White Entertainment Channels


Some of my favorite shows come on channels like the different Discovery Channels, TLC, Food Network, HGTV and Animal Planet. I just love those Meerkats. Anyway, I was looking at a show that I do watch often called Little People Big World and thought about the fact that this show and pretty much every other on these channels was about whites, featured whites or had white hosts. Now I am sure that they have little people who just happen to be of color, yet by watching this show you would never know it. They not only don’t have any on the show, they don’t chronicle any the way they do others on the show. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how a little person of color has to deal with life having two things to be discriminated for, being small and of color?

I know that people wonder why this even makes a difference to me; it does because with all the people out here on these Blogs saying that blacks should stop whining and work hard and they will benefit from society just the same as whites. Now am I to believe that there is NO hard working or interesting blacks out here that might deserve or be interesting enough for a show. So I guess hard work doesn’t help in this case. Since how hard does one have to work in order to fall into a job where you are just telling people about someone else’s dirty jobs, not much I am sure. It seems all one would need is a great personality and an ability to communicate well. And I would hope that people aren’t saying that no other race besides the white one can produce people with these characteristics as that would be extremely condescending.

Are these channels racist or are they just clueless to their black viewers? Yet, when I visit their websites they prominently show advertisements with black faces smiling brightly. So it is clear that they understand they have black viewers so I am forced to acknowledge that they are discriminating. They won’t give us a television show, yet they WILL sell to us indiscriminately. White mindset people won’t understand why this is a big deal and undoubtedly say that there aren’t any shows featuring blacks because the blacks didn’t do anything that would get them a show or we or other minorities just aren’t interesting enough. Interestingly enough I heard this exact argument when another Blogger asked why only white women are shown on network news when missing and a white commenter said that it was because the white women’s stories are so much more interesting than any minority would have. But, in fact half the shows on there could be hosted by anyone, black, white, Asian etc. I watch the show Little People Big World, now were there NO equivalent black family, how about Hispanic little people or Asian little people?

Are there no black or other minority people that own tattoo parlors that they could chronicle? Why don’t they have black people or more minority cook’s who are able to lead a cooking show on the Food network? Unfortunately what is being portrayed to blacks of all ages who watch these channels is that they are not worthy of doing any of these positive shows yet we will undoubtedly be over represented on some trash like Hot ghetto mess or America’s most wanted or some other show that might as well be called Black on Black crime at its finest. And yet here we are, and I am as guilty as the next person, watching these channels, keeping them going by giving them higher ratings with my viewing.

Asking are these channels racist, of course, they are just propagating more white privilege by pushing the white mindset on those in the minority communities. Even if they did put a black person or other minority on these channels it wouldn’t matter since this person would be just another white person with whatever ethnic skin tone they are being portrayed as. What I mean by this is that the black person they pick will be so assimilated that they will seem like a white person in black skin. I understand that this is the only type of blacks who make it on television set aside for the mammies and buffoons that make it in big Hollywood.

Yet as we can all see that these channels are overwhelmingly blatantly white you will still have people telling me and others that racism is dead or that it is pointing out racism that won’t let racism go away. Now I don’t know about them but I don’t think that by me pointing out the lack of minorities on these channels it makes them hire even MORE whites while ignoring the blacks and other minorities until it’s time for advertising. Yet will any of my complaining change anything for these channels? Since these are the same people who are operating on this theory of a color blind society as long as we don’t complain that the only color being represented is white. So until we are all respectful enough to realize that whatever race I identify with is not the ONLY race that matters then maybe we will be able to have all people represented when we sit down with our families and turn on the television.



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25 responses to “White Entertainment Channels

  1. Damien

    It is a trip… I was just thinking about this same thing… lately. Especially with your encounter with these blatant racist and their talks about having a white entertainment channel… they’re all white entertainment channels… and the black entertainment channel isn’t black entertainment… they have no substance and doesn’t accurately portray us in a way that is indicative of reality.

  2. theblacksentinel

    I probably should have lumped BET in there with the rest of these. Since it is owned and operated by whites. This channel is nothing but BPET black propaganda entertainment television.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. lifeisannoying

    in britain we have an internet only channel called colourfultelly or tv and we have the digital radio station called colourful radio, lets face it folks we cannot rely on others to represent ourselves.

