Ron Paul – Racist Babble or Forward Thinking?


Neither Ron Paul nor his supporters surprise me with the plethora of racially motivated speech that they babble. I recently did a post on the blatant racist nature of what Ron Paul stands for and what I got for that was a gaggle of racist Paul supporters who have nothing but racist rhetoric to spew much like their candidate.

I had one person who seemed to think that for a black not to not vote for Ron Paul would be for us to doom our brothers to stay in prison for drug crimes. Since supposedly Ron Paul would like to end the war on drugs and thus this somehow equates to blacks being let out of prison in droves. Now what makes this fool think that the black community wants to have criminals running free just because they are black? What about the whites who are in prison for drug crime are they going free as well, and is this the goal of the white community? So why should it be of such importance to the blacks?

Here are some other comments from Ron Paul showing his unending support for the black community. And I would hope that all Ron supporters who claim that he is FOR the black community would wake up and explain how these comments help us. And for that they can explain how these comments are not just more racist rhetoric that is constantly being hurled at us. Ron Paul is nothing more than a simple minded racist who is trying to play both sides of the fence. He is staying true to his racist brethren while blatantly trying his best to get a foot hold with black supporters who are woefully uneducated to the statements and real agenda of this man and his supporters.

Regardless of what the media tell us, most white Americans are not going to believe that they are at fault for what blacks have done to cities across America. The professional blacks may have cowed the elites, but good sense survives at the grass roots. Many more are going to have difficultly avoiding the belief that our country is being destroyed by a group of actual and potential terrorists — and they can be identified by the color of their skin. This conclusion may not be entirely fair, but it is, for many, entirely unavoidable.

Indeed, it is shocking to consider the uniformity of opinion among blacks in this country. Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions, i.e. support the free market, individual liberty, and the end of welfare and affirmative action…. Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the “criminal justice system,” I think we can safely assume that 95% of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.

If similar in-depth studies were conducted in other major cities, who doubts that similar results would be produced? We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, but it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings, and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers.

Perhaps the L.A. experience should not be surprising. The riots, burning, looting, and murders are only a continuation of 30 years of racial politics. The looting in L.A. was the welfare state without the voting booth. The elite have sent one message to black America for 30 years: you are entitled to something for nothing. That’s what blacks got on the streets of L.A. for three days in April. Only they didn’t ask their Congressmen to arrange the transfer.

This entire spill was taken from the Daily Kos. I am only interested in finding out how with such statements this man could possibly be capable of doing good things to end the racial problems in America. He seems more adept at adding to the racial tensions by the use of his racial rhetoric than any thing else. Is this more racist babble or the forward thinking that most of his supporters keep speaking of. To me it sounds more like the speech of past and present racists. If any supporters would like to comment to these blatant racist statements please stay on topic as this Blog is not an open forum for hate speech.



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  2. Commenter

    I commented on your first post about Paul and I am not a rascist. I also tried to explain that the war on drugs has been used to “criminalize” minorities, but that is not Paul’s motivation for ending the war on drugs, he’s against the increases to the federal government size and scope made in order to implement prohibition.

    The Daily Kos is politically motivated to disparage Paul because he stands for reducing the size of government.

    The problem I have with your analysis of the situation is that I suspect that you believe that a person can only be rascist if they have power. (Please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

    The problem with that definition of rascism is that it really doesn’t leave openings for minorities to claim their power without becoming rascists.

    Also, I’m not sure the quotes in your post were made by Paul, but rather by a staffer who he subsequently fired.

  3. theblacksentinel

    First of all I did not say that every person who responded was a racist. I said that I received a gaggle of racists after that post. If you are not one of them then you are not who I was speaking about.

    The person who spoke about war on drugs was not considered a racist. Anyway I don’t have a problem with him or anyone else trying to limit the size of the government. The problem I have is his constant racist rhetoric. I know that you want to say that the daily kos is biased and that is fine.

    I know that they just posted the information and it was the easiest way to get all the comments I was looking at. They didn’t make them up, you can find each and everyone of them in his different comments, speeches and news accounts.

    He was quoted as saying the things way before he was running for office so I doubt it. And I will not care to reason with your account of a racist. A racist has power yes, is that a bone of contention with you? I mean I can be racist yet I have no means in which to deny you or anyone of your race the things they need to live happily.

