Wage Racism Driving Blacks To The Poor House


We’re all making more money today says the CNN anchor, yet the gap between blacks and whites are getting wider. The report shows that white women’s pay is up more than five fold while white men stayed relatively stagnant. Black men on the other hand income has dropped yet they touted that income offsets by gains among black women. On CNN’s website the story goes on to say that the average black family was making only 58% of the average white family. They also said that most people think that the playing field for blacks and whites has been leveled.

Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League said that the disparities that we see between the two races is because of inadequate schools in black neighborhoods, workplace discrimination and too many black families with only one parent. It was also noted that middle income blacks were not passing wealth on to their children while white families in middle and poor classes were. This tells of the inherent wealth that comes with white privilege. Even though this factor seems to never get reported.

But ask any person with a white mindset and the playing field “IS” even. Explain that the disparity has existed since slavery ended, the excuses run from blacks don’t have the experience to blacks don’t make education a priority. We have black people such as John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Bill Cosby and Stanley Crouch who love to say that blacks have the same opportunity as any white person and if we just work hard and pull on our bootstraps we will undoubtedly be just as well off as our white counterpart. Now how is that, when reports like this continue to come out? It is obvious that white business does not feel we are as valuable or worth the same pay as our white counterpart. Neither working hard nor a college education is a guarantee of anything which I spoke to in my article “College Degrees Don’t Ensure Employment For Blacks.”

So where are all these outraged people white and black to protest the fact that the obvious white privilege is getting worse when it comes to being able to support our families? It is interesting how so many people claim that they aren’t racist and they support equal rights, yet what about equal rights to have equaled pay? So now aren’t we in violation of the Universal Declaration where article 23 just happens to state: (2) everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. I guess this doesn’t apply to blacks in America.

We will send our army out to other nations and force them to follow the Universal declaration yet we won’t bother to force ourselves to uphold it. You constantly hear people complaining about how there are so many inequities for people in different Middle Eastern countries, China or how about North Korea and we are still telling our black community to bend over, shut up and take it. If it wasn’t so pathetic I would laugh since we are a ludicrous nation of people who constantly look at our race problems and say “uh, uh, I don’t see nuthin’, there isn’t anything wrong with our system of living. The status quo is just fine for white folks so what’s the problem?”

Then as soon as blacks get unemployment, welfare or better yet affirmative action then we are the ones looking for a handout or special treatment. Yet, white people having higher wages that are still leaving blacks in the dust isn’t special treatment, white affirmative action or some sort of white only welfare. It seems to me that a serious shake up or shake down of corporate America needs to happen and soon in order for blacks to be able to just get a fair shake and a level playing field. But, if we continue to allow the same people who are putting us in this situation now to “continue” running things, we will never have a fair shake or a level playing field.

Yet like I have said before we as a black community continue to sit idle all the while letting the rapist who have been raping us for years tell us what is or isn’t rape. Letting them take the wheel to drive us to equality when this study shows they have no intention of driving us anywhere except right to the poor house. Let me and others talk of putting an end to this white supremacist run system and then I’m the racist. Talk of blacks getting together to take the catalyst out of our lives and I’m some sort of separatist who wants to ruin the black community by depriving them of white society. Please, you don’t see antelope on the plains of Africa looking to live closer to the lions which ravages their numbers. But somehow this is exactly what whites and blacks with a white mindset would have us do.

Unfortunately, I believe that it is far too late to run, so we must find a way to break free from this tyranny that the people with their white mindsets are placing on us. Level playing field, equality, these are misnomers that those benefiting from there opposites would like for us to believe will be coming one day soon, when in fact they have no intentions of allowing that. What would be gained for them to level the playing field, what benefit would be gotten from equality? Of course the answer is nothing since they are already benefiting from the way thing are now. Since we see they will gain nothing we should know that it is up to us to take it upon ourselves to level the playing field.



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11 responses to “Wage Racism Driving Blacks To The Poor House

  1. Excellent post, Sentinel..I could not be with you more on this. I could never understand how people could argue that there is no racial divide in American society. What really burns me up is this uppity black middle class that have the balls argue on the side of the establishment. I don’t understand why integration into the establishment is so important to blacks when the numbers (and the goings-on in our everyday lives) tell us that we will never be fully and certainly not when it comes down to dollars and cents. White America will allow us to get close enough to bring in our votes and our dollars, but keep us far enough away so that we never even smell he scent of sauce-economic equality.

