Ron Paul Is Blatant With Regards To Race



I have been reading a lot about Ron Paul lately. He is being touted as a racist who has affiliations with plenty of white supremacist and the like. Now I don’t doubt that at all since there are probably a lot of people in Washington with close ties to white supremacists or the like. If there weren’t then I am sure that we would be living in a fair and just society for ALL. Instead of looking for clues as to who this man is wining and dining you can just go right to his website chronicling his bid for the presidency and see exactly what this guy is all about.

He says on his website that “It is the federal government that most divides us by race, class, religion, and gender. Through its taxes, restrictive regulations, corporate subsidies, racial set-asides, and welfare programs, government plays far too large a role in determining who succeeds and who fails. Government “benevolence” crowds out genuine goodwill by institutionalizing group thinking, thus making each group suspicious that others are receiving more of the government loot. This leads to resentment and hostility among us.

Of course the federal government is the one dividing us as the federal government is itself a white institution designed to protect the white privilege that had been established by its founding fathers so long ago. These so called racial set asides and welfare programs aren’t the problem. The problem is we as a people black, white or other shouldn’t need to have these programs in place. Yet, if we don’t how will “everyone” benefit from the prosperity of this country when the structure was set up for one race to succeed at the expense of all others. People always point to the constitution as Ron Paul himself does for it to explain that ALL men are created equal. We all know from history that the founding fathers had no intention of that including neither my forefathers nor myself as at that time blacks weren’t even considered men or women.

Genuine goodwill, is this the same goodwill that makes white privilege in this country the standard and not the exception? The only thing that is leading to resentment and hostility among us is the fact that white privilege exists and the fact that those who benefits from white privilege feel it is being threatened. We hear this constantly from people such as Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly. Bill said recently that “All right. There you go. White privilege. The browning of America. There it is. There it is. Bottom line on this? That’s what it is. Change the complexion of America. Have an open border where Hispanics, people who live in the Caribbean, people who live in Africa and Asia can walk in and become citizens immediately. And there you have the white power structure would decline, of course. Because the numbers of people coming here would be people of color. Right? That’s the hidden agenda.”

Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than as individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called “diversity” actually perpetuate racism.” He might as well just say that minorities and the laws that protect them ARE the reason for racism. Because reading Brotherpeacemaker’s post about the “Good Old Days” you can see that before we protected the rights of minorities there was no racial strife, whites were totally and unconditionally in control with no opposition as obviously Ron Paul feels it should be.

Diversity causes racism? I guess if a race doesn’t want another race to have the types of benefits from society they have then I guess diversity causes racism. Since the group that doesn’t want the other will do whatever it can to keep them out using terrorist tactics such as noose hanging and cross burning or just good old fashioned denial of service. Diversity doesn’t perpetuate racism which is a fallacy of racists everywhere. That being forced to allow people of ALL races to enter into every aspect of living is somehow racists. In reality it is racists to say that diversity is unnecessary, that a place should and could be all white without any problems. Ron Paul is obviously a person who would like to enact the good old days of segregation. If we don’t ensure diversity then how are we going to ensure equality?

The true antidote to racism is liberty. Liberty means having a limited, constitutional government devoted to the protection of individual rights rather than group claims. Liberty means free-market capitalism, which rewards individual achievement and competence – not skin color, gender, or ethnicity. Now unfortunately free market rewarding individuals for achievement and competence not skin color would only work if EVERYONE had the same opportunities and access to those opportunities. When if only one group benefits from the status quo then we already know that those who are under-represented will not benefit no matter how hard they work or how competent they are. Isn’t that the reason we had to enact equal opportunity and affirmative action laws? Well undoing those laws like Brotherpeacemaker showed will NOT under any circumstances equal out the playing field, it will further skew it.

In a free society, every citizen gains a sense of himself as an individual, rather than developing a group or victim mentality. This leads to a sense of individual responsibility and personal pride, making skin color irrelevant. Racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty. The only way skin color would be irrelevant is if we were all working from the same playing field and there was no certain privilege for one group or another. Since we are already working from a white privilege standpoint then everything is judged by a white set of standards. How then do we make race irrelevant when white is the only race that IS relevant in today’s society. Whites have the opportunity to work from an individual standpoint right NOW because they are within the acceptable norms.

No we don’t need to look any further than Ron Paul’s own words to see what this man is working towards. Personal pride, irrelevant skin color and victim mentality are all catch phrases of propaganda that racists love to use to show that blacks can’t of better yet won’t do for themselves and since they feel that this is a fact we blacks should be left in the dust. Ron Paul has shown his true colors brightly enough for even Helen Keller to see the writing on the wall. That Ron Paul has no intention of representing anything but white privilege. In fact with the things he said on his site he plans to do his best to not only protect white privilege but to expand it back to its hay day during Jim Crow.



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68 responses to “Ron Paul Is Blatant With Regards To Race

  1. brettrix

    I think you have been tainted by the world that we live in. Why do different groups need to be treated differently? When that happens some people are not treated the same as others and envy comes into play.
    At this stage in America we should all judged on our individual behavior and character not one’s skin color.
    I see no difference in skin color, do you?

  2. Commenter

    I encourage you to investigate Paul’s positions on the “war on drugs.” Affirmative action laws will not prevent employers from not hiring felons. The “system” is set up to “criminalize” drug offenders as a solution to the “blackmarket” that was created through the prohibition of drugs. Paul recognizes the unconstitutionality of the set-up. He recognizes the folly of prohibition, and its role in expanding the federal government. If white privilege is running rampant in the federal government, why feed the machine?

    In other words, if you would like to see white privilege reduced the effective place to start is to start pulling laws off the books reducing the power of the federal government, instead of adding more laws. Since minorities are often majorities at the local level, minorities should push for a transistion of power from the federal to the local level. Paul is your best bet for doing that.

  3. Ron Paul will pardon everyone ever convicted of a victimless “crime” in the racist & unconstitutional war on drugs.

  4. rhys

    “Of course the federal government is the one dividing us as the federal government is itself a white institution designed to protect the white privilege that had been established by its founding fathers so long ago. These so called racial set asides and welfare programs aren’t the problem.” -TBS Blogger

    The racial set asides and welfare programs are exactly the problem, since these are the mechanisms that the Federal government uses to protect white privilege. Every time I see a black student at a prestigious institution, I wonder if the opportunity was earned or bestowed. I am not the only one. Employers wonder this as well. The Federal government is not doing any favors for minorities by ‘protecting’ them from failing.

    There are those who believe it is unfair for blacks to be discriminated against because of their skin color, but all the Federal government has done is split black voting power by dispersing it into majority white communities.

    If the Federal government allowed segregation, blacks would form stronger communities to increase their voting power. They would run their own school districts, start their own banks, manage their own businesses. If blacks were truly as productive as whites, they would us this concentrated voting power to increase the wealth of their neighborhoods, and ultimately more than leveling the playing field. Relying upon the white institutional power base disenfranchises the institution of black privilege.

    As blacks rely on the dole from white power brokers they make themselves poorer and weaker. This is not due to race, but due to the effects of welfare. But there is a racial component.

    Those who talk about diversity are actually afraid of it. Diversity is not a society in which we are so much the same that our differences are ubiquitous. True diversity demands the type of power sharing to which I am alluding. True diversity does not mean that we are free from negative judgements due to our differences, instead true diversity is the result of having the political power to ignore negative judgements.

    Today blacks have embraced the mercy of white institutional power. When are they going to throw off the shackles of this welfare oppresion, band together, and create true political and economic power for themselves. As a caucasion/hispanic I welcome true diversity, and I welcome the day that blacks can hurt whites through their own discrimination. I welcome black power.

  5. theblacksentinel

    Beattrix, it would be nice if we lived in that world but we don’t. Preferential treatment is a daily factor in how people are treated and that is not for the minorities. White privilege is alive and well and has no intention of going away. So NOT looking at it won’t make us all magically equal.

    Commenter and Galileo,

    I am sorry but I don’t care what he plans to do with the war on drugs. I am not going to help a person who plans on making mine and the lives of other minorities worse. You all think that ending the laws that protect minorities will somehow make us all happier. Yet when the laws were not in place whites were happy then as well. We on the other hand are not happy being subjugated, not then, and certainly not now.

    Reading his website I can see that this man is not about to change the status quo, he is about strengthening it. I don’t need people who are guilty or victimless crimes pardoned, how does this help me or other minorities. I know that you all think that oh the drug infested black community will be happy about this. Well think again. Pardons at the expense of our other freedoms will not make us better off.