    Anyway that is neither here nor there when we are speaking about racist talk from someone that people keep telling me is the epitome of forward thinking when I am looking at a bunch of old time racial rhetoric.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. Commenter

    I guess what I took personally was the opening line “Neither Ron Paul nor his supporters surprise me with the plethora of racially motivated speech that they babble” since I consider myself a Ron Paul supporter. I have no problem with you calling out rascist speech. What I was hoping to do was to find common ground with you so that I could share my perspective on why I do not think Paul’s positions are racially motivated. If you are not interested in that possiblity then I will move on.

  5. theblacksentinel


    I love for all who actually have a perspective to share to do just that. I don’t have patience for racist rhetoric though. I would love for you to share your perspective and let us know what you think of the things that were said.

    I don’t expect you to answer for him. Just tell what you think of what he said and how will it or won’t it affect your views on him.


  6. daddym

    Hi there,
    Here is a link to one of Ron Paul’s speeches, this time about Muhammed Ali…

    The speech:
    Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentlewoman for yielding this time to me.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H. Res. 58. I saw Muhammad Ali as a man of great courage, and I admired him for this, not because of the courage that it took to get in a ring and fight men bigger than he, but because of his stance in 1967.

    In 1967, he was 25 years old. He was the heavyweight champion of the world, and for religious beliefs, he practiced what Martin Luther King made popular, civil disobedience, because he disagreed with the war. I thought his comments were rather astute at the time and were not complex, but he merely said, I have no quarrel with the Viet-Cong. He said the Viet-Cong never called him a name, and because of his religious convictions, he said he did not want to serve in the military. He stood firm, a man of principle, and I really admired this as a quality.

    He is known, of course, for his athletic skills and his humanitarian concerns, and these are rightly mentioned in a resolution like this. But I do want to emphasize this because, to me, it was so important and had such impact, in reality, what Muhammad Ali did eventually led to getting rid of the draft, and yet we as a people and we as a Congress still do not have the conviction that Muhammad Ali had, because we still have the selective service; we say, let us not draft now, but when the conditions are right, we will bring back the draft and bring back those same problems that we had in the 1960s.

    I see what Muhammad Ali did as being very great. He deserves this recognition, but we should also praise him for being a man of principle and willing to give up his title for 3 years at the age of 25 at the prime of his career. How many of us give up something to stand on principle? He was a man of principle. He believed it and he stood firm, so even those who may disagree with his position may say at least he stood up for what he believed in. He suffered the consequences and fortunately was eventually vindicated.

  7. Commenter

    Sometimes when Paul is criticized for representing an old political position he responds that the form of freedom that we have in America is new and that it is tyrrany that is old, at least as old as our written histories. And if you have ever seen the photo of him at his desk in congress there is a placard that says “don’t steal the government hates competition.” To understand Paul it helps to understand the basis for his positions. His contention is that all men are capable of self-determination and that men are free to live their lives so long as their actions do not violate the rights of other citizens. Our government, the constitution and the bills of rights, are in essence an agreement between the citizens as to how to protect that freedom. The founders established a republic, not a democracy, because a democracy does not protect the minority from the whims of the majority. The most basic view of the minority is that of the individual.

    Augmenting Paul’s understanding are his views about economics. He believes that free markets afford the most moral method for “managing” wealth in a society and provides for the most prosperity for the most people. By observing the market at work he concludes that if you subsidize something you create a market for it, you create a demand that will be supplied. So when citizens are taxed by the government and that money is directed to pay for something that the government was not established to do, he views it as the government taking money from one portion of the society and giving it to another portion of society. He views this as theft by the majority. He then believes that this distorts the market by encouraging a “supply” of people who utilize the subsidy instead of competing in the market. He believes that this oversteps the role of government as the government has extended itself beyond the original agreement and is utilized to forcibly transfer money from one segment of society to another. Whoever said that recipents of the wealth transfer could be identified by their skin was mistaken and fell prey to a stereotype, unless a particular program was established to benefit a particular race.

    This is why, in my opinion, Paul rightly or wrongly, faults the government for perpetuating rascism.

    I recognize that have not addressed some of the relevant aspects of our circumstances such as bigotry, and whites excluding blacks from participating in the market, but hopefully I have expressed where I think Paul is coming from. Paul calls himself the champion of the constitution, that is where he is directing his efforts as far as I can tell.

  8. theblacksentinel


    You have done a good job of expressing where you believe he is coming from and I thank you. I would love to have anyone even yourself as you seem to be able to do this well is to explain how this system WILL address the bigotry and exclusion. As this is the problem I have. As far as I am concerned a system will not work for everyone if there are just some who will perpetrate these discriminations on others.

