The Typical Hypocrite


How typical of people to become the hypocrite as this whole hoopla over Obama’s grandmother runs its course. As for what he said I can see that we are on a slippery slope when we need to sit and pick out a word such as typical and act as if it is some horrendous racial slur against all that were labeled as such. Being typical is not a slur unless they attach it to a slur such as, typical nigger, typical honky, and typical bitch. But being a typical black or a typical white really can’t be considered a slur since it is in such wide use by scholars, authors, the government and others.

According to the national census the “typical black family” earns 78% of the “typical white family.” Hmm now was that racist, should the government official who wrote that be made to give a speech to the nation apologizing to all black and white families for calling them typical. The firm “Population Reference Bureau” is a company that informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment. This firm used the words “typical black as well as typical white, family, man, woman, teen, child” now what do we make of that? Should they be made to change all of their data collections to make sure not to use this newly invented racial slur so as not to offend?

In talking about parent child interactions the authors consistently referred to the “typical black family” and also the “typical black father”. Wow, it goes to show you that this racial slur has been right in front of us the whole time and it took a bunch of typical hypocrites who I am sure used the words typical this or that decided to create this phony outrage over something that they and others have been saying for years. In fact Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the republican radio pundits are constantly calling someone the typical democrat, typical black person. I mean didn’t he say that those blacks at the restaurant weren’t the typical blacks asking where their M-fing ice tea was?

It’s bvious the people over at Wikipedia didn’t get the memo on this newly formed racial slur as they are using it indiscriminately in their definitions. Take this little snippet from their piece on Blacks “For example the telenovelas or soaps are said to be a hotbed of white, largely blonde and blue/green-eyed actors who resemble Scandinavians or other northern Europeans more than they resemble the typical whites of Brazil, who are mostly of Southern European descent.” I wonder if the people who first started pushing this load of crap as a legitimate maligning of a people actually checked to see how many times people that look like themselves were using this to not only describe themselves but other races.

I think that this phony assault on Obama is ridiculous. I have heard CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and even FOX use the words typical black voter and not one person who is complaining now said one damn thing about it. I guess it is fine and dandy for blacks to be considered typical anything while it is a total insult to consider white people as typical. Is this because they are just too special to be considered typical? All the while typical white authors, government officials and others can use the term to describe any and every race under the sun in terms of typical. McCain can refer to Vietnamese people as Gooks which by the way is the Vietnamese equivalent of the N word and hey it’s OK because he was a prisoner of war and is still a bit touchy about them. This just goes to show that people are typical, typical hypocrites that is.



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3 responses to “The Typical Hypocrite

  1. The Engineer

    Agreed, and yours is a very good article on the spiteful use of the word, typical.

    I do believe that one can effectively substitute the word, average, for the word, typical, and still maintain the same meaning, but the mass media has been fixated on using the word, typical.

    I think it all happened with the past decade or so of television. The word, typical, was beginning to be used as some kind of derision, and the use of the word just grew to become an insult.

    The mass media caters to the Majority (we know who they are) and feeds to the Majority the kinds of stereotypes with which the Majority feel comfortable, even when such stereotypes are unjustified and unflattering. In this process, the mass media are conditioning the Majority to use the word, typical, rather than the word, average. In my view, the word, average, has mathematical meaning (i.e. take the sum of the data points and divide the sum by the number of data points). I know, the meaning is boring and not very frightening.

    But maybe the Majority are afraid of the meaning of average? Maybe their averages are becoming less significant? Maybe their average performance is beginning to measure down compared to others.

    Perhaps, that is why the Majority are fond of using the word, typical, because they are afraid of the word, average.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. Elizabeth

    You are right that people don’t like to be thought of as “typical” or “average” (same as mediocre); typical makes them feel invisible in a crowd and personally undifferentiated and powerless. Of course, academics and statisticians use mathematical means to describe aggregated data all the time, but good politicians (like psychologists) know better than to refer to a particular person as being “typical” because it is very likely to be perceived as an insult. For his own advantage Senator Obama personalized his grandmother and introduced her to us, and then unwittingly he insulted her. It was just a faux pas that your typical experienced politician doesn’t usually make!

  3. Elizabeth,

    Maybe more people shouldn’t be looking for the “typical” politician. One that is a real person who can make mistakes and admits that they “do”.

    He no more insulted his grandmother than Bill O’Reilly did when he said the same thing about his own grandmother. The problem is that people need to stop with the phony outrage.

    The word is and was not exclusively used to degrade white people. It is a word used to describe the majority of any race of people.

    Thanks for the reply

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