Affirmative Action Hurts People

Many states right now are repealing their affirmative action laws under the interesting names on ballots such as the “civil rights initiative” in Michigan. People stated that they voted for these initiatives because they wanted to end preferential treatment laws. I agree with ending preferential treatment as much as the next guy but am wondering why there is no initiatives to end white affirmative action.

It is funny that when talking about preferential treatment we constantly look at affirmative action as if it is the quintessential poster child for preferential treatment. If affirmative action resulted in minorities getting so much preference then how is it that white people are disproportionately over represented in all aspects of life? Of course white people are the majority and will be the majority in almost all situations take employment as an example. According to the U.S. census unemployment for blacks is more than double that for whites.

Why are these blacks not in jobs since they have such great preferential treatment? Shouldn’t the majority of blacks be employed since with the preferential treatment they would have first pick of all jobs they applied for? Yet, of course blacks are the most unemployed group in the nation all the while being perceived as the beneficiary of some phantom preference which seems not to work very well. But one preferential treatment that seems to work every time and hasn’t ever been questioned nor had its own initiative on any ballot is white affirmative action.

Of course even approaching white affirmative action will net you an earful of insults as many white people as well as black will slither out of the woodwork to contest that this even exists. If it doesn’t exist then I guess they will be able to explain why whites are so prevalently over represented in most areas of life. I know that they will undoubtedly spew the same old rhetoric of “well blacks don’t have the education to compete”, “blacks don’t want to work” and “blacks just need to go to school.” Yet the people who ARE applying for these jobs ARE qualified, do have educations and experience.

It is funny that a lot of the people backing the repeal of affirmative action such as Ward Connerly who seems to have made it his mission to make sure the laws are repealed in every state. Connerly and others have said that affirmative action hurts minorities because it tells them that “we know you can’t make it so we will enact laws to do it for you.” Now the problem I see is that affirmative action doesn’t tell people they can’t make it, in fact it is the same old discrimination when they are the most qualified and still get passed over that tells them they can’t make it. How about we have a look at that practice?

According to the most recent reports, the states which have repealed affirmative action, have seen some of the lowest numbers of minorities getting a higher education and in professional employment since segregation. If affirmative action holds minorities back why then aren’t they succeeding at break neck speeds now that it has been repealed in those states. How come businesses in those states are becoming increasingly whiter? Is this an accident? Somehow the companies and colleges don’t understand that the repeal of affirmative action was because they (the schools and businesses) were going to bring blacks in without being told they had to? Well obviously they didn’t get that memo.

It seems that people are assuming that we need nothing in the realm of affirmative action at least for minorities anymore because people are NOT being discriminated against. And even if they are, that is not the reason for their lack of education or employment. Somehow the disparity that we have blazing brightly like a house burning out of control doesn’t matter.

Let’s pretend that everything is equal and that these disparities don’t exist because hey they aren’t burning down the house of the dominant culture so it doesn’t matter to America. When the burning house of the minorities who are being left out of the arenas of education and employment ignites the house of white America I guess we will see some change and probably not for the better. The affirmative action that hurts people have not been repealed, changed or looked at, instead they have ensured that it will continue unabated all the while repealing blacks from having any fighting chance in this race biased nation.



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19 responses to “Affirmative Action Hurts People

  1. Connerly’s been very sneaky in his initiative. And unfortunately, Obama’s electability seems to strengthen his argument. At least in his mind.

    You may be interested in this article.

  2. renaissanceguy

    I like the cartoon. It makes a very important point.

    It would be interesting to see how an IQ test written by an African or African American would differ from those written by white people. Can you help me to understand that concept?

    In your post are you mixing up affirmative action and equal opportunity? There are already laws preventing discrimination in college acceptance, employment, housing, and in many other areas.

