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While reading my new issue of BabyTalk magazine I ran across the Mom’s sound off section where mom’s can complain about articles from the last issue. The last issue had an article about universal health coverage, and minimum wage amongst other things in an article titled “Mom Power”. A lady named Melissa commented that she became really angry because “not every mom agrees with universal health coverage for all children in this country” and “a minimum wage that is a living wage.” In her opinion, it is her and her husband’s responsibility to provide health care for their children – not the government’s job. She then goes on to say that they are a one parent income as she is a stay at home mother etc. And that they can still provide the basic necessities even on their small income.

She claims that minimum wage is not, nor was not intended to be a “living wage”. It is a starting point for teens and those with second jobs – not meant for supporting a family. That those people need to get motivated, work their way up and they’ll make a living wage – and probably get a good health plan! As I read this tripe I became totally disgusted. Then a lady named Krishawn felt that Universal health insurance etc. is more akin to a “Nanny State” and that living wage jobs and health coverage already exists and are achieved by working hard and making the right decisions. After quitting her job to become a stay at home mom they lost their health coverage which was through her job and now they pay for it out of pocket. Now they don’t live beyond their means but doesn’t expect the state to subsidize their lifestyle. We don’t universal health coverage and minimum wage laws imposed on the already overburdened employers and taxpayers to get it.

All the talk of how the government doesn’t owe anything to anyone is pretty stupid. What if not to provide for its people is the government for? We do not pay our taxes so that the government can tell us that we don’t deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How can I have life if I don’t have good health, since that is a life necessity. I suppose that we could decide that we pay taxes for the government to just pay themselves. So why should we be offered universal fire department coverage, or how about the use of the police department or mail services.

How about we let the HMO’s take over the fire department, then you can expect to have your fire and rescue serviced denied after they find out that your child played with matches and they can call it a pre-existing condition for fire, no matter how the fire started. These are things that we get with the healthcare system of today. Healthcare isn’t a luxury it is a basic necessity that should be afforded to EVERYONE. Yet you have these idiots who can say that they don’t feel that every child deserves healthcare, just theirs since they can afford it.

Which brings me to the minimum wage which both these ladies feel doesn’t need to be a living wage. WHAT!?! Are they serious? Not everyone can have that high paying job not even every college graduate can get the best job. So basically what they are saying is that if you can’t be the ONE to get the good job then shut up and take whatever pittance the minimum wage job offers. Whether you can afford to feed your family doesn’t matter and neither they nor anyone else needs to worry about it, so long as they can feed theirs. See this is what is wrong with America, the all about ME attitude that we have when confronted with the problems of others.

These poor overburdened companies that Krishawn talked about work so hard to help. Yet while companies like Wal-Mart are refusing to neither pay workers a living wage yet offer their workers a healthcare plan that has a seven thousand dollar deductible which is akin to no healthcare at all. Since most people not only aren’t making a living wage but don’t have seven thousand dollars to shell out in an emergency or otherwise. All this and Wal-Mart is pulling down at least seventeen billion dollars. And I should be feeling sorry for them? I agree that healthcare is too expensive right now for anyone be they companies or individuals. The problem is that we need to take profit out of healthcare. But government healthcare is socialism or communism.

These are the types of hypocrites that we in America not only produce but strive to be ourselves. We constantly see people on television crying about not being helped by this or that and then you see all of the surveys talking about people finding healthcare or social help unacceptable. It probably is unacceptable until they are the ones who need it. The problem is that these ladies and most of these people with this mentality are just spewing the same rhetoric that you hear constantly out of the government especially the right. Instead of starting the constitution with we the people maybe we should just be starting it with we the sheeple!



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  2. Damien

    I’d hate to see what happens to these ladies if (God forbid) their husbands got sick and couldn’t afford to take care of her and the kids and (God forbid) they’d have to ask for some help in their time of need. I wonder what then.

  3. Exactly! All these people that talk this type of rhetoric will complain about others needing help. But the minute they have trouble they will be on television crying and talking about how the system or whatever else failed them.

