Lakota Nation Breaks Away From America


The newest country to enter the world is called Lakota, which happens to be a well known Native American tribe. They have recently renounced their citizenship with the United States and have decided that the treaties their people signed with the white man are “worthless words on worthless paper.” They used this as a starting point for creating their own country within a country. The Lakota say the treaties have been “repeatedly violated in order to steal our culture, our land and our ability to maintain our way of life.” Withdrawing from the treaties was entirely legal, the Lakota said.

The Lakota have also been getting around to the embassies of as many countries as possible in order to meet and greet and to let them know about this new emerging country. I am extremely interested in seeing just how well this new fledgling country does in getting started and also how the United States will deal, react and treat them. The Lakota say that they have 33 treaties with the U.S. who have not lived by any of them. They are saying that they would like to LIVE not just survive, crawl and become mascots for the white mans sports teams. I can understand as I too wish the black community could live not just survive.

They will issue their own passports, driver’s licenses and the living in this country will be tax free for anyone who decides to live there as long as they renounce their American citizenship. It took the Lakota 33 years to get the ball rolling with enough of their own people’s support just to get their own declaration of independence from the U.S. They said that it takes at least that long in order to combat years of colonialism. This new fledgling country will include parts of Nebraska, South & North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

Interestingly enough Russia has decided to put into action the process in which they can now recognize the new Lakota government. This is in response to the U.S. help with Bosnia Putin declared “two can play this game.” He also says that the Lakota Sioux Natives are in the best position to succeed seeing as they have never accepted payment for their lands that the U.S. has taken estimated at more than a billion dollars. This will give the Lakota people the needed recognition which will probably lead to even more recognition leading to the annexation being complete and them probably regaining their land.

I have yet to see this story on any news outlet and am extremely interested in the United States’ position and how they plan to deal with this situation. This could potentially be a serious thorn in their side if the Lakota are successful in gaining control of the land encompassing all of the states listed above. Thus making it so that the people who choose not to become a citizen of Lakota or give up their American citizenship will be forced to do a mass move out or maybe be put onto reservations which would be poetic justice. What happens when people start choosing to live in Lakota, will the government want to get retribution on those people if they decide to come back to the U.S.? There are so many questions surrounding how they will operate within the U.S. yet outside of it.

Will America wage war against them? This is the tribe that defeated General Custer, all though we know that this is a far cry from the army of today with all the high tech weaponry. I doubt anything will come of it. The Lakota government will continue to be an unrecognized state. Look at Palestine, even Vatican City has more recognition than them. So this tells you exactly what chances the Lakota has of winning over most nations in the UN who are either fiercely loyal to the U.S or afraid enough to not cross them. It is safe to say that barring the Lakota make any serious waves; the U.S. won’t even raise an eyebrow in regards to anything they do.


Post changed thanks to new information.



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9 responses to “Lakota Nation Breaks Away From America

  1. Silent

    Correction: Kosovo is part of Serbia, not Russia. And we, Russians, support our Slavic brethren in Serbia in their fight for their land. You apparently mistook Kosovo with Chechnya.

  2. theblacksentinel


    Thanks for the information. I was repeating what the news said. Yet if that is wrong then I will correct it immediately.

    Again thanks for the information and reply.

  3. Ron Thompson

    Go for it, man.
    If anyone has been harmed by lying governmental agents it has been our people.
    I’m not of the Lakota Nation, being one-quarter Shawnee, but I support your efforts.
    We all, including my “white eye” heritage, have had enough of this corrupt, evil and lying goverment.

  4. Lyssa

    Official Lakota Nation Delegation – Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, January 2008:

  5. Stan Robertson

    The Great Plains is Lakota Country. Everybody knows that. Just because foreigners have dominated them for a couple of hundred years does not reduce their claim, nor would their claim be reduced if the Lakota people waited a thousand years, or two thousand. Would they lose the right to their land if they all left it, even for a thousand years? No. It is their land.

    Just like Israel…it is G-d’s gift to the Jews for thousands of years, and the fact that foreign invaders dominated them, and even usurped them, does not reduce their claim. You can use the word Palestine if you want, but they have no legitimate claim to the Holy Land. They are usurpers. The Jews waited a long time in exile, but they have now reclaimed their land. I hope the Lakota do not have to wait as long.

  6. Stan Robertson,


    Thanks for the reply.

  7. jj

    I have been studying the Lakota people and quite inspired by their beautiful way of life.

    How will the Lakota people treat someone like myself who is white yet may want to live in these communities?

