Sprinting To Hell, In Gasoline Underwear



Actually I was typing out my post on the fact that there is a serious lack of diversity on channels such as the Discovery channel, TLC etc. when I ran across a Blog on my tag surfer called Sprinting to hell. The title of the post that caught my attention was called Reverse Racism and Me. Now you know that this title attracted me like candy to a kid, and I had to read it. My mistake! Anyhow, I made an even bigger mistake of answering to some of the comments made in the post that just made my head spin.

This fellow Josh who is the author of the post says in a comment that he doesn’t promote racism he just doesn’t want to take responsibility for black peoples problems. Yet in the post there are all kinds of statements like this: “My next topic: racism and why I hate your race. Ok, maybe I don’t hate your race, but I’m about sick and tired of hearing about how white people are keeping black people down. We aren’t. Black people in America: you have a culture based on ignorance and violence, so suck it and go to fucking school. And maybe if you have some extra time, learn to speak English. Nope, he doesn’t promote racism he is just pretends to in his Blog.

Now I could care less if Josh or any other person hates or doesn’t hate blacks. I am just tired of the whole “blacks need to take responsibility and do this or that” comments, or the “whites aren’t keeping blacks down” crap. Since we hear these same comments over and over from various white people, we can make a small leap and say yes, whites are keeping blacks down. See racists who may be in positions of power keep blacks down by subscribing to the same descriptions of blacks by Josh, that they are ignorant, violent, lack structured education and don’t speak English. We can safely garner that these Josh minded people probably wouldn’t be hiring a bunch of ignorant, violent, structured education lacking, unable to speak English people, which according to the Josh minded is synonymous with black culture thus black people.

He goes on to talk about blacks telling other blacks to vote for Obama simply because he is black. All I could do was laugh at this one since he says things such as “Can you even imagine if a white republican had said the same exact thing about Fred Thompson? Or fucking Bush for that matter. Forget you political affiliation for one minute and just imagine if Rush Limbaugh has told his listeners to vote for Fred Thompson because they should feel obligated to support their white community over any political views he might have? See what is so funny? Anyway, we all know Rush Limbaugh has said this type of thing, so has Bill O’Reilly and others. Also, since every person running for president has been a white male there really hasn’t been a need for whites to tell each other that. But, I don’t get a sense that Josh cares that the Mormons are telling Mormons to vote Romney who just so happens to be a Mormon. Where is the outrage, oh, and they’re mostly white!

Then he had to go into a stint on Jena 6 and the Duke Lacrosse case, YAWN! Yet with the Duke case he says: “Yeah, you jumped on her side cause she was a poor black victim, but it turns out she was just a trashy whore trying to extort money from the rich white boys from the next college over by playing the race card. I never heard a single word from either one of them after it came forth that she was lying. Tools. I could care less if he thinks they are tools, as they probably are. But, he acts as if this is the epitome of someone lying on people of another race. Did he forget Susan Smith who killed her kids and blamed it on a black man, Charles Stuart shot his pregnant wife in the head and blamed a black man, Jesse Anderson killed his wife stabbed himself and blamed two black men, Robert Harris hired a hit man to kill his fiancé for insurance and blamed it on a black man. There are so many more going all the way back to slavery yet wow we should be all concerned over the lying stripper, how many black men were lynched behind some lying skank, too many to count.

This is the money shot: “Here’s the deal. I’m not sorry your ancestors were enslaved. I’m not sorry your ancestors had to endure the civil rights era. I’m not sorry that shit in America is still tense. I couldn’t give a fuck less about any of the hardships your race has ever endured. Why should I be sorry that my ancestors were far superior to yours? In fact why shouldn’t I be proud of that? The Africans were chucking spears at each other when my people had guns and ships that could sail the Atlantic. My ancestors conquered the globe while yours degenerated into a continent devoured by civil war, and an American culture dominated by ignorance, violence, and the same tribalistic mindset that got you shackled and shipped over here in the first place. What if anything can you even say to this comedy driven rant?