    If we have a free market yet aspects of it are not free due to old thinking, bigotry or racism in any form will unfortunately keep those on the bottom now from progressing within the system. How does Ron see combating this problem? If he has a plan for this would be nice to hear. I understand that you can’t forcibly change a persons personal views yet if these remain it undermines the system. As it does now.

    Thanks for the reply

  9. theblacksentinel


    I also wanted to agree that the government DOES perpetuate racism. As well as the system itself. We are utilizing the same system that encompassed slavery. And in order for this country to have progressed up we would have needed a system overhaul. One that encompassed all people from a fresh start. But instead we chose to just ignore the origins of our relationship and tried to forge ahead all the while denying rights to some.

    It has failed miserably and I believe that a system overhaul is in need. I don’t believe that we as a society should HAVE to have laws or programs that force anyone to do what is clearly the right decent thing. I do believe that we should as a society be willing to help those who can’t help themselves. And that has nothing to do with race.

    I believe that there are those who will never be able to participate in a free market of any kind. Mentally or physically disabled, elderly and others along those lines. So I do think some social programs need to be in place for them.

    Thanks again

  10. Commenter

    I will gladly respond in due time and thank you for the opportunity to do so. It may be a few days from now as I am about to travel.

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  12. H.R.


    You have no concept of the role of government. It’s not the government’s job to address bigotry and exclusion as such … It provides laws to protect everyone equally, and specific violators of those laws can be taken to task. If you and I have exactly the same rights under the law and either of us may press charges if our rights are violated by the other, then the government has done its job.

    No, the system didn’t “encompass” slavery … Blacks weren’t defined as people protected under the system. In other words, it was a mistake of definition, not in the nature of the law. Think of it as a monopoly game. The rules are the same for everyone, but the hard fact is that you weren’t allowed to play for a while. Now you can play, but because you’re bitter about being excluded you wan’t the rules slanted in your favor ..

    The impulse is understandable, but flawed. First, the rest of the people playing, who weren’t involved in the decision to exclude you, now must play at a disadvantage because of you. The effect of this is they will find you annoying. The second and most important effect is you will never learn to play the game properly because you’re accustomed to playing with slanted rules.

    I already know your “yeah but.”: Yeah but white people have set up the whole system, they have all the good jobs and they don’t like me and they try to shut me out… But this is unsupportable; small minded Anlgos have tried to shut out every minority group, including their own poor, and pretty much all of these groups have won their place in society anyway.

    In fact (I don’t have any figures handy and I could be wrong) I think blacks as a group are probably the most notable failure in our society, and, coincidentally, they above all other groups have been aggressively interfered with by the government every step of the way. From slavery to reconstruction to civil rights to affirmative action to the war on drugs/prison industrial complex, etc. If I were black, the last thing I’d want is the goverment offering to help.

    As for Ron Paul, the essay you quote was almost certainly not written by Paul himself–and this has been debated endlessly online–but the primary sentiment is that government interference has contributed to the divide between whites and blacks. Incendiary language aside, I wholly agree with this and I don’t see it as inherently racist.

    There’s no question in my mind that blacks, by and large, have been mistreated, manipulated, maleducated and misled every step of the way- in fact, I think you’re a direct result of this process, BS, as I see your critical thinking ability has been damaged. In our previous conversation I noticed you had trouble separating a statement that deals with race (or even one that makes the point that race is irrelevant) from a racist statement … Same with your analysis of Ron Paul. You’re unable to separate a man who may (or may not!) have used some regrettable phrasings at one time, from a man who is genuinely hateful toward people based purely on their physical characteristics. Moreover, you can’t see how a policy strategy can be good for you as an indivual–and as a member of a racial group–because that policy is proposed by a white person. (You had not dredged up the debated essay when you first charged Paul was a racist; all you really knew was that he was white). In fact, even if it was proposed by a racist (like Lincoln, eh?), that wouldn’t necessarily make it good or bad. Ideas have to be judged on their own merits.

    I’m sure you’ll call me a racist based on this comment, but you’ll notice if you reread that I have no interest in your race per se … I’m talking the proper role of government and I’m making the argument that your race DOESN’T MATTER as far as the government’s concerned. By making race an issue of any kind, the government can only draw lines between us.

    And the bottom line, when you rely on the government for anything, you give the government power over you, and this is a very dangerous proposition.