    I watched a lady who had been one of the people making statements that people should be forced to supply their own healthcare no matter the cost. Turn around and get denied for cancer treatments as the insurance company said it was a pre existing condition. Now she wants to cry and moan that she has been failed and we need to fix the system.

    It never fails that these people will eventually need the very thing that they are talking so fervently against.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. c

    And they are totally ignorant regarding wages.
    My husband is in management and makes more than minimum wage, but things are still tight.

    These same women are the ones who complain about folks on welfare. It’s all about them having theirs and screw everyone else, that’s on them or “Not with my tax dollars!”.

    By God’s mercy are they able to speak such nonsense, by his grace are they still able to feel that they can judge the character and ethics of those who must work minimum wage jobs due to the systemic racism and classism that prevail in this country.

    They just need to be thankful that they are not needy at this particular time. It may not last long, considering the Bush administration has brought us to a recession.

  5. damien


    Everyone just cannot be wealthy period. Those that are poor or just making it need help sometimes period.
    How come people don’t understand that? I guess it’s like you say, it’s all about me. Which I can definitely understand, yet like I tell my conservative associates just don’t hinder others from get’n help cuz one day that help you didn’t hinder my be the help you need.
    We all pay fuk’n taxes so no one is entitled alone to the “benefits” that our government may offer. Those same people tha spew that bull ain’t got shit to say about corporate bailout and subsidies. All the while shipping jobs overseas to cheat the system of taxes. We need to change this shit about allowing big companies to screw us… the taxpayer and as employees.

  6. whatwouldawhitewomando

    These women speak from a perspective of white entitlement. When you’re white in this country, universal health care doesn’t protect your interest. White people benefit from the privilege of being… white!

  7. White people benefit from the privilege of being… white!

    I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

    At the same time, however, it’s not true that being white means that “universal health care doesn’t protect your interest.” On the contrary, most of those in the U.S. who would benefit from universal health care are white. This is similar to the situation with welfare and other government programs: almost always, most of the beneficiaries of these programs are white, yet many people mistakenly believe that blacks are the primarily recipients of aid.

    Those whose interests are truly against programs like universal health care often seem to use race to convince whites to act against their own self-interest.

  8. Maru

    Beyond the bias that this is clearly a Liberal blog, we can’t have it both ways. I wonder whether any of you truly know what they are wishing for by asking for universal health care. My husband left the military with body injuries that could have qualified him as a disable veteran to receive medical treatment at a military facility for the rest of his life. We chose to work and pay for health insurance instead of receiving the same quality health care as in England! Let me rephrase “We the Shepple” with “We the People, not the Government.” In case my comment gets posted, I’d like to remind you that there are many reasons why we are the greatest nation on earth and socialism is not one of them.

  9. Maru,

    It’s good that you and your husband have the resources and the capabilities to pass on the offer for health care. But I can guarantee you that if you did not have the option to work for it, if you could not afford it because you couldn’t find employment or didn’t have your resources, you would be singing a different tune. Donald Trump or Bill Gates could come to this blog and say we shouldn’t have universal health care because he could afford to buy it for himself. But that doesn’t mean everyone can.

    The Olympic bicyclist Lance Armstrong is a man with a lot of resources at his disposal. When he was struck with cancer a few years back he was able to afford the finest treatments available. He beat cancer. But he also knows that he was lucky to be in the position to do what he could for himself. He recognizes that not everyone has his resources and he is a proponent for universal healthcare. That’s what I call compassion.

    As far as America being the best country in the world, I’m sure that there are people in other countries who feel that their country is best. I have to admit that a country that tolerates such disparity as the United States would never be a contender for best country in the world. I’m sure Maria Antoinette thought France was the best country in the world when she made the infamous statement that people who couldn’t afford bread should just eat cake. A country should not be measured by how it treats people with money and resources. A country should be measured by how it takes care of the least of its citizens.


  10. Maru,

    Give me a break. Just because you and your husband have the means to get your own health care I guess you are now saying screw everyone else, right?

    What about those people who don’t have that choice, too bad so sad? If you want everyone to get their own health care then it needs to be made available to ALL people. This is the problem as soon as you DON’T have health care then you will be just like a bunch of other people crying about how this isn’t fair.