    I’m sad to say this, but you might be right that discrimination occurs to often to do away with affirmative action. Still, it just doesn’t sound right in theory. If all people are equal, then isn’t it wrong to award anything to a person based on the color of his skin? If a white man and a black man are equally qualified for the same job, why is it any better that the white man not get the job than that the black person not get it?

    Aren’t there other solutions?

    If there are a limited number of spots for college enrollment or for a job, then how about picking from the most qualified candidates by a completely random method? How about starting more black colleges and black businesses? How about a black person striving to be more qualified than any of the white applicants, so that the company will be begging to hire him?

  3. Anonymiss,

    Thanks for the links. I am going to re-read this info as I am constantly looking for more sites for information that I can introduce into my writings.


    I don’t think that the concept of the test would be different. BUT, if I were the dominant culture and I taught everything from MY perspective and your people had a history of shabby schools and thus shabby educations. Then pump hundreds of years of propaganda into you and your ancestors about their inferiority. Then gave you the test you probably would not pass or have the scores of people who do not start with a handicap.

    Why is it that people automatically assume that two qualified applicants one black one white the choice goes to the black? When everything in this culture tells us and shows us that it more than likely would go to the white applicant. RACE should NOT play a part in the selection. But it does and the problem is how do we stop that.

    It isn’t enough to say that we shouldn’t, because we DO. We have to have a way to stop this bias, a bias that leans white not black. Also, I am not confusing equal opportunity with affirmative action. Neither one works. You can’t regulate racism or prejudice.

    People all over claim that they don’t see race or that they look at qualities not colors. Yet they are the head of a company and that company is all white or damn near. Maybe these people should be taking a closer look at these companies. But then people will claim THAT in itself is racist or unfair. We will not be able to achieve true equality while ONE race holds ALL the cards.

    The problem with the white person getting the job over an equally qualified black is that, THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND STILL IS!!! How do people pick between two candidates when they are both the same color? Maybe we should find out then that will be what we do. When are we going to get an equal shot at the job. When all things are equal it seems to boil down to skin color. WHY??

    Also, don’t you think that it is condescending to ask the black to be far more qualified for a job being done by someone less qualified? I don’t think that you would feel right if someone told you that in order to get the same job at McDonald’s that an uneducated black person has, you had to have a Master’s degree. You would be insulted. Think about it!


  4. Solid post.

    BTW, thanks for the visit and comment.

  5. This really is an excellent article! You should consider submitting it to the AfroSpear so more people can read it.


  6. The Engineer

    [Note to The Black Sentinel: please post this submission.]

    Excellent article, and marvelous retort to the Renaissance Guy!

    (Renaissance Guy? Are you kidding me? He sounds more like someone from the American Renaissance website. WARNING: that website,, is an EXTREMELY racist website, and your readership will find it very offensive; therefore, I recommend not to visit it.)

    Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests are rigged, and by extension, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is also rigged.

    That being said, I must add that an IQ test and the SAT can be “gamed.” What do I mean by that? Both tests involve calculation, geometry, computational algorithms, and vocabulary.

    Calculation and geometry are well covered in honor courses in high schools, but the application of calculation and geometry in computational algorithms is probably never covered in high school. A student would need to know an Engineer or work as a Summer intern in an Engineering firm to get some exposure to the computation algorithms that may be encountered on the SAT or IQ test. One can easily see how this kind of exposure is inherently unfair to certain groups.

    Vocabulary can be improved with a computer, dictionary software (with audible pronunciation of words), and good classical reading list. A student can read and lookup words on the computer for definitions and pronunciation; it is far more efficient than a paper thesaurus.

    Several years ago, I took my first IQ test. I scored between 135 and 140. For comparison, an average law enforcement officer or an average fireman score at approximately 100; a lawyer or doctor scores at 120; a tenured college professor scores at 130. During my college years, my English professor and several of my Engineering professors asked me to join their respective departments — before I even earned my degree, so I am not surprised at my IQ score.

