Me Me Me, It’s All About Me And Mine


As I watch CNN amid the news about tornadoes and shootings again Natalee Holloway is making news. Her parents are calling for justice for their daughter. Now I am the first person to say that justice needs to be served in any and all cases of wrong doing. Now the problem I have is that where were these people while justice was being denied to hordes of others?

I have a real issue with the Holloway’s, the Sheehan’s and Mark Pasternak who if you didn’t know won a one hundred fifty thousand dollar lawsuit for reverse racism in New York. The problem I have is that these people could have cared less about the unsolved murders, death’s of other soldiers or the blatant racism against blacks in New York and everywhere else. Yet this is the problem with most of us in America, no one gives a damn until that bird comes home to roost on your house.

The Holloway’s could have given a rat’s butt that Tamika Huston and countless other black and white girls went missing before their daughter. Yet they didn’t have time to care. They had better things to spend their time on. Now they have Blogs, websites geared towards helping them find her, petitions to boycott Aruba, and even petitions to get justice. I am pretty sure that Tamika Huston’s family as well as the family of all the other missing black ladies would love to get in on the websites, Blogs and petitions for justice. As not only do they not get any justice they don’t get nearly a fraction of the air time that the Holloway’s are racking up yearly, monthly and even weekly.

Cindy Sheehan could care less about the soldiers dying over in Iraq before Casey. In fact she was a doting mother praising the war and military like a good little military momma that is before Casey was next to fall prey to the bloodshed. She claims she had a lot going on in her life and was to busy just surviving. All the while praising an unjust, unfair war. Yet after his death she seemed to have all the time in the world. Raising camp Casey, camping outside of the Bush ranch, speaking to hordes of supporters and even going so far as to become a thorn in the paw of the government. Yet I am sure that Cpl. Forest Jostes’ family would like to know why their son was killed right next to Casey who has barely been mentioned let alone given the media coverage.

Mr. Mark Pasternak who experienced insomnia, anxiety and depression and had to take several medical leaves of absence because of the verbal abuse never spoke out for any other racial disparities not even after his win and publicity. Now how many times do you hear people telling blacks to just get over it, hanging nooses are a joke and that whites using nigger shouldn’t hurt anyone. Yet Mark was obviously hurt by his boss calling him a stupid white boy. How come he couldn’t just get over it? And how come he couldn’t just turn the other cheek while the guy continued or better yet why didn’t he just go get another job elsewhere. Shouldn’t we all be asking why is this guy using the race card and all the race baiting?

My whole point is that not one of these people could care one iota for anybody who was in their situation before them and right now as they cry for public support and help. The fact is that these tragedies have been going on around them to minorities who won’t get the publicity has passes right by them all without one bit of acknowledgment. And even though they are going through this now they are in this me, me, and me place of selfishness.

Look what happened to my daughter, look what happened to my poor son, look what the bad man did to me at work.  And what about those people who don’t have a voice or their voices are dismissed and muffled because they have the audacity to cry out with the wrong skin color. These people have failed and are failing to see that the fact that they demand media attention and then get plastered all over the media is a source of injustice.



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2 responses to “Me Me Me, It’s All About Me And Mine

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  2. RhondaCoca

    I speak on this all of the time and people tune me out because I have been labeled as negative for speaking the truth. I turn the channel everytime this topic comes up. As you said, all people deserve justice when a horrible crime is committed. However my issue is the disparity in news coverage and the obvious importance of some lives over others.

    The news media is selective in their coverage and its a sad reflection of our society.

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