    You say this is the greatest country in the world. What makes it so great, our military, social programs, why don’t you explain? You are THE problem with this country and why it is NOT the greatest in the world. The greatest country in the world would care about ALL members of its society not just those who can do it themselves.

    And don’t think that I believe Socialism is a bad thing. I am very socially conscious unlike yourself. I believe that we should help ALL people not just those you and your conservative buddies feel deserve to have basic needs met in this country.

    God forbid you and your husband fall into a needy situation, because I sure hope you don’t then start asking for help. Since you think that no one should be given any. Also, you OBVIOUSLY are not working at McDonald’s or Walmart. So, why don’t you think of more than just yourself and try for once to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

    You might learn something.

    Thanks for the reply.

  11. c

    “I’d like to remind you that there are many reasons why we are the greatest nation on earth and socialism is not one of them.”

    Law Enforcement
    Fire Fighters

    Why are only some employments of socialism okay and others not? Why are programs that would benefit not only one’s self, one’s own family and friends so repugnant? As Americans, how is it that so many are quite unwilling to work to ensure that fellow Americans are able to be healthy?

    People with that “not MY money” or “why don’t you just get a job” attitude are the same folks that complain when people wind up in the emergency room on the government dime.

    My personal experience is this: my husband works 50-60 hours a week. We pay for health insurance. We have to be ill, ill, before we can visit our doctor. We can’t afford checkups.

    i say to Maru, thank God you have what you have.

    For now, anyway.

  12. C,

    That is so true. A lot of us pay for insurance and can’t “actually” afford to get sick and see a doctor until it is far beyond basic. Maru is one of those people who are thinking “not my money”. All the while thinking it is somehow bad to be socially conscious.

    My point is that we are socially conscious when it comes to fire and police services. So why then are we not just as concerned with people’s health? We are right there to protect people’s property from fire or being stolen but could care less if you keel over from a disease.

    We need to be proactive not reactive. If we can keep people healthy by allowing everyone to see doctors then we won’t have to pay so much when they are dying and in the E.R.

    Thanks for you reply.

  13. c

    i agree with you completely.

    i truly, truly don’t understand why some find it hard to practice compassion and empathy. Needing help with basic necessities like healthcare- which is expensive and mired in red tape- is nothing to be ashamed of.

    i’ve heard that ‘get a job’/’work harder’ argument before and what just galls me is about that command is that it implies that those who would benefit from a universal healthcare program don’t work or work hard.

    As is your way, Sentinel- good post.

  14. Ed

    Citing universal health care in the same breath as the Constitution (at least that of the United States) demonstrates where the left has moved us.

    James Madison, the Father of our Constitution, clarified the authority of the federal government in the Federalist Papers #45:

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”

    Universal health care, Education and the like are issues of the State.

    So we find today that many thousands of unelected federal bureaucrats, working in over one hundred federal agencies and at least a dozen federal departments, collectively have authority to regulate almost everything in the lives of the American people.

    As anyone bothering to read history knows, (e.g. the Federalist Papers, Common Sense etc) today’s federal government is a parody of that which was intended by the Founding Fathers.

    Consider the story at the link below, “Not Yours to Give” by Col. David Crockett, a US Representative from Tennessee.


  15. roger weaver

    i am a small biz owner and can tell you i have enough hands piking my pockets every time i make a dollar as a small biz owner i think i speak for a large portion when i say we dint need another hand in our pocket i work hard and long hours have two employees that depend on me getting them a paycheck every week and if i get another hand in my pocket i will be letting one of those go so that i can feed my family sorry but it is a ME and MY reality and me and my family is going to be the last one employed if that’s what it takes to survive i can tell you that less than 5 years ago i had 20 people working for my company and all of them made more than minimum wage so you sheeple that think your entitled to everyone’s else’s money can keep thinking so and keep grabbing at it until you have it all but all your doing is sucking the life out of this country and at some point there will be nothing left too grab or get and we will collapse as a nation you can blame it on one side or the other side but the fact is its all of us not some of us that has made this country the most desired country in he world that every person wants to come too and no I’m not a republican I’m a “conservative” independant with a very few liberal tendencies i say this because i don’t beleive just one view or “party” i do think we need some types of public assistance programs but i also think those programs should be ran efficiently and with the most effectiveness possible some programs we don’t need or they need to be integrated with more efficient ones and that every dollar taken in by our government should be accounted for with public accesses to where that money is or has been spent with out all the red tape need to access that information not to keep ranting but my point is that we the people need to unite as a people because a divided nation is a doomed nation its only a matter of time just look at the history of divided nations, “but then again that’s what some people here what isn’t it”