    However, I am surprised that the IQ test and the SAT, in my opinion, are rigged against certain groups, as I stated earlier.

    Renaissance Guy is a perfect example of a Caucasian who does not understand because his racist beliefs are just too ingrained in him.
    Does he not know that in areas of college acceptance, employment, and housing that there is widespread “under the radar” racism?

    I recommend to everyone: NEVER mark the box indicating your particular demographic on any college application. Leave everything pertaining to race blank. You may actually receive a telephone call from the college/university. If you do, try to speak as eloquently as possible.

    As for employment and housing, there is no solution for now. Perhaps, in time, American Culture will change.

    “…If all people are equal, then isn’t it wrong to award anything to a person based on the color of his skin? If a white man and a black man are equally qualified for the same job, why is it any better that the white man not get the job than that the black person not get it?”
    — quotation from the renaissanceguy [sic]

    History has not been equal; therefore, Affirmative Action is an attempt to put some right for past wrongs. What makes him think that circumstances are equal? More often than not, the Minority applicant is superior to the Majority applicant. I know I have always been.

    Your readership may be surprised to know that during a job interview with five simultaneous interviewers, I was given the lowest mark of all applicants. The officially recorded reason — I spoke English too well. I SPOKE ENGLISH TOO WELL!

    “If there are a limited number of spots for college enrollment or for a job, then how about picking from the most qualified candidates by a completely random method?…”
    — quotation of renaissanceguy [sic]

    This has already been tried. Guess who complained? A CAUCASIAN GIRL from a mostly Caucasian high school complained that it was unfair because a Hispanic girl from a mostly Hispanic high school was given entrance. The Hispanic girl was in the top ten percent of her class; the Caucasian girl was not. This may have been covered in the “60 Minutes” news show.

    “…How about starting more black colleges and black businesses?…”
    — quotation of renaissanceguy [sic]

    That is just segregationist rhetoric.

    “…How about a black person striving to be more qualified than any of the white applicants, so that the company will be begging to hire him?”
    — quotation of renaissanceguy [sic]

    I agree with The Black Sentinel; such a suggestion is condescending. I have rarely met a worthy Caucasian Engineer. Most Engineers in management have cheated their way — cheated by offering “gifts” (read: bribes), cheated by demanding “gifts” (read: extortion), cheated by taking undue credit for the work of their subordinates (read: Minority Engineers), cheated by nefarious activity (read: drug trafficking), and cheated by telling lies to customers.

    There is little wonder why Engineering has left the United States of America and gone to China and India.

    White Affirmative Action must come to an end. Let us all hope that can happen without the United States of America coming to an end.

    Thank you for listening.

  7. The engineer,

    Excellent reply. Do you have a blog of your own, as I would be interested in reading it.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. The Engineer

    I enjoy your weblog very much, and I am glad if have made any positive contributions to your weblog.

    I do not have a weblog — I guess because I really do not have too much to say.

    I just abhor the indifference and insensitivity that is so common among Americans.

    Thank you for listening.

  9. white woman

    Can you imagine the outrage there would be if there was titled a “White Entertainment Network” or “National Association for the Advancement of White People” or even…theWHITEsentinel?!! Let the double standard be preserved.

  10. White woman,

    Give me a break!!! Have you ever looked at a LOT of these channels? I suppose NOT! Also, is the so called Black Entertainment Network really so much of a double standard seeing as it is run and operated by white people? But let the phony ass ignorance reign supreme!

    Also, I think the United states senate, congress and every other branch of the American government was the Association for the advancement of white people, and lets not even begin to think about the hundreds or thousands of white only clubs, societies and terrorist groups like the KKK, but lets not SEE these things. Every part of our society has for centuries been for white only. But somehow you find it offensive that there are some phony ass things that put black in the title.

    Oh, boo hoo, my white sensibilities are being hurt. Stop trying to have a place in OUR society you black people. We don’t want to allow you to have a place on our television shows, stations or anywhere else, but don’t you dare try and have your own. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t right white woman? You cry that we should have our own shows, then cry when we do. How stupid!