  13. theblacksentinel


    I see you are still full of insults, yet you are right the monopoly analogy is great. In fact white people have been playing the game amassing all the avenues etc and passing go and collecting a bunch of the 200 dollar bonuses when they do. They have all the hotels and houses. And now blacks are supposed to join the game when there is pretty much nothing to be gained for them.

    Then we travel the board paying our money to all the whites with all the avenues and all the hotels etc. We never get to completely go around the board and we somehow keep landing on go straight to jail.

    So YES you are right! And somehow you expect us to be so extremely happy about all of this favor that whites have gained during our lock out. We should just pick up the game when there really aren’t even enough pieces for everyone to play now.

    Also you expect me to believe that Ron Paul had someone else write a speech for him and he spews it and somehow those aren’t HIS thoughts or expressions. Then that right there makes him woefully inept to be president. With your rhetoric NOTHING that has transpired in the past is the fault of the white people somehow it was this errant government. But run by who and voted in by who.

    Oh yeah, white people ran the government, voted the government in and are in fact represented by the government while they denied blacks and continue to deny them. Yet you want to sit and tell me how blacks are the most notable failure. Yet the white race who did this to them are a success.

    Who to you is the government? Aren’t they the PEOPLE? Or are they some sinister conglomeration that came from nowhere and subjugated blacks without the help of the white people?

  14. H.R.

    Government is an agreement among free people. Do you get that? A set of rules agreed upon by a set of people. Not a separate entitiy from those people. It’s when you start thinking of government as some all powerful being that’s going to take care of you and fight your battles and right all wrongs that you set yourself up to be controlled.

    You can’t, if you want to have principles, allow racial issues to influence your philosophy of government, any more than you can have special rules for short people, ugly people, people with IQs under 90, etc. At what point do you stop dividing people and taking from one group to make up ground for another group? It’s a slippery slope.

    You have no larger concept of government except that it was created by whites so it must be a plot to perpetuate white privilege … This is a truly ignorant stance. You know what else was created by whites??? Nearly every staple of your life. The computer you’re using, the light over your head, the internal combustion engine in the car you drive … Was all of this done to perpetuate white privilege? Please tell me.

    These things were introduced as a matter of progress–as is the ever changing system of government in Western society. Political philosophers have never been preoccupied with race…. read what they have to say. Thomas Paine, who was responsible for inventing the American approach to government, was a destitute undergarment maker who came to America with nothing, never had much, and died with nothing. He was also outraged by slavery and was one of the first Americans to take a resolute stand against it.

    The American system was a bold innovation, and was, and is, the fairest form of government to date … If you study history you’ll see that ours is the least prone to class distinctions and abuses of power; the germ of it was, as I’ve said, conceived of by a poor man who had been kept down and got the shit end of government his whole life. (I’m talking about the Constitutional Republic we’re supposed to have, not the quasi-socialism we have now.)

    It’s pretty egocentric to assume that the framers of our government spent any time thinking of blacks …. The hard truth is that blacks were thought of as chattel; as property and nothing more. The system wasn’t designed to keep blacks down any more than it was designed to keep wagons or beasts of burden down.

    So let’s be perfectly frank here, and tell me where I’ve got it wrong:

    Blacks came literally out of the stone age into an intensely mechanized and complex civilization. They had not developed the wheel or a written language, and this was at the time that Newton was inventing modern physics, and even later, at the time that Edison was inventing the electric light, moving pictures, recorded sound for christ’s sake …. This was what, 2000 years (?) after practically every other racial group had conquered the seas, built ingenious sailing vessels and could navigate their ways around the world …

    Please tell me, am I being a racist for pointing this out?

    The point is, it’s totally intellectually irresponsible to say that blacks had it hard simply because whites have plotted to keep them down. You say the white race “did this to them” which is laughable …. First off, black chiefs were well involved in rounding up and selling other blacks. Secondly and most importantly, for whatever reason–and I’m not making any guesses, just dealing in the facts–black Africans had simply not advanced while most of the rest of the world was going forward at breakneck speed.

    Just being perfectly realistic, do you think Westerners could confront men of any color who did not have the wheel, a written language, clothes, etc., who could only make simple stone tools–and say “these men are my equals”?

    Answer that for me.

    On the whole, you need to recognize historical realities, and recognize that there’s a larger pattern of events. You’re a pretty severe racist because you’ve been duped into believing that everyone hates you because you’re black, and that everything’s a plot against you, and that history proves this. History actually proves nothing of the sort–only that your racial group was at an extraordinary disadvantage and suffered for it.