    For a long time I have been hoping California will break off and form its own country as well. We are not in agreement in many ways with the Federal government, they disrespect our popular vote and raid our people when it is financially beneficial to them.

    I wish you good luck on this venture as it may serve as a model to others.

  8. Bruce

    There seems to be a lot of confusion over terminology. The “United States” is not America, nor is it these united States of America. The fundamental difference between the two is that the United States describes a legal fiction existing on paper and in binary code on computers, and America describes a land mass upon which people live.

    The United States might administer certain properties on behalf of certain people. It is a constructive trust, or a corporation. It’s hard to tell after so many bankruptcies and reorganizations. We can’t even tell who are claiming to be its principals or creditors since those matters are apparently shrouded by national security. But one thing is for sure, it is not government. It is a tool of people to bring about a certain purpose. As a matter of law, that purpose must be lawful. As a matter of fact, it may not be. By definition, government can do no wrong. Thus, anyone doing wrong, or harm to another living breathing man or woman (including their offspring), having intent to do so, is a criminal. Public officers commit felonies daily in their ignorance and indifference to the law. That will only stop when people will no longer tolerate it.

    The Lacota nation is not a land mass, it is a group of people. People are organic. They exist in the realm of actuality, and not fiction. You can’t mix the two, abstract and concrete, but you can represent the concrete in abstract terms. Thus, a member of the Lacota nation is not a United States citizen (subject to the jurisdiction thereof) and need not renounce citizenship (unless in ignorance he has created a public record declaring upon oath or affirmation that he is a United States citizen); and, he retains his organic American “citizenship” which recognizes all his unalienable rights. Of course, the foundation of those rights existed long before any Article of Confederation, Constitution, or Treaty. And further, the creation of an abstract claim does not in fact remove the foundation of an organic claim whether made in the past, present, or the future.

    All the land in North American is Allodial. Look the term up. That means that the people in peaceful possession of the land, with the right of possession of it (they haven’t mortgaged it or pledged it toward a business venture) own it outright, and no civil governmental entity has a right to tax one for its use, or to dictate its use. No State imposes a tax on land, nor can it! The States tax equitable rights in abstract agreements between other abstracts called corporations. Or, in the case of ignorant people, the State taxes the use privileges of debtors in the possession of encumbered land. Such encumbered land, which is held in trust by the State in the absence of someone competent to declare it free and Allodial. It appears that some Lakota Indians have done so. Bravo!

    A right is defined as a well founded claim. If you don’t make a claim, you have no rights. Open and notorious exercise of a right is public notice of a claim. Claim and exercise without adverse claims is perfect title. Who, in the realm of the living, is going to make an adverse claim to one’s peaceful possession of certain land? Is some agent for a legal fiction going to make a claim on behalf of the fiction? Who will testify upon oath from first hand knowledge under penalties of perjury to the facts giving a foundation of such an adverse claim? It is impossible, except in the minds of greatly disturbed and sick men, and, might I add, criminals at heart. The only reason for any such claim is to deprive one of his rightful property for his own benefit and that of those acting in concert with him.

    It’s about time a group of people made claims with a sound foundation. People should do it all over America, and restore our beloved free republics, these united States of America. Anyone can do it with his own land. And further, one could make the claim that any mortgage appearing on an abstract of title is void for fraud. Research banking law and the origin of credit/money extended to a borrower. You’ll find that the whole transaction is fraudulent as full disclosure is never made to the “borrower.”

    Research the Buck Act, and find out how criminals in Washington created an abstract of government to mirror lawful government. Was not this done to steal our land and our labor?

    South Dakota is the description of the land mass in which people live. The State of South Dakota is the legal fiction existing in abstract form upon which Washington, D.C., exerts control and from which Washington, D.C., extracts taxes. It is a Buck Act State. To participate is voluntary. To opt out is voluntary. If people get in your face, and point guns at you and tell you otherwise, they are criminals, and should be dealt with as such.

    Research Due Process of Law and Common Law Due Process.

    Common law deals in substance. Civil law deals in abstracts. Common law is the law of the Land. From Oxford Dictionary: “Civil law (and when we speak of the civil law, we are talking about the ancient Roman civil law)”. The civil law is the rule of bondage. Civil law is foreign law to these united States of America. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary declares that on the first page.

  9. My name is Bruce Custer and I am searching for decendents of George A. Custer of the Lakote nation. I would deeply like to know if the decents of Yello hairs childern still consider themselves decendents of the Lakota also. I do look forward to hearing from them.

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