1 Black Woman, 5 Different Baby Daddies, 8 Babies


After visiting Booker Rising a conservative site aimed at black folks I came across a quote about the teenager who had nooses hanging from his truck during the Jena 6 rally being charged with a hate crime and how it was wrong. I then started reading the comments associated with it and was floored when I came across this one reply. It is from a person who I find ridiculous anyway having read some of his Blog posts. The reply was directed towards a person named uptownsteve who actually replies here all the time. I find it an act in futility as these people are pretty much all the same with the same rhetoric. Anyway the person is NSangoma and here is the reply:

Uptownsteve baby-bubba, the worse hate-crime is self-hate.

How can people live like this?

Tarika Wilson (26) had six children, ages 8 to 1. They were fathered by five men…
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/3…/us/ 30lima.html

one black woman, 5 different baby daddy, 8 babies.

One child per year since age 18.

Where was her brother Ivory Austin, who is now out protesting her untimely death, when Tarika was giving up all them drawz?

Where was her father, when Tarika was giving up all them drawz?

Where do Negroes get names like Tarika? Sounds like a name an unwed teenager would give to a baby. Hmmm, one might wonder if Tarika was sired by a baby daddy.

I believe Mychal Bell was sired by a baby daddy, too.

Now the case in which he is speaking about is a Tarika Wilson who was shot and killed by the police as they broke into her house looking for her boyfriend who they believe is a drug dealer. She had committed NO crime and yet was shot dead not only that her youngest child who was only one year old was also shot twice during the melee. And he wants to comment on her sex life and how many fathers were involved in the siring of her children. Exactly how does this matter when the lady was killed in cold blood? Does the fact that she had more than one man father her children mean that it was somehow justified that she was killed by the police?

I don’t know how many times I have had to sit through stories of Natalee Halloway stories in which we know that she screwed at least three men on the beach the night she went missing in Aruba. There is conclusive evidence that she was drinking heavily and was in possession of drugs before her disappearance. So why isn’t anyone talking about her background and how it was justifiable that someone killed her, I mean she was a drunken tramp right? Yet this will be seen as a disgusting to sit and malign someone that America has been so touched by. So touched in fact the family and others put out a plea to boycott Aruba and it actually had teeth.

And the fact that this jackass has some nerve to then turn around and complain about her name saying that it sounds like the name from an unwed teenage mother. I guess if it were Sally, Barbara, Shelley, or Natalee would somehow imply that she was born to married parents who owned a home in suburban USA with a dog named Sparky. Where was her family when she was out giving up the “draws” is what he asks. Where were Natalee Halloway’s parents and family when she was out on the beach drunk and giving up her draws? Who the hell cares is what we should be saying. Just because a person is having sex or getting pregnant by more than one man makes them deserving of being murdered?

But I guess if I listen to this idiot it is fine and dandy to kill an unarmed non crime committing black lady and shoot her baby twice because she has a name reminiscent of a teenage mother, she had children with more than one father and she seems like she had no contact with her own father. And even though she was to start college that following Monday the nation could care less since when they see you they see all the unwed black mothers, welfare recipient, drug dealers girlfriend and every stereotypical thought you have about young black females. Yet if you are white you can do or possess drugs, drink to your hearts content and then have sex with three or more men in one night out on a beach and capture the heart of the whole nation. Since after all when the nation sees you they see their daughter, sister, cousin or some other family member.

Because if these two stories tell us anything they tell us that if you are black in America don’t bother thinking that anyone will care if you are missing, injured or killed by police or anyone else. And that if you are white you can so much as get a hang nail and the world will weep with you. If you would like to read more on how white women matter but black women don’t you can read a great post about it here on Brotherpeacemaker called “The Public Infatuation With White Women.”



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  1. Damien


    I was commenting over at The Field Negro about this same thing. It amazes me how people are quick to dismiss this young ladies death over how many children she had. My Grandmother had 10 children albeit with 3 men two of which she was married to.
    Anyway, It’s like people are too quick to discount this woman and not hold the police accountable. People are so quick to give the police an excuse when they should be the ones get’n their feet held to the fire not the other way around. I guess the rest of this country wont learn what we have and the police state that is quickly becoming this nation.
    She was a citizen of this country!
    Makes me sick every fuk’n week we have a new missing white chic all over the tv and how smart, lovable and a perfect model of what an American teenager should be, but I’m sure we took a closer look we’d see more than that.

  2. Sure enough Damien,

    It doesn’t make one damn difference how many men she had or how many children. It matters that an innocent woman is dead and what DOES matter about her children is now they have NO mother. And the cops get to have a pass since she wasn’t worthy to live due to her past love life.

    Also, looking at these white girls they have tons in their backgrounds too they just don’t go into it. I mean the missing pregnant soldier they had been talking about over and over, I never once heard anything about the babies daddy. And she wasn’t married as far as I know. Yet no one said since she was a single mother that it was OK that she was slain.

    Nope that is left to black people. No matter what happens to a black person we will dig into their background to show why whatever it was is justified due to some choice they made regardless if it has anything to do with what happened to them.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. What a disgusting thing to say. I don’t see the relevance of bringing up her sexual indescretions and it no way in hell justifies her death and the shooting of her child. But then again, with Blk ppl, there’s always a justifiable reason for our deaths.

  4. This is typical of the propaganda from the dominant culture. Black people deserve their fate. White people are innocent victims. A young white woman who sleeps around and drinks heavily disappears and people want to remember her as some angel. Black woman disappears and every mistake she ever made is brought up to try and eliminate any sympathy for her from the public.

