America Plays Blind


This whole Obama and pastor Wright thing is becoming absolutely ridiculous. Now online there are a gaggle of people who are now talking about Obama’s link to some other supposedly “racist” black pastor. Does it make any difference that these people continue to refer to Obama as “Hussein Obama” as if that is some sort of important noteworthy tidbit? Yet no one (maybe besides me) plays up the fact that McCain refers to Vietnamese people as Gooks or that he is connected to racist ministers of his own.

What I find funny is that Whoopi Goldberg who I can’t stand actually made a great point. She was saying that people acting like Obama should have left the church long ago because of Pastor White’s remarks etc. The problem as me and Whoopi see it is that how many Catholics ran from the Catholic Church after the scandal of child rape came to light? Not many so now what does that say about millions of Americans? Yet of course we would like to have this double standard. I heard so many white people crying that if this type of thing happened at their church they would have sped out of there post haste.

There are tons of people spewing racist jokes on a constant basis; I have even done an article about it called “Quiet Racism.” Yet now I am to believe that these people cut those people loose from their lives? Even if that person who made the joke was their boss, best friend, or god forbid preacher. Not to mention that the comments that were made were NOT racist and in fact not even inflammatory once I listened to the COMPLETE speech he made and in what context. Yet let people tell it he was being just totally racist and insensitive to whites. Yet how many of these same hypocrites came rushing to the defense of Dog the “soulless nigger” Bounty Hunter, Don “Nappy Headed Ho” Imus and George “Maccaca” Allen, Joe “Clean & Articulate Biden, Geraldine “He’s only there because he’s black” Ferraro, Bill “They want to end white Christian male dominance” O’reilly, Lou “Cotton picking” Dobbs and Kelly “Lynch him in a dark alley” Tilgham.

None of these people have been ostracized. They haven’t been abandoned by their friends, family, co-workers; bosses and certainly not by the public who seem to like these people even more after their racist spiels. This total abandonment that people expect out of Obama I guess is only slated for blacks who dare to make comments about white dominated America in which it is obvious that through white privilege and other discriminatory practices blacks are kept from equality. Yet this is obviously a no, no for blacks to point out racism as through my experiences on this Blog that makes “you” the racist.

These same people talk about how MLK would never talk like this and how respected and loved he was when in fact if you look at the pictures from that time white people were spitting in his face, yelling racial epithets and going so far as hitting and kicking him. This was a man who was saying pretty much the same things as pastor White was saying at the pulpit. Yet the only thing that most of these people know about MLK was that he asked for non violence. Not that he demanded equality or the fact that he criticized the white community for its unfair, unequal treatment of blacks. These facts seem to escape them when they demand that black pastors today NOT talk about racist practices in America or its blatantly obvious hypocrisy.

People ask what would MLK say or do during this controversy. He would probably say that it is good that someone raised the issues that seem to be getting swept under the rug by people who feel that everyone should just be happy to be in America. Not complaining about how they need equality which somehow they equate to special treatment or handouts. Until people in this country begin to acknowledge the fact that America is racist to its core we will never heal. America was founded on racism, practices racism still and now pretends to be blind to its presence.



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14 responses to “America Plays Blind

  1. Yeah, America and our selective/opportunistic “morals”.

    They just want Obama to sell out! He ain’t gon do it! at least not yet… but if he hasn’t this far in I doubt he will.
    You know thats the carrot on the stick for him. He sell out he wins hands down.

    check out my profile BS. I’m get’n hip!


  2. You know that is exactly what they want. They don’t want a black man that knows himself and the fact that he is black. Not to mention being firmly grounded in the black community. The goal for any black is that they assimilate and put their race behind them. You are so right when you say if he sells out then he will win hands down. This is a problem that faces all young blacks today. To get ahead you “must” sell out or at least give in to the propaganda.

    By the way I love the name of your blog. “Blood of Chaka” does it have a significant meaning for you? Is it for Chaka the Zulu king which most people call (Shaka)?

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. I haven’t done anything with it yet (my blog). Yet it is the Zulu King.
    No significant meaning for me other than we come from him. He was great leader and warrior, two things I highly admire. He is just one example of our great history and the many men and women that done great things not only for Africans but all men.
    Thanks for check’n me out. As soon as I post my first I’ll let you know.


