as an opportunity to pay respects to, and pander votes from, the black community. When Mr. McCain approached the podium and started to make his speech, some people in the crowd started to heckle him. This was one of the men from the great state of Arizona who successfully blocked legislation that would have the state recognizing Doctor King’s birthday as a holiday. Mr. McCain told the audience, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong. I believe he said he was wrong only twice but exaggerations look better in threes.

    Nevertheless, I found Mr. McCain’s pandering somewhat insulting. After all, it must be at least twenty five years since Mr. McCain made his mistake. What, if anything, has the man done to try and rectify his mistake? As far as I know, Mr. McCain keeps the black community at arms length. And by “arm” I’m not talking about a typical grown human’s arm length of three feet give or take a number of inches. Arms length in reference to Mr. McCain’s relationship with the black community is more like one of those spiral arms of a spinning galaxy reaching across the universe for tens of thousands of light years. That’s how close Mr. McCain is to the black community.

    The last time I saw Mr. McCain make a photo op with someone of color must have been never. Although President George Bush junior is about as likely to do something constructive for the black community as he is likely to do something constructive for al Queda in Iraq, the man knows the importance of taking the time to do a photo op with black people. With respect to the conservative presidential hopeful to replace the Decider, black people must be made out of some kind of Republican kryptonite.


  3. Conundrum,

    I can totally understand why he has lost your admiration. The man is a hoover if I’ve ever seen one.


    You are so right. When he was up there giving his lame speech to the blacks at the Loraine Motel in Memphis he barely looked up. It was like he was saying “if I could just read faster and they shut up so I can speed through this, I can get the hell out of this dump!”

    You could see his total discomfort. That leads me to believe that he probably feels ill at ease with blacks. Or maybe just the common everyday blacks. At least the ones who aren’t cleaning his toilet at home.

    Thanks both of you for the replies.

  4. Tom

    I am a 55 year old, white Anglo-Saxon male living in the Midwest. I have a few comments to make, and I hope they are published. When I grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s Black people were definitely discriminated against and it was a sad situation. Since then all of White America has done a remarkable turn around in our beliefs and values and have accepted African Americans, Women, Latinos, American Indians and others as equals. Is this a perfect world, no, but is it a much better world, yes.

    Some of the points I would like to make are;

    1. Myself, and my fellow white males alive today did not cause this situation to occur, we were born into this world just like you.
    2. Stop looking for someone to blame, they are all dead.
    3. Read up on the slave trade from Africa. You will find that the African salves were enslaved by their own race. See
    4. Many individuals in the African American community are working very hard at being successful in their life, be more like them.
    5. This society owes you absolutely nothing.
    6. The pendulum of racisms has swung to the other side; witness the overt racist comment of Reverend Wright and others. To preach racism and hatred from a bully pulpit is not Christian, it is the opposite of what this nation needs to heal.
    7. Many African Americans have turned into that which they hated and sought relief from, bigots and racist.
    8. What reactions would African Americans have if;
    a. A White Reverend preached that Black people owed us everything?
    b. A White Reverend preached God Damn Africa.
    c. If we had a Miss White America?
    d. If we had White History month?
    e. If we had a National Association for the Advancement of White People?
    f. If we called you Darky after one of you calls us Whitey?
    g. If we had a White Entertainment Television?
    h. If we had a White College Fund?
    i. The above examples are of course ridiculous, but they serve to show how skewed things have become.
    Our nation will survive and proper as long as we as a nation can bring balance and harmony to our lives. To foster and condone hatred and separatist philosophies is to damn America and our children to years of unrest. We need to work together, not to work against one another.

    May God Bless America

  5. Tom,

    White people in Europe enslaved other Europeans does this now give us the right to own European slaves? And if we did would this somehow make it less offensive?

    Are you loony to sit here and tell me that ALL whites are now accepting minorities as their equals. When down in West Virginia the white people interviewed said that they did not want a black man to be president as it just wouldn’t be right. Does that sound like someone who thinks of that black man as their equal?

    Are you telling me that just because you are born into a situation that it’s a done deal? Oh well nothing I can do to bring about equality since I nor anyone living made the disparity? Is that your assertion? The problem is that white people such as yourself do a hell of a job perpetuating the disparity between races. White privilege does not look as if it is slowing down one bit.

    Stop looking for someone to blame, do you mean the way that white people BLAME crime and other ills of society on blacks? The problem is that if one group in society is using their race as a ticket to keep others from being equal then there is no need to look for someone to blame as it is pretty much an obvious thing.