  16. Roger,

    Don’t you think that EVERYONE thinks that government programs should be ran more efficiently? Really! Anyway, you are talking about me and my but the minute your business is gone PERIOD, you will be looking for everyone to give you a helping hand in order to get you back on your feet. Where will your me and my attitude be then. I hear this constantly and then when the shoe is on the other foot all of a sudden its “well I need help” etc. Or how about this. What happens if all your customers decide its about them and theirs. And decide not to buy any of your services? Then you will understand why you need them and they might need you.

    Also, you claim that we ALL made this country great then why are we saying that only SOME deserve to benefit from this greatness? How does that make any sense? It doesn’t! And there are plenty of countries who help everyone and they haven’t gone to ruin nor have they fallen. That is the excuse that people use in order to NOT help everyone. And sure you can CLAIM that they have terrible services etc. But that is NOT the truth.

    I have plenty of friends in other countries who have full coverage for everyone and they have better services than you can get here. You hear that a lot about Canada. And the services that you have to wait years for are cosmetic or elective surgeries. They don’t tell you that, they just say surgeries in order to scare everyone. How dishonest.

    The reason why this country is NOT the greatest country is because we are so full of selfish people such as yourself who only think about themselves until something happens which makes them see that sure they work hard and still can’t make it. And when that day comes guess who will be right there to give your selfish ass a helping hand. Me and those like me who believe that everyone deserves the basic necessities of life!

    See you when you need help!

  17. roger weaver

    the selfish people like you are the problem you think your entitled to everyone’s money just because your great great great great grand father or mother was a slave and that makes you special or entitled to something your not you and every one in this country has the same possibilities as everyone else how do i now this because i am a high school drop out that has made it in this country despite all of the one sided racist social programs grabbing at my money every day, if your so called “lower class” would put a little effort into getting out of the lower class as i and many other have done in this country they would no longer be lower class and we would not have a need for theses racial social entitlement programs that you speak so highly of WE dont need more people on more progams we need the lower class “entitlement generation to do for them selves and get off their A**es and stop dragging this counrty into the Abyss and as for me as i stated i dont mind certain programs the ones that actually help people up and out i am a great fan of but the ones that make it a living or way of life are the ones that are draining this counrty to the brink so you keep thinking the way you think as a self entitled black person and nothing will change in this country you can claim racism at every corner you can scream give me give me, at every situation but you cant hola selfish to others when its you and yours that are the selfish ones! wanting more than your entitled too. cuz the the way i was raised if you haven’t earned it you dont deserve it! and i make less than $40,000 a year! self earned. my own blood sweet and tears. and if my customer decided not to buy from me any more then i will go get another job when that time comes, but let me say this if every body is on welfare and no one is paying for it there will be no wellfare because if you haven’t figured it out yet the government doesn’t just print money and poof there it is , it comes from people paying in to the government so just keep grabbing all you want and all of your mindset well see someday. hope i and many others are around to say told ya so! “power to the sheeple”

  18. Roger,

    I don’t think you are very bright. How am I asking for other peoples money? How am I saying that you and others should pay and no one else should? Why do you stupidly think that somehow only some are going to pay? How ridiculous!

    What would happen brainiac is that EVERYONE would pay into the pot and we would all benefit from that. Do you understand how the Police department and the Fire department or better yet the military works? God how do they allow people such as yourself to graduate high school without these basic understanding?