    I will make sure that each and everyone of you Ron Paul supporters that come here and try and push the propaganda of this racist dude will be answered back. I will not be a posting spot for his election. If I have anything to do with it, he will be exposed for the ridiculous things he has been spouting.

    Thanks each of you for the reply.

  6. John

    Paul is a candidate where you have to look past the white rhetoric to pro-minority policies.

    I think we should keep in mind that Paul is the only candidate that talks seriously about ending the drug war and the federal death penalty, both of which hurt the black community and black families. The Drug War especially provides excuses for police brutality, blackmail, and racial profiling.

    Paul wants to end foreign wars which are always fought by a disproportionately black and minority front-line military.

    Also, Ron Paul has a good program to end the inflationary money system – inflation which hurts poor black communities for the benefit of white bankers and usurers in schemes like check-cashing companies. Inflation forces working black families into poverty, and forces them unto government programs. They steal out money with inflations and taxes, give it back to us in welfare and call us lazy. We just want our own money back.

    Yes, Paul’s rhetoric ignores that white privilege biases opportunities against blacks. His rhetoric sounds like 90s reverse discrimination complaints. But he is not out to overturn the Civil Rights Act or end all welfare tomorrow. His policies that he will act on are light-years ahead of other candidates on issues crucial to the black community.

    Thanks for reading,


  7. theblacksentinel


    This is where the propaganda comes in to play, since you obviously are unaware that the majority of people on welfare are white, so how does this affect the minority community? Also, these so called set a side programs, I can only think of one which is affirmative action and obviously with the state of things and the wage gap between races it isn’t doing much to curb white privilege. So I guess ending it will make it all better right?

    Give me a break, if laws won’t MAKE whites hire blacks the lack of them WILL? This is the ridiculousness of Ron Paul and his supporters. Also, we had segregation and that didn’t make for a stronger and richer black community. Sure we were united but united in weakness and poverty. White privilege will make sure that any segregated black community fails since they will make it a priority to deny us access to the necessities of life.

    So don’t try and use that bogus argument here. I agree that we as blacks need to shed the white man running rough shod over us, but it doesn’t in any way mean that we should allow whites to dictate how and where we now live. Which is exactly what will happen with your segregation. We tried that and it got us no where.

    You all keep spouting welfare which whites utilize far more often than blacks. Diversity can’t be forced yet how does segregation stop the negative thoughts of the majority (whites). It doesn’t so then let’s get to the real deal of what you all want.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. John

    You are not the emperor of black people and do not speak for everyone on the drug war. Pot smoking does not destroy lives. Police brutality destroys lives. The millions of black men in jail right now DO NOT believe that drug war helps minorities in any way. How much better off are inner-city minorities since the 70s and the start of the drug war?

    Look up asset forfeiture, racial profiling, the death of Kathryn Johnston, etc.

    What would change the status quo in your opinion? Is it more welfare, more affirmative action?

  9. theblacksentinel


    Unfortunately the cops don’t need an excuse to utilize the age old brutality against blacks. They will kill, maim and beat us for anything they deem necessary. So like I said his war on drug policy and the death penalty won’t put a stop to that.

    Black families are thrust into poverty by white privilege which locks us out of the workforce and making equal pay to whites. So what has he planned to do about equal pay. I have heard nothing. He is not gaining any points with me. I hope they do end welfare then people can finally see all the whites who will be thrown in the street and stop pointing the finger at the black community as if we make up 100% of the program.


  10. theblacksentinel


    I never claimed to be the voice or emperor of all blacks and you should have said empress. Yet I do know that Ron Paul is no different than any other candidate in which he is not going to end white privilege.

    And in order to do that or like you say end the status quo would be to shake up the whole system. You can’t have one race running everything and think that the other races are going to get a fair shake.

    And NO I don’t think we need more affirmative action or welfare. Especially since neither help the black community. White women benefit from both programs WAY more than any black. Check the statistics if you doubt it.


  11. brettrix, I don’t believe that Black Sentinel has been “tainted by the world that we live in.”

    I would hope we could all agree that there aren’t any inherent differences among people because of their race. But there are surely differences, in our society right now, in how all people are viewed and treated based on their race. And there are racial differences, on average, in what people have inherited in the way of money, education, and other forms of privilege.

    So, in a perfect world, we could simply speak of individual rights and opportunities, and let it go at that. But in a world where people are treated differently based on group membership, our approach to social justice must take group affiliation into account, at least for now.

    I recognize, of course, that Ron Paul may be sincere in his libertarian beliefs. And there’s certainly room to argue that the best approach to racial justice might borrow heavily from an individualist perspective, while still accounting for race.

    Commenter and Galileo, I find your comments rather frustrating. You’re responding to a thoughtful analysis of Ron Paul’s stated positions as they relate to race, by pointing out that his libertarian principles inevitably require that he support certain reforms of the drug laws. Those reforms stem from his political beliefs, not from any conviction that the laws are racially biased, so they don’t begin to address Black Sentinel’s concerns.

    And, in fact, it almost sounds as if you’re suggesting that blacks should support Paul not out of principle, or even because his policies might best serve the black community, but because he would keep many black drug offenders out of jail. Is that really the best argument to use to convince a group that he has their best interests at heart?



  12. (I’m sorry, Black Sentinel — I started typing out my last comment when there were only three comments up — by the time it was submitted, you’d already said much the same thing! )

  13. Please keep your black brothers locked up for drugs, call Ron Paul a racist!

  14. ana

    “Now unfortunately free market rewarding individuals for achievement and competence not skin color would only work if EVERYONE had the same opportunities and access to those opportunities. When if only one group benefits from the status quo then we already know that those who are under-represented will not benefit no matter how hard they work or how competent they are. ”

    what group? white people are not a ‘group’ that has some special, common interest. white people are individuals whose foremost concerns is their own good and the good of their families and friends – not the good of other white people. and what is this “under-representation” about? in which sense is a white woman doctor representing other white women?

  15. theblacksentinel


    White people are individuals whose foremost concerns is their own good and the good of their families and friends. Now ana would those family and friends be Asian or black how about Hispanic. No they are white as well, that is my point.

    These fortune 500 companies which are run by whites and whites make up 99% of their workforce didn’t get that way because whites were looking out for minorities. Nope, they got that way by the good ol’ boy network, nepotism and cronyism.

    So please don’t sit here and act as if white privilege is something YOU don’t understand or know about it just makes you look silly. I mean under represented in the government, workforce and any other thing you can think about besides sports and that is on the lower end, not ownership.


  16. theblacksentinel


    Why is Ron Paul not working to get his white brothers out of jail? So what good is it going to do me to let a bunch of people out of jail. I say let the people who were railroaded into prison like blacks so often are, out of jail. After that, it doesn’t much matter.

    I guess you are thinking that we the black race are so stupid that we would vote a racist into office just because he offers freedom for jail birds. Please. We understand that free jail birds isn’t going to help us when this man makes it even more difficult for us to eek out a living.

    So, concentrate on getting your brothers out of jail if you want but don’t assume that is what ALL blacks want.


  17. John

    Sorry about the “emperor” comment, I just get frustrated sometimes because I run into a lot of people that think they. I respect your point of view. We will just have to agree to disagree on the impact of the drug war and the death penalty. I think it facilitates attacks on the black community and creates a culture of fear and police brutality when drugs are an addiction/health issue. You want to make sure that the black community is not undermined by drug use and drug-related crime. I respect that, even if I disagree.

    I am glad we agree that programs like welfare are not long term solutions.

    On equal pay – I think that both whites and black are hurt by inflation that undermines their savings and buying power. Like you said whites are on welfare too and all the poor are hurt.

    But the issue isn’t so much trying to force white institutions and companies to not be racist. Employment laws and housing laws show how white owners and landlords can avoid and work around those laws.

    My desire is to protect black investment by ending racist regulations that prevent black-owned companies and businesses from succeeding. It’s like what Chris Rock said – Shaq is rich but the white man who cuts Shaq’s check is wealthy. I want black people to be wealthy.

    that is why the money issue is so important – white bankers are the ones that benefit from the current system, while black businesses and individuals pay crazy high, gouging interest rates. If we protect black businesses, protect black workers from losing their savings and their pay, we can get long-term changes. Trying to use the law to cause change will not work because the institutions and the government have no desire to help the black community build itself up.

    I strongly believe that the Democrats and traditional Republicans do not offer solutions… which have to be grounded in building up the black community by keeping black men out of jail and black businesses up and running. I think Ron Paul’s policies do that, even if his rhetoric ignores the white privilege in the system.

    Thanks for responding to comments with reasoned arguments and I wish you the best.