    When i went to university i bumped into a really sheltered white girl from the country who was surprised that i (born and bred in UK) didn’t have an american accent didn’t wear hot pants everywhere and wasn’t clinically obese with a couple of kids.
    her knowledge of the black community probably was informed by cliche rumour and rap videos.

    you guys in the us at least have a foundation (we in the uk have been arriving from the caribbean since1948 only) someone take a course, network and start your own independent film company, i for one would pay big money for a black film that isn’t “save the last… honey…step up…stomp the yard…. and the crap goes on”

    they made all those films for white people, in whicj black men are tragic heroes and black women are vile and vicious and white women save the day……what a surprise. do not feed your kids that nonsense it’s poisonous and will indoctrinate your children against each other.
    my point is…. you want quality programmes fro black people…. please do not fall asleep and let other people prosper…… you want a good job do it yourself. I believe you can.

  4. theblacksentinel


    You are right almost all the films that are made by mainstream America are for white consumers. We as blacks just play the background role even when cast as the star. We are here to save them, betray them with crime, raise their kids, and or make them laugh.

    We have people making independent films yet you will never see them because no matter how many they make big business will make sure that they stay so low you can’t find them. I personally will not allow MY children to watch these white washed shows and movies as it will destroy their sense of self and I can’t have that.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. comeon

    So let me get this straight…You can’t identify with with the shows because they all star white people? How sad, to be so racist, defining your very being with the color of your skin. These shows are not white, they are American. If they were produced in Saudi Arabia, they would be Arabic in nature, if produced in Nigeria, they would be African. Thats why blacks as race in America cannot get ahead- they are living within themselves and not joining the society that embodies the nation.

    Furthermore, there are less black stars on tv because blacks are a minority in this nation. By definition there will be less of them in any given sample- and tv producers and networks are in business to make money, thus they will cater to the largest possible audience for ratings.

  6. theblacksentinel


    Where exactly did I say that I couldn’t identify with these shows? Exactly, no where! And so let me get this straight, are you saying that a television station only has white people represented is American? Only white people reside in America?

    That is sooooo racist. What if the television only showed Native American’s would you still think it was American? Of course not, you only see life from your white eyes. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we have to see life through our racial eyes as well as the dominant races eyes.

    Being the minority is fine and dandy. But, if this is your analogy shouldn’t there be at least 10% minority on these channels as that is the makeup of America? And so now people should be allowed to only cater to the majority if that is where the money is? Isn’t that racism as well?

    So should we now only have Hispanic shows speaking Spanish since they are becoming the majority? Or would you complain about that since it wouldn’t be American? Yet wouldn’t it since they are fast becoming the American majority?

    Be careful what you think is fine and dandy because when you become the minority, I would hate to think YOU might complain about no representation.

    Thanks for the reply

  7. You know, I thought we got past all this 40 some odd years ago. But it just goes to show history bears repeating.

  8. Water man,

    Unfortunately we did NOT get past this 40 years ago. Sure we got some gains but that didn’t end racism and discrimination. It only took on a new look.

  9. Damien

    It totally kills me when people talk about 40 years ago like in that year all was righted. I’ve seen pictures of brothers hanged in trees with crowds of people (white men women and children) smiling. They act like those sentiments have somehow disappeared. I don’t know who’s fooling who or who is the fool, but I must say that just because LAWS finally got past to FORCE America to include us doesn’t mean that all was righted. That Ientence says a lot about America and it’s racism… that the government had to pass a law to get the majority of people to “get along” with us, per se. This is after police dogs were released on us, we were sprayed with high pressure water… oh yeah and MURDERED, etc…
    It’s like these people think we should be happy with the BS… George Washington wasn’t happy with the BS in England and what did he do?

    You know if white people just admit that it goes on and that all is not right and that we as blacks are justified in our feelings and we as black people try coming together more (although that would be somewhat hard since I do believe that we as a people suffer from PTSD, my little theory) we could actually get past race but until that happens it’s always gonna be someone bitch’n about it. Instead, say you’re sorry and give us some kind of reprieve so that we can get on the road to equality without bitch’n about it. Besides, we did work for free for a couple hundred years, damn!