    Do yourself a favor and check out TLC, Discovery (any discovery channel) and pretty much any and all of the others and count the number of minorities versus those of some sort of European or white lineage and tell me that somehow things are equal. You are a liar if you can. Since blacks make up 18% if the nation shouldn’t they be 18% of any channel on television. And lets NOT include other minorities. That would be just too much to handle for people like you.

    Now get off of your high horse and take a look at the society you live in. But we both know that if you were able to do that, you would never even have bothered to post such an ignorant, biased, blinded reply. Oh, and by the way, THERE IS A WHITE SENTINEL. I guess you should get your facts straight before you start your idiocy. Ha, Ha Ha! You are so funny.

  11. Color-blind

    I am so over the whole race issue. EVERYONE has an equal shot at becoming successful in this world. Can certain people of certain races help it if they overcome the obstacles in life and choose to be successful? Everyone has a tendency to label “white people” as being the ONLY successful race. If African-Americans would break the cycle then they wouldn’t be a product of their environment any longer. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for African Americans. There’s no excuse anymore for your struggles people…we have a BLACK president for Gods sake! Be happy! That’s awesome. Now we can finally say that EVERYONE has a fair shot at becoming anything they want to become.

  12. Color-blind,

    Ahh, it’s good to see that YOU are over the whole race issue. That is great that YOU don’t have to worry about being discriminated against. Wow, that should make all the minorities in the world feel a lot better. Phew, and to think that we were all so worried that YOU would still be concerned over the continued not to mention RISE in racial discord.

    And I am glad someone understands! We have a black president so why worry about all those other blacks who are NOT the president. You know I was just thinking something close to that myself. You know why is anyone worried about all the poor white people especially those who have lost there jobs? I mean there are white billionaires for GODS SAKE! And we know that if ONE person of your race has made it, that immediately equates to every single person of the same race making it as well.

    So, buck it up homeless, unemployed, hungry and otherwise poor white people! All of those rich white people means that we no longer need to look at your problems because you have no more excuses for your struggles. Be happy those rich white people are living their lives without you! Everyone has the same fair shot at becoming anything they want. Oh, except for those who unfortunately have the sad fortune of living in a black inner city with no access to decent education. Too bad for you, but racism is over!

    Color-blind HA! Why don’t you change that name to Color dumb? Because the last time I checked there was plenty of racial disparity. Enough that it doesn’t matter who the hell is in the white house. It doesn’t matter if Malcolm X is in the white house, racism is alive and well. And the people who are helping it to flourish are all those idiots who seem to think that being color blind is a good thing. I see your color if you are in my face, and you damn well better see mine. It is called mutual respect, not acting as if I am a colorless blob, while you can be white!

    God will these people ever get a clue?

  13. Color-Blind

    When I read this, I can surely see that people like yourself are alot of the reason that the so-called racial desparity will most likely never end. You are so stuck on self-pity. If many poor people, whether they are black, white, hispanic, or whatever, would rise up and break the cycle of being unsuccessful, then we would see a change. I am by ALL means not rich and not racist. I have many struggles of my own from the choices that I have made in my life, but I can’t see how race is an issue anymore. It’s just not. And if you think it is, then it’s quite possibly from your anger that you think it’s there. All I’m saying is stop being so angry, bitter, and negative and then maybe, just maybe, those African-Americans who are poor and “neglected” can break the cycle. It is a cycle after all. If we always do what we’ve always done, then we”ll always get what we’ve always got. I had to tell myself that in order to overcome MY own trials.
    And I never once said I can be white and you CAN’T be black. This definitely shows your anger towards white people. Maybe I’m just not shallow enough to only see people for his/her color. I’m SO thankful that I have never been able to be racist! Racist people are SO angry and biter and it scares me. If people like you don’t stop being so angry then how do you expect a change to occur?
    O and I do agree that there ARE many rich white people as well as many POOR white people, however; there are also MANY rich black people, but I’m not angry at them. And I still stand behind my words of ANYONE can be anything they want if they try. I truly wish all of those rich people would give us some money. Especially those on these TV shows spending their “hard-earned” money on endless trips to vacations on the many islands of the world. That’s where the anger should be geared towards.
    I come from a town where all I see is black people doing the same stupid shit over and over and never have any goals, but are given every opportunity to be successful. But they CHOOSE not to. In my town MET Housing is given to almost EVERYONE who qualifies and public assistance is available to everyone. We have 4 colleges and plenty of financial aid and loans are available to ANYONE who wants them. So why are they STILL choosing to be in the club every night, drinking and smoking, and whatever else they do? Because they CHOOSE to.
    And this is exactly where I stand. Everyone has a choice in life when they get of age. It’s up to them to make something happen with his/her life.