  4. Thanks, let me know. I love to read other black blogs and find out how they are thinking.

  5. RealBlackPride

    What a load of self-serving crap. No one is saying Obama can’t believe what he wants to believe or worship where he wants to worship. The issue is how honest he is about it! He didn’t know Rev. Wright’s views? That’s a load of crap. He’s pro-gay/LGBT rights but counts Rev. anti-gay leader James Meeks as a spiritual advisor? Give me a break! If Barack Obama is a pro-black, anti-gay, homophobic muslim, I really don’t care. I just wish he’d say so. That way the American people could know who they’re really voting for.

  6. “What a load of self-serving crap. No one is saying Obama can’t believe what he wants to believe or worship where he wants to worship. The issue is how honest he is about it! He didn’t know Rev. Wright’s views? That’s a load of crap. He’s pro-gay/LGBT rights but counts Rev. anti-gay leader James Meeks as a spiritual advisor? Give me a break! If Barack Obama is a pro-black, anti-gay, homophobic muslim, I really don’t care. I just wish he’d say so.” – RealBlackPride

    It appears that Mr. Obama isn’t the only one that’s not being honest. If you really didn’t care it really wouldn’t matter. For example: rumor has it that Mr. Obama wears a Muvado watch. You wouldn’t say people need to know the truth about his watch. The only people who would care are watch fanatics of other brands. You honestly wouldn’t care. It wouldn’t even register in your brain. The same thing goes for being “pro-black, anti-gay, homophobic muslim”. Obviously you care about these issues to the point that you want other people to care by bringing their attention to them. It appears that Mr. Obama isn’t the only one here being dishonest. He is running for office. What’s your excuse?

    Of course Mr. Obama is trying to downplay his affiliation with Reverend Wright. He is trying to win an election and doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. It is what all politicians do. You say it is impossible for Mr. Obama to not have known Reverend Wright’s views. As the spiritual leader of the church the congregation should know everything about him. If we applied such baseless logic to others we would have to arrest every Catholic who went to a church where their priest was raping young boys as a co conspirator. They should have called the authorities because they had to know how their pastor felt.

    Somebody with a cell phone recorded Mr. Wright’s sermon. The recording is from late last year and came well after Mr. Obama started his bid for the presidency. If you could point to a video of Mr. Wright saying something similar from a few years earlier and with as much anger and wrath as the video that is so popular now, maybe I could buy your argument. If you could point to a video that has Mr. Obama sitting in the congregation as Mr. Wright damns America, I would be more apt to buy your assessment. But it appears you believe you know everything about Mr. Wright, Mr. Obama, and their relationship with each other based on sixty seconds of video.

    If anybody is taking an opportunity to be self serving it would be the person who is trying to manifest their contempt and reinforce their disdain for the black condition by becoming so self righteous as to assess the opinion of others as “a load of self-serving crap.” We are going to condemn Barack Obama not for what he says but for what his pastor said in a sixty second video clip. Why don’t we look at the entire sermon? Why don’t we look at his other sermons? How in the world can anyone judge this man based on such a small fraction of his life?

    I have heard hateful things directed at me from my parents, my woman, my brothers and sisters, people who are supposed to be closer to me than anyone else on the face of the planet. I could take a sixty second moment of anger from any of these people and form a totally incorrect opinion of our relationship. I look past these moments and look at the bigger picture. What is the rest of the man’s life is like?

    It is easy to hate Mr. Obama based on sixty seconds of video of someone else. A lot of people are riding that bandwagon hard. Mr. Obama made a speech about race relations and all it did in the minds of these people is reinforce their disgust for Mr. Obama. They said he betrayed his grandmother. He used the words “typical white” in reference to his grandmother. He called his grandmother a racist. If that’s all these people got out of that message then the problem is not Mr. Obama but people who make the choice to focus only on the negative.

    You can hate Mr. Obama if you want. That is clearly your prerogative. But at least be honest and admit that you didn’t really care for Mr. Obama before the video.

    RealBlackPride? I have to confess to some RealSeriousDoubt.


  7. The Engineer

    “Until people in this country begin to acknowledge the fact that America is racist to its core we will never heal. America was founded on racism, practices racism still and now pretends to be blind to its presence.”
    — from the article, “America Plays Blind,” by
    The Black Sentinel.

    Very well said, indeed.

    From my own life experiences with Caucasian Americans (and Caucasian non-Americans), I definitely agree that a double standard exists when it comes to critical judgment of other demographics.

    It comes very naturally to Caucasians that they automatically reserve their perceived right to judge others by standards that do not apply to Caucasians. They simply believe that laws, morals, and mores apply to others but not to themselves.