  10. They just show a little more reservation in the hanging. But they still deny people jobs and equal treatment.

    I did a post on PTSD for the racism sufferer. It is a real thing. Being discriminated against and seeing our likeness portrayed in such a negative light constantly adds to a stress that is akin to the same stresses as PTSD sufferers from war.

    Thanks for the reply as always.

  11. Damien

    Why hang a perfectly good negra… when you can feed the prison industrial complex (Angela Davis, I Love that woman) and profit like the good ole days.
    Sorry, Black Sentinel, I probably got “my” PTSD theory from you.

  12. hola soy de venezuela me gusta mucho discovery channel es un programa muy educativo chaooo

  13. matt

    Why is it all other minorities do not complain like African Americans do? I see all types of Asians, South American come here, they work hard put in the hours, build companies and NEVER complain like black people.
    Black people were wronged in this country , no doubt about it. But at what point do you move on?. In a 100 years will blacks still be bitching?Todays generations of all races born now have equal footing to succeed.
    Native Americans are truly the only ones that have a right to complain.
    Black people, stop playing the victim, its getting old

  14. Matt,

    Why is it that all other minorities do not complain like blacks do? Well, should we be silent in our subjugation just because some other minorities decide to be? If you and other people are being robbed and the others don’t say anything to the police, should you keep quiet as well? Would that help you in some way?

    Blacks help build companies and work long hours just like everyone else. But a person with ill preconceived ideas about blacks would think the opposite.

    Matt, when Japanese were kept in internment camps for about 3 years out of their lives, we paid them for their troubles. Blacks were kept enslaved for generations. Kept subjugated by Jim Crow for another few generations. Now we are subjected to continued subjugation by increased unemployment, unfair hiring practices, unfair housing distribution such as redlining etc. And you want us to sit silent while this happens?

    Maybe if white people would end their subjugation on the black people, end white privilege and even the playing field, blacks will have nothing to complain about. But people like you who continue to complain about others requesting equality is the reason why equality NEVER seems to be achieved.

    And until you and your idiotic equivalents stop trying to tell black people who have the FUCKING RIGHT TO COMPLAIN as if you have some sort of supreme knowledge maybe we can all move forward. But you don’t have the freaking right to tell me that my ancestors were not harmed as much as Native Americans or any other race of people.

    So take you self righteous attitude and start working towards equality. Then you won’t have to hear the complaining.

    Thanks but no thanks for the comment.

  15. In a 100 years will blacks still be bitching?Todays generations of all races born now have equal footing to succeed.

    Matt, I’m sure you’re sincere in this comment. What you don’t seem to appreciate, however, is that your assumption is dead wrong.

    Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that people of all races now face equal treatment in this society. That there’s no longer any discrimination, either intentional or unintentional, in this country. This is demonstrably untrue, but let’s pretend for a moment.

    This still doesn’t mean that people of all races start on an equal footing today. Studies show that most (roughly 90%) of the wealth attained, and professional success achieved, by individuals in this country are the result of their families’ wealth and success. This is the result of inheritance, of money invested by parents in education, and a multitude of other advantages.

    What does this mean? It means that blacks have every reason to complain, and for at least another 100 years. Black slaves were freed in 1865 and left with nothing. For another century, until roughly forty years ago, those former slaves and their descendants were shut out of opportunities for jobs, homeownership, higher education, small business loans, and on and on.

    How do you think that most black families are going to be able to do much better, to catch up to white families, if they started with far less and only have the same opportunities?

    This is why, for instance, that at current rates of progress, blacks will achieve equality with white in homeownership only in another 1,664 years. And that’s only one example.

  16. sal

    Were you a slave? Did you ever meet a slave? I think not! All this living in the past is crazy! Move on stop seperating your kids from the outside world not letting them watch tv cause you think the channel is all white! Its insane and also your wrong about black slaves not having anything because theres stories of tons of black slaves saving or inheriting property and money from whites. Your just promoting more racisim by saying stuff like you dont let your kids watch a white channel lol when theres no such thing as a white channel!

    And james everything you just wrote is complete nonsence! Im white and wasnt born into a dime of money! Is will smiths kids poor? How about obama? Get over yourselves and stop contribuating to the racism you dont see chinese people and indian people and mexican people who come to this country complain about these thing no they go out work there ass off and make there own money and open stores restraunts 711″s and everything else! ITs just people are to lazy to go get a job and work they rather sit in front of a chiense restraunt smoking weed or selling drugs or robbing cars then going to school and getting a education! Thats a fact!