  14. Color-blind,

    Please, why don’t you enlighten us ALL on exactly what you think those poor people should do? Why don’t you tell us ALL how the poor people can break the so called cycle? How do they get around the underfunded under performing public education system in their “ghetto”? How do they get into a college while competing with predominantly white students coming from some of the best schools in the nation? Yep, I can see just how easy this will be for them. All they have to do is just become successful, right?

    I am just stuck on self pity? Really? How would you know? What exactly do you know of my situation that you can make that kind of judgment? Any time a person calls for an end to racism, they are stuck on self pity. Maybe I’m stuck on equality for ALL! Did that ever cross your mind? Obviously NOT. What is the rate of rich black in the black community vs. rich whites in the white community? Do you know, or are you just pulling statements out of your ass?

    According to wikipedia the average black income was $33,916, compared with $54,920 for whites. Blacks also only earned 65% of the wages of whites, but that is OK, because everyone has an equal chance according to you. And while the average white family has an average of $81,000 in net worth the average black family only has $8,000. Not to mention that for every $1 in wealth an average white family has, black families have less than 10 cents. Yep, that looks equal to me! Could we all agree that this is a symptom of blacks starting with a big fat ZERO after slavery was abolished, while their white counterparts were allowed to keep all the ill gotten gains of slavery? Was that fair, is it fair now, will it ever be fair?

    So let’s just break this down for those who like to pull information from the nether regions instead of research. Children from the lowest 20% of the income brackets had only a 17% chance of making it to the upper 40% of the income distribution and only a 7% chance to make it to the top wealth distribution. So it should be completely obvious to all of us that while your rosy glasses may be cute they sure don’t see very well. These low income kids AND their parents chances of getting out of poverty are slim to none. But of course all they have to do is rise up, huh?

    I am angry and that is why nothing will change? So what you are saying is that people are racist because I/blacks am/are angry? So, if I wasn’t angry people would stop being all racist and junk. Wow, who would have thunk it? That is good to know. Just stop being angry and things will change. Hmm, now that I think about it, that isn’t so good. Because I wasn’t angry years ago when I was the only black working at the company I was with. And that didn’t stop them from being totally racist and discriminatory. So maybe the anger comes from the lack of change and the phony bullshitters who say it is the other way around. Or maybe the anger comes from the fact that people think that change takes time. Yet, if something that affects the dominant community adversely happens, the change is damn near immediate.

    So it might be prudent to remove those rosy colored glasses and join the real world.

  15. EqualityForAll

    I agree, minorities and women are discriminated against with regard to opportunities and pay; however, I must argue that affirmative action hurts the people it claims to help, minorities and women. Affirmative action undermines their credentials and their accomplishments are viewed as unearned. People are reluctant to use a black doctor or lawyer because people assume they were admitted into the program and positions under preferential treatment, set-aside quotas, and relaxed standards. This is harmful to the black race, other minorities, and women. Women and minorities should be viewed in positions of power as deserving based on merits not affirmative action.
    I strongly recommend reading a great fact supported book titled “Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study” by Thomas Sowell, an African American profound economist and senior fellow at both Hoover Institution and Standford University. His book shows impeccable research and fact about how affirmative action has hurt minorities rather than help them.