He then goes on to say how he has been the victim of black on white hate crime. WHAAAA! Can you imagine with the crap this guy talks I am not at all surprised that someone put the beat down on him. I know that people shouldn’t commit assault and battery but like Chris Rock said, I can understand. He then ends his post with a bunch of ranting about popping a mouthy bitch in her mouth etc. But, what I find so poetic and funny is that he has a new post in which he talks about: “Tomorrow and Thursday I have court in the morning, and again next week. I have a slew of charges still pending. I may very well be getting locked up tomorrow. If I disappear for a while, that is why. I am not dead yet, I might just be spending a little time in the Wake county Hilton. Yep, blacks are the criminals, and yet none of my family or friends is being treated to the proverbial hot seat in a court room. I guess I can say that I know someone involved in the court system since my sister is an attorney who prosecutes criminals like Josh. Since he has been in the joint (slang for prison, right Josh) he undoubtedly knows he will be surrounded by a bunch of those ignorant, violent, structured education lacking, unable to speak English people and they probably won’t take to kindly to his assessment of them.



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10 responses to “Sprinting To Hell, In Gasoline Underwear

  1. Typical racist mumbo-jumbo coming from those who delight in using the reverse racism argument. If those people only knew how ridiculours they sound when they use arguments entirely based on public white opinion and an absence of facts.

  2. After I read that blog, it gives me a reality check. It makes me realize why Malcolm X persistently exhorted us “you must learn to speak in the language that they understand.”

    No matter how many reasonable, fact-driven, intellectual, and enlightening the responses are that you give them, they still will not hear, listen or empathize with one word. Their arrogance completely diffuses their reasoning capability.

    Their white supremacy is so ingrained into their world-view that they are simply oblivious to the fact that they make the most senseless and ignorant responses to a person’s passionate cause. For instance, when a person is passionate about something, and they approach you to deeply concerned, telling you, “My boyfriend cheating on me.” You wouldn’t reply, “You girls are always whining about some man cheating on you! Just find the right man you won’t have to worry about it in the first place.” This type of response–to good-natured, moral people–would come off as heartless, unsympathetic, and immoral. People would say this person does not deserve respect or help from his fellow brethren or simply put, a “jerk”.

    Blacks have passionately expressed their deep concerns since slavery. They have even done so through their recommended means: sensible, direct, professional and articulate (we’ve even written hordes of books about it). But through white people’s arrogance and ignorance, they respond just as the jerk does. And we have proof of this vividly blaring on Josh’s web page. Most whites (add the qualifier) have this unique ability to overlook the speck in their own eye and simultaneously make strong claims of supporting this golden proverb.

    But that brings me to my first point. Communicating as human beings to whites provides no avail—you can add to that group white-mindset’ed individuals. And Malcolm X’s words, till this day, have strong grips of reality that we must begin live by. We must speak the language that they understand.

    Historically, the only time white conquest was hindered (or even thought twice about their actions) was when the whites were faced with people speaking the same language they spoke. The few times the Indians fought back, each time the U.S. rethought a plan, they proceeded with a treaty—resulting to trickery. The only people on this planet that aren’t being exploited are the Chinese, the Japanese. Why? Because they have the white man’s respect. Why? Because they fight back. They ridded their continent of white rule and they have advanced their weaponry and army to heights that demand to be reckoned with. Their presumed superiority cannot be supported by superior violence, because the Chinese have proved that simply put, they can do that too. And America is an orphan continent with no indigenous people to rid herself of intruders.

    White people as you have seen from Josh have not recognized the responsibility associated with anything superior. When you have a superior technology, you don’t use it for evil, often euphemized as exploitation, you use it to protect and benefit everyone. That is why no other group of people sought the need to create guns, to combat each other and live with unlimited conquest.

    If whites want to be superior, the only thing they have been superior in is their penchant for violence. And until people realize that they must speak the language that they understand, there will be no progress.