  18. The war on drugs is unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, and racist. Ron Paul will end it, at least at the federal level.

    Ron Paul Calls for End to Drug War

  19. Commenter

    Don’t buy the hype. Paul, simply, is not a rascist. Paul’s position on the war on drugs is not to benefit people of color, it’s to reduce to power of the feds. He’s a small government guy, plain and simple. Calling his platform a continuation of the status quo is questionable. If things continue as they are and you loose your free speach, are arrested for being a terrorist, jailed without trial, have your assets frozen then confiscated, then, well, subjugation will take on a whole new meaning.

  20. John14

    PLEASE invite Ron Paul to an interview. Let him explain his understandings of the history of America . He is absolutely opposed to oppression of any human being. Investigate him fully before you judge Dr. Paul. When the blatant evil about slavery was removed from the Constitution, the true Constitutionalists demanded that all be treated equally. Those who believe in the rule of law and not of men need to be relentless that our government adhere to these principals

  21. rhys

    When I talk of welfare, I am not only speaking of “welfare”. Adding SAT points to black’s scores so they can qualify for opportunities counts as welfare.

    I don’t think you are grasping my point. Segregation will work in blacks favor if and only if blacks are more productive than whites. This is true for the same reason that blacks are over-represented in the NFL and NBA. When blacks are more productive, they earn their respect – that is the value of capitalism. To claim that segregation failed, is to claim that blacks are less productive than whites and therefore there is little incentive for white capitalists to exploit black production. This may be true, but then why should I care about the black man’s plight?

    If blacks are as productive or more productive than whites, segregation will only hurt white capitalists. Eventually, the white capitalists will demand the skills of black contractors, much like the NBA and NFL. If blacks are less productive than whites, then segregation will not work in the favor of the black man, because capitalists will have no incentive to champion their cause. If blacks are less productiove then whites, why should I care about hurting our economy to subsidize them?

  22. theblacksentinel


    I would interview him but I believe that politicians tell you exactly what they think you want to hear. I only took the words from HIS website and broke them down to what they meant to me. I am sorry, he may be for the rule of law and demand equal treatment. But, that is exactly what civil rights was supposed to do. When you have a group in charge that wants to hold on to that privilege nothing will change.

    Ron Paul can’t somehow MAKE people act right. He can’t force the nation into equality by giving the same racists carte blanche to do what they will without repercussions. That is what we had before civil rights and saying that it is up to individuals to do the right thing doesn’t do anything to protect any minority. Since if individuals would do the right thing programs to protect minorities wouldn’t be needed because things would have evened out. Yet they haven’t.


  23. theblacksentinel


    That is my point! Blacks should not have to be MORE productive than whites. Why can’t we be just as productive and get what we need? Why do WE have to prove something to whites in order to get the same crap as whites. We were far more productive during slavery and that got us what exactly?

    During the first segregation the white capitalists were doing just fine and didn’t require the black anything. So now why would they demand black workers when they aren’t demanding them NOW that they can have them without a fuss?

    You are right I DON’T get your point. How exactly are blacks going to start these businesses for the black community when blacks can’t get business loans now. How exactly is segregation going to help blacks when ALL the money is in the white community? Exactly how are the blacks going to capitalize with nothing to start with?

    I don’t like the questions and you nor Ron are offering any answers that sounds legit. Also, I am a black college grad and I have NEVER heard of SAT point adding. I have also worked in a college admissions office and never saw it there either. Where is this taking place or is it more propaganda?


  24. ana

    “White people are individuals whose foremost concerns is their own good and the good of their families and friends. Now ana would those family and friends be Asian or black how about Hispanic. No they are white as well, that is my point.”

    your point is entirely misguided. white people love their children because they are their children – not because they are white. white people do care about white children that are unrelated no more than they care about unrelated black children. white people do not get anything from the successes of other white people. if a white person applies for a job and doesn’t get it, she will not gain anything by the fact that unrelated white individual – as opposed to unrelated black or whatever individual – got it.

    “These fortune 500 companies which are run by whites and whites make up 99% of their workforce didn’t get that way because whites were looking out for minorities. Nope, they got that way by the good ol’ boy network, nepotism and cronyism.”

    that has nothing to do with race, sorry. belonging to a white race doesn’t make you a part of any particular social network, lest of all a network of CEO-s.

    “So please don’t sit here and act as if white privilege is something YOU don’t understand or know about it just makes you look silly. I mean under represented in the government, workforce and any other thing you can think about besides sports and that is on the lower end, not ownership.”

    the only silly person here is you. there is no such thing as “white privilege” – some people are born lucky regarding their intelligence, looks and family wealth – and some aren’t. rich and successful white people do not represent poor and unsuccessful white people in any meaningful sense.

    you are so obsessed with your collective identity that you can not understand that other people aren’t. apparently, when you see a successful black woman you feel pride that you don’t feel when you see a successful white man. obsession with race – so prominent in your case – is the essence racism.

  25. Commenter

    Segregation is not viable solution and I challenge the idea that all the money is in the white community.

    Market forces are more potent than government forces or even rascist forces.

    Paul’s positions are not structured to benefit a particular group. So if you want someone who does advocate group specific positions then certainly vote for someone else.

    Paul does not pander to special interests, that is why he stands out in a crowd of politicians.

    He does offer legitimate economic and foreign policy solutions that in my opinion would benefit everyone by strengthening the US economy in every sector.

    Democrats and the Neo-cons have sold out the middle class financially and continue to erode civil liberties in the name of safety.

  26. Jose

    Man, are you angry. Can’t say I don’t blame you. But are you just going to pontificate the obvious to everyone who clicks by or do you have an idea on how to fix our broken society?

  27. Patrick

    This has been an interesting discussion so far. And I don’t have anything to really add to it except for one comment.

    “I would interview him but I believe that politicians tell you exactly what they think you want to hear.”

    I have to disagree with you here in the case of Ron Paul. Any research into his history and positions will show you he is full of integrity.

  28. rhys

    “That is my point! Blacks should not have to be MORE productive than whites. Why can’t we be just as productive and get what we need? Why do WE have to prove something to whites in order to get the same crap as whites. We were far more productive during slavery and that got us what exactly?” -Chris Pearson? (Are you the author?)

    I agree with you, blacks do not have to be more productive than whites. The division of labor means that when various people are equally productive, it is within a societies best interest to incorporate fair trade practices, since this increases the productivity from the societal benefits that result from the division of labor.

    This has only happened within the entertainment field – sports, music, and hollywood. You are demanding, not just that someone like yourself be given the benefit of the doubt, but that – black people, in general, be given the benefit. Yet you are willing to concede that black people, in general, cannot make it without handouts.

    Understand, I am not arguing against individual rights, which I hold sacrosanct, I am arguing against your ideas that this ‘benefit-of-the-doubt’ be extended to all blacks. Why, because the color of their skin?

    I argue that when black production is superior, as it is in entertainment (sports, music, and hollywood) blacks will be embraced for their ability to produce profit. If blacks are equal to whites in industrial capacity, then the benefits of the division of labor will create a situation where blacks are just as welcome in society. The only case where blacks would be less welcome is when they are less economically productive. If this is true, why extend the benefit of the doubt to ALL BLACKS. Why not extend the benefit of the doubt to the blacks who prove themselves though their own efforts (without government interference)?

    In this case, only individual rights matter, not racial rights, not affirmative action.

    If you won’t jump to conclusions, I will admit to something. I believe that there is a difference between different races and their intelligence and, consequently, productivity. I am convinced that east Asians, are the most intelligent and highest productive members of society. I don’t want to give them special rights, but I don’t think we should pass laws limiting their productive capacity. I think Caucasions come next, followed by Hispanics, followed by Blacks. Again, I am not arguing against blacks in general, my brother in law is black, and is fully capable to own and run an effective business, his father is a VP and sits on the board of several very productive companies. I want to repay productive effort, and I don’t see any proof or reasons to extend to ALL blacks extra benefits.

    Why are you so afraid of earning compensation on an individual basis? Blacks were not more productive during slavery. They could not purchase products, because they were slaves. Productivity in capitalism is the result of earning power and purchasing power. If you purchase more than you produce, you are a drain on society.

    Some people may be biased, but increasing numbers of us are not. I would hire a capable black man or woman in a heart-beat. My last girlfriend was black, and she was intelligent, sexy, and amazing. I feel like you are calling me racist.

  29. theblacksentinel


    Please! I didn’t say that all whites are part of the same social network. What I did and am saying is that people like you will sit here and try and excuse the fact that there are ALL white companies or companies that are predominantly white. What if you will is the reason this happens? No blacks in the vicinity or they just couldn’t find a black person who needed a job? Let’s be real.