    Also, it never ceases to amaze me how conveniently white folks and their token black defenders seem to forget how black folks’ relationship with America began, and never want to take that into consideration when they are calculating their jaded numbers and surveys. So, if you are a separatist, then you would only be acclimating to the culture that you were born into. Ignore the clowns who think otherwise.

  2. theblacksentinel

    Thanks Tyrone,

    We have got to ignore these clowns. And unfortunately half of them are so called black people who think they know what is best for us all. And that happens to be, to shut up and let the white mindset drive us where ever they want and we should all be happy about it.

    Thanks for the reply

  3. (laughing)..i just read the comment i left and the spell check turned the socio-economic into sauce-economic… I’m sure after reading that, Bill O’Reilly would say that thats why we can’t get even with the establishment – because we can’t write!

  4. theblacksentinel

    I thought about fixing that, but I don’t want to assume what people are saying is a mistake. So I just leave them. I liked the sauce-economics. Anyway, people like Bill O’Reilly is the reason blacks can’t get even with the establishment – because of their racism.


  5. JJ

    Amen Black Sentinel,

    U know the other interesting part of that survey:

    After black Folk said everything sucked (basically racism was involved in all aspects of life to keep them behind) black folk then turned around and say that it wasn’t racism that was keeping black folk back but BLACK FOLK were keeping THEMSELVES BACK.

    Can you say “drinking the Kool-Aid” Too many Black people by into the hype that Black folk ain’t sit and we’d be nothing without whit folk and integration.

    I wanna say Read a Book…Read a M@#%a F#$&$ing Book and learn about all folk built when white folk weren’t giving us shite.

    Black folk are the problem. But not in the way they think.

  6. Mac

    Good post.

    Studies show over and over again that it’s not an equal playing field– That, in the race of life, white folks already have a head start before we even start running.

    Study after study also show that welfare policies discourage men from staying in the house. They show a consistent pattern of white employers, be they large corporations or the small business town, steadfastly refuse to hire black men. The more recent ones conclude that white employers use black men’s jail or prison term as an excuse to keep from hiring them, even if they are more qualified than other applicants. A recent city-commissioned study of New York City said that the reason for the 49% unemployment of black males was because many manufacturing jobs had moved out of the city and that white employers used black males prison records as an excuse to keep from hiring them. The conservative Wall Street Journal noted in passing (they don’t spend much time on us) that many white employers are more likely to bring a white applicant back for a second interview than a black applicant, even if the white applicant has been to prison and the black applicant has not. The New York report speculated that this type of discrimination that’s being in New York City is probably being done in metropolitan areas all over the country.

    So while many American jobs are leaving the country, while white employers are refusing to hire black men and, because of it, some have just given up looking, upper class blacks like McWhorter, Steele and Cosby are going white talk shows and Oprah saying the problem is black people’s victim mentality and their desire to have someone just give them something. Yes– a job, you black sellouts.

    It’s fine to tell someone to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, but make sure they have boots– please!

  7. theblacksentinel

    Amen Mac,

    You are right on the mark with this comment. Sellouts constantly pointing fingers, saying “well I’ve made it, why can’t you?” This crap has got to stop. The assumption is that blacks aren’t trying, when just like you said they have given up. How many times can you here NO before you realize that you are not going to get anywhere? It is a shame that as blacks we will perpetrate this on our own brothers and sisters right along with the white people.

    Thanks for the terrific reply!

  8. Mac

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be coming back to visit your site.

  9. thewhitesentinel

    Hey, check out my blog. It shows a different point of view on the issues.


  10. theblacksentinel

    Just a word to all the people who read this blog. The blog posted in the last comment by the whitesentinel is in no way endorsed by me. I felt that since this person decided that they were going to parody me and since I felt this was a form a flattery I would let the comment go.

    So if you are so inclined you can go to the white sentinels site and see what kind of racist goings on he/she would like to spew for my readers’ enjoyment.

    I do NOT agree with nor endorse anything on this site. But, I will probably be replying whenever a new post comes out. So you can also read it there or I will probably be chronicling it here.


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