    You have no problem having everyone pay to put your house fire out or to come out and help solve a burglary in your home. But somehow you have a problem with people all getting together in the same way to get healthcare to people. Not very smart.

    And then you have this stupid fixation that I myself am saying give me, give me etc. While you are doing the same damn stupid thing. How about you stop begging me and others for protection from criminals and fire. How about you and your family stop relying on the rest of us to help ensure that your elderly parents if they are alive get medicare and social security.

    Why don’t we just cut out every social program in this country and force you and me and everyone else to pay out of pocket when the fire department or cops show up. I haven’t had a fire so why should I pay? I have the money to pay for my own fire and police protection so why should I help pay for your stupid family?

    I sent my son to private school and paid eighteen grand a year, so why should I foot the bill to send your idiotic children to school? This is just how stupid you sound! You seem to think that just because I am asking for everyone to be covered with healthcare tha somehow “I” personally want to scam some jackass like you!

    You really disgust me. And I believe that our conversation is pretty much done! The only thing that is bringing us to the brink of collapse is the selfish asses such as yourself. Somehow you believe that it is OK for Exxon to rake in billions in excess profit while people are starving and dying from lack of healthcare. Well it is a wish of mine that you can only find yourself in the same situation as the millions of Americans without healthcare and see your children in need of care. Then you can come back and tell me how you deserve to have healthcare since you worked so hard in the past.

    You act as if people who have NO healthcare don’t work hard. That is the dumbest thing ever! When in fact the millions of people who are watching your children and parents are some of those who have no healthcare. The men and women who keep things going in this country have no healthcare. The military men and women who come home and are injured in war end up having no jobs and no healthcare. Does that truth even penetrate your thick ass skull.

    On this the day we celebrate freedom you will have the good nerve to come here and spew your idiocy about how people are digging in your pockets. Well stop digging in mine and everyone else. I would bet my bottom dollar that you, your wife, children or family in general have in some way utilized something that was provided to them or you by the good graces of all of us. Such as fire, police or schools. So shut the hell up you selfish freak!

  19. Roger,

    You know me well enough to have the nerve to say that I am going to keep asking for more, more, more? When did I say that there was more? This is how stupid you are. And I guess by independent you mean that everyone should keep it all to themselves. Well I hope to god your customers hear that and do just that, keep their money to themselves. Then you can cry about having nothing like the “low class” people you keep talking about.

    And so while we are following your type of “independence” why don’t we get rid of ALL of the social things everyone has to pay into. No more fire, police or armed forces. No more free schools, roads, highways, parks or any of those what you seem to think are blood suckers. Yes to social constructs here but no to them there. How the hell does that makes sense? It doesn’t! And that is why the only one who isn’t getting it is YOU jackass!

    And don’t wish me a happy independence day as far as am concerned my forefathers weren’t set free on this day. So go to hell!

  20. roger weaver

    my forefathers weren’t set free on this day

    black entitlement “exactly my point”

  21. Roger,

    It is obvious that you don’t have a clue about history or ANYTHING! Are you saying MY forefathers WERE freed on the day of independence? Are you saying that you know who and what race my forefathers are since you say “black entitlement”? Boy you are so full of your white self that you have the gall to try and ASSume anything about me.

    And anyway how is it black entitlement to say that ones forefathers were not FREE on independence day? Let me see the word entitlement means – the state or condition of being entitled or a right (b: a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract (2: a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group (3: belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges.

    So tell me Roger which one is it? Am I getting rights and benefits specified by law or contract from believing my forefathers weren’t set free on this day? Or am I having a belief that I am deserving of or entitled to certain privileges because my forefathers weren’t set free on this day? And if so what exactly have I said I was entitled to due to my forefathers not being set free on this day?

    Or could it be that YOU yourself feel entitled that white people were set free on this day while others were not and too bad for them right? More white privilege at work! Somehow I have to celebrate a holiday that never had any intention of setting my forefathers free. Yet do you celebrate the actual day that slaves WERE set free? I bet you don’t! But you feel that I somehow don’t have the right not to agree that independence came to EVERYONE on the 4th of July! How idiotic of you!