  17. levi

    your all a bunch of whiners! If you were given the moon it still wouldn’t be good enough, your rude, abnoxious, no class, inconsiderate and you ask why your not represented?

  18. But of course Levi would never do such a thing. His comments are always helpful!


  19. Levi,

    I guess your whining is what helps us all. You come to someone’s blog with your rude obnoxious, classless and inconsiderate responses to a subject and ask why people are whining. HA! How funny.

  20. Bob

    Levi is right. It’s funny I stumbled upon this site after having numerous run-ins with blacks showing overt racism.

    I live in the city of Niagara Falls, where the population is mostly Italian, Irish, Polish, and African (I don’t use the term African-American, as nobody refers to me as Irish-American. If we say white, then we would say black. If we say Irish, then we would say African. Whole other topic for another time). Back to topic, I was on my porch this evening, when I saw two young black women with strollers walking on the sidewalk with two young children walking with them. One of the women began yelling at her daughter (a two year old who was walking with them) saying “get the fu$% up here” and almost pulled her socket out of her arm. I said to her (as she was on my property at that point–where my driveway meets the road) please don’t use that language in front of me and those young kids.

    What do you think the response was? Like an animal, she began to yell all sorts of lovely profanity towards me, including cracker, and told me to put my hood back on. I asked her to leave my property, and her and the friend continued to throw remarks my way, including “better watch your house tonight”.

    Is this normal? Not for the average working white family. There is a fundamental problem among the black population–it’s called entitlement. About 20 minutes later, I had someone, a black man, come up to me and try to sell me baby clothes that he clearly stole from Wal-Mart (still on the bag with Wal-Mart tags on them).

    Do I need to go any further? I’m sure I’ll get replies stating that I’m racist. When does that whole dumb game ever end? Everytime that word is used, the person who used it tends to lose credibility within seconds, as everything said after that point is not taken seriously by the reader.

    I believe that blacks are the most racist people in this country. Ever wonder why 2008 was the biggest turn out for black voters? Wonder why over 90% of blacks support Obama? You shouldn’t. You should CLEARLY see that it is solely based upon race, as they consider themselves black first, and other qualities second.

    I think that in this day and age, racism is based and propagated from the black population in far excess than that from the white population. In the city of Niagara Falls, most of the whites work, while most of the blacks don’t. Maybe I’m speaking from a North-Eastern rustbelt standpoint, but I don’t think so.

    As for TV, I would enjoy a White Entertainment Channel–something I can relate to. Why do you think re-runs and classic TV is so popular that it has specific channels devoted to it? Because some people want to see a citcom that isn’t required ot have 1.2 asians, 2 africans,1 woman (who has some sort of leading, governing role), and a white guy who is the blunt of jokes and is the ‘silly’ one. It’s not just about having a station. Guess what, BET has shows that are ALL black. Most shows on the big networks are not like that. Look at Scrubs, Law and Order, CSI, Cold Case, etc… Is that the real make-up of a typical office doing the work? Sometimes, but not the norm.

    Lots of ranting here, but hopefully someone can actually look past the ‘racism’ part. And before you comment back to me that I’m racist, try and use more intelligible thoughts. Thank you.

  21. If this comment is not from a straight up racist I don’t know what comment is. He gets into an argument with an ignorant black person, a black woman who obviously never learned parenting skills and doesn’t know the first thing about how to interact with children and uses it as proof of the racism of blacks. I’ve seen this type of behavior myself in my own neighborhood.

    I have seen first hand how some black people talk to a young black child with anger and rancor because the child cannot keep up with his or her legs one third the length of the adult’s. I’ve seen first hand how some black women yank on a child’s arm to give them that extra incentive to move their tiny legs even faster or to pay attention to where the two are going. Somebody needs to explain to these people that children are naturally curious and might look around and become distracted by the tiniest thing. Instead of doing things to extinguish the child’s curiosity, we should be trying to do more to nurture it.

