Sex Slaves In America


The other night my family and I sat down and watched a special on sex slaves in America. The show was about girls actually young ladies who were brought to America from places such as the Ukraine, El Salvador, China and Guatemala under the guise of being offered jobs in industries such as restaurants or housekeeping here. Now I find this abhorrent and extremely sinister and interesting that none of these criminals were black and no phrases were used like white enslavers. But the one thing that struck me was the fact that there were even discrepancies as to how these sex slaves were treated when the deal was busted by the cops. I am also curious as to how these slaves differ in treatment from the American slaves.

I found it interesting that the prosecutor in one of the cases for them said that this was slavery except it was the most egregious kind of slavery, they were sex slaves. As opposed to your run of the mill African slave who was your sex slave and full worker slave. I guess the fact that they got paid cash made their slavery more egregious. Or maybe it was the fact that they weren’t black made the slavery just that much worse than that of the 400 years of black slavery.

There were sex slaves who were brought in from the Ukraine and Russia that were making a thousand dollars a day, not including what was given to the pimps. They were hiding this money and were told that they had to pay the pimp so much money for bringing them to this country. Owing the pimp seemed to be the underlying theme for ALL the women in this situation no matter where they were originally from. The girls from the Ukraine were told that they would be able to pay their pimp off in about six months. Yet before the six months was up a couple of them had fled in the night with a “John” who promised to bust the pimps, which he loyally did.

The girls had been kept in a condo or townhouse and could come and go at will. They did however tell tales of being raped by the pimps whenever they had the inclination. Now that they were freed they were able to find a good life living off the thousand dollars a day bonus they amassed due to their services. They must have had about ninety thousand dollars saved up that was not taken by the government because the story teller explained how they hid the money first. Now they are free American citizens and able to live life like they wanted to in the first place.  Or maybe even better since they had planned on being waitresses who I doubt would have taken home ninety thousand dollars in three months barring some side gig as a sex slave.

Now there is a far different tale from those ladies that were tricked into America from Guatemala, Mexico and Asia. They were making only thirteen dollars from each “John” they were with compared to whatever the girls from the Ukraine etc. were bringing in per “John” to make a thousand dollars a night take home for themselves. These ladies were going to spend years working off the debts they incurred to be brought to America. Yet when the deal was busted instead of being able to go free and tell their tales they were arrested and sentenced to prison. Not only were they forced into being sex slaves they were then jailed for being duped.

I thought this is so indicative of how hypocritical the United States is. People with brown skin will be not only forced into a bad situation but then blamed and punished for it. All the while the white skin people not only got to keep the ill gotten gains, they were treated like the victims they were plus given the help and care they deserved. They were even able to have an audience with congress to discuss the sex slave industry. In contrast the Hispanic slaves were treated to the same disdain that they are treated with from America on a daily basis which is you don’t belong here and you are not worth our help or care but, hurry up and pick our vegetables.

Now to throw a twist in each and every time I talk about and even when I don’t talk about slavery people who comment on my Blog are constantly telling me that blacks should get over slavery it happened it is over so move on. Well I did not once here anyone telling these ladies that had been sex slaves or their children for that matter to move on it’s over and they are now free to live good lives. They told their stories over and over with the same pain they felt having been there. They told of how they don’t feel safe, their children don’t feel safe etc. Their children are forever scarred by this traumatic event and want everyone to know their harrowing stories.

No one told the sex slaves from the Ukraine that they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop crying over something that is clearly over for them. They shouldn’t be rehashing the past and begging for a hand out. They shouldn’t be asking for their captors to be held captive in prisons now in some sort of reverse captive taking akin to some reverse discrimination. No one would be as rude and callous as to say any of these things to these ladies or their children who have suffered so much. Yet saying this to blacks who are still feeling the affects of the trauma is not a big deal. As we have seen from this show it is fine to harass the victim just so long as that victim is a person of color.



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10 responses to “Sex Slaves In America

  1. brotherpeacemaker

    The whole case is indicative of how society views behavior from white people and black people. When our dominant culture that is controlled primarily by white people finds other white people in less than flattering positions they are entitled to our sympathy. But black people, racial minorities, and non whites, who find themselves the victim of crimes are fully examined for any opportunity to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. There was absolutely no difference between what happened to those white women from the Ukraine and the Hispanic women. But when our culture sees the women from the Ukraine they gain our sympathy. Poor white people need our help. Never mind the fact that they’re here in the states illegally. But non whites? They better hope they have their immigration papers.


  2. theblacksentinel


    You are right about the hypocrisy. And those poor, poor white Ukrainian women got to clean up with their ill gotten gains. Thousands of dollars and a free American citizenship. Hey, if Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll has anything to say about how these ladies came to be citizens then they should get down on their knees daily and thank those sex slave captors for doing this to help them become a citizen.

  3. Sara

    Agreed. I’m so sick of googling articles about African colonial slavery and finding titles like ‘From chains to liberation: the American journey” . Everything we learn (or try to learn) about the world is still integrated in a system of social control, which is that White is right.