    I’m sure when you come to terms with this and can separate petty emotions from your contemplation of government, you’ll arrive at some sensible conclusions.

    Thanks for the discussion. I’ll look forward to your response.

  15. XS


    I’ve been reading your comments and as a government major I finally feel compelled to respond. You say “government is an agreement among free people, a set of rules agreed upon by a set of people, not a separate entity from those people.” Have you forgotten that when American government was founded the only free people were “WHITES”, that’s not a separate entity it’s a sole entity and the benefits of American government were granted to whites, and whites only, particularly male whites. You go on to say, “it’s when you start thinking of government as some all powerful being that’s going to take care of you and fight your battles and right all wrongs.” I agree, that’s not the purpose of government, but the purpose of government is to assure justice and equality.

    “You can’t, if you want to have principles, allow racial issues to influence your philosophy of government.” Are you serious? Racial issues are a large part of government, since the foundation of American government racial issues played a large role in the government apparatus. “You can’t have special rules for short people, ugly people, people with IQs under 90, etc.” LOL!!!! Of course you can’t, those characteristics relate to all demographics regardless of color and is an irrational example. Also, rarely are people denied equal rights because of those characteristics. It’s not a slippery slope. People are denied equal treatment every day because of their race. Do you think racial issues don’t continue to plague American society today? You spoke of Jews, Hispanics still “prospering.” LOL! Jews are Anglo descendents from Europe. LOL, they’re still White, and can’t be identified as Jew unless that information is voluntarily given/shown through religious dress, etc. Furthermore, American paid Jews reparations in case you didn’t know. As far as Hispanics, they’re still underrepresented and have not prospered. I just did a study in Rhetoric on how they’re being exploited by the government, specifically illegal aliens & the Hispanic poor. Pathetic. Furthermore, many of them pass for white and you can’t tell they’re Hispanic unless you ask. I see many of them here at my university. Furthermore, how many dark skinned Hispanics can you really say have “prospered” in White America compared to White toned? Resemblance breeds acceptance it’s common knowledge. If you’re on a deserted island with complete strangers you’re most likely going to embrace individuals that resemble your first!!!! It’s human nature!

    “You have no large concept of government except that it was created by whites so it must be a plot to perpetuate white privilege” LOL!! Government is a thing, it can’t do anything. The actions of those involved in government can, Not only political government but corporate government as well. “You know what else was created by whites…Nearly every staple of your life” LMAO!!!! If you were constantly told you can’t do anything with your life and couldn’t learn to read or write, what would you chances be??? Reading is the most important in gaining knowledge!!!! Still, those that did learn, learned well!! It’s common knowledge that blacks invented tons of things, only to be denied the right to patent their inventions!!! So what do you use that was created by blacks, hmm…cell phone, clothes dryer, lawn mower, typewriter, traffic light, etc. Get realistic and stop being bias. Thomas Paine yes what you said about him is true, but American government was founded on other’s ideas as well and some of them were concerned with race.

    Yes our government is a great government but just because something is prone to class distinctions and abuses of power doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. We’re supposed to have a constitutional republic, says who???

    Also, yes the system was designed to keep all people other then white males, down. How can you say blacks were seen as chattel then say it wasn’t designed to keep them down. LOL!!! The 3/5 compromise for heaven’s sake counted blacks as half a person, that doesn’t keep anyone down? The process of litigation and amendment has help alleviate the government atrocities of the past. Of course, when the American government was founded it didn’t included African Americans so in truth yes it was designed to keep blacks down at the time.

    Also, you say tell you were you’ve got it wrong, SURE! “blacks came out of the stone age” LOL, are you sick? What racial group conquered the seas other then whites and I would give you Spanish also! You mean Europeans??? Which is predominantly an Anglo-continent? Africans had a different culture then Europeans so that makes them inferior. That’s what so many don’t understand! It’s like comparing apple’s to oranges. Have you not head of great African civilizations such as The Kingdom of Kush and Ghana?? LOL. Get informed before your type such things. And no you’re not being racist, you’re being ignorant.

    Also, how is it intellectually irresponsible to say blacks had it hard because whites did it??? LOL, review statistics, look at case studies. Being black in America has hardships that can be attributed only to race. I’m not saying we should use that as an excuse but it definitely shouldn’t be excluded.