  16. David Gower

    White affirmative action was long ago repealed, when the Civil Rights Movement became a success, and hate crimes and other race-based negativity was outlawed. Affirmative action has merely made it harder for qualified people of any race to be hired, educated, and/or receive assistance for many services that they would otherwise be entitled to.

    Many under-qualified people are hired to work, granted educational/business loans or grants, or in many ways granted an opportunity to better themselves, leaving qualified individuals out in the cold.

    Also, all any individual needs to do to retain the unearned advantages they have been given is to call racism, much like the story of a young boy who cried wolf. Discrimination should be outlawed, which it is.
    However, discernment was thrown out the window with it. Unqualified individuals are just that, unqualified

    I believe that, for this reason and no other, affirmative action needs to be repealed.

  17. bluecloud

    According to your latest comment, you indicate that poverty is the biggest hurdle. How about focusing less on race and more on the economic factor that can affect any race?

  18. Sounds like a plan. But, I guess you understand that most incidents of economic disparity are a result of racism. If so, then how do you focus MORE on the result and not the root cause? Will that somehow fix the racial component in this equation? Of course not. So, I guess we still need to look at the racism in order to fix the damage that is continually growing.

    You can’t say that, gee this person stinks. Why does this person stink, well they have open sores on their skin which are infected and rotting. And ignoring the fact that they are being abused by having these wounds inflicted by a psychopath who hates this person. But, now that we know that the infected sores are the source of the stink, we can go about healing the infected sores all while ignoring the psychopath inflicting the wounds. What good does it do to heal the sores only to send the person back to get more? Shouldn’t we stop the psychopath from inflicting more wounds while we heal the sores? That seems to be a solution, not a mere band aid that will inevitably make way for more of the symptoms of the abuse inflicted by the psychopath.

    But, I guess that is just me looking at the issue from a standpoint of being the victim of abuse and seeing that you don’t fix a problem by ignoring the cause and only focusing on the symptoms.


  19. David,

    So, is your position that it is some kind of Affirmative action that white people can’t do crimes based on race on black people? So, would it be Affirmative Action if black people were told they couldn’t do crime against white people? I guess I don’t understand how that even has anything to do with Affirmative Action. Also, if just outlawing were to stop its behavior wouldn’t murder or rape be gone? So, I guess outlawing behavior doesn’t exactly stop it. So, I guess it could very well be true that racism is still running rampant in our society.

    You can talk of unqualified over qualified but somehow you and a lot of those like you always seem to connect being black with being unqualified. Why is that? Could it be that you are thinking with a racist brain? You see, Devah Pager did a study which concluded, even though the study wasn’t about this, that black men with a college degree and no criminal record are passed up for jobs consistently for white men who have a criminal record with or barely with a high school diploma. Wow, now isn’t that the epitome of the qualified being passed over?

    But, of course the minute someone mentions affirmative action, somehow people like you immediately go to unqualified blacks yadda yadda yadda. And then you wonder why affirmative action is a necessary event.

    I just really need to ask you this. How many years did white people get affirmative action? Was it 2 years, 3 years, 10 years, 150 years? Do you know? Do you care? And if it was more than 150 years, should the equivalent to rectify the situation be actual affirmative action, not this crap that does more for white women than anyone else, really be employed for the same amount of time, or until their is equality? When should we stop? When YOU say things are equal? Even though we can clearly see things are not, since unemployment rates, home ownership, and any and all social constructs in this country show blacks on the bottom.

    The problem is that as soon as the dominant community see their advantage faltering, even if just a tiny bit, feel that they are now the discriminated against group. HA! Give me a break please!

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