    I am NOT obsessed with race I am a realist. I guess you are going to sit and act as if whites are not the race that is in power. Race has always played a role in American society and to say otherwise is ridiculous.

    Please explain why if white privilege doesn’t exist why is there a wage, medical care, credit, disposable income, promotion, law enforcement and sentencing discrepancies exist. And these discrepancies exists with all things being equal between the black and white people.

    And yes, I see ALL people who are successful yet I don’t feel pride at seeing any of them. Sure here we go, by me pointing out racism makes ME the racist. Right! And all I can say is that you are either living with blinders or you are oblivious to the lives of minorities that you can’t see what they have to live with. Open your eyes and get out of your little world for a while.

  30. You sir are racist. You blame “white” people. Not bad people, not ignorant people, you see people as belonging to a race, not as a human.

    If you were to exchange the “white”, and “black” descriptions in this blog, you’d be up in arms saying the person writing the blog was all about white supremacy.

    Sorry, but as long as you see things in “black” and “white”, you will have racial tendancies. Instead, please try to look and see people as individuals, not as belonging to some race or anything else designed to divide humans.

    And well, I feel racists are ignorant people, so don’t know what to tell you, other than to get a clue and start seeing things without race involved.

  31. MP

    Minorities only exist if we acknowledge their status as minorities. We are all American. That’s the only thing that matters. Sure…I’m white, and I’m short, and I’m bald. Larry David once brought up the issue of baldism and how people descriminate against bald people. Maybe I need some laws to provide me with the same advantages that people with hair have. Maybe there should be a law that requires women to go out with one bald guy a year. HAHA

    By enacting laws that “protect minorities” you are solidifying their status as minorities. They will forever be dependent upon a system that has no buisness interfereing in their lives in the first place. These interferences create the very descrimination they are supposed to be addressing.

    You’re ideologies actually perpetuate the divisiveness you seek to change. We can only truely be free when we completely ignore these issues of race and religion as a determination of success. The laws you defend actually focus attention on these attributes and thereby make them impossible to ignore.

    If Ron Paul was black I would still vote for him……would you?

  32. Joshua

    It weighs on my heart that there is a general failure in the black community to gain upward momentum. I really can’t be sure that it is the racist majority, since other minorities that were hated still managed to claw their way out of poverty. Whether it was Seek refugees from India or Japanese farmers in California, the fact seems to be no other minority has the poverty problem the black community suffers from. Even third generation Mexicans seem to do well in spite of the presence of “racism”. As long as the Black community holds on to racism as a justification for failure they will never have great success. If Jews allowed skin heads and henry ford to be a justification for failure, would they be wealthy today? They all managed to rise without being in the country clubs. I’ve had too many Black friends to think they are less intelligent than Indians or Whites. I’ve met too many racists to believe they would let the Jews and Japanese slip into their circles. The only Blacks I hear talking about hard work and education are considered “white” (Cosby or Justice Thomas). As long as you think the means to wealth belong to another people, you can’t succeed. Money is not racist and neither are true capitalists. If you have the best product and the best work ethic, you will gain wealth. The only reason you find Ron Paul racist is because he won’t treat a black person as wounded or retarded and as long as you demand handicap ramps in life, you will stay in your wheelchair. Stand on your own, stand free, spit in the face of the person who says you are a gimp because of your race. Be an individual, not a group and this guy will stand next to you as an equal.

  33. 1. The unfairness of the drug wars has already been mentioned though its total economic cost has not been. It costs us hundreds of billions of dollars a year. I would only add that one out of every three black males will be imprisoned during his lifetime. Obtaining a job is made much more difficult after imprisonment. President Ron Paul would significantly alleviate that problem.

    2.The average expected lifespan of a black male in the USA is sixty-nine years of age. The average expected lifespan of a white male in the USA is over seventy five years of age. The average black male will pay into the social security program for fifty years and collect for less than two years. The average white male will pay into the social security program for forty-seven years and collect for well over ten years. Whether you term this disparity a form of theft or wage-slavery the results are the same. President Ron Paul will significantly ameliorate this disparity.

    These changes will not only ne beneficial to black men but also to black women and the rest of the population of the United States as well.

    Vote for Ron Paul for President- the only antiwar pro-choice presidential candidate with knowledge of economics, honesty and integrity.

  34. Danny

    Are you serious?

    There are many in Washington with ties to supremasists!! So who are they????

    Do your research…

  35. Dont worry fellow Paul supporters, I am a black man and I am certainly not buying into these smear tactics! Most of the voters in my predominantly black community support Dr. Paul because he is fair, honest, and most importantly he sees every American citizen as an individual. That is the key to ending racism. We are all individuals and should be treated differently because of religion, gender, sexuality, or race. GO RON PAUL!!!!

    Posted by jsklx500 at 07:38 PM : Dec 21, 2007
    + report abuse
    30yrs old, Iraq Veteran. I have seen first hand the excesses of our military industrial complex in Iraq, and the monetary waste it wreaks in our economy. I have seen how the corporate control of our foreign policy has made us hated. They don”t hate freedom. They don”t hate gambling. They don”t hate ***. They hate intervention in their domestic affairs by a foreign power. I see the devaluation of the dollar, the stripping of civil liberties in the name of security, and the imposition of federal power over local jurisdiction. I see our borders unsecured, and our roads/bridges falling while we borrow trillions from Foreigners to pay for UN mandated police actions. All this in the face of the ideals of limited government, personal liberty, and humble foreign trade/diplomacy espoused by our founders which made this country a beacon of freedom to the world. I urge you all to consider what kind of country your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews will inherit if you continue to listen to the corporate candidates of both parties. Read the books “1984” or “Farenheit 451” for an idea of what that country may look like.

    J.R. Thompson.
    1LT(OCS), US ARMY.

  36. unrealist

    In regards to “protective laws”.

    “An equal application of law to every condition of man is fundamental.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Hay, 1807. ME 11:341

    “The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.” –Thomas Jefferson: Note in Destutt de Tracy, “Political Economy,” 1816. ME 14:465

    “To unequal privileges among members of the same society the spirit of our nation is, with one accord, adverse.” –Thomas Jefferson to Hugh White, 1801. ME 10:258

    The issue with Jefferson is that he owned slaves. If one reads his views on the topic of slavery it is plain to see that he was knowledgable of his own hypocracy. You might call him the “realist” of his day. However, this does not deminish the spirit and relevence of the above quotes with regard to their importance to the American experiment.

    Ron Paul distibguishes himself from Jefferson in that he speaks the principles of Jefferson as well as lives them. To him….we should use these principles to continue the experiment and to pick up where Jefferson fell short. (Practicing what he preached)

  37. EasyE

    “Yet I do know that Ron Paul is no different than any other candidate in which he is not going to end white privilege.”

    If that is the case, which it is not, then why did you choose to single him out?

    Ron Paul speaks of people being treated as individuals and not as groups and you twist that to mean that he is racist. Get real. And the affiliation with white supremacists that you speak of doesn’t even exist. If you watch this Neil Cavuto interview you can see Ron Paul address the issue straight up.

    So if you think Ron Paul is a racist I’d like to know who you think will do more for the black community than him.

  38. Thomas

    I encourage you to talk with Ron Paul. There is no coded message in what he says. He actually does care about individuals. All people will be better off when Ron Paul is president.

  39. theblacksentinel


    I don’t think that pointing out racist rhetoric makes one a racist, unless you think that pointing out rape makes you the rapist. I don’t know about you but I read TONS of Blogs where the race is reversed and they can say whatever they want it doesn’t mean I agree. That is their opinion, just like this is mine. You can feel it’s racist but that is subjective now isn’t it?

    Also, you want ME to look and see people as individuals not belonging to one race or another yet, I would be hard pressed to be joined in that endeavor anywhere in America. So why are you not going out and advocating this around the nation? See it is one thing to tell the person who is pointing out the hypocrisy yet letting the real racists get a pass. I feel that racists should get a clue as well yet they don’t and it is the minorities who suffer, not you. You can just mosy on about your daily life comfortable in your white privilege that you won’t be denied service due to your skin color. So next time I or my family is being discriminated against or called a name, can I call you to come and fix it or how about Ron Paul?

    For everyone else,

    You seem to have the same old rhetoric about blacks putting themselves in this situation. To be educated is being white. These are all loads of propaganda that has been spewed over and over. This is pure bull crap. You are all saying that people should be seen as individuals yet you are all using the group mentality to talk about blacks. You say “WE” revile education and “WE” can’t or won’t pull “ourselves” up. Now this is the exact mentality and word usage that I am talking about.

