Australian Apology Lame At Best


Australian Prime Minister Rudd says that the apology he issued to the Aborigine population for past atrocities will “remove a blight on the nation’s soul.” Really, will that do it, is that all it takes? If I were an aborigine or if the American government ever extended some sorry lame little apology I would have to tell them where to stick it. I am not that damn forgiving.

The aborigine population makes up only about two percent of the country’s population of 21 million. A country they inhabited long before Britain decided to use it for their own personal prison. The original inhabitants are now a minority in their own land just as the aborigines in Canada and the Native Americans. The black South Africans also suffer the same type of fate even though they are still the majority. All four plus add in the American black people and they all suffer many disadvantages, such as extremely high rates of ill-health, unemployment and imprisonment. Yet people will feel outrage when I point out the similarities of the five situations. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together that in all five cases the perpetrators and victims have distinct physical similarities.

Yet this phenomenon of apologies heal all doesn’t happen anywhere else except in situations of extreme racism, discrimination and hatred. Because when the heinous act is being committed by one race upon another race an apology suffices or at least it better suffice. In America we can’t bother to apologize for slavery because it won’t matter since all the slaves and slave owners are dead. Even though I already said that it wouldn’t much matter to me. As I feel that if white people were really sorry for the slavery they would take more of an initiative to stop white privilege, race disparities and the outright discrimination of minorities.

So to me if the Australians were serious about the apology they were dispensing to the aborigines they would back it up with some sort of legislation to compensate them for the atrocities committed. Not to mention some sort of plan to level the playing field between the two races. Is this apology to make the aborigines feel better or to make themselves feel better since I am sure that an apology isn’t going to take away the pain of those atrocities the white Australians have waged on them for so many years.

After years of white people in four different places ruining the lives of five different groups of people and all that is given is an apology and that was only dished out to two of them thus far. And has that somehow ended the strife of low wages, lack of employment, high prison rates or inhumane treatment, I think not. Yet everyone is hailing this latest apology as some sort of big deal that the world should be so proud of. I am disappointed that this is the only thing that they could think to do that would begin the healing process for their race relations. I hope that the aborigine people stand up and let them know that they need to do a lot more than this lame apology.



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8 responses to “Australian Apology Lame At Best

  1. Bob Dole

    Clearly the author of this expose does not not basics of Australian history, nor what the apology was even for. Firstly, lets begin at the fact the apology was for the Stolen Generation. Where churches took abused and malnourished children such as child protection services do in many nations and gave them to better families.

    Secondly, “This lame apology” is clearly a step further than any Blacks have got in the United States or else ware. On that point I’ll quote two people. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi” “When embarking on the journey of revenge, dig two graves. Confucius” I say these quotes because of this very vindictive statement “I would have to tell them where to stick it. I am not that damn forgiving.”

    You clearly don’t deserve an apology, because you have not been oppressed and please don’t play the “Slave” card. If you were semi-literate you would know some basics in history. At the time of the slave trade, slaves were not taken by white people, they were bought from black, primarily northern Africans. Do I see any nation like Morocco or Sierra Leone apologizing for stabbing their neighbors in the back? No, I don’t.

    “And has that somehow ended the strife of low wages, lack of employment, high prison rates or inhumane treatment, I think not.” Please go and look for a job, they are in excess and readily available with labor shortages in most western nations, especially the United States. High prison rates are not anyones fault but the people who commit the crimes, same as lack of employment. I don’t see Mexican immigrants making complaints when they get work and its at the bottom scale of wages, you see you need skills to do jobs that pay better. If you spend your life attempting to make people feel sorry for you, you get no where.

    And lastly “So to me if the Australians were serious about the apology they were dispensing to the aborigines they would back it up with some sort of legislation to compensate them for the atrocities committed.” I take it you are unaware of the compensation already available to the Aborigines. So I will cite some off the top of my head. *Home loan rate of 2% *Welfare rates exceeding white people by 50% *Easy job accessibility *Prepaid skills programs *Education paid for *Child care paid for *Housing/rent paid for *Furniture paid for *University fees paid for
    Those are all I can name off the top of my head, but there are obviously many more. Is this not compensation? And finally I’ll state that African Americans are not natives of the United States, where as the Aborigines are natives to Australia. You are not in the same boat at all, metaphorically speaking. You know nothing clearly about the Australian White Policy, which was primarily aimed at keeping massive Asian immigration out of Australia. Oh one more thing, take some time to look up Robert Mugabe, and in reference to South Africa. South Africans (White) have been kicked out of their own nation, who have lived there for generations. So please take a look in the mirror before you go on a crusade against white people and their wrongdoings, just look in your own back yard.

  2. Wow “Bob”,

    Too bad you don’t know the basics of history. African’s couldn’t sell what no one was trying to buy. I am not going to give you the much needed history lesson. But, I do know what the stupid apology was for. Unfortunately for you and for the liars who took the children they weren’t all being abused etc. That is why they felt the need to apologize, DUH!!!

    Why would you apologize for saving abused children? EXACTLY, right? Anyway it sounds to me like you just don’t want to face the facts of the wrongdoing of white people.

    You really need to either get a clue, buy a clue or just shut up. I and other blacks are subjugated, discriminated against and abused on a constant basis and I don’t need to be a slave to have suffered.