    The same thing happened with Martin Anderson. The media painted this young man as a thug and a fiend for taking his grandmother’s car without permission. How else to justify his murder at the hands of seven boot camp guards. Robert Hawkins shoots up a department store and the media wants to portray this seriously deranged individual as little more than a troubled youth reaching out for help.

    There are endless examples. Even when black celebrities get in trouble, more often than not, they are depicted as the very essence of evil or unethical behavior. Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, O.J. Simpson, Li’l Kim, and etcetera. But let white celebrities get busted and people rally around them like moths to a flame. A white wrestler can kill his family and commits suicide and the public lays flowers and wreaths on his lawn. This hypocrisy is deep.


  5. Hello Black Sentinel. Just commenting again to see if this goes through. I left 2 other comments but they do not appear to be showing up.

  6. sherry

    tarika wilson can also be called a white woman,lets not forget she is half white,beening black had nothing to do with what happen.

  7. Sherry,

    Here is the problem, people don’t see a white woman when they look at Tarika Wislon. Also, this problem of unjustified shootings happens to black women, men and children constantly. I have not seen or heard of many or any cases of white women or men being shot for pulling out wallets, candy bars, hair brushes. Or for just being in their homes when the police come a knocking.

    So, it doesn’t much matter if she has a white parent as long as the white people who see her see a BLACK person.

    Thanks for the reply

  8. FYI she had outstanding warrants in Indiana and was only going to college as part of deal in court prior. If you deal and sell crack and drugs in front of your kids, what do you expect to happen? I am not saying she deserved it, but don’t put all the blame on the cop or use the race card, she was not ALL black.

  9. Lisa,

    Like I said before, it doesn’t matter that she was half this or that. America sees her as a BLACK person. It doesn’t matter what type of crime she committed in the past. Does that mean she deserves to be killed? Because if that is the case why bother with any type of court, lets just kill them in their homes before we ever arrest them. And as far as I know she was NOT the one they were there to arrest so now how does her past criminal record play into that?

    And until you can show me the gaggle of white people who are beat, shot and abused by the police on a regular basis then race DOES come into it.

    Thanks for the reply

  10. I didn’t say she deserves to be killed, but you are portraying her as a non-crime committing black lady, i think you said. I am just letting you know she was crime committing lady. you are right she was suppposed to start college only because it was part of her sentencing for a crime she committed. I don’t care if you are black white yellow or green, the last thing you should be doing is drugs in front of your kids!!, and you are right she is not the one they were after but it was her boyfriend!! Obviously the officer felt threatened or he wouldn’t have shot! He has been an officer of the law for over 30 yrs. I don’t feel after all this time he would have done something like this to jeporadize his career. I feel bad for the family but if I was dating a guy that was dealing drugs and selling them out of my home, then I would probably expect to have the cops coming to my home sooner or later.

  11. Lisa,

    You are damn right I am not mentioning any criminal PAST!!! It doesn’t MATTER! That is the point. Now if they were there to arrest HER for a crime then it makes a difference. But it doesn’t.

    Do you care if Natalie Holloway committed a crime right before she was killed in Aruba? Nope, no one cares because a beautiful white girl was slain and that is all that matters. She was an under age drinker she had sex with three men willingly yet none of that is headline news. Only the fact that this poor white girl was killed on vacation.

    Did he also feel threatened by the 1 year old baby. Come on, every excuse in the world will be given to cops who injure, maim or kill black people. They said the same thing about the cops who beat Rodney King. The same thing about the cops who shot Sean Bell (unarmed) shot over twenty times. Same thing about Amadou Diallo (unarmed) shot at 41 times for showing his wallet. And hordes of others.

    Yet it is never a race issue. I don’t see too many white people being shot up by this contagious shooting which seems the cops only get when they see a black or even one who is half black like Tarika.

    I don’t care if I was dating the head of the mob, if they come to arrest HIM I don’t understand if I am unarmed and holding an infant why I would be shot. Now if you can give me the reason for that I am all ears.

    Excuses aside, white women are getting their doors bashed in so that their boyfriends, spouses and whoever can be arrested as well. So where are the new articles showing that they as well as their infant have been shot? Did they somehow look less threatening?

    When does the shooting of a black appearing person NOT have a good excuse?

  12. sherry

    iam white and yes the law does miss treat white people also,my brtherinlaw was beaten teeth knock out,also my brother been beaten sent to prison many of times for crime he didnt do been set up many of time by the law.

  13. you are right they were not there to arrest her, but when an officer tell you to freeze or to stop don’t you think you should stop? Also it has not yet been proven she was unarmed! She was still dating a known drug dealer, hello do you think she wasn’t doing the shit? Also she never graduated from high school, only went back to get her ged,how can you have a picture in cap and gown? What about the picture in her nice orange prison clothes. I am sorry this had to happen and the real people that will suffer from this is her children, but the law is cracking down even harder on drug dealers, whether black, white, mexican or hispanic. The law can be unfair to everyone no matter your color, it is just the blacks that make it an issue, that is why you hear more of them, the rest of the world just does the punishment and goes on. What about the Duke Univ guys accused of rape by a black lady and OH they never did it!!!! Did they use the race card that only because they were white she went after them??? NO! WOW you hear nothing of it anymore, this is just a subject that is getting old, the same people in the community are the ones griping, they said they would be good once the grand jury hands down the sentence for the cop, guess what, WRONG! It wasn’t to their liking so now they are protesting. All they want is their name in the headlines for something other than their kids getting caught with drugs,imagine that!