    I guess you feel that Native Americans should also celebrate Thanksgiving which was the beginning of the end for them. You are a piece of work. Just another overindulged privileged white man who thinks that any holiday formed by white man is mandatory for everyone whether it was meant for them or was even about hurting them. Get a life you freaking clown!!

  22. Roger,

    You have some nonsensical thinking that low class totally equates with black! Umm, the last time I checked there were more if not just as many white people who are poor and low class and whatever else you wish to call them.

    Also, nowhere did I ever say that because my forefathers blah blah blah, I should be entitled to anything! You are the only IDIOT who said this. You are nothing more than a petty small minded racist who wishes to cling to some phony ass preconceived notion that blacks only want handouts.

    And since you brought it up you uneducated loser! There was a study done by Devah Pager which showed that black men with NO criminal record and a 4 year college degree got less job offers than felony holding white men. But I guess you will still cling to your fantasy that everyone has that equal chance you spoke of.

    You see dummy, an uneducated black man who would be equal to your uneducated ass would not be able to do what you have done. It has been proved over and over again. But of course you don’t care because you live in fantasy land.

    Things in this country are NOT equal so get a clue and go and get a G.E.D. Which now I understand why you don’t know anything about history or pretty much anything they obviously would have taught your dumb ass in high school. Remember that socialist place where everyone pays their money to, and kids get to go for free?

    You don’t have the sense god gave a donkey couldn’t get out of high school but you think you know better than a poor little ole college educated person. Of course, you work so much harder than the people I know and all of them are college educated and a lot of them white and black don’t have access to health care. But you know better… I have to stop as it is hard to type while laughing my ass off.

    Get a clue you unintelligent clown. Also, learn the English language!

  23. Roger Weaver

    Both my great grand mothers were native American and yes i and they still celebrate{d} thanks giving because i and they chose to get over things that happened in history that we had no control over things that the Spanish – French and English American people did – i was not nor was any one i currently know involved with anything that occurred in past history that may have effected the current times

    i don’t have any personal feelings related to any past happenings that i had nothing to do with and as i have previously stated if you don’t earn it you don’t deserve it and that just how i feel

    you can quote your study statistics from your one sided publications and i can do the same that say’s just the opposite and i don’t have to assume any thing about you it comes out in your tone and wittings so from my position its fact not assumption of my view of what and who you are

    every time i have one of these or should i say try to have one of these conversations i hear over and over how great all these other countries are and how well their programs are and work – but yet every one saying these things are still living here in the greatest country of this world so shut the hell up.

    Oh yes i almost forgot public school isn’t free I’m taxed for it, that and many other of your so called free programs, just as i will be for your FREE health care.

  24. Roger,

    Frankly I don’t believe you and yes I do think you are a liar. Anyhow whether you have two Native American grandparents is beyond the point. You are ignorant that is the bottom line. You claim you don’t feel personally related to things happening in the past but you are and were the only one bringing up slavery.

    Not to mention, are you telling the Jewish community that none of us should feel connected to the past. Or are you telling the victims of 9/11 that they nor anyone else should feel connected to that past? Of course you aren’t! See that is white privilege to try and sit and pick and choose what we should or shouldn’t feel connected to that happened in ALL of our pasts.

    You sit and say that if a person doesn’t earn it they don’t deserve it. Well the white felony wielding white men in Devah Pager’s study didn’t earn anything. They applied for the same jobs as black men WITH 4 yr college degrees who actually DID earn their credentials. And you excuse for this is exactly WHAT? And I’m sorry this isn’t a one sided study as she wasn’t conducting a study on race! She was conducting a study on whether or not men who have a prison record are being passed over for jobs. This was the ugly side affect.

    Of course most racist people think it is one sided. So I guess to you in order for a study to be truthful it must either get inconclusive results or show that white people were the one’s who were disproportionately discriminated against. And you think you can do the same study and get the opposite affects is not surprising at all. A lot of uneducated people could probably get the opposite affects by rigging their data.