    And yes Africans did sell Africans….what’s your point American politics isn’t only about slavery even after slavery ended, discrimination persisted as it still does today. Which shows how deeper the problem was. Furthermore, how is black Africans not being advanced as the rest of the world important??? What is it important to?? In justifying slavery? Get real, the culture was different that doesn’t mean they’re not advanced. Like I said you’re comparing apple’s to oranges.

    Africans had a written language and clothes, and the wheel, was the necessary for African culture at the time??? No. To answer your question, of course they were equal, they’re human. Are you serious??? You’re telling me just because someone doesn’t have what you have you’re not equal and you should be a slave??? You’re ridiculous.

  16. theblacksentinel


    Thank you for the reply. I will be putting a post up that basically answers his blatant ignorant replies. Look for it as it has a lot of the same points you jumped on.

    Thanks again for the reply.

  17. H. R.


    Let’s see if I can answer you.

    Most obviously–yeah, that’s the definition of our government–a constitutional republic. Yes, I’m ignorant, certainly, but you ought to get that straight in order to understand what we have as opposed to what we’re intended to have. Especially if you’re majoring in government for Christ’s sake. We are not intended as a pure democracy; far from it. I think it was Aristotle, mr. gov major, who said Republics degenerate into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms … Do you understand the significance of that statement? The authors of the Constitution did. Look it up.

    Uh… Black Africans were in the stone age. This is literally true, isn’t it? … Meaning they had not undertaken, much less mastered, metallurgy. Ever hear of the bronze age, the iron age, etc? They hadn’t gotten there yet.

    The wheel …. It is a major step toward progress in any civilization because it opens up endless possibilities … It’s sort of the gateway innovation. Then comes ease of moving larger objects, ease of travel, larger building projects, which lead naturally to other innovations…. You see how this works?

    Uh … Conquered the seas …. China had an extensive navy before most whites–with the exception of the Vikings I think–made a big push toward conquering the seas. Japan was earlier. We all know the Egyptians sailed the Nile. Ancient middle easterners? I don’t know off the top of my head, but I’d venture the guess that they struck out on the water at will. They were as advanced as any and in the middle of international trade. So if we use the broad definition of four general racial groups called Causasians, Orientals, “Mediterraneans” (dark skinned non-Negroes I mean), and Negroes, then which one didn’t sail the seven seas? You tell me

    That’s the nuts and bolts part of my response. Please note that you’re wrong on each count.

    I don’t bring it up the state of black Africans to needle anyone, just to say well what the hell do you expect? People have always been brutal. African tribes wiped each other out, doubtlessly, sold each other into slavery, as we know; same with Indians, Mayans, Aztecs–and same with whites … We’ve slaughtered and subjugated probably many, many more of our own than we have darker peoples.

    My point in all of this is, taking the larger view, you can’t make a credible argument that whites are endlessly motivated out of racism. The discovery of stone aged blacks, and the logical step of capitalizing on them as a resource, was a small, small area of history. Of course it was morally wrong, but take it for what it was. The people they found were helpless and backward. Life’s a bitch.

    Of course, the larger question that we’re working on here is is it a white man’s world? That’s your point, right? It’s a shut out game by the white man and the only way you can get in is through government interference … I bring up other racial groups not to say that they don’t suffer from white racism, but to show that they prosper, to one degree or another, in spite of it. The reason is that it’s a white man’s world not by any conspiracy of laws, but because of numbers. There are a lot of us, there’s the factor of us being entrenched, granted, but there’s also a lot of genuine industriousness and competitiveness, and a culture that puts value on these things.

    But it’s not a white man’s world by the rules of the system. Any person or group of any color can make a success of themselves, and buy up as much and weild as much influence as whites–if they can manage to do it. Look at Jews … Once very much hated by the dominant anglo society, now in ownership of many key aspects of the US, with enormous influence over our government, and on better than equal footing with the dominant Anglo society. How’d they do it? Largely through a culture that nurtures the intellect, insists on success, puts much value on the family. Not by any special laws– or by extracting absurd reparations from us poor idiots in the general US population.

    Which brings us back to the constutitional republic and the only point I’ve been trying to make. People are corrupt, racist, cruel, you name it. The Constitution isn’t. As I’ve said, slavery becomes unconstitutional as soon as you define blacks as human beings (not to mention the 13th amendment). So again, it was misuse of a definition, not any flaw in the Constitution.

    And the larger point. Making everything about race is a dead end argument. It limits the scope of your thoughts, distorts your ideas, and limits your possibilities.