    I’ve seen black people go off on other black people for suggesting a more tactful way of interacting with a child. Nobody should have much difficulty imagining the rant Bob described. But instead of the word “cracker” substitute the word “nigger” and you’d have the same conversation between two black people. Is the black woman still racist? I think of it as ignorance, rudeness, hostile, abusive, stupid, and a lot of other things, but racist wouldn’t be part of that list.

    The black woman attacked Bob verbally. She threatened him. Chances are pretty good that she would have done the same if Bob was black. This form of ignorance isn’t limited to certain colors of skin. Although it might be racist to the casual observer, someone wanting to make this a racial issue, this is in fact not even close to being some form of racism.

    Bob says that the black man in Bob’s comment tries to sell him what appears to be stolen merchandise from Wal-Mart. While this might be indicative of unethical behavior, how exactly does this equate to racism?

    But now let’s look at Bob’s words and thinking. Bob runs across a black woman who might be suffering from anger management issues and a black man who might have questionable ethics. He takes these two people and uses them as the yardstick for the entire black community. He doesn’t say that these two black people are messed up. He says that black people are messed up with our racism. He uses his experience with just two black people as a judgment against all black people.

    Bob says that white people wouldn’t be able to get away with the type of behavior black people exhibit. I guess we are to assume that white people are never ignorant and malicious to their own children or to anybody else. White people never get annoyed with other people who might try to say something about ignorant behavior. White people never cheat or steal from others. According to Bob, this behavior is only endemic of people from the black community.

    Bob is the epitome of racial negative prejudice against black people fueled by a white man’s hypocrisy. In reality, black people exhibit behavior that runs the gamut just like white people. Some black people are very ignorant. Some black people are thieves. It doesn’t mean that all black people are ignorant and thieves. There are very law abiding black people and black people who are of the highest integrity. But people like Bob would call black people who don’t quite fit into the “all blacks are scum” view of the black community a rare exception. Therefore, they feel that they are justified in their hatred for all black people.

    White people use racial epithets. In fact, Mel Gibson made headline news recently, again, for one of his off the wall, racist and misogynistic rants against his wife, admitting on tape that he beats her. And in the Bahamas, that young white guy called the barefoot bandit was caught shortly after he crashed landed a plane he stole. And then, after he abandoned his stolen plane, dude went on another crime spree breaking into people’s homes and businesses. But black people are the definition of unruly and our behavior is not normal for the average working white family.

    People like Bob don’t realize that the behavior discussed here isn’t normal for the average working black family either. Black people are racists? Maybe that is true. I’m sure some are. But Bob hasn’t done or said anything to convince me of that fact one way or another. But is Bob a racist? He is as racist as they come. He is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. If he was walking in front of my house where my driveway meets the road, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him to get the hell off my property.

  22. Bob


    I read your reply, and I appreciate your thoughts. However, you did find it in your best interest to label me as a racist. I would argue that you are confusing this with being a realist. The issues that I wrote in my last post were not isolated…

  23. Bob,

    I do believe I got your number right the first time. As I explained in my comment, you are a racist. You, like many racists, want to label yourself a realist and that your disgust of black people is based on corroborated experiences with every black person in your past. You talk about the word “racist” being overly used, and then go on to use the term against black people because somebody offers you what you believe to be stolen merchandise. Oh yeah…You are very much a racist. And I’m not the only one who thinks so…

    Black Pot Bob


  24. J-Bone

    When I was a kid color did not matter at all. Now that I am an adult and I can watch the news and read articles, I have noticed something. Hate breeds more hate and the circle will never be broken. Nobody is out to get me. No color is stopping me from paying my bills or following my dreams.

  25. J-Bone,

    YES, people ARE keeping some people from realizing their dreams. If for instance I can’t get a quality education due to living in the “black” inner city because of the disparity which exists only because a segment of our population perpetrate it, then I am being kept from realizing my dreams. If there were equality in how we run our school districts we will wouldn’t have a whole segment of our children leaving school to never be qualified for college. Or getting out of school and being unqualified and unsought after for jobs etc. So just because no one kept you from getting ahead means exactly WHAT? Does that mean that no one is is getting road blocks? Does that mean that everyone has equal opportunities because you had ample ones placed in your life’s road? But, of course we all know that just because ONE person succeeds is no case history to show that everyone can and will. So please use a little common sense before posting comments such as these.


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