  14. Lisa,

    Sure, we blacks are the only ones to complain about when the law cracks down. The problem that you seem to be overlooking or just blatantly ignoring is the FACT that this is not NEW to blacks.

    Why don’t you check out all the other innocent blacks who were shot by the cops. I know you don’t feel this lady “was” innocent. But if she is not in the midst of committing a crime then there is no reason for anyone to be shot.

    Also, how do you know what the officers did or said when they busted into her house? Were you there or just taking the word of the cops who just shot a lady and baby? Not to mention if someone busted into your house you would be moving to grab your kids as well.

    You seem to think that the press should paint this lady out as some sort of hoodlum because of what her boyfriend does or did. Was she a drug dealer or user? If you don’t know that for sure then stop trying to malign her name. Also, I never hear anybody such as yourself coming out to ask why aren’t asking anyone to show ALL the bad that a white lady killed has done or do you care or has it even crossed your mind?

    And like I said where are all these white people who are being shot on a constant basis by the police. The subject is probably old to someone who doesn’t have it happening constantly to people who look like them. So do some research on how many INNOCENT black people are shot by the cops before you start talking about who is complaining and why.

    Thanks for the reply

  15. MEGAN

    I want to speak to everyone right now when i say i cant believe some of the things im hearing on here.,…TO ever justify the death of a young woman is insane to me. She was a beuitful woman who didn’t deserve what happened to her. I have 2 mixed (bi-raccial) children and i live with there father. I would hope that if the police ever ran up in my house i wouldn’t die just because i was trying to protect them. No one can say if she identified herself to police or not. But she was involoved in a raid ive had friends involoved in them and its a very scarry thing. the police are screaming at you and running threw your house no one can say how she was feeling in that moment. The police have a responsibility to protect the people they come in contact with regardless of the reason. I dont care that they were there to raid tamikas house the police should have nver shot at a unarmed person until they new who it was and if they actually where a threat. In that matter police can just shot anyone who startles them. and we dont get that same privlege…Im sure if tamika had a liscnced gun in hand and the police started her and didnt identify themselves and she shot one of them, she’d have gone down as a cop killer and that policeman would have been mourned by the whole country. I feel extreme sorrow for tamika and her family, I am a white woman but i have been blessed to live my life above color, i live n a big city and i see no boundries i feel blessed to not have an iggnorant point of view and to love all people regardless of color i feel mass sorrow in my heart for the racism in our country and i am sad to feel that its not comming to end, because people r keeping it alive by paasin sterotypes on race. white and black. I love people and my family is made up of white, black and mixed and i love everyone of my people the same..I pray that someday everyone can feel free and live a life that dosent discrimanate!

  16. ms. poetic

    There is alot of trith in the fact that there is still racism in the force that alot more people of color do lose their lives for in-exscusable reasons, heheard shots downstairs okay cops are trained if he didnt see the people when the barged in , no guin pointed at him noone charging him…why shoot 1st ask questions later????

    Not one person can say they are perfect , or that they have perfect members in her family it appears she made the wrong choice of who she dated , but that was not a reason to kill her…when they charged in did they ask for anyone in the home to come out with hands up??? im sure kids were crying if there were 6 and these well trained officers had to have heard that …did they identify themselves , and since he stated he thought the shots downstairs were being directed to him ..hmmmm Im sorry I can not buy that what time elapsed while he was in the hoe..and if the shots came from down stairs Im sure a trained professional could tell the difference of up close shots verses shots coming from another place..We have so many ignorant people in the world take the judgemental person who spoke ill of this young lady b/c of her name and her personal choices sois the message they send is if you have any imperfections, an unusual name , that cops can kill you …:TRUTH” More black people , the innocent , the young , are killed far more…you read of high schoo kids scared and reaching for information or cell phones shot, your answer is either my bad mistake or you fitthe discription of the suspect, oh you were in the wrong place, guilt by association, ….but this is not new to us, and sad to say this and other things like it will go on …BIG PICTURE half black , a little black , in this country youre still not much to alot of people young biys go to prison when they date daughters of racists then those racists tell those daughters say you were raped and they go to prison it still happens happened not long ago in Atlanta,…

    Being Black is still not easy…people judge you still, by-pass you …want you dead, and you never really know just who… but what sickens me is how alot of blacks still are against each other also , cant’t be happy for each other, they think one shade of brown is better than the next, some black men down black women saying it is better to marry outside their race how will people respect you , treat you better if you dont treat each other any better to those whom it applies? how can you exspect people to stand up for you when its dinner conversation to alot but you will NOT stand up and do anything yourself???
    So it is not just change with them It is CHANGE with US…still calling each other N i dont care if you changed it souped it up its like putting sugar on boo boo and candy coating it its still BOO BOO people when we start sticking together, educating ours, speaking out, and becoming strong b/c there are alot of african americans the mixed an all , and together we could do so much …but we dont see that …so there will always be young mothers being killed as long as we continue to make this just dinner conversation, and not stick together

  17. ms. poetic

    And please do not get me wrong i have nothing at all against any race I have several different races in my family including whites, ny thing is if we do not stand together stick together and make changes with ourselves first …how do you exspect to make positive change anywhere else like i said there will continue to be tragic situations such as this one she is not the 1st and will not be the last if we dont change …