    Many people in the white community know that white privilege is a problem and work to end that institution, why don’t you be more like them?

    This society OWES me the right to equality, that is your first mistake. I should have the SAME chances as any white person to have an equal shake at the American dream.

    I would love for you to quote to me each racist statement that Rev. Wright said and please don’t bother with the twenty second sound bites as we have been there and done that. Also, I guess you feel that the racist statements of all the white people named are excusable? If not then I guess the pendulum hasn’t swung far enough.

    Many white people are continuing their reign of terror as racists. I would love for you to point out those blacks who are denying white people equal rights, discriminating against them or even killing or harming them for the color of their skin.

    White Reverends DO preach about hate every Sunday if not daily.

    Yes, it’s called Miss America and for years blacks could NOT participate and even now there have only been 7 black ladies since 1921. As Wikipedia tells it that pageant was pretty much white only from 1921 to 1970 and no black women even came close to winning until 1980. So please give me a break.

    In case you haven’t noticed white history month is every month. That is standard history taught in every school. Black history month is not recognized as an actual curriculum. So I guess you better do a bit of study on that situation.

    The National Advancement of White People is called AMERICA! With white privilege that is still in place today America is a place that continues the advancement of white people.

    No you people don’t call us darky, you call us Nigger and are still doing it daily. Tell me the one celebrity or black person that has called a white person whitey out of malice? Now see if you can name one white celebrity or person who has called blacks nigger and I think we can see the difference.

    White entertainment television is called ABC, CBS, NBC and any other channel. I did a post all about white run and owned television channels. I guess you have never noticed that 99% of all shows casts are predominantly white. Not to mention BET is run and owned by white people so that isn’t a BLACK television station. Get your facts straight.

    I also answered to this before. For that ONE college fund that also gives money to white students, you can find 142,000 for white students only of German descent or how about 131,000 for Irish descendants, if that wasn’t enough how about the 223,000 for Italian descendants. And these aren’t for those who are 100% full blood. You can have any part of your blood line affiliated with those. But I guess that one little Negro college fund is way too excessive and really over the top. Not to mention that a students group set up an ALL WHITE scholarship (no matter your descent) at Roger Williams University and another in Boston. But I guess you don’t have a problem with any of the aforementioned scholarships either right?

    We can’t work together while people who are obviously in the majority with the lions share of all the resources are constantly perceiving the under dog, underprivileged and under represented as taking over and somehow squeezing them out of their well deserved white privilege.

    Give me a break, please.

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Here is what I’m wondering. What specifically do you want individual white people to do? (Please realize that not all white people have money. In fact the majority of us are broke.) So when you talk about white privledge some of us are wondering who these white people are that are getting all the benefits or assistance because it isn’t us.

  7. Jay,

    White privilege has nothing to do with being rich or poor. White privilege has to do with the fact that you can go through your daily life not encountering the stifling types of racism that keep you from gaining any ground. If you are not gaining ground and are poor or whatever your case may be then the reasons for that are your own to decipher. Why don’t you ask yourself these questions from the white privilege checklist.

    I can arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time.
    I can go shopping alone most of the time, pretty well assured that I will not be followed or harassed.
    I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.
    When I am told about our national heritage or about “civilization,” I am shown that people of my color made it what it is.
    I can be sure that my children will be given curricular materials that testify to the existence of their race.
    I can go into a music shop and count on finding the music of my race represented, into a supermarket and find the food I grew up with, into a hairdresser’s shop and find someone who can deal with my hair.
    Whether I use checks, credit cards, or cash, I can count on my skin color not to work against the appearance of financial responsibility.
    I am not made acutely aware that my shape, bearing, or body odor will be taken as a reflection on my race.
    I can worry about racism without being seen as self-interested or self-seeking.
    I can take a job or enroll in a college with an affirmative action policy without having my co-workers or peers assume I got it because of my race.
    I can be late to a meeting without having the lateness reflect on my race.
    I can choose public accommodation with out fearing that people of my race cannot get in or will be mistreated.
    I am never asked to speak for all of the people of my racial group.
    I can be pretty sure that if I ask to talk with the “person in charge” I will be facing a person of my race.
    If a traffic cop pulls me over or if the IRS audits my tax return, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race.
    I can easily by posters, postcards, picture books, greeting cards, dolls, toys, and children’s magazines featuring people of my race.
    I can choose blemish cover or bandages in “flesh” color and have them more or less match my skin.
    I can do well in a challenging situation without being called a credit to my race.
    I can walk into a classroom and know I will not be the only member of my race.
    I can enroll in a class at college and be sure that the majority of my professors will be of.