    Unfortunately the study is one sided which is the truthful side. But a person who doesn’t even hold a diploma probably wouldn’t know that. So I will cut you some slack as I know you are at a disadvantage when it comes to this knowledge stuff. Get an education my friend because knowledge goes a long way in a conversation.

    Because someone can cite other countries as having something that this country doesn’t we should shut the hell up? Or better yet move their? Thousands of people do move to other countries all the time. And if the cost of emigrating wasn’t so high more people would. Also, this country being the best is by far just your opinion. I am sure that the blacks or any other maligned group of people who can’t be some clueless clown without a high school diploma and still be able to open a business thinks otherwise. Not to mention all those black degree holding men who couldn’t get a job over a felony waving white guy.

    But to you, if those black guys had just worked harder to prove that their degree meant more than that felony things would have been different for them. Yep, we all know that college degrees and felonies are pretty much equal leverage when it comes to job applications. Oh yeah, except when the felony is being waived by a black or other minority. You have a rock in your head that is trying to pass for brains. I suggest you see a Neurosurgeon immediately. Or better yet, get to your local community college and see if they can help.

    Did you notice or when you tried to decipher my words NO where in there did I say that school or anything else was FREE! I said it was free to our kids. I said that WE ALL PAY INTO THESE PROGRAMS AND ARE ABLE TO ACCESS THEM AT WILL! See this means that you pay your taxes, I pay my taxes and everyone else pays their taxes and then we have certain programs that take bits of those tax dollars to operate and we are all able to go to elementary and high school without paying. And we are able to have police protection, military protection and fire protection all without paying AS THEY DO THEIR JOBS.

    Doooo yoooouuuuu unnnnnnnderrrrstaaaannnd? Or should I continue to explain how a social program works? As I know it can be confusing when you don’t take high school Civics class. Also, if we were to implement a Health care plan that used the same principles it wouldn’t be FREE either. Nothing is free! Do you really think that no one pays to keep the roads safe, built or clean? Are you that lost? Anyhow sweetie, everyone paying for something isn’t new! And remember when I say we ALL pay for something it means that even though a person has no kid, they STILL pay for schools. And even though a person doesn’t have a car they STILL pay for roads. And even though I have never started a war nor agreed with going to war I STILL have to pay for the military. And even though I have never had to use the fire department, I STILL pay for others to have that luxury.

    So my point is that idiots like you have NO problem paying for all these other things that YOU personally don’t use, as in the school system. But, will balk and cry about the health care system as if it is some new fandangled system that can’t be understood. And maybe you CAN’T understand I will give you that as you are quite ignorant. But at least start doing some research as stupidity isn’t mandatory. You can CHANGE your life the same way you claim that everyone else can.

    No go the hell away and don’t comment again because you will NOT be answered nor will you be posted.

  25. Nupealot

    This is the Black sentinel that I love. i love when you go back and forth with these idiots and just eat up all of their arguments. Shame you will never get through to them. I like the multiple posts…keep them coming.

  26. Nupealot,

    I had burn out from this for a while. These fools don’t really read nor listen, even to themselves. They just spew the stupidest things and act as if they know better than everyone else in the world.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  27. Poor, poor pathetic, uneducated Roger,

    Please stop embarrassing yourself. You have absolutely no grasp of anything that isn’t under an 8th grade level.

    It is becoming a chore just trying to help you understand things. When I said that children can go without paying. First of all do you understand the concept of how a private school works?

    When a child enrolls you have to pay cash or payments upfront in order for the child to attend. Get that? But with public school, they have no expectations of the child being paid for upon attendance. Get that?

    So therefore it is free for the child to enroll and attend. The money to run these institutions is spread around to ALL the people in the area whether they have children in the school or not.

    So do you u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d how it is “free”? I don’t REALLY mean that nobody pays. I mean that the cost isn’t directly taken per child from that child’s parents.

    See this is why you might consider getting that education you missed out on. This conversation would be a lot easier.

    Also, are you going to argue with me that children don’t have to pay upon registration? Are you going to argue that we don’t have to pay upon driving down most roads? Or that we can call the fire department without getting a large bill in the mail.

