That Was A Racist Comment Geraldine Ferraro


“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position.” This statement was written by Geraldine Ferraro in the Daily Breeze, Friday.

I may not be the big Obama supporter that many people are but YES, this damn statement is racist. This is the same racist rhetoric that blacks have to hear constantly no matter what type of professional position they are able to get. From a position as an architect to (now possibly) the President of the United States white people constantly say that if they weren’t black they wouldn’t be in this position, you can just add it up to affirmative action. I am constantly fielding comments from white people who will say that blacks only get jobs due to affirmative action as if there was no possible way they could get the job based on talent, skills and experience. The fact is there are too many White people in this country who believe that they are at a disadvantage due to their feeling that Blacks just get things such as jobs handed to them.

Basically what Ferraro is saying is that Obama has absolutely NO qualifying skills that would have lead to his possibly gaining the position to run for the president. By her claiming that the only think he has is his skin color is not only demeaning but racist. Would she be OK with the statement that George Bush wouldn’t be president right now if he were any other color or a woman? Because he not only had no experience he doesn’t have the sense god gave a donkey. Yet where was she to level this type of insult on him. What makes Hilary so qualified that she doesn’t have this type of insult leveled on her. Would it not be possible to say the Hilary wouldn’t be in the position she is in today if she were a man, especially a minority.

What Ferraro said is nothing new or surprising. The fact that it came from a person who is supposed to be on the same side as Obama and all other democrats isn’t even surprising. This just goes to show what Ferraro and other democrats actually feel about Obama and blacks in general. Then as Ferraro says this racist crap she turns around and says that everything bad that is said about Obama is chalked up to racism. But it is racist dumb ass it is. When it was found out that Farrakhan supported Obama, Clinton and everyone else came out saying that Obama needed to not only disagree with his position but to outright denounce the man. Now that Ferraro has shown her ugly side is Clinton denouncing her, of course not because she doesn’t have to and not one person is calling for her to do so. And as soon as the race for the Whitehouse is on with the republicans I am sure if Obama makes it we will see a lot more of the same.

When will we get past the fact that blacks CAN be just as qualified as white people? Everyone is talking about experience, well the problem is that none of these dolts has been president before and being a senator or a soldier boy doesn’t make you or anyone else qualified with any more or less experience as anyone else. Hillary had a husband that was president and that alone doesn’t give her any more experience than the other two candidates either. I don’t know one surgeons wife who claims she has all this surgical experience because her husband is a surgeon that would be ludicrous. I understand saying that you don’t like Obama’s policies because I have a problem with quite a few of his policies but to denounce him as a candidate just because he is black is beyond acceptable.

Then of course CNN did a pole on the issue of what Ferraro said and 55% of the people felt that she didn’t owe him an apology for her racist comments. Why, because most of the people voting feel that it is OK to question black peoples qualifications only based on race. When the fact is no one would dare to say the same about white people no matter what their background. No one would dare to question a white persons skin color as a means of saying that they are ill qualified for anything. The bottom line is Geraldine Ferraro felt that it was OK to judge Obama’s worthiness by the fact that he is black and that is the only qualification he has according to her. When blacks start using this same rhetoric maybe then people will see just how stupid, hurtful, racist and deceitful it really is. Ferraro and just about any other person should know that just because you have been the victim of sexism doesn’t mean you can now turn around and make someone else the victim of racism and vice versa.



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10 responses to “That Was A Racist Comment Geraldine Ferraro

  1. *Golf claps*

    Gerry Ferraro and others of her ilk are really showing their asses by indirectly saying that they’re entitled to everything.

    It’s really sad how desperate HRC is. She’ll say or do anything to win.

  2. To be fair, I think part of this is based on a misunderstanding.

    As disturbing as Ferraro’s comments were, she wasn’t saying “that Obama has absolutely NO qualifying skills that would have lead to his possibly gaining the position to run for the president.” And I suspect most survey respondents weren’t saying that it wasn’t racist to “question black peoples qualifications only based on race,” if only because most people don’t perceive her comments as making that claim.

    Ferraro said that while Obama has strong qualifications for president, there are many other people who are also qualified. (I might disagree that he’s quite so typical, but she’s a strong supporter of Clinton, and no doubt believes that Clinton’s unique experiences qualify her more than most people.)

    Ferraro’s point was that it’s very hard for most qualified people to reach the point where the public takes them seriously as presidential material. Why was Obama taken so seriously, so quickly, especially when he was so junior a politician? Partly, no doubt, it was his skill at making speeches, offering a unifying message of hope, and inspiring much of the country. But his race has also served to excite many people (my aunt and uncle are fanatical about Obama, precisely because he is black) and to serve as a powerful symbol of his ability to unite the nation and to transform our politics.

    Would Obama have risen to the top if he were white? Perhaps, and certainly with a bit of time. But well-qualified candidates like Biden or Richardson have trouble even being considered for president, despite having much more experience to go with their other qualifications. And, frankly, most women are never able to be considered at all, which is why Clinton is the first woman to have a serious shot at the White House in the nation’s history.