    (Sorry for my rant, I get rather passionate about these things)

  3. theblacksentinel


    Your “rant” was passionate and to the point. I agree with you that you can NOT reason with a white mindset person who doesn’t want or feel they need to reason. We have been huffing and puffing about racial issues since we were dragged here kicking and screaming. Yet, they are not bothered by the disparities in treatment as they benefit from that disparity. Who would try to equal out circumstances in their favor?

    We have to start thinking about these problems in another way and like you said don’t fear using their language to get the point across. I even believe that this will prove to be unsuccessful, call it pessimistic. But we see the results of all of our other tries. They have resulted in small benefits yet nothing close to equality.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. If whites want to be superior, the only thing they have been superior in is their penchant for violence.

    This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, from Samuel Huntington:

    The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion … but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.

  5. theblacksentinel


    So very true!

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. theblacksentinel

    Just thought I would post this comment I got from Josh on his Blog. He is pretty pathetic. Sorry ahead of time for all the cursing, he is an angry boy who seems to have a penchant for breaking the law. Yet, he thinks blacks are the criminals.

    Black Sentinel: Fuck your mother. Maybe you should start shutting the hell up and maybe people like me wouldn’t get so fucking sick of assholes like you and go get drunk to stop ourselves from kicking your mouthy, ignorant, asses. I hope you get abducted by a gang of homosexual neo-nazi’s you shit talkin mother fucker. I’ll never stop breaking the law. You want to know why? Because the laws I break are retarded and my crimes have no victim besides myself. You want to know a little something about what sort of criminal i am? If I had been born twenty years earlier my alleged crimes wouldn’t have been illegal and I could have gone right on about my business. If you don’t like how I live my fucking life, too fucking bad. I couldn’t give a shit. You can suck my dick and I’ll even dip my balls in your mothers breakfast to give you a taste of home while you’re at it. Don’t come talking shit again or you’re blocked. You don’t even have the brass to link to your own blog you spineless, panty waste shit stain. Hiding behind your fucking computer. Talk shit to me in real life and you can see exactly how far that will get you. I’m a lot less patient with with cock gobblers like you when I’m not on the internet. Now quit barking at my ankles and go find someone to fuck with who doesn’t think the name Black sentinel is the gayest user name ever. Fuck you.

    In fact, fuck this, you’re blocked now. Be gone bitch! Poof!

  7. “To claim self-defense, the defendant must have honestly and reasonably feared unlawful bodily harm at the hands of her assailant. The majority of jurisdictions require that the defendant’s belief be both honest and reasonable, mandating both a subjective and objective component.” (… got that from some law review read.)

    Dear TBS, I will be blogging on this matter of gun ownership soon for many other reasons. However, you are being viciously verbally attacked…you never know where it will end. So for now so long as you are not a convicted felon etc. you probably should:

    1. Get training;
    2. Buy a gun;
    3. Decide/declare willingness to use that gun for protection.

    Cheers 🙂

  8. theblacksentinel


    You are right as it does sound like a butt load of threats. Why? Because I told him to stop breaking the law. WOW! That is pretty much all I can say about this. Anyway, I think I am pretty protected from this scummy criminal. I am a proud gun owner and this silly Josh should be aware that “I” do know the laws and will protect my family from his criminally insane butt.

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. christine

    That was terrible and kind of sad.

    i can see his whole life, just about. Like you said, angry. And he is misdirecting that anger. i can almost guarantee he was abused growing up- not that that is an excuse- it just explains a lot.

    When someone can’t find a calm and sensical way to express themselves, they resort to this type of tactic in an attempt to intimidate those they are intimidated by. i believe he could not accept the plain truth and sense of your statement, especially since he believes you to be “inferior”.

    i find it best to not even engage with folks who are obviously ignorant- in the very truest sense of the word. It is a waste of time and energy and you are too smart for that.

  10. theblacksentinel


    I agree with you that he probably was abused. Also, I have ceased to communicate with this guy or his cohorts.

    Thanks for the reply.

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