    Most minorities can’t say yes to any of these questions or even close to it.

  8. Tom

    To clarify;

    You are correct, the struggle for equality is not over, but any vestiges segregation and brutality are not occurring. It will take years for everything to be truly equal and behind us. There are tremendous opportunities for African Americans today that have never before been available.

    • White people in Europe enslaved other Europeans does this now give us the right to own European slaves? And if we did would this somehow make it less offensive?

    What? Slavery of any type or form is crime against humanity, ask a reasonable question.

    • Are you loony to sit here and tell me that ALL whites are now accepting minorities as their equals? When down in West Virginia ….

    I am sure there are small minded xenophobic fools everywhere. The case made fifty years ago regarding slavery is largely resolved. To judge a whole group due to actions of a few in that group is not reasonable or valid. To judge the entire white race because of a few asses in West Virginia is not a valid argument.

    Also, regarding the West Virginia comment, other polls have shown that women are voting for Hillary not because she is the best candidate, but simply because she is a woman. It is not much of a leap of reason to speculate that many blacks are voting for Obama is because of his race, and not because he is a good candidate. Why are we not holding these women and African American voters up to the same light of scrutiny as the bigot in West Virginia? My point, which you helped make, is that some African Americans appear to have turned into that which they sought relief from, bigots and xenophobes.

    • Are you telling me that just because you are born into a situation that it’s a done deal? Oh well nothing I…

    Definition of White Privilege;

    White privilege, a social relation
    A right, advantage, or immunity granted to or enjoyed by white persons beyond the common advantage of all others; an exemption in many particular cases from certain burdens or liabilities.

    When you order a cheeseburger for McDonalds, you get the same piece of garbage I do.

    When you ask for a loan at a bank, your financial documents receive the same scrutiny and require compliance with the same financial ratios as my loan request.

    When your children apply at a college or university they receive preferential treatment that my children do not enjoy.

    When your Black contractors bid on State and Federal Projects they receive preferential treatment that white contractors do not receive.

    When you ask for medical treatment, you receive the same high standard of skilled care available to all Americans. The caveat of course is that all medical costs are out of control, but the care given is excellent. The excessive cost of medical care knows no racial boundary.

    Since we are talking about supposed privilege shown by some races towards their own, let us talk about black privilege; there is certainly a preferential treatment shown by blacks towards their own race in deference to others. In workplace situations and in general it is a common practice for Blacks to protect other blacks from scrutiny and overtly help their own kindred instead of dealing fairly with the situation at hand. Is this not a version of racism?

    • Stop looking for someone to blame, do you mean the way that white people BLAME crime and other ills of society on blacks?

    WASHINGTON – More than three times as many black people live in prison cells as in college dorms, the government said in a report to be released Thursday. The ratio is only slightly better for Hispanics, at 2.7 inmates for every Latino in college housing. Among non-Hispanic whites, more than twice as many live in college housing as in prison or jail. The numbers, driven by men, do not include college students who live off campus. Previously released census data show that black and Hispanic college students — commuters and those in dorms — far outnumber black and Hispanic prison inmates.

    This is a very sad reality that needs help, why such a high ratio exists is beyond the prevue of this exchange, however I sense you are attempting to blame the white race for this situation. It is not the fault of the white males living in the United States for so many black males going to jail. If you are trying to make an argument for this, then you are the one that is delusional. Rather than trying to find someone to blame maybe you should redirect your efforts into solving this dilemma.

    • This society OWES me the right to equality, that is your first mistake. I should have the SAME chances as any white person to have an equal shake at the American dream.

    I agree with all my heart that this is true.

    • I would love for you to quote to me each racist statement that Rev. Wright said and please don’t bother with the twenty second sound bites….

    Reverend Wright preaches anger and hatred of America and the rich white people that he believes controls America. Frankly I have no problem with the Reverend personally; he is simply a misguided angry person. I do have an issue with the elders in his church and the congregation; they should never have allowed him a position in their church. What the reverend is preaching is not Christian, it is actually anti-Christian, Jesus teaches us to forgive and love each other.