  18. theblacksentinel

    H.R. and other readers,

    I have put up a post in regards to some of the backward thinking of H.R.


  19. theblacksentinel


    I have no doubt that you ARE in fact racist. Just by your comments on Africa alone make you either racist or the biggest idiot that ever was. I undoubtedly know for a fact that you have done little no make that NO background study of Africa nor its people. You seem to think that they were so backward yet what do you have to base this on? Your vast knowledge of racism and propaganda.

    Next you will be telling me that the Egyptians weren’t African or of African descent. You are pathetic in your attempts at slandering the African race. You should stop talking about the place if you have no clue about the time line associated with it.

    Also, just in case you go stupid with the Egyptian remark, the new post I put up has a picture and NO those hieroglyphs are not of or made by Egyptians. They are made by the Nubians who lived south and yes are Black Africans. They not only ruled upper Egypt but also Southern parts of Africa.

    New findings show that they had a civilization that rivaled that of the Egyptians. No matter since it is like trying to convince a Neanderthal that cooking meat with fire would be beneficial. So get educated on Africa before making the stupid comments.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  20. mex

    Come on this is crazy calling Ron Paul a racist. You hear some smear comments from last century and exclude all other facts.
    First off the quotes most people see are taken out of context and turned into “punch lines” so people like you take offense and the one way street they lay out for you.
    Ron Paul is for equality and more importantly INDIVIDUALITY. Individuality means that people have to tear away from this “groupthink” mentality we have. We associate by race and other unimportant characteristics which causes us to conform rather than become sovereign and free. The people who break out of the shell are said to be daring when daring should be nothing more than the norm.

    When will people open their eyes and realize its more than the color of your skin.

  21. theblacksentinel


    I have listened to Ron Paul, not a bunch of folks who want to slander the guy. I am pretty sick of people who want me and others to “look past his racist rhetoric” and see the great forward thinking etc.

    I am sorry, if that is the case then look past me calling him a racist and see “my” message. You can say that associating by race is unimportant yet when the associations put you at a disadvantage you would see that a lot differently.

    This “groupthink” I see so far is the Ron Paul supporters who are ALL saying pretty much the same thing. Tell me something I haven’t heard about this guy.

    Unfortunately if he wants to continue using racist speech then he and you can just forget about trying to get me or other concerned blacks to listen to his crap.

    Thanks for the reply.

  22. I challenge you to point to a single “racist speech” he’s made. Kirchick couldn’t do it and neither can you because it doesn’t exist.

    Two facts you’ve neglected to mention.

    1) James Kirchick is a Giuliani supporter, and Ron Paul humiliated him in Iowa.

    2)Ron Paul would free the most black men since Lincoln.

    I’ve sourced and outlined both points here.

    I look forward to your response.

  23. Chris,

    Him freeing these black men are going to help me how again? I am tired way too tired of Ron Paul supporters thinking that just because some clod says that he is going to open the jails and let blacks run free somehow ALL blacks are now happy as rain and will back him no matter what. He has said things that I DO NOT like.

    On his own web page he seems to speak to the fact that individual rights trump group rights. Ok not a problem, but does this mean he will rid America of white privilege which is a “GROUP” right? Will he stop the racist employer who will not hire blacks? And if so HOW? I keep asking yet no one has an answer.

    No one has an answer because repealing laws that protect minority rights won’t solve ONE race issue. Unless you count whites right to discriminate as one. Because that sure will make that OK. You can’t tell me that discrimination is done with because if it isn’t then how do you let individuals decide who will or won’t discriminate?

    And even if he wants to distance himself from the racist claims made in his periodical is fine. Then just the fact that he is incompetent enough to allow things to be said in his name makes him unworthy.

    Thanks for the reply.

  24. Pingback: The Monopoly Analogy « brotherpeacemaker

  25. Marc

    Haven’t you heard? The Daily Kos is a popular blog that attracts “progressives,” that is to say Democrat statists, and is run by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, an admitted CIA operative. It is pure propaganda.
    The NY Times printed a retraction for similar quotes from writing that was not even authored by Ron Paul. The Kos won’t, but their goal is to fan the flames of racism so the government has something more to “save” us from. I am white, but I am not nearly so naive to think a**holes don’t come in every color, including white. They don’t want Ron Paul’s ideas to receive recognition, because they fly against the status quo. Government intervention leads to more government intervention, and NEVER solves the problems they are designed to address. Affirmative action, for example, undermines both the integrity of the individual who received a job just because he was black, and also fosters resentment from the white worker who did not receive a job just because he was not. The program simply made the situation worse in total as a result of trying to “fix” the issue. That is what Ron Paul and his supporters believe in, nothing more. Race is not the issue, and it never was.