    Kenny Walker shot in the head on the ground twice no reason , no weapons, he and his friends did everything they were told , didnt know why they were being harrassed , but this young man who had no priors, had a wife two kids….was murdered and it was an ooops im sorry thought he was reaching for a weapon that never even exsisted , the also white cop was also let go …free, and then he sued the city what does that tell you about the justice system? but hey what are we willing to do …we are portrayed as drug addicts, criminals, dead beats….as a people that can not learn , that can not stick together …so we as a people need to do our best and do better and show people , ourselves we are not all of what they make us out to be…i have marched in protests, been called the N word, sometimes when I have marched there wasnt many of us outthere supporting , imagine the things we could do if we saved our money , owned some things, went to school and educated ourselves became lawyers, doctors, politicians, imagine what we could do …
    instead of reading about one of us dead in the paper or in prison over some really crazy and inappropriate mess anyway im out

  18. bill

    The fact is Tarika was a bad, unfit, unemployed, drug addict, drug selling mother who kept having children that the state was being burdered with and paying for her crackhouse that was in operation. Why can’t the black community see that her actions had consequences. her actions and her boyfriend is the reason she is dead, not the police officer doing his job. That boyfriend had no care for her or the law, nor did she for her own children’s sake. Having six kids and not being able to support them except for welfare and dealing drugs put her own life and children at risk that the black community is overlooking and instead playing the race card as usual. The police officer was freed on charges, so their you have it, he did nothing wrong and did his job. Being a police officer, he puts his life on the line everyday. That boyfriend sicked his pit bulls on them and put the police officers in danger for their life. Just as Tarika put her children’s lives in danger by operating a crack house owned by the city.

  19. bill,

    By your own logic then we should be shooting white people in their homes when the cops raid them for whatever they are doing such as operating meth labs which is a predominantly white crime. But for some odd reason that just doesn’t happen.

    So then we get a plethora of white people who come here and say that the cops had every right to shoot an innocent (because the last time I checked you ARE innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers) woman because she may or may not have done a crime.

    So I guess it is your assertion that the cops are given the ultimate duty of not only finding the alleged criminals but to judge then execute them as well. Because that is what this boils down to. I don’t care what crime was committed you don’t have the right to shoot before you see danger.

    He is supposed to be in control and trained for these situations. And isn’t it funny that you can’t find any situations where a white woman is in her home and the cops bust in and shoot her and her child because they feared for their lives. Where are these people? We know that whites commit crimes too, so shouldn’t there be at least a small amount of such cases?

    But of course people like you don’t care that it is a one sided action where blacks just happen to be the folks who cops just happen to have happy trigger fingers around. Well isn’t that just nifty for you and your culture to not have to suffer through people like yourself being unfairly targeted for these lynchings by cop. And isn’t it you who and other whites who are playing the race card by relying solely on stereotype in this case?

    Thanks but go tell me about all the white people putting their children in danger in the meth lab before you go acting like drug houses are a black phenomenon. How about the people who keep their kids in their heroine or cocaine homes, do you have anything to say to them? Probably not since all you can see is skin color.

    Thanks but you need to open your freaking eyes and see the world by something other than a big stereotype.

  20. theblacksentinel,

    I think you may have made a mistake. The way the police operate, they may have been trained to kick up their enforcement tactics a notch or two in order to manufacture an altercation, possibly fatal, when a dark skinned person is involved.


  21. starr

    A young mother lost her life that day, but had she obeyed police orders, to get down on the ground, maybe she would still be alive today. She kept ducking in and out of a bedroom, which would cause an officer to become immediately suspicious. Your newspaper keeps arguing she did nothing wrong and this doesn’t happen to white people is incorrect. It does not matter what color you are if pose a threat to a police officer, you are susceptable of being shot. Your newspaper is just spewing racial issues, when it is not about that. Try to look beyond race for a change and open your mind, try that.

    Ever think maybe she was using her child as a shield? Maybe she could have had a gun behind that baby. Police officers never can tell when they go into that situation. Her boyfriend is the reason she is dead, not the police officer. He should have surrendered, but he put EVERYONE’s life in jeopardy and caused the shoot out to occur. Tarika put her children’s life at risk

  22. starr,

    You can play the what if game and could’ve, would’ve and should’ve all day. What it boils down to is the cops shot an unarmed person. Whether black or white she should NOT have been shot if the cop was not sure what was going on. He didn’t know how to do his job and made a bad decision. And since this isn’t about race then why don’t you name me all the white people who are shot in their homes after NOT shooting at the cops, not resisting arrest or doing anything else? You claim that she was ducking in and out of the room, really you were there? Because that even contradicts the statements of the police man who shot her. So I would thank you not to interject your own reasons why it was fine to shoot an unarmed person and their child.

    Maybe she WASN’T using her child as a shield. Did the cop say that too? Or again are you feeling free to interject more of your narrative when you weren’t even on the scene? I don’t care if a police officer never can tell what is going to happen when he gets on the scene. He is trained for these situations and if he can’t do the job he shouldn’t be on the force. And as far as I am concerned it is people like you who come and try to defend the shooting of a person who a) was not in the process of committing any crime, b) was unarmed, c) was holding a baby. When you show me all the white women and children who were shot by the cops while committing NO crime I will gladly say that this was nothing more than an unfortunate accident.