    Reverend Wright has done more damage to the black movement than you can possibly imagine. The tremendous strides that have been made for equality and fairness are being obliterated by visual scenes of a black congregations standing up and testifying to sermons that demonize white people. If you cannot see how this damages the prospects for equal treatment for African Americans than there is little else that can be said.

    Reverend Wright has probably done what Hillary Clinton was unable to do; he has struck a death blow to Obama’s presidential campaign. If Obama loses his bid, than it is quintessential justice, for that Obama will be defeated by his own moral and spiritual leader whom happens to be a bigot and a racist.

    • White Reverends DO preach about hate every Sunday if not daily.

    I have attended churches a large part of my life, I have never heard anything hateful said by a Priest or Pastor. Your statement is fallacious and without substantiation..

    No one uses the N word except idiots and fools, the truth is I hear more African Americans use this expression more than anyone else, why does this double standard exist?

    The rest of your rant is basically one stating you believe blacks have been excluded in society in general, I disagree. There is great diversity shown in the entertainment media and the rest of society as a whole. The days of the past are gone. The need for racially charged rhetoric is behind us, to fan the fires of racial oppression when they do not exist is wholly without merit. We have been given a wonderful gift of life, what we need to do is get on with the business of life.

    I just checked and 13.3% of the American population is African American, I believe that this group is well represented in a broad cross-section of society and has brought much talent and cultural wealth to America that we should all be proud of. In my own family history my great-grand parents came to America penniless, they survived and prospered by hard work and determination. This can work for your people too, it is also the other part of the American dream. However in order to make this dream become a reality, you must not envision yourself as a victim. As soon as we believe ourselves to be powerless over our environment we give up our most valuable tool, self determination. Nobody is going to give you anything for free, and if you take it you make yourself their indentured slave.

    The most important issue you did not address is my claim that a segment of the black race has become that which they have hated, Racists and Bigots.

    I await your response.

  9. Tom

    Also, regarding indentured slavery, the African American race has been sold down the river by the Democratic National Committee; they have made you their pawns. They make their promises and fail to keep hardly any, how the Black population can be so myopic is truly sad. Cannot you see they offer you federal subsistence like smack to an addict? Wake up, get organized and take charge of your lives. All the Dems offer is more federal handouts and subservience. The Dems way of running a campaign is to criticize the way Republicans are running things, blame others, act like a victim and not deal with the real issues.

    Obama is probably a fine individual, but get a grip on reality; he is a freshman legislator with no practical experience for the job. Whom do you think will vote for him? Whom do you think will work with him? If you must have an African American Leader then why not Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice, both exceptional people with superb leadership skills and a proven ability to get the job done. Find someone that can do the job well, what race they are is of no importance.

  10. Vestiges of segregation and brutality occur every single day. As a nation of people we pretend to scratch our heads and feign helplessness when hurricanes floods a city and leaves thousands of black people stranded in a lake of water but move with the speed of lightening when dog food from China starts killing Fido and Spot. We tolerate police killing black people on sight because of fear or cowardice or exhaustion or whatever. Cops kill and beat black people because they run. White people have been running from the law far longer. We never see examples of cops running up to the white guy and start waylaying in on his ass. We never hear of unarmed white men being killed in a hail of bullets. But we tolerate this behavior because it only happens to black people. Just like back in the day when white people tolerated black people being lynched by white mobs.

    It will take years for everything to be truly equal because we tolerate such disparity each and every day. But because some black people get tremendous opportunities it is now okay for other black people to suffer continuing discrimination. You wrote, “To judge a whole group due to actions of a few in that group is not reasonable or valid.” That is a very reasonable position to take. But then you will say that just because a few black people have been able to take advantage of tremendous opportunities in this country, everything is better for all black people. It is rather hypocritical for you to expect to have it both ways.

    It is typical for people to say something to the affect that because black people and white people eat the same McDonald’s garbage there is no such thing as white privilege. That is true. But, nobody is basing white privilege on the fact that white people get better food at McDonald’s. To suggest otherwise is to distract from the issue at hand. White privilege is more evident when you look at who owns the McDonald’s. How many people at the McDonald’s headquarters who are part of the executive management are white compared to the number of black executives? How many people who work for McDonald’s and receive benefits such as healthcare, retirement accounts, and other such benefits of employment that make life more manageable are white compared to the number who are black?

