Substitute Hate Teacher


I was reading some posts by other people off my racist tag and came across this hate filled rant by some girl talking about her black neighbors. She of course throws out one of the normal disclaimers, this one was “call me racist, I don’t care” bit and to tell you the truth she probably doesn’t care. Because someone with the blatantly racist talk she has wouldn’t care. The post is called “I’m a color, too. I try not to get dragged into these types of hate filled rants but this one just spoke to me. I believe it was because all the black people as bad propaganda she was talking I could do the exact same with white people being the topic.

I can understand having a beef with your neighbors as I have some neighbors that I would love to just move far away and never come back. But am I going to malign a whole race of people just because I have a problem with a particular neighbor. Not to mention she goes on to talk about blacks are doing all of the crime, the abortions, drugs and any other piece of propaganda you can think of. I am just tired to death of these “I live in the hood so I know exactly what type of people blacks are” white folks who would argue you down if you showed them the numbers pointing their race out as the biggest perpetrator of all the terrible things she is pointing out in the black community.

Now to be fair if you are living in any community the majority of anything that goes on will be committed by the majority of whatever race lives their. I am pretty sure she wouldn’t even be writing this crap if she lived in my old place in Idaho where the white people were keeping me and my QUIET family up all night with their loud music, drinking all night and yelling off the balcony, loud ass trucks revving them up in the early morning and late night, all the drug dealers, murders, rapes and any other bad thing that happened in that town. Yet because she feels that the blacks are to blame let the finger pointing begin.

She is so sick of black history month, why because “Everything that is being done to embrace African American History, or point out that black people are black and white people are white is just another thing to segregate us. We may not be segregated by law, but we are segregated by culture and will continue to be until we agree that we’re all Americans and let bygones be bygones. And I’m really sick of all the crap associated with it. And what does it mean to be American, what is the culture of America? Since we all know that whatever race is majority will define the culture. So to her everyone should just submit and accept white culture as their own and we will all be happy campers. Will she feel the same if some race other than white were to define the culture of America, of course she wouldn’t feel the same.

If you used birth control. I’m sick of seeing posters on the bus that point out that 50% of black babies are aborted. And when 50% of the population of this city is black, that means AT LEAST 25% of all pregnancies in this city are aborted .That’s fucking disgusting. I’m all for pro-choice and everything, but using abortion as a method of birth control is just fucked up. Go to planned parent hood. And turn down the music. She said that she a graduate student, obviously not in math. How can you go from blacks being 50% of the population and so 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion, that would assume that everyone one in this city is getting pregnant. Not to mention what poster, can we look at the numbers behind what she is talking about or is she pulling numbers from her nether region? But the problem I am having is how does she know that they are using this as a method of birth control, just because she says so? Is that the criteria now for statistics etc. is just to throw something out and it is because you say it is.

This lady also happens to be a substitute teacher, how scary is that? This lady will have access to our kids even if it is on a short term basis. I have had way too many racist black hating teachers whether they were substitutes or regulars to pass through my life trying to ruin my love of self not to know what kind of damage they can do. She may be a substitute but how long do you have to be around someone or how many words do you have to say in just the right way before you have infected and affected an innocent young child’s life forever? It doesn’t take much for a person or a child to understand how you feel about “people like them.”

The moral of this story is that everything she said about blacks we can apply to whites, Asians, Hispanics and pretty much any other racial group out their. Yet it is the racists like her who will infect our kids with a sense of low self worth, low self esteem, hatred of self as she sits and wonders why the blacks around her are doing what they are doing. Not to mention that she thinks that blacks are making themselves victims. Well my dear until blacks are denying themselves employment, decent medical care, housing and just common decency then I think that they have enough people making victims out of them than to do it themselves. When they become the teachers such as yourself who have a deep seated hatred of blacks and then try and fool us into believing that you are helping all the while infecting then talk to us about self victimization.



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3 responses to “Substitute Hate Teacher

  1. Hairy Weisenheimmer

    Great post. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. lifeisannoying

    Come to england plent of these people, they dispise black people and then cover it up by dating them. then they use i’m not racist because i’ve dated black (wo)men and i have to say they alll……

    educate your children before they go to school.

  3. c

    i find it grotesque that this person is in contact with any child.

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