Profiling Child Sex Trade Perpetrators


Sexual predators from America are traveling to South East Asia to take part in a sex trade. The problem with this sex trade is that the prostitutes are young boys and girls some as young as five. I was watching as MSNBC did an undercover show on this subject. And I am going to give my take on the whole mess.

We start off seeing a dusty village in Cambodia as a teenage boy greets the hidden camera man and offers him sex with young girls. We are then introduced to a doctor named Jerry Albom from Oklahoma who says that he frequents Cambodia at least once or twice a year. He is one of the guys who go there to meet these underage girls. He actually tells the camera man that he should tell people that he is going to another part of SE Asia as the people might suspect that he is going to Cambodia for the young girls. He brags that he has had two, three, four and sometimes five girls at a time in his hotel room to pleasure him. He says that he likes them in their early teens fifteen or sixteen but sometimes girls’ young as fourteen sneak in, and oh well as he put it.

Now if this were a black doctor people would undoubtedly be saying that this is indicative of the black race to have something like this going on. Just look at how dog fighting is now a black cultural thing and linked to rapping. All because one high profile black man is convicted of dog fighting. It does not matter that dog fighting originated in Europe or that they even interviewed white people who admit to dog fighting and say they will continue. Yet it in no way diminishes or tarnishes the white race.

So we know that if this doctor were a black man not only would he be arrested and held to the fullest extent of the law, the whole black race would now be subject to suspicion and scrutiny from white America. In fact they had a hidden camera in one of the clubs frequented by western patrons and the underage girls they intended to meet. They were ALL white men. Should I now think that somehow the actions of those white men are indicative of all white men? Somehow this just proves the deviant sexual behavior that white men possess and we should now profile them since it will keep our children safe. It sounds silly yet this is exactly the attitude we show with black people.

If a few black males are walking in a group, watch out it is probably a gang of thugs. A black lady is at the store with children, she is probably a single mother on welfare and looking to steal. These are some of the stereotypes that blacks have to deal with because one person fits the stereotype we all do as well. Yet whites get to forego the stereotypical bull and get judged by individual merit. Constantly I am being barraged with people saying on my Blog that people should be judged as individuals, which is all fine and dandy.

Yet these people these are the biggest perpetrators who will then turn around and say that “blacks should just get an education, and start speaking correct English.” Maybe I should start stereotyping whites; it wouldn’t be hard, since according to the numbers from the government they are committing the most crimes anyway. I could start grabbing my children when I see white men the way white women grab their purses in the presence of a black man. Since we now understand that they are pedophiles.

Speaking of which I could also ask the school to put a video camera in the room of my son’s teacher if she is white, since she is probably going to try and rape him. Better yet, she should just be fired as I don’t feel comfortable I mean with all the white female teachers raping young boys. Just like the black kids look like a gang of thugs, I should be afraid that groups of white kids are going to hang a noose in my tree. Or call my son over a prank on myspace and threaten to come lynch us. I will also beware of white teenaged boys in malls, churches and schools as they seem to have a propensity for shooting up those types of places.

I lived in a large apartment complex once and a lady in the gym was explaining that the office had been wrecked or robbed by some kids. We were all working out at the gym and were discussing the issues of the complex. She then blurted out a stupid question “do you know them?” Now why would we know them, because it was a crime committed and they must be black? How about “did she know them?” Yet, of course not as she wouldn’t know any criminals, why should she.

I don’t know how many times I have had a white person say something such as, “oh my dry cleaner is black, do you know him?” As we sit in a city of thousands of people. I am supposed to know every black person in town. That is when I say “oh, my mail carrier is white, do you know him?” They get such a puzzled look, as if to say why would I know them? Yet they expected me to know this one black whose name they didn’t even know out of thousands. I think that we should play the tit for tat game, if you want to be racially insensitive to someone, they should be just as insensitive back. Maybe that will get people’s attention.

I could surely go on and on with this whole exercise in propaganda, yet it will undoubtedly fly right over the head of those who need to understand it. As they will not see how profiling whites would be helpful but would totally see how profiling those criminal blacks IS. The hypocrisy regarding racial stereotyping runs so deep and has been so ingrained for so long that races that are constantly being stereotyped have taken to internalizing it and becoming some of the biggest perpetrators. As people start to realize that these things can both ways, maybe they will stop all together and we all can be judged by our own actions and not have to be the spokesman of our race.



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7 responses to “Profiling Child Sex Trade Perpetrators

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  2. augustonfire

    I can’t identify with this. A pedophile is a pedophile, a gang member is a gang member, and I’ve never assumed that M. Vick represents all black people. For all the talk of stereotyping, you are the first person who has brought to my attention that dog fighters or pedophiles are thought to be racially categorized.

  3. augustonfire,

    It is no surprise that these people are racially profiled. What was the first thing they started doing after Michael the dog fighter Vick was busted? They started tying the whole dog fighting with rap music and what do you think of when rap is mentioned? Of course young black males. That isn’t a big leap.

    So if we can do that leap then why can’t or don’t we make that leap for things such as pedophilia and over seas sex trade indulger’s?

    Thanks for the comment

  4. Isn’t this article supposed to focus on “Profiling Child Sex Trade Perpetrators?” What does race have ANYTHING to do with it?!?!?

  5. Well Lindsay,

    What do you think profiling is. They use some sort of marker in identifying who is MOST likely to do a particular crime. The one marker they love to use most often seems to be that of race.

    So talking talking about racially profiling perpetrators is only logical for law enforcement. And since in all the documentaries on this problem the perpetrators were Caucasian so I would like to see people support racial profiling when it comes to races that are NOT considered the minority. You can bet your bottom dollar if all the men or just half who were busted were black, the law would be quick to say that they need to somehow stop them so that they could be sure no crimes were going to be committed.

    This is what racial profiling is. They stop black men driving because they “claim” that they are more likely to have drugs so this excuse seems to make it OK. Well in the expose ALL the perpetrators in the child sex scandals were white. So why don’t they stop white men traveling to places where this is a problem and make sure “they” aren’t trying to commit a crime. It should be just as OK as stopping all Muslims at the airport or stopping black men driving or following blacks around the store to prevent shoplifting.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  6. Quote: “I think that we should play the tit for tat game, if you want to be racially insensitive to someone, they should be just as insensitive back. Maybe that will get people’s attention.”

    Do you mean sort of like “an eye for an eye”? Would that not leave us all blind?

    I understand, and have felt, frustration like what I read here. I can only hope that I can (at least most of the time) rise above that and be not criticized too harshly by others.

    I prefer “treat thy neighbor as thyself” and yes, I do try to give every chance that I can. I am not perfect, and know no-one that is. I can only pray that the people who do these things (and their victims) get the help that WE ALL need.

    Pastor James Christensen

  7. James Christensen,

    I appreciate your comment. I wasn’t really serious and should have stated that. But you are right we would all be blind. But something must be done because at some of us are being blinded while the others are gaining from that.


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