    I don’t expect to get an apology because the people giving it would be just as stupid as you and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing. You people constantly talk of someone playing some damn card as if you don’t play the white card daily.

    Look in you own backyard. Right! No one would have to look into their own dysfunctional backyard if it hadn’t already been corrupted by those I crusade against. Stop being afraid of what your people have done. It is awful interesting that no matter where the minorities and whites live together the minorities ALL are discriminated against and subjugated. If the truth hurts then by all means put your head back in the sand and ignore the world conditions of racism.

    Oh I forgot, white south Africans being kicked off “THEIR” own nation. You mean the one they STOLE from the people who were rightfully there first? I am sure that is what you meant to say right?

    Thanks but no thanks for your comments.

  3. Bob Dole

    “African’s couldn’t sell what no one was trying to buy.” Please spend the time to look into the facts, not what you are told around the ‘ghetto’. Most of the slaves transported to the Caribbean and Americas were in fact sold to European slave traders. Hence the word TRADERS, obviously you lack the incentive to look at the facts. I want to also clear some stuff up that you may not have known. Aboriginal people are not Black. I also have a question are you black?

    On that fact, I state if t off in Sierra Leone, or your not being hung in tyou are black, then putting down an apology that you failed to get, does not do justice to anyone.

    On the South African issue, you clear don’t know your history. The Dutch took Africa before the British, the British LIBERATED South Africa. And because of this South Africa enjoys the best quality of life, GDP, and living standards out of the entire continent.

    “No one would have to look into their own dysfunctional backyard if it hadn’t already been corrupted by those I crusade against.” It is ignorant people like you that bring upon themselves the creation of people like Adolf Hitler. However the difference between your crusade and a real one, is the fact no black dominated nation has ever committed to a crusade for religious purposes.

    Racism, I suspected you would use that word more. But then I look around and find synonyms, and find discrimination. Not a far cry from what I expected when I stated earlier you would play the hard done by card. Is it so you can get pity? Or to satisfy the self pity you hold on yourself and in anger take out on white people? I ask who really in fact is the racist one, he sure as hell refers to himself as sentinel.

    On the stolen generation, which I see you attempted to understand but clearly don’t. The reason the apology was state was because they did not have a right to take the children, according to some people. I myself think it was the right thing and it lead to some Aboriginals becoming academics, rather than becoming frequent customers at the nearest petrol station and liquor store.

    Now lastly the white card huh? What concessions does the white card get me? Answer is nothing. What concession does it get black people? Free welfare, land and money. Because the truth is and always will be, blacks and Aboriginals for that matter will never be content with any amount of cash, it will always require more. Just as you somehow think you are hard done by, as I assume you are black. You should consider yourself lucky your hand isn’t being cuhe Congo. You are lucky to be a citizen of any western nation.

    The facts are here, but I have a final statement to make. White people do not call each other honkey, whitey or any other derogatory comment. However Blacks seem to call each other Niggers, Blackey, Punjab and Mr Chocolate. I ask who the real racists are? Clearly the answer is seen not in colour but in black and white.

  4. Bob,

    First let me say that when I used “your” word crusade I was being facetious, but obviously you couldn’t decipher that.

    Anyhow, I will not bother to reply further as you are such good fodder for a post. You can read it on this site later.

    Thanks for being so ignorant!

  5. Bob Dole

    Just as expected, when someone of a more intellectual presents themselves with an opposing view. The best a ‘fanatic’ can do is either turn and run, or spout bullshit.

    Thanks for making it clear that you are unable to provide a opposition to an intellectual conversation.

  6. lifeisannoying

    Wow. BOB DOLE!!!

    Allow a university educated person to tackle the slavery issue for you. slavery bagan in 1441 by portugeuse sailor Antam gonslaves he sailed to southern morocco and kidnapped twelve african from a beach and presented them to prince henry of portugal. Prince henry then sent plans of futher conquests and enslavement to the pope.
    Pope Martin v ( the fifth) then proclaimed.
    “to all of those who shall be engaged in the said war, complete forgiveness of their sins.”

    Please i have a book in which you can find this.
    When we ruled . author Robin Walker
    isbn number 0-9551068-0-x

    published by every generation media

  7. Bob Dole

    Dear ‘lifeisannoying’

    As much as I value an intellectual input, I must say there are clear issues with your sources. I myself did four years at University of Birkbeck. And I studied Political Sociology/History during my time there.

    Anyhow ever since secondary school I did learn that it is not a good idea to present sources of a bias source. And an author of an anti-slavery book isn’t a good start.
    Slavery did not begin in 1441, it began thousands of years before that, even before the birth of Christ. So I’ll give you a small lesson. You’ll find in the West slavery ended during the Medieval period, only to be revived after the Renaissance. The revival was brought on by the sentiments to classical societies e.g Greece, Rome and Mesopotamia.

    And your pope quote is indecisive at best. Could you be more clearer on what ‘war’ and keep this in context. With that said during Martins papacy, there were three others who claimed to be the legit pope. Which yet again is an issue with your ‘facts’.

    Rather than give a lengthly response I’ll cut it short. And say your response is valued, however the so called ‘facts’ you have stated are subject of debate. Given the issue of Mr.Walkers view to be non-bias is clearly evident that he is ‘anti-slavery’ and would not supply a subjective and neutral response that can be clearly documented.

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