    But you see the problem is that the cops DON’T get the happy trigger fingers while apprehending the majority of white people. Yet somehow blacks just keep on getting shot and we keep finding they were unarmed. And I don’t care if she had just killed a room full of people and was covered in their blood with a big note saying “I did it.” The cops DO NOT have the right to execute someone or come into a room guns blazing before knowing what they are doing.

    I don’t care whether the person is black or white the cops do not have the right to shoot unarmed people whether they have committed a crime or not. The fact that this person had NOT had a trial by jury makes them INNOCENT. Remember innocent until proven guilty? It is in our constitution. So the cops do not have the right to be accuser, judge and executioner. That is what you race card playing bigots need to get through your freaking heads. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SHOOT AN UNARMED PERSON WHETHER A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED OR NOT! That is called vigilante justice and I don’t pay my tax dollars to support vigilantes. I want a police force that gives equal treatment for EQUAL citizens under the law.

    So you can try and support you bigotry with all the evidence in the world that she had committed a crime. It doesn’t matter the cops are NOT a jury nor an executioner. Let her go to trial and get convicted then sentenced to death if that is the outcome. But cops can’t run around shooting unarmed people who just so happen to live in the black community constantly. With bogus excuses like I was scared. If that is the case then get a new damn job loser!

    Thanks for the reply.

  23. carson

    An a young woman was shot in her home that day, and was wronged by the SWAT, which is becoming all too common. The SWat team and their eogstical behaviors and unplanned raids, in her case turned deadly. They put that officer in jeopardy by sending him in situations he is obviously not supported by as the court charges him negligent and he is put on the line by his own officers by himself in court. The raid obviously was not successful, as many of them are not. She was no stellar woman by any means, but she did not deserve to die. Your argument is not valid because you are arguing that this just occurs in the black community. These raids happen daily and people of all races die or are wronged by these swat officers. The leave a scar among all communities, upper-class or not. (Look at the mayor of small town in Maryland and killed their dogs as a mere shooting game and the family was innocent) Maybe they were just dogs, but this is another raid gone wrong- Our government needs to fix these botched raids so other people are not killed by their duty.

  24. Harriette,

    If you bothered to check your reply wasn’t posted due to the racist content. I don’t have to nor do I wish to allow your TYPE around here. Take you hate filled stupidity elsewhere. But here is a reply to ruffle your idiotic feathers.

    You give the rest of the idiots a bad name. I can understand being aware of strange men but you take it too far. You are a bigoted racist and you need to stop. All you have spewed is racist propaganda.

    Are you telling everyone that white men NEVER shoot people, sell drugs and have babies out of wedlock without supporting them? These are not things that are indicative of black men. Also, maybe you should get yourself an education because your usage of English is extremely poor. I can excuse poor language out of someone where English is their second language, but someone like you should just be ashamed.

    Also, I have lived in a lot of all white places and the majority of the crimes were being committed by white men so I guess I can’t agree with your assertion that black men are doing ALL the crime. According to the department of justice the numbers do NOT support your claims that blacks are just running amok and killing all these innocent white folks. In fact the numbers say that white people kill far more white people than any other race kills white people. I guess you need to stick to those sites such as stormfront if you want to get the propaganda that makes your lies seem truthful.

    So like you I will continue to grab my purse tight and cross the street but I will do it when I see a white man as the only race I have actually been victimized by so far have been white men. So take your useless ass back to whatever racist crack in the ground you came from and stop blaming black men for the fact that you are failing to live up to your white privilege.


  25. justaguy

    Tarika Wilson was arrested at the age of 22 in Kalida, OH with some other man back in 2004.

    [quote] published August 14, 2004

    2 Lima residents arrested in drug bust near Kalida

    KALIDA, Ohio – Two Lima residents were arrested Thursday after a drug bust that netted crack cocaine with a street value of more than $24,000, authorities said.

    Johnny Hall, 27, and Tarika Wilson, 22, will be arraigned Monday in Putnam County Court on charges of trafficking in cocaine. They are being held in the Putnam County jail.

    They were arrested after sheriff’s deputies and members of the Multi-Area Narcotics Team intercepted a drug deal near Kalida. Authorities said they confiscated nearly eight ounces of crack cocaine. [/quote]

    Why is this never brought up when everyone calls Tarika an innocent bystander?

    I’m almost positive that the Lima Police had known of this, since it happened less than 20 minutes away in the neighboring county to the north. If the man the cops were after in the raid that ended Ms. Wilson’s life had not sent his Pit Bulls at the officers, they would not have been as “trigger-happy” as they were. And hearing shots fired (the ones that subdued the dogs) would have made anyone’s heart beat a few thumps faster. Is a police officer supposed to wait till he gets shot in the face before he is allowed to take action on a supposed threat?

    If Ms. Wilson had any sense of motherhood, she would not have had the baby in between her and the danger that was lurking downstairs. What kind of a parent would do this? Even Mamma Bears put themselves in-between their cubs and any supposed danger to them, not the other way around.

  26. That is simply some of the most racist bullshit to justify the murder of a black woman that I have ever heard. Because of a drug bust three years prior the coward of a police officer felt he had to go in shooting because he was in fear of his life. White people refuse to acknowledge and fully support racial discrimination. Police officer’s get fired for knocking a little white boy off his skateboard when s skating where he shouldn’t and people go ape shit. White police officer kills an unarmed woman holding a baby because he’s a scared pussy and people say it was justified. And then we blame the mother for getting shot by the shit for a spine police officer. This blatant hatred of black people is just crazy.