    You mentioned that black people receive the same exact services and the same exact benefits of white people but then turn around and say black people have preferential treatment. Based on what data do you make such conclusions. If we look at the statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, black unemployment rates runs twice as high as white unemployment rates. Click here to see these statistics for yourself. On average, weekly white earnings run up to forty percent higher than weekly black earnings. Please click here to visit this link to verify these numbers directly from the government’s website. But because we have been conditioned to tolerate racism as some abstract that is too difficult to define and recognize. Therefore, it must not be as bad as a lot of people may say it is. Because some black people are getting ahead, all black people need to quit blaming the dominant community for our predicament.

    More black people are in prison than in college. And? What does this prove? The long arm of American law is quick to clamp down on black people for the least infraction. A fourteen year old black boy will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for stealing his grandmother’s car. This type of behavior would be laughed at and dismissed with a smile and a wink of an eye if it appeared on Happy Days, the Brady Bunch, One Day At a Time or Valerie. But the moment the black boy does it, the social fabric is being threatened and society must protect itself. The black fourteen year old goes to boot camp where he is made an example to others and is quickly murdered by seven boot camp guards. But that’s okay because it only happened to a black kid that would have grown into another black thug.

    The reality is more white people commit crimes than black people. Despite the legal system’s penchant to focus on the black on black crime epidemic, the white on white crime phenomenon is just as, if not more, prolific. Again, do not take my word for it. Please click here to go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division. In the year of 2006, out of the 10,437,620 crimes committed in the United States 7,270,214 were committed by white people while 2,924,724 were committed by black people. In terms of percentages that means 69.7% of the crime were committed by white people and 28% committed by black people. According to the numbers published by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, black people should be far from being America’s number one problem. But black people are the bane of black people’s existence.

    You write that Barack Obama is probably a fine individual. But he is a freshman legislator with no practical experience for the job. As far as I know, if experience is such an overwhelming factor as to who would be good in the presidency, the best person for the job would be George H.W. Bush. But with his approval ratings tanking lower than just about any president in history I doubt if he could honestly win the presidency even if he was eligible for a third term. But then again, I didn’t think the American public would be idiotic enough to vote him in for a second term. But then again, I didn’t think we’d be foolish enough to vote him in the first time.

    The point is, with seven years of presidency experience under his belt, Mr. Bush should have the edge in any comparison. But the presidency doesn’t require experience. Nobody comes into the job with presidential experience. Despite the sound bites that say contrary, it is a position that requires on the job training. No one is ready on day one, not even the wife of a former president. Everyone has to learn.

    But what is most important is integrity, intelligence, an ability to examine what is happening in the world and to respond accordingly. When people refuse to look at the complete picture, when we fail to acknowledge all the issues associated with a problem, any decision made for action is more than likely insufficient to rectify the problem. Kind of like America’s penchant not to address racism or racial disparity but to let it work itself out sometime in the distant future. Find someone that can do the job well, what race they are is of no importance, as long as it’s white.


  11. I am going to have to leave this reply by brotherpeacemaker as the reply that stands for you Tom. I could not have put it any better. I do on the other hand think that your view of black people is myopic.

    In fact you are right the Democratic party holds nothing for the black community. Yet, neither does the Republican’s. In fact we have NO one to “really” represent our needs or stand up for our views. Since we have this two party system and both parties only concern are those of a white perspective.

    The way Republicans run their campaign is to criticize, attack and lie just like the Democrats. So it looks as if you have been just as bamboozled by the Republican’s as the blacks have been by both parties.

    One thing I must mention is that you speak of all the preferential treatment, it is funny that you didn’t mention all the preferential treatment whites have received over the years. Is this one of those phenomena’s where a person only sees what is in the neighbor’s yard and not the gross display in their own?

    Also, you never did give me any REAL examples of where Reverend White made racist statements. Is that because you don’t have any?

    Thanks for the reply.

  12. The Engineer

    Very well said, brotherpeacemaker; very well said, and your links reinforce your points very well.

    Very well said, The Black Sentinel; very well said, and your “I can…” list of Caucasian Privileges is an excellent summation of the advantages that Caucasians have had, do have, take for granted, and in many cases, do not realize that they have. Those advantages just permeate American society, and Minorities simply do not enjoy them.

    It would seem that McCain has had to do some repudiation.

    “McCain disavows pastors’ backing”
    Here is an excerpt:

    An analysis of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet:
    “The lady doth protest too much”
    An excerpt:

    Tom’s back-to-back commentaries would suggest that he is protesting too much.

    Thank you for listening.

  13. Tom

    I think these will do;

    • “Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people,” Wright said

    • The “reverend” is dividing America between whites and blacks. He calls America the U.S. of KKKA.