    You can all support Ron Paul and do whatever you like. I personally don’t care for the things he says since I can see the slippery slope that he is treading on. He is NOT looking out for my best interest, not saying the things he is saying. And I don’t care if he were black, I wouldn’t agree with him. I am an INDIVIDUAL and don’t vote based on race. I vote based on who is probably going to do the least damage to me and people like me.

    You all talk a good game and how he is going to help out the black community and that is what you want. Yet, what have you been doing to help white privilege and the status quo to end. Do you really even care if you benefit from white privilege, I think not. Everyone is so angry that the Hispanics just might become the majority, and why is that? Probably the same reason that Bill O’Reilly spoke of that it would end white male rule thus ending white privilege. That was the one truthful thing I think that man has ever said.


  40. theblacksentinel


    I actually doubt you are for real yet, that is your prerogative. Your trackback is interesting as well and just makes me doubt you more.

  41. unrealist

    Bill O’Reilly shouted Ron Paul right off his show. RP wants to end descrimination not by passing more laws and increasing governement medelling but by doing the exact opposite. Let the markets decide just like Rosa Parks and MLK did with the bus boycott. If a company shows descrimination it can be held accountable in the market place. The rpoblem is that theses protective laws you speek of only perpetuate the racism they seek to address. There are other more effective ways to address these issues that are inclusive of other people who may not be the same race but share the same ideas.

    RP wants you to be treated as an American not a “Black American”. Whether you are being denied a right or given preferential treatment; if it is done because you are a certain race….it is un-american.
    Protective laws are a form preferential treatment that force someone to look at race rather than individual merrit. They are in themsleves descriminatory.

  42. Walter Williams and I agree.

    Walter E. Williams (born 1936 in Philadelphia) is an American economist and college professor. He is also a syndicated columnist and author known for his libertarian and sometimes conservative views. He is an occasional guest host of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program and Lawrence Kudlow’s Kudlow & Company TV program.

    He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1972. Since being a graduate student at UCLA, he has been a friend of economist, historian and columnist Thomas Sowell. Correspondence between Sowell and Williams appears in the 2007 by “A Man of Letters” by Sowell. Williams has been a Professor of Economics at George Mason University since 1980, and chairman of that University’s Economic’s department from 1995 to 2001.

    He has previously been on the faculty of Los Angeles City College, California State University – Los Angeles, Temple University, and Grove City College.

    Williams is a champion of black education, frequently indicting the educational systems of inner city schools for perpetuating, in his words, a fraud against African-American students and families by lowered standards. He is also a critic of the minimum wage and affirmative action, believing that both practices are detrimental to blacks. Williams especially emphasizes his belief that racism and the legacy of slavery in the United States are overemphasized as problems faced by the black community and do not adequately explain the situation blacks face today.

    Like most conservatives and libertarians, he criticizes gun control as endangering the innocent and failing to reduce crime.

    Williams praises capitalism (of a laissez-faire variety) as being the most moral and most productive system man has ever devised. “Capitalism is relatively new in human history. Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow man.”[1]

    He has gone on record as advocating the Free State Project in at least two columns and once on television. The Williams endorsement correlated with the largest single membership jump in the first 5000 phase of the project, a jump even higher than the results of the project being Slashdotted. He also believes in the right of U.S. states to secede from the union as several states attempted to do during the Civil War.[2] Williams has supported or been sympathetic toward various secessionist ideas in his writings.[3]

    Williams has written hundreds of articles and his syndicated column is published weekly in approximately 140 newspapers across the United States, as well as on several web sites.[4]

    Conservative comic strip Mallard Fillmore has launched a campaign to draft Williams for the Republican nomination in the 2008 United States presidential election.[5] Williams has stated that he is inundated with emails, but won’t run, although he won’t completely rule out the possibility. Instead, he endorsed Republican candidate Ron Paul.[6] Paul himself has suggested “[s]omebody like Walter Williams” as a running mate.[7]

  43. theblacksentinel


    OK, sounds good. So who are we going to boycott when we have no jobs or places to live that are decent? Everyone. And will that really work. Boycotts haven’t worked since we got this ME only attitude.

    Preferential treatment is hundreds of years of special treatment that has been dominating in this country and all of a sudden it is a bad thing. Will this supposed end to protective laws end the preferential treatment of white privilege and if so, HOW?

    I don’t see a program designed to force businesses to hire ALL races as discriminatory. I see lack of rules forcing people to LOOK at ALL candidates for a job as discrimination. Since we tried letting people do the RIGHT thing and did that work. We have tried to force people to do the right thing and did that work. No for all of these, yet you will have me believe that going back to the first bad idea will somehow work “this time”.

    Sorry I am done waiting for these so called politicians to actually put an END to the real preferential treatment. Yet all any of you can focus on is a program you deem preferential to blacks. Well where is your outrage for white preferential treatment which is so ingrained in this culture it is considered the NORM.

    So until you find a way to end preferential treatment for whites I guess that so called preferential treatment for others should stick as well.

  44. theblacksentinel


    Sure more guns = safety. I don’t think so. Yet that is neither here nor there. I am focusing on other things.

    I understand that capitalism makes people rich but in order to have rich you must inevitably have poor. Everyone can’t be rich or the term doesn’t exist. People would just be; all the same doesn’t equate with rich. So I don’t think that run amok capitalism is going to solve ALL our problems.

    Also, wasn’t slavery considered capitalism and the ultimate if you look at it. Little overhead and practically a hundred percent profit. And so ending minimum wage will do exactly what? Somehow the employers are barely wanting to meet the minimum wage standards of today so we get rid of the standards then they will somehow be compelled to start shucking out the big bucks?

    This sounds stupid. It seems to me that just like when Bush took away minimum wages in New Orleans right after the hurricane in order to get things built quickly and as cheap as possible, people will take advantage and pay 2 or 3 dollars and hour. Did that help the people down there? I think not.

    But then I guess we wouldn’t have to worry about illegal aliens as we won’t be making much more than they come here and make. So we would be taking those jobs since ALL pay is low. Yet I doubt the prices for goods and services would drop. So I guess you can explain how no minimum wage helps the people. I can see how it helps businesses get more money, that is obvious.

  45. One question for all: Ron Paul wants to kill the welfare-social programs of the US government? Is this guy crazy or what?

  46. Greetings Brothaman!

    I’m a black man that supports Ron Paul for president. I’m in my early thirties, and I am a financial analyst by training and profession.

    In addition to his message of individual liberty, I am most drawn to him because of his message of sound money and limited government spending.


    We are faced with an economic crisis that will completely ruin our black people.

    Please see my blogspot for more info, as I have written about this topic extensively. But please understand that without a sound monetary system that is NOT subject to government manipulation, ALL the people, white, black, or hispanic, are SLAVES to the government and to the bankers that fund it.

    Please see:

    I am also a Men’s Rights Activist, and I oppose the ideology of feminism and the lies and destruction that this hate movement has wrought on the country in general, and black men in particular.

    Please see:

    To make a long story short, the Federal government, first with Welfare, and secondly by means of feminist inspired policies that discriminate against black men and black fathers, has utterly destroyed the black family, and by extension, the black community.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY presidential candidate who has voted against pork barrel spending supported by radical feminist groups that do not hesitate to condemn men as abusers, rapists, and child molesters, even though all of these feminist claims have been utterly refuted (please visit my blog for more info on the lies and distortions advanced by radical feminists).

    In addition to all of the above, as other posters have pointed out, RP wants to end the war on Drugs, and the War in Iraq, both of which devastate the black community, and are both waged on false pretenses.

    All of these things are vitally important to the future health and well being of the black community.

    For example, Obama has made it clear that Men, especially black men, are to blame for the destruction of our families, when numerous pieces of research have proven otherwise.

    Please see:

    Obama wants to use the government to CONTINUE the same failed government policies that have contributed to our sorry state of affairs.

    Hillary Clinton, Arch feminist, intends to wipe out what little rights that men have left in this country.

    Ditto for the remaining Democrats.

    As for the other Republicans… they would surely turn our country into a police fascist state. Think of Bush lite, or even scarier, Bush Xtra strength!!

    Nuff said.

    Most people know something is very wrong with this country. Look at the Ron Paul forums, when you get a chance. Look at the Lou Dobbs program on CNN. Hell, look at STORMFRONT, white nationalist site extraordinare, and see for yourself just how fearful these racist members of the “white power structure” are when it comes to the policies of our government.

    While everyone has their own issues, be it feminism, the white power privilege, affirmative action, or whatever, it is becoming increasingly obvious to most everyone that our current system of federal over-regulation is NOT working, and in fact, is doing a hell of a lot more harm than good.

