To Eat In Mississippi Just Step On The Scales


You might have heard the news that a Mississippi law maker wants to pass a law making it illegal for restaurants to serve food to clinically obese people. How stupid is this? I can understand wanting to help people lose weight because I am all for controlling issues of weight and any other unhealthy problem people may face. It doesn’t matter how unhealthy you are as long as you aren’t obese.

What I don’t like is the fact that they are going to go on looks alone to base this law. How about the skinny person who has a cholesterol level of like 350 and is sliding towards a heart attack shouldn’t they be kept from the trough as well? They are just as or unhealthier than the obese person yet it is OK as long as they are skinny. No matter that the plate of greasy burger and fries is the last straw and he or she walks out of the restaurant and drops dead of a heart attack. Who should be to blame for this?

What about the bulimic person who may be thin but due to the binging and purging they are extremely unhealthy. Should the restaurant not be helping to feed this unhealthy eating disorder by supplying them with the food they want to binge just so they can go home or somewhere else and purge it out somehow? Is the restaurant supposed to be able to deny helping them become even unhealthier even though they look normal and healthy?

Should the tanning shops now deny tans to those super tanned individuals who are ruining their skin and will undoubtedly have skin cancer in the future? Should every industry that might be aiding and abetting some behavior that could possibly lead to unhealthy outcomes be charged with regulating the persons partaking in it? What about football and the Super Bowl? They just came out with statistics that show that people are prone to stress related heart problems from watching the games. Should we now have a health screening for those who wish to watch the game live or in a pub etc.?

The problem is we can’t regulate what people do when it is legal for them to do it. This law maker is making a lot of assumptions about the people who are obese. The assumption is that the people are fat due to chronic over eating and that is it. What about the people who have glandular problems such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and endocrine problems such as thyroid conditions, parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal, pituitary and hypothalamus problems, diseases such as Cushing’s disease and lastly a plethora of certain drugs such as antidepressants and anti-seizure just to name a couple.

Yet we are going to trust whether or not a person is just a fat slob who is killing themselves with food to some waitress, waiter or greeter at a restaurant. The bill was authored by Senator W.T. Mayhall, Jr. Now this senator supposedly has a background in medicine which makes me ask the question how he can make such a stupid bill which certainly won’t help. At best it will be another way to subjugate people, obese people.



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16 responses to “To Eat In Mississippi Just Step On The Scales

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  2. LOL, this law won’t be passed. It’s a joke, a nice laugh for the lawmakers.

    Just like the law that was proposed in Virginia to allow employers to fire employees at anytime if they speak another language other than English on the job?!

  3. You know that is right. This will NEVER pass. Especially since the people would have to vote on it and obviously they don’t want to subjugate themselves. They said the majority of people there are obese. Plus who would trust some McDonald’s employee to know what clinical obesity is. But I thought it was so dumb because some of the obese people wouldn’t be obese if it weren’t for their disorders and diseases. So how do you make that determination?

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. They would have to outlaw cigarettes as well since they’re harmful to anyone that uses them.

  5. Better yet, they can pass outlaw unhealthy food. Better get that Snickers or 3 Musketeers while you can!


  6. cureous

    Who is that model on the pic?

  7. Cureous,

    Sorry, I don’t know her name. She was an Italian model.


  8. The Model’s name: Ann O Recchsia?

  9. Mike,

    Thanks a bunch for that nice pun. It does fit though. She looks just terrible.

  10. sophie daines


    when i was 9 i was anerexic and i was in hospital for 6 months then i went to a special home which made me bigger and better x

  11. ysabella

    hmm…’nanny state’ perhaps? You can’t make everyone healthy, mentally developed adults have to take their physical fitness into their own hands. God, you’d think it was primary school.

    That photo’s not real, is it? She looks like a cartoon.

  12. ysabella,

    No it is not real it has been doctored.

    Thanks for the reply.

  13. Blue

    sorry but that it disgusting. I am shocked and horrified! this picture is at least modified, but a girl in my school, is acually this thin! she eats lots(apparently) but she is skinny has this!! like what kind of size would she be, she can’t just go to Miss Selfridges and pick up a really nice dress for a size…i dunno? 2?


  14. jack20

    The facts of anorexia :

    Your body believes it is starving
    You become weak
    You are cold
    Your skin becomes brittle
    Your bones become brittle
    Your hair may fall out
    If you make yourself sick you destroy your throat
    If you make your self sick the acid destroys your teeth
    You find it difficult to go to the toilet
    You can pass out
    Your periods stop thus no children
    And Finally your body begins to feed off itself and destroy itself, just because you wanted to be thin

  15. she looks TERRIBLE, some one need 2 get her a Wendy’s and FAST! She looks like a barbie doll thats been sucked and streched, she must of been pretty before the anorexia,

  16. Sonia

    Wow. Poor lady, she must believe that she looks great. She must have had a terrible past to have made her become so……… emaciated. I want to vomit just looking at her. I feel terrible for the people who live with these disorders and refuse to get help. But I do not take pity on the ones who made them this way. Everything happens for a reason. What happened to that woman…. nondescript. Absolutely shocking. ~sigh~

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