    • “Jesus was a poor black man who lived in a country and lived in a culture that was controlled by rich white people.”

  14. Tom,

    Who if not rich white people control this country? Has not each and every president and those in Congress and Senate not been rich or close to it and predominantly white? Or is it your position that America is run by poor black people?

    A lot of the American presidents themselves have been members or have been supposed to have been members of the KKK. Not to mention the KKK is a terrorist group that operates inside the U.S. And since they are “only” targeting blacks they have not been “renditioned” to Guantanamo or anywhere else. Nor has this group been disbanded such as the Black Panthers even though they are known to have killed, threatened and done bodily as well as property damage.

    Jesus was NOT white according to the description in the bible. So he was at least some sort of Middle Eastern man. And is it your position that the Roman’s who were rich WHITE people were NOT running Jerusalem and all of the middle east at that time? Have you read your bible?

    So exactly what is so racist in these statements? They seem to follow some truth. If he said that all white people are lazy and rely on preferential treatment to keep their advantage, it would be an insulting racist comment. How about showing me something like that. Or maybe you can show me where he said that “God sent Hitler to do his bidding” or “Islam is the Anti-Christ religion”.

    Are those not hateful statements made by a white reverend? I seem to recall you saying that you had never heard a white reverend say anything racist or hateful. And if that wasn’t enough I have plenty. Especially some nice ones from Parsley who McCain said “this is my spiritual guide.”

    Thanks for the reply.

  15. Tom

    Well, Gee whiz guys, your logic is just too sound to deny. You have created a self fulfilling prophecy in which you are the victims and the white universe is out to get you. Rather than take a proactive approach on how to succeed, how to make the system work for you, collaborate, work hard, get another degree; you would rather rationalize and read racist plots in every nuance of Biblical verse and social movement. But if that works for you I suppose it’s OK, because now your failures are understandable and excused because you have no control. Your paranoia is probably only exceeded by your ability to fabricate varying scenarios on how “the man is keeping us down”.

    So be it, I came here to vent and I have drank my fill.

    I refuse to believe that the entire African American population is shackled by your delusional beliefs, and I hope most of them will succeed.


  16. And we wonder why it is going to take years and years for racism in this country to come to past. Another person starts to get a real education about the conditions of racism in this country, and they could not handle the truth. Another white person realized their propaganda doesn’t hold water and decides to call Calgon to take them away.


    Or as some white people say, Y’all come back now, ya hear?

  17. Tom,

    Thanks for stopping by to “vent”. It is too bad that you CHOOSE to be blind to the happenings of this country and act as if everyone is treated equal and all is great on the home front. But alas I really don’t think that I nor any other black people especially not the ones here are begging to have the prophecy of racism heaved upon us. The dominant culture has done a fine job without my prophetic writings.

    Like I once heard, just because a person is paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get them. I guess you have also made the assumption that I or the people here need to get a degree or another one. I have plenty of credentials to support myself and my family with ease, that is not the problem.

    Also, does a white person need to get extra degrees in order to make their dream a reality? How come I can’t have the same amount of degrees as the next white person and make a living?

    Also, it is pretty obvious that you can’t refute the logic here nor can you add anything of simple fact or truth to refute it and now you are sulking. That is fine, it happens all the time when the “I’m not racist, but blacks blame their failures on the white man” person happens to stumble in.

    Unfortunately for you I am not failing so don’t need to play the blame game with the “man”. I understand that you would like to pigeon hole me into that “I don’t try so I will just blame whitey” category, but it is obvious you fail to use logic at all.

    Hopefully the entire black race wakes up and realizes that we could be doing so much better if we had equality. Yet, you would have them continue drinking the same poison kool aid that you are drinking which tells them that the playing field is equal and blacks have unequal pay, schools, neighborhoods, and higher unemployment because they are failures.

    Not because there is a little thing called racism which has permeated our culture from the moment we were dragged here in chains and still continues. I guess all the disparities and the links to the hard sour truth which brotherpeacemaker provided for you just either flew over your head or you just refused to acknowledge exists.

    The reason why we have these disparities now is because people like you are dispelling a bunch of propaganda that somehow blacks are receiving this plethora of handouts you call preferential treatments. And any fool can read these so called handouts and wonder if this is true then why are blacks still being left behind.

    So I hope that you actually DID get your fill because I have definitely gotten my fill of anti black propaganda that I can take for one day.

    Thanks for the reply.

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