    Peace (For we are far from it)

  27. It doesn’t matter how blatant the shooting is racially you will always find a white person who will come out with every excuse in the world as to why the black person was to blame for the shooting.

    Next they will tell us that her latent sickle cell trait attracted the bullets from his gun. Yet I have seen on televisions wildest police crap a white person sick pit bulls and other types of dogs on the cops. Not to mention they had an even worse record than this lady and the cops failed to get trigger happy and shoot. What could account for this?

    It seems to me what we have is just more racist sympathizers at work. It is always justified to shoot a black person, her children and even her gold fish if necessary. But somehow cops just don’t see the need to even shoot a white person after they are shooting at them first. Same racist shit we have been dealing with forever. Who is surprised by this or these racist ramblings to support the over use of force on more blacks.


  28. Harriette

    I could care less what any of you people think…

  29. Harriette,

    Then shut the fuck up and go away!

  30. BrotherP,

    Don’t pay any mind to the idiot known as Harriette. She already tried but couldn’t get her reply posted because it was so stupid and full of racist propaganda that I just couldn’t in good conscience put anything this fools says on for people to ingest.

    Thanks for letting her know how everyone here thinks. I am all for letting people have their say except for when they are beyond stupid and Harriette is just that stupid.

    OH and Harriette, if you don’t care what we think then why do you continue to come back. Either you care what we think or you are just obsessed with black people. I will go with ummm, BOTH. Now shut the hell up and go away.

    Thanks for the reply.

  31. justaguy

    Perhaps you could enlighten me. Just how is my previous post considered racist?

    Although I am not voting for Sen. Obama, I almost hope that he gets elected and makes all this “change” he preaches about actually happen. Maybe then we will truly have racial equality, and those of you that scream “racism” at every little thing will no longer be able to blame “the white man” for happenings that are clearly the result of poor judgment and lack of character of the person involved, not the color/sex/religion of the person.

  32. Justaguy,

    What difference does it make what she did in the past? Did the officer know this at the time he shot her? And would that make it better if he did? The problem is that it doesn’t matter. Our cops are not executioners. So when you try and justify the shooting of a person who was NOT being arrested, was NOT under any suspicion at that time, who was NOT armed, who was NOT threatening the police at the time, you are justifying a crime.

    You want to sit and act as if you would do the same thing when it happens to a white person. But you know the problem with that scenario, IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO WHITE PEOPLE!!!! So why NOT? Maybe you should ask yourself that question. For every black person who is shot, you can find the same scenario involving other races that were NOT shot or otherwise harmed. So what do you say to this, you just pump a whole lot of propaganda at it. You don’t speak to these facts.

    Also, when was the last time you heard Obama speaking about racial change? Uh, never! He is all about the status quo. And if you are stupid enough to think that just because a black person becomes president that somehow negates racism then you must also believe that by Bill Gates being a billionaire removes all claims that white people suffer from poverty. IT IS STUPID!! Racism doesn’t hinge on whether or not some black person does this or that. Racism hinges on whether black people get EQUALITY. Also, equality within he eyes of the law, where blacks aren’t constantly shot or killed by cops.

    I guess now that Bill Gates is a billionaire why are white people still crying about being poor or losing their homes, or losing their savings etc? When will these poor white people who lost their homes stop blaming mortgage companies and start paying attention to their poor judgement and lack of character?

    You need to start thinking about the stupid shit you say. One black man breaking through in America does NOT mean that racism is dead. I will blame a white person when they commit an act of blatant racism. So until you white people STOP your racism you will continue to be blamed when racism happens. How about that? Does that work for you?

    So hell yes your comments are racist. White people such as yourself love to make every excuse as to why it is justifiable to shoot, kill, sodomize or otherwise injure a black person by a police officer. You want to constantly speak to the lack of character or poor judgement of black people. What about the poor judgement of that cop? What about his lack of character? What about the lack of character for a whole slew of white people? You and those like you don’t care about that as long as you can point the finger at a black person. So when will losers like you stop screaming blatant racist acts aren’t racism, how about never.

    Get lost loser.

  33. To The Black Sentinel,

    Ruby Ridge, Idaho
    August 21, 1992


    The above second weblink is considered biased by the Wikipedia people.

    The following are excerpts from the first weblink:
    [Randall] Weaver supplied the shotguns to Faderley, although he claims to have supplied full-length weapons, telling Faderley to shorten them himself. The ATF maintain that the weapons supplied by Weaver were illegally shortened when Faderley received them. Another account states that Weaver shortened them in front of the undercover ATF agent, to his requested length, and they were only slightly shorter than legally permitted.

    A bench warrant was issued for Weaver’s arrest,…

    The marshals’ version of events is when they were rising to identify themselves, they were fired on first by Sammy and Harris.[2] [4] Whatever version is correct, Sammy Weaver was shot in the back and arm by federal agents while U.S. Marshal William Degan was shot in the chest. [2] Both died.

    As the three ran back to the house, Horiuchi fired again, but this time hit Weaver’s wife Vicki in the head as she held their 10-month-old daughter Elishiba at the door.[6] Vicki Weaver collapsed on the floor, dying instantly with her bloody but uninjured daughter in her arms.