    Or how about calling the cops, we don’t get a bill in the mail for that, correct? So these things are spread around to the entire community making them more manageable for everyone, right?

    And if we did the same with health care the problem is what exactly? Stop thinking about it in terms of extortionist insurance companies. Stop thinking of it in the sense of exorbitant medical costs.

    If we ALL pooled our money together we would be able to get prices at a more reasonable rate. But I guess that logic goes way over your head. And you probably think we should pay an insurance conglomeration to run our fire, police and military.

    HA, I would love to see the claim denial on that one! “I’m sorry Roger, we can’t pay for the fire department coming to your house because you have had a Bar-B-Q there in the past, and that means there was a pre-existing condition of open flames. Sorry your fire department claim is denied.”

    You will probably say well that is OK, they know better. What a complete idiot!!! Liberal, conservative… It doesn’t make one bit of difference. It isn’t about party affiliation. It is about LOGIC. Something that you obviously failed to pick up during your short stay in our education system.

    So please if you want to call people stupid, look no further than your mirror. As I didn’t drop out of school and in fact I was quite good at it. All 12 years. Plus the next 6 years I spent in college attaining the knowledge you can only dream of.

    You might want to apply pressure to your rock, oops I mean brain. In case you don’t understand that, you apply pressure to stop the bleeding. And I am sure that the stress of reading is causing massive hemorrhaging that might be dangerous.

    Good luck with that head wound and try and enroll in some remedial courses. Knowledge is our friend.

  28. Lame attempt Roger,

    NO, I paid my own tuition. And I attended majority of private schools as a child as well. So my black parents PAID. Surprised! Well don’t be. A lot of black people actually PAY for things. I know that goes against everything you believe, but it is true. And the only thing that you said which makes any sense is that WE ALL WILL PAY! That is exactly what I had in mind.

    And I suppose you pay out of pocket for your children’s education right? I doubt it. You have your hands in everyone else’s pockets the way you have blamed me and my parents for doing. You are a big ass hypocrite. You would pay for your own services! HA! You couldn’t afford your own fire, police and military protection, let alone streets, mail, AND schools. No one could save for maybe Bill Gates. That is why we SHARE the costs.

    This just shows more ignorance. Constantly talking, never picking up a book and reading. See that is where we differ. I CHOOSE (see how I use this word) to become educated on any given topic that I support. You don’t educate yourself. You probably listen to the Fox Noise and watch the insurance backed commercials on the dangers of socialized health and think you have the whole picture. So sad, so pathetic and yes oh so ignorant.

    Can you explain what you mean by “But because i dont have a chose i have to pay into these social programs that are already on the books”? You say this repeatedly. Do you mean you don’t have a CHOICE?! SIGH! What can be accomplished with an education, no matter who pays for it. This is your ancestors language, shouldn’t you at least KNOW IT!

  29. Nupealot

    Still loving it. Is there any way that i can get an email of his responses (the ones you do not post)?

  30. Roger,

    Ha, ha, ha! I don’t need to defend myself from you and NO I don’t work for the government. There does that make you feel all better? And Roger I don’t have to FEEL educated, I AM educated. And as I said before (learn to read) I PAID my own tuition. How much did your education cost again? Oh, that’s right you didn’t even finish the tax payer paid high school given to each student for the low, low price of FREE. Meaning no student had to come out of pocket to attend school.

    I am so glad that my job with you is done! I have at least accomplished one goal which was to teach you something. And that I did! You finally learned the difference between “choose”, “chose”, and “choice”. So grammar lesson complete. If you need more information on good grammar, spelling or language usage, you can always enroll at your local college and take some remedial courses.

    I didn’t get you to use any critical thinking. But that is way over your head and you probably will never learn that useful skill. Although by getting some type of formal education you just might surprise us all. Come back again after at least two years of school. It will take at least one year to get you caught up with others in school. Then another year for you to actually start to put together the things you’ve learned. So good day to you loser!

  31. Nupealot,

    I would be delighted to send you and Mike of course a copy of all his idiotic comments. Then you too can have all the fun of the blacksentinel, without the headache.


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