    I totally agree with you when you say that to take a course of action that has already failed is more than useless. We shouldn’t require government to all of a sudden NOT care about protecting the rights of minorities. And that is not the message I am hearing from Dr. Paul.

    Everyone reading these words, black and white, needs to understand that Martin Luther King saying; we must all live together as brothers, or perish as fools.

    CRUNCH time is coming up fast baby, and we need to remember our past (in which both black and white people were taken advantage of, as I point out on my blogspot.), and decide that when Ron Paul talks about defending the rights of the individual, then that means defending those rights by any means legally and constitutionally necessary.

    There should be no government policies in favor of slavery, discrimination, or segregation in any way, shape or form. There should be laws dedicated to the preservation of individual rights, no matter what the race, sex, or sexual orientation, and these laws need to be encoded and enforced by both state and federal governments.

    If the states violate the individual rights of the people, the feds should intervene (which they did).

    If the federal government should violate the rights of the people (which it is doing right now), then the states should band together to intervene.

    This is federalism in its purest form as described in the Federalist Papers ( see this post for more information and source proofs )

    And you know what? The ONLY politician that would even attempt to implement and abide by such a system IS Ron Paul. No one else even comes close.

    In conclusion,

    I’m sorry to take up so much space my brother. If you want to talk further, please stop by my Spot and hit me up. I’d be glad to speak to you further about Dr. Paul, or anything else you should find of interest on my blogspot.

    I believe that you should take some time and listen to Paul’s speeches and interviews in order to gain further understanding of his views, which are somewhat complicated. I fear that you have taken some of his writings, and rushed to a judgment that doesn’t hold up when compared to the totality of his beliefs.

    A good place to listen to more is .

    I know his philosophies are quite different from what we are normally used to hearing, but it’s my opinion that, while I don’t agree with 100% of what this man says, he is far superior to any politician out there today.

    Sound money, freedom, and a government that protects my rights, instead of trampling upon them is a message that I can’t possibly discount, especially as you and I sit here and watch our people suffer and die needlessly.

    (By the way, we need to keep our eyes on the prize. We DON’T WANT civil rights; but we do absolutely want Natural Rights. See
    for more info on Natural Rights vs. civil rights.)

    Lastly, let me leave you with this quote from Fredrick Douglas:

    Everybody has asked the question. . .”What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!

    Frederick Douglass, “What the Black Man Wants.”

    We don’t need more programs that have destroyed our communities and our rights. We DO need government to secure our rights from all those who would take them from us, be it Supremacists, corporations, or even Central Banks.

    That is what we need, and that is why I support Representative Ron Paul.


  47. “So next time I or my family is being discriminated against or called a name, can I call you to come and fix it or how about Ron Paul?”

    I’d like to know who your calling now. Ron Paul doesn’t believe in discrimination, he just believes in all people being treated equally by the law.

    “Sure more guns = safety. I don’t think so. Yet that is neither here nor there. I am focusing on other things.”

    What are you basing this on? If a criminal can reasonably expect a mojority or even a quarter of the population to be armed, do you think they are going to take their chances very often? If our government begins to turn against our own citizens, shouldn’t we maintain a right to self protection. If you don’t think that is possible here, I’d beg for you to understand the inclusion of the Right to Bear Arms in the Bill of Rights. Not a right to hunting rifles, a right to arms. That would mean weapons of self protection, protection from a tyrannical state.

  48. Rico

    Residing in Canada, I find it curious that in 2007, race is still an issue in the US. Most people I speak with here feel the same way. With that said, we also can’t deny that the issue exists.

    So, given that Canadians and Americans, as people, are not that different, why the complete opposite way of thinking (or not thinking) about race? To me, it seems reasonable to believe that the government wants it that way, and has made sure that it has stayed this way.

    If we are to blame government policy for the inequalities between the races in the US, then how will voting for anything who supports the status quo improve the matter? Let’s pick Clinton… is she going to change it? How about Giuliani? How about Obama, do you believe that he will dismantle the system that he has agreed to become a part of?

    Ron Paul may have many flaws, but I do not believe that you can include “racist” as being one of them, nor do I believe that dismantling the system, as he proposes to do, to be any worse than what the other candidates are offering. His policies encourage people to be seen as Americans rather than as (enter color here)-Americans. That’s a good step forward.

  49. I’m a (white, female) radical who has decided to vote for RP in the SC primary, to draw the GOP to the left (SC consistently goes Republican anyway)…. the left in this case being anti-war. RP and Dennis Kucinich are the the most unapologetically anti-war of all the candidates. The war is also a racial issue, as we are waging war on People of Color, also. And of course, more American people of color enlist in the military per capita, for the “benefits” (bribes) offered.

    PS: I used a graphic from your blog on my post of 12/20/07 and wanted to thank you for it! Thanks!

  50. theblacksentinel

    Easy E,

    People have guns now and the criminals know this, they are still taking that chance. The wild, wild west people had guns, no everyone had a gun and people still did whatever. The guns didn’t stop crime is what I am saying it just made it more unpredictable.

    Now, I don’t have anyone to call when I am discriminated against. But everyone is saying that Ron Paul wants to end discrimination by ending laws that prohibit them. So now I ask, if he is ending it should I call him when it STILL occurs?

  51. Sentinel,

    You and I both know that discrimination will exist, no matter what happens going forward. But in order to make this American experiment work, We the People need to resolve these racial issues for all time!

    As this document clearly proves:

    Slavery, and by extension, flawed policies such as Jim Crow have always violated the Natural Rights of Black people, no matter how strongly racists and supremacists tried to deny it. The critical factor is that, in the case of slavery and jim crow, these policies were backed up by criminal minded politicians, and operated under the color of law.

    In our time, the law, and public opinion, is firmly against slavery. The truth about black people and our glorious past is finally being acknowledged and verified as truth.


    Times, they are a changing, faster than ever before. So I believe that one of the benefits of the Ron Paul candidacy is that he has opened the door to discuss these issues, such as federalism, the role of government, what freedom is really about, so forth and so on.

    He’s not the perfect candidate to be sure, but as I said before, he is superior to everyone else out there. And, as I document on my blogspot and in the previous post made to your blog, black people simply cannot afford more of the same Federal programs. They are quite literally killing our people.

    I think now is the time for all Americans to really discuss all of these racial issues, and come to a consensus as to how we are going to protect the individual, who is the smallest minority, from the tyranny of BOTH state and federal governments, and also make sure that people’s Natural rights (not civil rights, because civil rights are given and taken away by government), are not discriminated against based on external appearance alone.

    I think that if people read the federalist papers and understand that the power of the federal government and the state governments are not absolute, and that each side has the duty to protect the rights of all people from the encroachments of the other, then I think that we can move forward and make something beautiful.

    But first, we need someone who is willing to protect the Constitution, and is willing to heed the voices of the ultimate keepers of the power:

    The people.

    It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition like some have laid it out to be.

    Freedom does not have to automatically equal discrimination in all cases. Governments exist to protect the Natural rights of all people. And if it is not living up to the task appointed to it, then we need to make sure that the government straightens up and flies right!

    Black folks are a free people now-a-days, and we can organize and bring a lot of pressure upon those that treat us with contempt. Bad publicity and loss of revenue are powerful weapons indeed, just as it was in Alabama.

    The Jena Six rallies come to mind of private citizens exercising their right to protest wrongs that need to be righted.

    It’s not about the states having absolute freedom, nor is it about the feds dominating everyone’s lives.

    I believe that, with the right understanding, we can protect the rights of ALL the people from all forms of government encroachment, and everyone from the lowest to the highest levels of government and society can all work together to accomplish this goal. This is the new Equal Rights movement of the 21st century.

    And the only person I can see that is willing and able to begin this process is Dr. Paul.

    And that’s why I support him.


  52. theblacksentinel

    For everyone who keeps telling me that repealing all the laws that protect minority rights, please explain something to me. Whites did not treat blacks right before there were any laws. They ran rough shod over us and treated us like crap anytime they felt like it. We finally got laws in place and white people STILL treat blacks like crap, contagious shooting, police brutality, slandering blacks by celebrities and others also the rampant discrimination.

    Now my question is if we didn’t get fair treatment without laws, we didn’t get fair treatment with laws what makes you think that going back to NO laws is going to somehow cause people to treat blacks fair? When nothing has worked. How is Ron Paul going to ensure the ENTIRE black community that we will have protections. And since there will be no laws against it, what will happen when discrimination takes place?