    Weaver was charged with multiple crimes relating to the Ruby Ridge incident, including the original firearms charges and murder. Attorney Gerry Spence handled Weaver’s defense, and argued successfully that Weaver’s actions were justifiable as self-defense. The jury acquitted Weaver of all charges except that of failure to appear, for which Weaver was fined $10,000 and sentenced to 18 months in prison. He was credited with time served plus an additional three months, and was then released. Subsequently, the government paid $308,000 to Kevin Harris (who was acquitted of all criminal charges), $100,000 to Randall Weaver, and $1 million to each of the surviving Weaver children to settle their lawsuits against the government.

    In 1997, the District Attorney for Boundary County, Idaho charged Horiuchi with involuntary manslaughter, but the indictment was removed to federal jurisdiction based on the Supremacy Clause and eventually dismissed at the federal prosecutor’s request.

    For those of you who have been very critical of Ms. Tamika Wilson, would you please consider the following question:

    Did Vicki Weaver deserve to be killed too?

    If not, then would you please explain your hypocrisy?

    Thank you for listening.

  34. The Engineer,

    Right on point. But Justaguy will probably not even see the hypocrisy in this. As those white people deserved to be paid because a real “innocent” person was shot. Even though they were involved in a gun fight with the federal agents. Yet shoot a black woman AND her child and this is her fault.

    Thanks so much.

  35. justaguy

    The Black Sentinel,

    You said [quote] You want to constantly speak to the lack of character or poor judgement of black people.[/quote]

    I said [quote] Maybe then we will truly have racial equality, and those of you that scream “racism” at every little thing will no longer be able to blame “the white man” for happenings that are clearly the result of poor judgment and lack of character of the person involved, not the color/sex/religion of the person. [/quote]

    I am not saying all black people have character flaws, or that all black people, and only black people, suffer from bad judgment. FAR FROM IT! I never look at the race as a whole, but as individuals. In fact, there are just as many white people with character flaws and bad judgment, maybe more. And if those character flaws and/or bad calls get a white person shot, they probably deserve it. Like the Weaver woman from the previous post. I have no sympathy for her. She CHOSE to be with a man that was doing highly illegal, and very dangerous activities. Her bad judgment got her shot dead. It’s her own fault.

    And don’t argue that Ms. Weaver maybe had nowhere to go… there are more than enough programs in this country to help females get away from abusive and/or dangerous husbands and boyfriends. She could have, and should have, taken her and her children away from the illegal and dangerous activities, just like Ms. Wilson could have, and should have.

    Now on to Senator Obama. I think you underestimate what a monumental occasion it would be to have a black person elected as President. It means that, even though the Black population is a minority in this country, enough white people voted for him (over a more experienced veteran like Sen. McCain) to make him, arguably, the most powerful person in the world. It would prove to you (i should hope), on a small note, that not every white person is as racist as you claim them to be. Now, figure in the percentage of white people that are registered voters versus the percentage of black people that are registered voters (statistically, a higher percentage of white people were registered to vote in the last presidential election), that comes out to a whole lot of white folks who think that a certain black man would do a better job than a certain white man of running this country.

    Just when the argument was getting good…..

    Thanks for resorting to “name-calling” in what i thought could have been a good argument. I was hoping you could teach me a few things, and I also hoped that you would hear an honest perspective from my end. But, the preemptive “name-calling” just proves that you are intolerant and narrow-minded. If you get in over your head, you just call someone a loser, tell them to get lost, and hope that they do.

    Racism will never end in this country unless we can discuss our views and opinions OPENLY. Just because a white person doesn’t talk to black people and doesn’t say anything bad about them to their own friends and family, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not racist. If he or she secretly hates all black people, and never tells a soul that he does… that person is still racist. Therefore, we need to open our mouths in a CIVILIZED MANNER… each side getting their opportunity to say what they feel about the subject. And then, ONLY then, will we ever make any progress toward racial harmony. If we just “Get Lost”, like you wished for me to do, nothing will ever happen.

    I’ll “get lost”, but only because you have proven that you can’t argue like a gentleman.

  36. Justaguy,

    So I guess in your mind if your mother is minding her own business in her home and the your dad has been accused of committing a crime you would be fine with her being shot dead by cops. Because in your mind she was dumb enough to make a bad relationship choice and should now be subjected to an unprovoked killing by police. That seems awful cold to me. But we both know that if you replaced Tarika Wilson with your mother you would be fighting for her right now. And don’t tell me that your father would never do a crime. Because being accused and being arrested isn’t an automatic guilty verdict. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, remember.

    You overestimate the power of Obama being president. Or are you telling me that just because a white person votes for Obama or loves Oprah, or worships Tiger Woods means that they would never commit an act of racism against some black person who isn’t Obama, Oprah or Tiger? See you underestimate the power of racism. Not to mention I never said EVERY white person was racist. I said racist white people that is specific. Not unless you feel that is every white person.

    I call them as I see them. If you feel that is resorting to name calling then so be it. If a person continues to interject stupidity into a conversation then that person is a loser plain and simple. Sorry but that is how I see it. Don’t continue to show a losing hand and then expect NOT to be called a loser. Not to mention I don’t argue like a gentleman because I argue like a lady.

    We will never have racial harmony while people continue to argue to protect blatant racist people. When you and others like you can stop your propaganda peddling for one minute and open your own mind maybe then racial harmony can begin to start. But my mind has been open enough to many, many people and all I seem to be getting is racist propaganda back. I don’t have time to be lulled into the same pathetic acceptance of the kool-aid which keeps black subjugation and white privilege in full force.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  37. The Engineer

    And if those character flaws and/or bad calls get a white person shot, they probably deserve it. Like the Weaver woman from the previous post. I have no sympathy for her. She CHOSE to be with a man that was doing highly illegal, and very dangerous activities. Her bad judgment got her shot dead. It’s her own fault.

