Hillary Thinks We’re Stupid

I can’t believe that I actually was considering voting for Hillary Clinton. I was a big supporter in the beginning. But now I see that she is a true elitist. She clings to this phony outrage that Obama is one. But the only one I see who actually has the audacity to think that I and anyone else in this country are too stupid to be able to think for his or her selves is her right now.

She is constantly “interpreting” what Obama says. He called you bitter. He thinks you’re typical. On and on she goes. I am so disgusted with her that I would be hard pressed to vote for her if she did win the nomination. I damn sure wouldn’t vote for McCain since I have always found him to be an idiot even back when he ran the first time. But back to Hillary, she is disgusting in her attempts to do any and everything to win. Even make an issue where one is nowhere to be found.

And Bill is just as bad. The black community actually looked at this man and called him the first black president. Why, I don’t know, but they did. He is saying some things that sound awfully racist. In fact both these Clintons are doing their best to keep the issue of race running throughout this campaign and it is horrible. If you can’t win on your own merit, then you shouldn’t bother to run at all.

Obama could have ridden that “we were under sniper fire” LIE all the way to the bank or at least to the nomination. But he didn’t and that speaks volumes for his character. But, what does this outright lying say about her? How about the fact that she smiles and talks lovingly about how her grandpa taught her to shoot a gun behind the old shed, she should have added that ever since then she has been lobbying against gun ownership?  But I guess the people don’t need to hear that little tidbit.

Obama isn’t the perfect candidate by no means.  Like I said I was all set to support Hillary.  But her nasty, snide, better than thou attitude sent me running. I don’t generally like to talk about politics unless it is race driven and this is turning out to be a race full of racists. She is, to me, turning this primary into something despicable and disturbing. How can we trust a candidate who insists on doing every underhanded thing possible to win? I personally don’t want a candidate that has this win at all costs attitude. I need to be able to respect you in the end and that is the bottom line for me.



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4 responses to “Hillary Thinks We’re Stupid

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  2. I agree completely. Some people don’t think that it would be wise of me to not vote for Hillary if she does win the nomination. Sorry but I simply can’t do it.

    I won’t allow her to insult my intelligence, disrespect Civil Rights pioneers (the “it took a President to get the job done…” comment), or allow her to have my vote. She’s shady, divisive, and a very bad liar. Everytime she lies, I see reports refuting her statements.

    That’s why Billary will not get my vote. There’s no other way to let a politician know that your support isn’t to be tossed to the side.

  3. I know that’s right. As far as I am concerned we all should be seriously looking at the fact that she is a blatant liar. I had enough of that with Bush, I am not looking to replace him with a Democrat version.

    I just feel that she is doing and saying anything to get into that Whitehouse. I can NOT take much more of that lady.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. renaissanceguy

    Interesting post. Don’t be too harsh, though. Mrs. Clinton is running for office. She has to campaign hard. Still, I agree that she has an integrity problem.

    In a way I’m amused at the contest between Obama and Clinton. In our climate of identity politics, how can she get away with criticizing a black man, and how can he get away with criticizing a woman?

    I really don’t know who I would choose between Obama and Clinton, if I were left-leaning. In the end it would probably be Obama, as Clinton scares me even more.

    I just wrote a post about Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint that might interest you.

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