  3. Damien

    I am so glad to hear this from someone.
    this whole thing is fuk’n ridiculous and people act like they don’t recognize it. I guess they don’t have to since this is their country… I wish they would just go ahead and say it and stop front’n like this country is all about inclusion.. when to get half ass included you gotta diss your own people…
    I’m with Obama cuz he does “represent” change whether that’s what we get or not is another subject and yet to be seen… but what’s the difference? Politicians are politicians and I don’t think no one is crowing him as the second coming. It just damn maybe Obama and the way he campaigns and the way he runs his show is the change we may need.

    Anyone, sorry for going off subject.

    I’m just get’n tired of the smearing shit. I get tired of people talk’n bout they can’t critisize him cuz they’ll be called a racist… well if your criticism isn’t coming from a place of race how can you be called racist? By their own media at that!

    Obama hasn’t done it (at least out in the open) which I like he’s keeping it clean.

  4. Anonymiss,

    I agree with you. I at one point was leaning towards Clinton for a few of her policies. But after seeing how conniving she could be it has turned me right off. Thanks for the reply.


    Unfortunately I can only agree partly. I think that Obama has a way of inspiring or getting people involved and “that” in itself IS the one thing that is most important for collecting a following. Richardson was a stand out candidate and had a small following. Yes he is qualified but if you can’t rally the people towards you then you can’t compete. Not within your party nor with the republicans later.

    As for Biden, he said a few polarizing things that made him unacceptable to half the democratic party. Particularly black people. He offended blacks a few times and that was enough for people to run from him like the plague. Hilary has done the same thing.

    Now the problem is that the MOST qualified people will NEVER even make it on the screen because they probably won’t play politics like all the others. So basically none of these three candidates that are being considered seriously are the most qualified so why insist that it boils down only to his skin color?

    Does that go for Hillary who has less qualifications than she claims? Does that go for McCain who doesn’t know one damn thing about the financial state of America? Of course not, these comments that are seen so often in association with blacks in ALL aspects of high positions.

    Thanks for the reply.


    I also like the way he is trying to keep it clean. I have seen a few things that makes me think he isn’t above playing in the gutter but for the most part he does alright.

    You are so on point that if they weren’t coming from a place of race it wouldn’t be racist. Well said. She could have thought more about what she was saying and how to say it without it sounding like a racist propaganda talking point.

    I have heard that comment over and over from those who would have everyone believe that blacks can only get high profile positions from affirmative action or some other race based reason and not talent etc.

    Thanks for the reply

  5. James,

    One more thing. Being president of the United States is more of a popularity contest versus contest of skills, education or policy. Because if it wasn’t then how did we end up with a barely able to speak his native tongue loser who went AWOL all the while being a drunk druggie?


  6. word. thanks for the comment. and right on.

  7. lifeisannoying

    Am i Surprised?
    no, never. this happens everyday, in life to ordinary people and we swallow it because if you speak out they call you a victim.

  8. Jereb Mwoch

    USA presidential theory – get rid of black presidential illusions (Even Jesse Jackson tried)
    If you are republican and your opponent in democrat is black or a lady then your strategies must be to demolish the black first, then it will be easy to win the election. Proved by mathematical induction of 2008 USA election. Participants (Media, wealthier people and polical analyst)

  9. I love visting this blog! This subject, as well as many others have been hot topics of discussion at my job as well as in my home. It was a hella racist comment and she has the nerve to say that anytime someone makes a comment about the Obama campaign they are called racist. Pleazzzee. When she made the comment, “If he were a white man he wouldn’t be in this position.” I said, you damn straight he wouldn’t be in this position, he would have already won the nomination.

    Keep representin.

  10. The Engineer

    I agree and from a very different perspective.

    I am a third-generation American who was raised in a well-to-do Caucasian neighborhood. I only wish I had nickel for every time I heard a Caucasian say or imply to me the very same concept said about Mr. Obama.

    Ms. Ferraro reminds me of the many school teachers I have had. In my grade school, I was the only non-Caucasian until the third or fourth grade, and at which time, a young Black female appeared in class. The two of us were seated together at a table at the extreme side of the class with our seats facing the wall. In order to see the teacher (and many of them looked just like Ferraro), we had to sit sideways and then turn our heads to the side. Even then, we could not see what was written on the chalkboard. We were made to suffer. This is one among many slights that are perpetrated against us, and I believe it occurs at a young age so that we become accustomed to those slights as we get older.

    As a Caucasian observer for a nearly a half lifetime, I have noticed that Caucasians possess two kinds of racism: the overt and obvious kind that is displayed in directed physical actions and objects (e.g. hate speech, cross burnings, etc.), and the kind that is nearly subconscious (e.g. indirect references that may be embarrassing or vaguely insulting such as using “Oriental” as opposed to using “Asian.”). Many Caucasians display this subconscious racism simply because they lack the education to speak more eloquently. It is a part of their subculture. Quite often, I believe that Caucasians do not realize how offensive they are. I am NOT justifying their behavior; I am only noting that such behavior seems to be deeply ingrained in them.

    That is not the case for Ferraro. Her biographies state that she was an English teacher and a lawyer. She is highly educated. She knew full well the implications of her comments; it is egregious that she made them, and it is worse as she is trying to “back pedal” over the issue by making more statements that, in effect, are just as insulting.

    Ferraro brings back old memories.

    Thank you for listening.

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