    While standing at a street corner, how often has one observed the typical jaywalker? (Aside: since a jaywalker is technically a law breaker, then I suppose it is okay to use the pejorative, typical.) The red light and “don’t walk” signs are shining red as the jaywalker stridently, confidently, and defiantly walks across the street. I always wait, because in a big city, it is not worth it to be possibly killed in exchange for some savings in time. Has anyone taken notice of the most frequent demographic that jaywalks? That is correct: they simply believe the law does not apply to them.

    Whenever I first make an acquaintance with a Caucasian, I am amazed how often and how quickly the vague discussion of race occurs. Usually, within the first five minutes, the Caucasian tries to elicit my opinion about Blacks. The strategy is nearly always the same: “Those Black people are always … They are not like us (note the tricky use of the word “us” in this context)… How do you feel about that?” And so forth.

    In a business situation, it is difficult to deflect the discussion without creating some kind of unease. An old mentor of mine would say something like “I do not believe this is important to this forum,” and then change the subject. As for myself, I just begin discussing the technical aspects of the meeting. At best, everyone seems to be quietly embarrassed that the subject was presented; at worst, enemies are created, and such enmity may rear it ugly head later in business.

    In a social situation, it is easy enough to excuse oneself and go get another round of coffee for everyone. Usually, the line of questioning by the Caucasian ends at that point.

    It is truly a hypocrisy: a Caucasian is free to be unjustifiably critical of others, but a non-Caucasian cannot be allowed to do the same of Caucasians.

    A good example is right here on The Black Sentinel; there is an article entitled, “The Stupidest Guy I Ever Worked With,” that details a dialogue between two medical professionals. One is Black, and the other is Caucasian. The Caucasian actually has the stupidity to debate the merits of Slavery. What is appalling is the Caucasian’s complete lack of empathy for the Black medical professional’s feelings on the subject. It almost seems like the Caucasian had some kind of autism at that moment.

    I believe that the Constitution guarantees Mr. Obama’s right to freedom of association.

    Caucasian Americans should be reminded that the Constitution applies to all citizens of the United States of America.

    Thank you for listening.

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  9. Real Black Pride,

    What makes you think that Obama is a Muslim? He has stated that he is not over and over. He goes to a Christian church for goodness sake. Why is it that he is lying when he answers questions from idiots like yourself?

    Do you say the same thing about Hillary who has lied repeatedly? Are you asking her to be “honest”? Do you yourself know everything there is to know about your spiritual leader? I bet you don’t.

    I bet all the people who followed Haggard knew that he was a pastor who admonished gays yet was having a gay relationship AND using Meth. So are these people now culpable of gay sex and drugs because that was the views of their pastor?

    How about you are you culpable for the views of your pastor or whatever religious leader you have? Be careful what you answer since it might come back to bite you in the ass later when they themselves are caught doing something not so kosher.

    Thanks for the reply.

  10. Engineer,

    You are completely on point. Your assessment of such situations are great. I wish that more people would get the points I am trying to make as well as you, Damien and brotherpeacemaker have.

    Thanks for the reply.

  11. aj

    Excellent post. I’m quite tired of white america’s denial of the racial issues and double standards. They are like a dog with a bone with this Wright story – the man simply spoke the truth. I never understood the problem.

  12. goodtimepolitics

    The blacks need to stop blaming all their problems on the white man!

  13. goodtimepolitics,

    Maybe white people should stop blaming all the problems of this country on the black man!

    Get a clue!

  14. Until people in this country begin to acknowledge the fact that America is racist to its core we will never heal. America was founded on racism, practices racism still and now pretends to be blind to its presence.”
    – from the article, “America Plays Blind,” by
    The Black Sentinel.

    I can maybe grant you the majority of this statement. The founding of America (which truly began once settlements were founded, as opposed to the DofI and Revolutionary War officializing America as something other than a colonialistic enterprise) wasn’t based on racism. It was in fact based on freedom from legalisitic religious persecution as well as economic imperial expansion. While not any better, at least in my opinion, the persecution of man from living his life as he sees fit, excepting the point in which he prohibits another man from doing so with his life, is horrible and should never be permitted. I think this applies, to religious practice, the mere race or ethnicity of one’s existence, and countless other reasons I am far too tired to list. I would grant you that slaves did come over, as well as indentured servants, of all races, and they make up a major thread, economically and otherwise towards the founding of our country. But so not relate directly as a founding purpose.
    And yes, I know I may well be off topic with this diatribe of my own, I just thought I would add in my 2 cents (3/4 cent based on inflation)
    Good Post though. Always enjoy hearing thoughts from the perspective of the unintended “other side.”

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