    You all keep praising Ron Paul, but I have yet to have ONE person answer any of the concerns I have raised. It seems to me that there are too many unanswered questions about this man for ANY black person to pull a lever in favor of him. I would rather take my chances with the losers who aren’t talking such racist rhetoric.


  53. theblacksentinel

    One last thought for any Ron Paul supporters,

    Ron Paul has said “It is safe to say that 90 to 95% of all black males in D.C. are criminals.” Now does that sound like a man who is out to protect my rights or the rights of other blacks? The man is clearly racist.


  54. When blacks perpetuate the victim mentality it only hurts us. This article is a shame. Ron Paul is the only candidate who would protect the rights of Blacks equally with other races. I guess you’re too stuck in the slave mentality to see that.

    BTW, I’m a Black supporter of Ron Paul.

  55. theblacksentinel


    You are the one who should be ashamed. If you are such a big supporter of this man then why don’t you answer my question. Which is if he is such a big supporter of the black community then why would he use such racial rhetoric like “It is safe to say that 90 to 95% of all black males in D.C. are criminals.”

    Now are you saying that pointing out a racist comment like this is slave mentality? Because to me supporting a blatant racist is slave mentality. “Yassir boss, I support ya, no matter what it is you say, we’s gone win right boss?” That is what you sound like to me. Now answer the question. How are repealing laws that protect minorities going to help minorities. And if you DON’T have a slave mentality then you would see that it would serve to do nothing for us.

    If you are black as you claim then you would know that having NO laws on the books is just the same as saying let’s go back to what we had before. Now was that a GOOD time for blacks? You tell me, because obviously you see it from another perspective.


  56. Sentinel,

    “Ron Paul has said “It is safe to say that 90 to 95% of all black males in D.C. are criminals.” Now does that sound like a man who is out to protect my rights or the rights of other blacks? The man is clearly racist.”

    Even though I am a Paul supporter, I’ve learned to be suspicious of ANY politician who seeks power.

    After doing my homework, I found these bits to help calm any fears about RP being racist:

    [audio src="" /]

    And also, keep in mind that the true power in this country comes from Congress; and black folks and those who are obviously not white supremacists are still going to be voted in, and will make sure that, just in case my man wants to reintroduce slavery or something equally impossible, such a move would definitely be opposed (Not saying that he would do such a thing, but you get the idea).

    You also wrote,

    “For everyone who keeps telling me that repealing all the laws that protect minority rights, please explain something to me. Whites did not treat blacks right before there were any laws. They ran rough shod over us and treated us like crap anytime they felt like it. We finally got laws in place and white people STILL treat blacks like crap, contagious shooting, police brutality, slandering blacks by celebrities and others also the rampant discrimination.”

    Some whites did and do indeed treat us like crap, and there’s no denying that fact.

    But this issue, like many in life, isn’t so simple.

    A lot of whites were treated like crap also:

    And blacks, including Africans, contributed mightly to the slave trade:

    My point here is that slavery and injustice was the order of the day. And while there is no question that the European dominated African slave trade was a whole other level of brutality, to say that only black people were victims, and ignoring the fact that injustice was part and parcel of earlier times misses the point.

    It’s not a question of black and white per se, its a question of is the government actively protecting the Natural rights of all of its citizens without prejudice? If it is not, then the government needs to be reformed or abolished, off top.

    “Now my question is if we didn’t get fair treatment without laws, we didn’t get fair treatment with laws what makes you think that going back to NO laws is going to somehow cause people to treat blacks fair?”

    Good question.

    The main issues in my mind are:

    Will the government ENACT laws that are biased against black people? Remember, slaveholding and Jim Crow, even though the violated the Natural law, were enforced under the color of state and federal law.

    Will the Congress, who most directly represents the people, allow anyone, even the President, to REPEAL laws such as the Civil Rights act and other similar laws?

    If the answers to both of these questions are No, then there are no worries. I do not believe that President Paul would go on a rampage to repeal the civil rights act, although he opposes the law based on philosophical libertarian property rights and economics grounds.

    The majority of the people would not allow such a thing in these days and times. We need not fear.

    Now then, how do we get fair treatment? I think we can agree that education, positive social interaction, civil disobedience and protest (something that RP recommends as a “free market” way of righting wrongs instead of government legislation), and leveraging of our social, and economic power to promote change and fairness are the best ways to insure fair treatment both now and in the future. Black people are free. The power, and the quality of our future, depends on us much more than it depends on government efforts. The only thing we as black people need is a government that protects the Natural, Inalienable rights of ALL people.

    ” When nothing has worked. How is Ron Paul going to ensure the ENTIRE black community that we will have protections.”

    While there is racism in the world, no doubt, I believe that there has been considerable progress from the days of Jim Crow. The federal government intervened, as it should have done.

    However, in our modern day, as I referenced previously concerning State sponsored Welfarism and feminism, it is GOVERNMENT actions, such as the abuse of the rights of Men in family, child custody, child support, and other related matters, the war on drugs, and so forth, that is holding us back more than any form of state sponsored racism. While the feds have good intentions, their embrace is proving fatal to our community, and the country as a whole.

    We suffer from unconstitutional and immoral government interventions than from out and out Jim Crow style discrimination. And, if the federal and state governments respect their constitutional bounds, then black people, along with everyone else, will be protected in the best possible way.

    Neither the government, nor other people, will be able to violate our Natural rights without suffering the consequences; either in the court of law, or the court of public opinion.

    We need to get our familial, spiritual, and economic houses in order to be able to compete in this new century. We need a government that is NOT sending black men to prison for Drug War crimes, and NOT breaking up black families in order to fund unconstitutional government programs (see my blogspot for more info on this).

    Only Ron Paul is willing to give us a society in which the government respects our Natural rights as free black citizens, and not children owned by the Nanny Welfare state, as we are treated now.

    “What will happen when discrimination takes place?”

    We protest. We boycott. We call CNN. We write nasty blog posts about offending company/person X. We go to the courts and sue in order to receive compensation. We call our Senators and our Representatives. We call upon our states (most of whom have departments dedicated to protecting the rights of its citizens) and demand action.

    Basically, everything we do today.

    Freedom is risky my brother, but I’d rather be a Free Man under a Paul Presidency than a slave in a Bush-ite or Hitlary Clintonesque dictatorship.

    Thanks for reading my posts.

    Take care, and fight the power!!


  57. One one thing before I leave this topic alone:

    This link might be of interest to you and your readers. The subject is white slavery in the United States, and it goes to show that protecting the rights of ALL people is in everyone’s best interests!

  58. theblacksentinel


    Thank you for your input and I hope readers get a chance to look at your information.

    Thanks for the replies.

  59. H. R.

    Black Sentinel:

    Had to chime in. What utter crap. Catch phrase or not, your discussion is rife with victim mentality. You’re forced to exist in a world that’s designed to keep you down, right? So you’re entitled to restitution, special benefits, etc.

    This strikes me as very cheap and unsupportable reasoning. Your philosophy of government begins and ends with the notion that the world owes you something because of your race. Let’s just recognize the logic driving your worldview: the entire American system is just a device to perpetuate white privilege–by this definition, the good things about the system are still bad, and the bad things are worse, so the least the system can do is give you things for free. That’s brilliant.

    Career victims are the same, whoever and whatever they are, and whoever and whatever they’re blaming. I’ve known endless people who blame their addiction, blame their illness, blame their parents, blame the public schools, blame the system … and they’re the same across the board … Their hobbies are self pity and self sabotoge–which is all that I see here.

    This is not a comment on black culture in general or, really, even relating to your blackness; this is an observation regarding yourself. I personally don’t care about your race. I’m addressing the fact that your whole discussion is a prolonged whine.

    Incidentally, you’ve made Ron Paul’s point. You’ve been conditioned to be preoccupied with your skin color and one narrow slice of history and society, and it’s pathetic. It’s turned you into an inverted racist with no principles–judging by your political views–and no ability to see ideas except through the distorting prism of racial identity.

    Ron Paul’s your best friend, racist or not, because he’s telling you to shut up and take responsibility for yourself as a human being.

    PS You also may want to look into the Federal Reserve to find out how you’re really getting worked over from behind–and then realize that any politician who won’t discuss this corrupt system is just a puppet for this system. Ron Paul’s offering you currency that holds its value and the chance to get out of debt and determine your own destiny. this is far, far more than any welfare or entitlement program ever offered. There’s nothing more important for any citizen to understand than our money and banking system–it’s how we’re all controlled. Look at what’s happening around you, not just your race-obsessed garbage.