    “That seems awful cold to me.”
    — quotation of The Black Sentinel.

    I agree. That is awfully cold blooded.

    As for the rest of The Black Sentinel response — Well said, The Black Sentinel; well said.

    Thank you for listening.

  38. Tamika

    Why really are black people so angry? Why do you feel you need to blame the white folks for shortcomings. When are we black folks going to understand our culture must merge into education and the american dream instead of embarrassing ourselves every time we come up in the media for a crime. We are killing our own race, black en won’t marry us, we live off the government, we should be doing more for our community instead of asking what it could be doing for me. Yes, I am ashamed of my own race. There are so many in the black community that don’t even see a future ahead of themselves and don’t care if they see tomorrow- now this is what needs to change!

  39. Tamika,

    Either you are NOT black or you have been swimming in the Kool Aid. Why are blacks angry? Being a black person I would think you should know the answer to that. But maybe you don’t and the Kool Aid damaged your brain. I am angry (since I can’t speak for all blacks) because we are constantly being subjugated and fools like you act as if you can’t see it.

    Why do you feel the need to blame black folks for white folks shortcomings? When are “black” folks like you going to understand that our culture is not the sum of our minority. The majority of blacks ARE educated and chase the American dream like everyone else. But it is those whites and “blacks” such as yourself who constantly want to point to the stupid minority as if it represents the entire race. How idiotic.

    Instead of blaming a white cop for shooting an unarmed BLACK woman and her child, you would rather blame the victim. Who I might add was not under any suspicion of a crime. Or are you saying that her crime was being black, then yes she committed the ultimate crime. So again exactly what crime had she committed in order to be shot in cold blood? When blacks like you get your collective heads out of your ass and stop subjugating your own maybe then we can grow as a community and come together to solve our problems.

    If I am not mistaken Tarika Wilson was killed by a white cop NOT our own as you put it. Yes, we are killing our own race, as is whites, Hispanics, Asians and whatever other race you wish to add. That is a fact in any society each race victimizes those in their own race. And maybe a black man won’t marry YOU because you are a shameful black woman. But, I don’t have a problem landing a black man. And all the black women who live in my neighborhood don’t seem to be having a problem landing a black man either. Too bad for you.

    The majority of people living off the government are single white women. But of course you being the black hating fool you are, would have no idea of that. You say we should be doing more for our community, what exactly are YOU doing for our community? Those people in the black community who don’t see a future don’t see one because of what reason? They just don’t want to? Or could it be that we are unemployed at twice the rate of white people? Or could it be that organizations such as the AMA just came out and apologized for its concerted efforts to block blacks from becoming doctors?

    Or maybe it’s the fact that a study shows that white men with a felony prison record get call backs for jobs at a rate of 17% and black men with a 4 year college degree and NO criminal record at all got a call back rate of 15%. That would make my outlook of the future pretty bleak. And why do you suppose that all those college educated black men couldn’t get a job over a white felon? Was it the black mans fault or did he blame the white man? Oh yeah, the white man was the one who hired the white felon over his 4 year college degree, keeping his nose clean resume. So I think maybe that answers your stupid questions for why blacks might be angry!

    It is not surprising that you are ashamed of your own race, as I being a member of the black race am ashamed of YOU! You are a bigger problem for the black community than any white person even a blatant racist from the KKK. What NEEDS to change is black people who have such disdain for the black race that they go above and beyond any white racists stereotyping and subjugating. You are a very sick individual living with a load of self hate. I feel sorry for you and hope that one day you too can be deprogrammed or at least get off the Kool Aid.

    I would thank you for your reply, but it was too shameful.

  40. WTF Italia

    Tamika, Trust me education is not going to change the perception of black/people of color in the eyes of most white people. Especially white Americans. As a woman of color watching America via the news from Italy, I can tell you that your future looks bleak. Why are black people angry? Well, take one look at the media and the current election. All of a sudden, the trash that condemns black women for having children out of wedlock would like the world to forgive Sarah Palin’s daughter. Never mind the fact that the father of the baby is a high school drop out. Yet, we should not bother her family, she is a “victim.”
    Yes, there are a lot of black people who are misguided and downright stupid. However, there are a lot of us who are hard workers, educated, and fairminded with good hearts. I guess you don’t know what it feels like to have someone assume that you have “plenty of boyfriends” despite you spending your time caring for your family and furthering your career. You have never had some assume that you were a “prostitute” because you were light skinned and traveling in a foreign country. You have never had people assume that you were in a store to steal despite earning well over $80,000 a year. You have never had someone question your competence in a technical profession. You have never had someone try to paint you as an incompetent affirmative action hire because of your skin. You have never had to neglect your home life because you are afraid that people at your job will hold your absence against you. You have never been labeled as having an “attitude” because you won’t joke around and act like a caricature. Darling, I have dealt with all of this and more. That young girl did not deserve to be shot, neither did her innocent one year old baby. Now, you have children who will grow up with no one and possibly never be adopted because whites would rather adopt an asian baby from another country. I leave this alone but you are blind.

  41. WTF Italia,

    I applaud everything you have said in this reply. I totally agree with you. And you have hit on some points I was thinking of putting in a new post about Palins daughter. Everyone wants to celebrate her irresponsibility while slapping blacks in the face with their children’s misdeeds.

    Thanks for the reply.

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