  4. Sara,

    You are right on point with your statement. How can you learn about African anything when it is being twisted by a European viewpoint. In fact like they always say history is owned by the victors.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Elisha Rister

    I personally believe that slavery; no matter the race is a sin…what is sad is that it still exist today and mainly in the form of sex slaves. What right does any person have to say that it is less than what it is-slavery is slavery. I research slavery that is still going on today…from country to country. It is illegal to traffick humans into America…people still do it and when they get caught (no matter what color they are) they ARE tried and if found guilty sent to jail…also any person who was illegally brought into the United States are t0 be exported-assuming that they arent put in protective services for going to court to put the perverts behind bars!The latina women were arrested because the officers at first thought they were prostitutes, it was months before the women admitted that they were actually sex slaves–it took months of convincing them to speak out agianst their captors. The latinas were making 65 dollars for 45 min of sex, tips, and then 13 dollars for the drinks…all money had to go to the pimps. The Asians were cited for not having massage license but they werent thrown in jail–the cities mayor is using health code officials to shut dont massage parlors where people are living in inadequate quarters,giving massage without license, and wearing unathorized attire. Also the Asians tip was expected to be $100.00 per girl and that money had to ALSO be turned over. You mentioned that Ukraine women were making 1000 of dollars per night, yes they were working 12 hour shift in a strip bar to include sexual favors…but they had to give every cent to their “owners” and they only saved up 700 dollars to escape over a period of 9 months…in order to do so they had would put a few dollars in a jar and hide it in the dirt underneath a bush…the women were terrified of being found out! You also mentioned that none of the criminals were black and yes you are right in that news story none were but in West Africa, Benin almost 200,000 black children are sold into slavery by their own people, some parents are selling their children for money and those kids are used as either sex slaves, or work horses….and nine out of 10 times they have NO way to get out…in Mauritania a 800 yr old black chattel slavery system still exists…its a country that sits on the west coast of Africa…the Arabians would kidnap Africans as slaves and those descendents of those kidnapped Africans are STILL slaves today…In the upper Volta region of Africa about 4,000 girls and women are sold into slavery by their families…mainly to atone for the sins of their male relatives-the ladies are sold to fetish priests in the area and made a Trokosi slave–the women not only have to sexual serve the priests but they must also work like chattel—the women serve mainly 3-5 years for the priest and after that the family may buy her back but they usually demand such a high price that it cant be afforded…and if the women dies while in servitude, that SAME family MUST provide another virgin girl to serve that priest/shrine! The priests often beat the women to death in order to get another girl serving them. I just wanted to point out that slavery isnt just focused on white people and white people arent the only ones who do it–its people who dont understand humanity, who dont respect others and have a total disregard for a persons worth. It isnt based on color its based on beliefs, the attitude needs to change and I’m doing my part…In the U.S. we mainly have sex slaves because many men(I’m not steroetyping, its a fact and I can get the statistics if you wish) will pay for a prostitute…the question is, does she have a choice or not—in Africa its due to beliefs…have been enslaving their own people before even we Americans did so, it’s been engrained in the culture that its hard to change now…the only way to do so is through education and a active stance agianst it! If you want to stop modern day slavery, e-mail me I will be more than happy to send any information your way. There are so many organizations and you can do your part too!

  6. Elisha,

    I never said that slavery was a white or black thing. I was commenting that the ladies were treated differently during raids etc. And also, I am just going by what the lady said in her interview about saving all that money. Also, she did NOT get deported and it has been years since the captors were put in prison. She even talked about how she was afraid for her mother etc.

    I never said there was no slavery in Africa as we both know there is. This show was not focused on them and since I was focusing on the show…

    Also, in Africa before the slave trade the people were indentured servants not slaves as we know slavery to have happened in America. So you can’t really compare the two.

    My whole point in the post was that I constantly here people say that we should just get over slavery. Now if that is how everyone feels then they should be telling those ladies from the Ukraine that same thing. I was speaking to the hypocrisy of it all. That is all, don’t read more into it than there is.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. why were they treated so bad? why could the people just take them in and not hurt them? why did they do it was it going to make them feel better about themselfs? why can’t we stop people from hurting other people?

  8. McKenzie,

    I wish I knew why people do the crazy and despicable things that they do.

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. Sentinel,

    Although, I, being a rational person agree that slavery in any form is sick. i am sickened further by your attitude.

    I think you are very misguided in your beliefs that the women who are traded into the sex slave are merely willing prostitutes. perhaps you should further educate yourself prior to posting.. i know you spend a whole hour watching that documentary before you formed your condescending belief that the sex slave has it better off than the African American slave did..

    I am just utterly shocked at your ability to look at two completely horrible events and instead of remarking on how sick both are, you make mention that one victim is better off than the other.. and the most despicable thing of all.. your remark about the victims getting citizenship , like being an American citizen is such a privilege that women should be willing to prostitute themselves for it.

    if you have another hour maybe you should watch this documentary:

  10. Project2501,

    I think you totally MISSED the point of the post. It was NOT saying that those women were willing participants.

    I DO think they had it a bit better than the African American slaves. These people left their torture with thousands of dollars for their trouble. Remind me again what African slaves left with. Oh that’s right NOTHING.

    Not to mention, I was making a correlation between race problems and how they treated these sex slaves. And the correlation on how the people in the story listened to the children of the sex slaves and the family of the sex slaves without once telling them the “get over it” that is constantly told to anyone talking about African slavery.

    So, if you think it is condescending to make comparisons, too bad. We as blacks are constantly being subjected to the stupid comparisons of everyone in this country.

    If you noticed where the statement “American citizen is such a privilege that women should be willing to prostitute themselves for it” came from the fact that blacks were told something similar recently. We were told by a Senator that if getting citizenship means that you had to be a slave, then we blacks should be happy to have been one.

    Now, if that is the cold disgusting thing you are talking about then maybe you should spend a few minutes RE-READING the post or better yet go read what was said to blacks by a Senator. Which I wrote about in another post. Also you don’t seem to care about the discrepancy given to the victims themselves.

    I don’t see you complaining about the way the Hispanic women were treated by American authorities vs the way the Russian or Ukrainian women were treated. But you don’t hesitate to jump my case over the perceived treatment I am supposedly doling out to those ladies.

    Thanks but no thanks.

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