  60. brotherpeacemaker

    People like to point to black people who talk about racism and minimize it as nothing but a victim mentality. But what’s wrong with a victim mentality when you are a victim? Victims of crime are entitled to have a victim mentality. People who say otherwise insist on doing everything they can to minimize the plight of the black community and the dominant culture’s culpability in the subjugation of the black community.

    It is obvious that Ron Paul is part of the mainstream culture that wants to continue white privilege by saying that the status quo of white dominance should be protected by eliminating any attention to racial disparity. Racial disparity is real and cannot be confronted if people want to pass laws to ignore it. It is the only negative aspect of our society that people want to combat by ignoring the issue.


  61. theblacksentinel


    What is with people posting here and this fallacy of getting something for free! What am I getting for free? I have not asked for any type of handout. And if asking for equal protection under the law is getting a hand out then I think it is you and the rest with your thinking who have the problem.

    I have not ASKED for reparations or some freebie from the government. You need to READ my statements. I asked what is ending programs to MAKE SURE that I have equal chances of getting a job in a market in which we KNOW for a fact is geared towards white privilege. Now if that is getting a freebie then how about ending the freebies that the whites have been getting since coming to this country and taking over?

    Victim mentality seems to be what you all have, woe is me, the blacks are trying to get equal treatment, I feel like I am being put upon with no way to get that special equal treatment for myself. Yes, this sounds stupid but that is your argument. So please tell me what special freebie I have been asking for here and I’ll speak to that.

    I think white privilege is the largest entitlement program ever offered! Also, you speak of citizens and individual rights as if everyone is on a level playing field. And for you to play that game then you must be saying that discrimination is over and a thing of the past. Is that what you are saying?

    If not then discrimination exists which means there is UN-equal treatment which means there has to be SOMETHING to even things out. And are you saying that by ending any and all things that TRY and help equal the playing field is going to somehow FORCE the majority in this country to somehow be fair? Yea right! Keep on dreaming.

    I am looking at what is happening around ME! You have a whole different view of what is happening around YOU, so don’t expect me to share YOUR experience as I KNOW FOR A FACT YOU DON’T SHARE MINE!

    Thanks for the reply.

  62. H. R.

    You’re brain damaged, buddy. You can’t even grasp a theory of government because you’re too busy wetting your pants about whether or not it was conceived of by a white person–and if it was, it can’t possibly have merit. Bigoted.

    I don’t think you even read my previous comment. You just used it as a springboard to ramble about white privilege. Your mind is a tiny little sad place. I don’t know or care about black culture in general, but I hope you’re not an indication of the quality of thinking that prevails in it. As a person, you’re just a complainer. A paranoid, weak complainer.

    In fact you’re just a photo negative of the imbeciles who dress up as Hitler and see everything as a plot against the white man.

    Yeah, there’s a huge difference between my experience and yours. Mainly intellectual experience … Have you read Paine or Mencken or Orwell or the Lessons of History by the Durants? Of course not, these are white people, so the insights, broad view of the world and critical thinking they offer is off limits to you.

    I’ve got some serious disadvantages in this life, but I don’t expect anyone to care, and the last thing I want is some faceless government to take YOUR money and YOUR job and give it to me. This would not be “protection” from my disadvantages, it would be a roundabout, gentle form of stealing for my benefit. It would be sick for me to call it “protection.” I need to make excuses and put a nice face on it, when the bottom line is I think I’m entitled to things I didn’t personally earn?

    And what message does all this send? I can tell you, the very, very last thing I’d want for my kid is for them to believe they are different–and less–than anyone else, and that they can’t accomplish as much as anyone else if they work hard. And I’m certainly not teaching my kid to wait around for government bureaucracies to take care of them.

    I think this is a waste of time. I think I’m talking to an intellectually crippled individual. Have fun perpetuating poor confidence, ignorance and weak character among your people.

  63. Damien

    these people trip me out…
    We as Black people can’t even get a fuk’n apology for slavery… so how would one expect a hand out (what are these handouts we’re asking for let alone receiving)… and as a matter of fact those “handouts” that many people, white and black, feel like we’re get’n, everyone is able to get.
    The only thing I’ve seen The Black Sentinel ask for is equality and a level playing field.
    This country would not be where it is if it wasn’t for us and others that this country screwed over… yet other groups have received some type of reconciliation. Thus, what handouts are we talking about.
    Healing cannot begin without the victimizer (the united states government) makes it right with the victim (the black community). This doesn’t mean a monetary value… It can be so simple.

  64. theblacksentinel


    It is YOU buddy who has a damaged brain and a small one at that. I have a very good grasp on the theory of government and just because I don’t share your theory I am somehow brain damaged. Right! Your too busy wetting your pants about how blacks are somehow getting over just the way Ron Paul is that you want to put some sort of racist play on what I say. I in no way mentioned anything about things being conceived by a white person as having no merit. But you read that into what I said anyway.

    I read your idiotic comment and I don’t agree which is my right as it is you’re to disagree with me. You continue to insult instead of explaining to me how or why I should care to vote for an obvious bigot who has a plethora of bigoted supporters. And of course you don’t care about my culture as I don’t have a choice but to care about your culture as it dominates the country I was born and chose to live. Paranoid complainer, would that be the same person who feels that blacks are somehow getting this fictional special treatments?

    See you obviously don’t even know the difference between a person who points out institutionalized racism and those who dress up as Hitler and try to perpetrate it. I never once said that EVERYTHING was a plot against the black man. What I am saying is that we ALL live in a system that was set up for the success of whites and is STILL set up for the success of whites. If there weren’t any disparities in treatment between whites and blacks then this would not be true. And if you are so certain that I am a complainer and have no real merit then show everyone I am wrong and prove that equality reigns supreme here in the good ole US of A.

    Just because I don’t place much merit in these people has nothing to do with their race. I don’t think they are explaining things from MY perspective. Where are your representations from people such as Ralph Waldo Emerson who said “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” And yes he is a white man. Where is your W.E.B Dubois, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston or Booker T Washington. I do care if you or anyone else has disadvantages in life and that is the difference between us I am concerned when anyone is being run over by a system that deems them unworthy.

    And who are these people who are stealing jobs and giving them to others? That is always the fallacy that blacks could NEVER have been qualified even if affirmative action is in place. Affirmative action isn’t an entitlement program; it is just stating that you can’t pass over qualified blacks. Not that you HAVE to hire blacks, since if that was the case the workforce would be black dominated not the opposite. You know blacks ARE just as qualified as whites and until people like you and other realize this, then I guess affirmative action is needed, right.

    And what message does it send when a person wants us to think that a society where whites are the overwhelming majority representation in any business or workforce would have us believe that it got this way not from white affirmative action or white privilege but from innocent hiring of the MOST qualified applicants. Whites are the dominant workers due to discrimination not that blacks aren’t qualified. If everything was equal the workforce in any given spot would mimic the racial make up of that area, yet it doesn’t so now you can explain why. While you are at it explain why blacks are never considered earning their jobs or employment, it is always from some entitlement program. RACIST!

  65. theblacksentinel

    Thank you Damien,

    Have you noticed that these same people who will have us believe that this man is in our corner, when they ALL keep saying that we shouldn’t be getting jobs due to entitlements. How come we can’t be getting jobs due to being qualified candidates and the best person for the job?

    This is the racist attitude that makes affirmative action necessary. Since if just by us asking for a job we are seen as less qualified and not deserving then of course we would be locked out of the workforce. And somehow these fools want me to believe that Ron Paul ending affirmative action which benefits more white women than black people is going to somehow help us out.

    Please, these bigots need to just shut up the whining over these phantom handouts.

    Thanks for the reply

  66. Ron Paul has already said that just because some white racists donated money to his campaign did not mean he was going to do them any favors.

    Ron Paul is going to bring home the military, which consists of mostly blacks. The blacks in the military support Ron Paul for that reason.

    Ron Paul supports the constitution. He is a strict constitutionalist. That means no matter what your race, the constitutional rights you have rule.

    Ron Paul is the last chance to save America from the Zionists who rule and destroy America and have made slaves of all Americans so that they can serve Israel.

    We are in the Middle-East fighting for Israel.

  67. theblacksentinel


    Ron Paul never said that he wouldn’t do white racists a favor.

    Ron Paul is not the only person running for president who says he’ll bring the military home.

    The people who wrote the constitution were strict constitutionalist and they still screwed black people over.

    Ron Paul is going to save America from Zionist? Uhh…What?

  68. mitzip,

    I have no clue what to make of your crazy or insane comments. You are just another one of Ron Paul’s nut box racist supporters. Please if you would like to reply in the future be sure to use sane comments.

    Thanks but no thanks!

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