  26. Marc

    And by the way, whites don’t enjoy any privilege unless they happen to be elite, rich whites with political ties, with names like Bush, Clinton, et al. We get kicked around by the system, too, especially if our names sound Polish or some other “trashy” white nationality.

  27. Marc,

    Thanks for the information on the Daily Kos. I don’t get my information from them, but thanks anyway. Also, a lot of the things he has said you can readily find in interviews and on his own website.

    Also, if you read anything by someone other than a white person you might understand how whites whether poor or elite get white privilege. White privilege isn’t about money or status. It is about an unwritten set of rules for which you or any other white person or even white “looking” blacks do not have to adhere to. So I guess even Polish and white trash name having whites benefit from white privilege.

    Also, Ron himself talks about how he would “fix” race and that was on his political website. And unfortunately he obviously has either a racist attitude towards racial equality or he is extremely stupid when it comes to racial issues. Right intervention is never the solution. Discrimination will stop itself, right? White people see that they benefit from racism will somehow give them an incentive to stop it. OK, I get it. Thanks.

    Thanks for the reply.

  28. Marc,

    Why is affirmative action when given to minorities somehow undermining them. Yet, all the years of affirmative action that has been given to whites didn’t do the same thing. In case you hadn’t noticed, when whites decided that they would ONLY give jobs to other whites that was AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

    So I guess after all the years of white affirmative action we should just say “hey minorities, we know that we benefited from it, but now we see it undermines your ability to prosper so lets just stop.” So it is fair to allow one race to use whatever means it can to get ahead then somehow everyone is equal and on the same playing field even though we know that white affirmative action is still being practiced today.

    When someone says that they are going to set aside 100 out of 1000 jobs for minorities including women, people like you and Ron Paul say that is unfair that 100 jobs are going to minorities. Yet, say nothing about the 900 jobs that are undoubtedly going to go to white people. What you aren’t happy unless you have all 1000?

    We all know that companies do NOT hire more blacks than whatever number they have as a base. So I guess somehow we should tell them they don’t have to hire them at all. Because no matter how experienced or if they ARE the best candidate, people like you and Ron Paul seem to think that affirmative action means that some unqualified person is getting a job. Get real.

    Discrimination exists and turning a blind eye isn’t going to stop it. After years of racism and discrimination what is stopping it. How about nothing! The laws can’t stop it, so I guess trying NOTHING will somehow stop it. Wow, that Ron Paul really has a novel idea there.


  29. Divided_by_twelve

    I realize this is an old post, so perhaps you don’t check it any more, but I had something to say, and I guess I was also somewhat curious to see where you stand on this atm.

    Anyway, it seems to me that it’s perfectly plausible that those statements were made by a ghost writer (as Paul says happened). It also seems to have conveniently happened just as Paul was gaining some support, and made it easy for him to be swept under the rug. I don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything…well, a lot of things, but I think any major political party tries to keep anyone in their party that is perceived as “radical” as quiet as possible. Couple thousand dollars to someone working as a ghost writer (generally not someone all that successful), and a long-time thorn in the side is out of the picture for another 4 years? Most advertising bang for the buck the republican party puppet masters are likely to get.

    “Now what makes this fool think that the black community wants to have criminals running free just because they are black?”

    I think the OJ case gave white people this impression. I do think Ron Paul’s talk about freeing people for non-violent drug crimes comes across the wrong way however. Looking at it a little closer though, it made sense to me at least. White collar criminals, mostly white males, cant hurt thousands of people, and either aren’t punished, or get a slap on the wrist. Smoking some pot? Stupid? Yes. Harmful to others? Most likely not. But it’s punishable (unless I’m mistaken) with jail time. One of the reasons pot was banned in the first place was to target guest labor from Mexico as a anti-immigration law in disguise.

    I think the libertarians’ thought on affirmative action is that “a company that doesn’t hire talented minorities just because of their skin color will eventually fall behind another company that hired those same workers and benefiting from their ability, will rise to the top and the system will correct itself.” Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s incredibly naive, but I just don’t see Ron Paul as a racist. I see him as an extreme idealist who doesn’t see where his ideals need to compromise with reality. Honestly, he seems less sleazy than just about any other politician out there ATM, even if I disagree with a lot of his politics.

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