Shoot Him He Has A Hair Brush!



An eighteen year old young black man was killed today it seems he was carrying a dangerous and deadly hair brush. That’s right you heard it a hairbrush. It seems the cops started their well known contagious shooting again for a hairbrush that they mistook for a gun. I know whenever I see people on the street with hairbrushes I drop and take cover lest the stray bullets get me. Seriously though, how many of our black youth and men need to die due to overzealous cops and their bad eyesight?

The young man’s mother called the cops due to a family disagreement in which the boy brandished a gun. The 911 operator says she heard the boy claim he had a gun. When the cops showed up the boy had come out of a first floor window. At that point according to the police he didn’t stop moving and they opened fire once they saw he was carrying a dark object under his shirt. Huh? How did they see it was a dark object if it was under his shirt? Anyway this is the reason they felt they needed to open fire on him shooting him about twenty times. Whatever happened to one or two shots then find out if more is necessary.

I can just hear the people with a white mindset having now, hey these things happen, if he hadn’t have been fighting with his family, he wouldn’t have been shot. Also, it wasn’t a racist shooting because (you fill in whatever pathetic tag line used to explain away racism here). Unfortunately, this type of “accidental shooting” doesn’t seem to happen to white men or most other nationalities for that matter. How many men other than black men have things in their hands when the cops show up to a home, I am sure plenty. How about when a cop stops a man that isn’t black do any of them pull out there wallets, yep I bet they do. Yet somehow the greeting of 20 to 50 bullets is only doled out when these encounters happen with black men.

The police are saying that the young man had a history of mental illness and they think that the mother had been trying to get him committed earlier that day. And this is an excuse how? Oh, maybe he was so crazy that “HE” thought he was carrying a gun, so the cops played along and commenced in shooting him as if it “WERE” real. This whole issue of mental illness is beside the point and just another tactic to try and skirt the issue. The issue is, the boy had NO gun and according to plenty of witnesses dropped the brush before the shooting started. They claim that as soon as the boy dropped the brush the cops started shooting him up.

Yet after they shot him twenty or so times they ran over and put their knees in his back, handcuffed him and threw him in the back of the squad car. I guess he was still a danger even if he was full of lead by then. Yet, I would love to know when this type of incident happens to white men and if it did wouldn’t some lawmaker get all riled up and put an immediate stop to the madness. But, since it isn’t white males but black ones nobody gives a damn and thus the killing continues amidst a gaggle of excuses. Then the news will turn around and tell me I should be sad and care when a cop gets shot.

The propaganda tells us that it is a travesty when a person shoots a cop and we should learn about their family and their great service to the community. Whose communities, obviously not the black one, for all I know these cops that are getting shot are the same ones who unload on blacks carrying brushes, wallets and candy bars. The news doesn’t find out this information, but they do find out that the black male/female being shot or tasered or punched and pepper sprayed had a history of mental illness, criminality, or whatever they deem pertinent to showing that they deserved the mistreatment given to them by the cops.

Where the hell is Bill Cosby, he has been in Detroit and the like telling the black community there that they should be cooperating with the police to catch criminals. Well now where is Bill Cosby or any of the other big talkers who always have something bad to say about or to the black community? What do they have to say to the New York police department? Of course, we will never hear a peep out of these folks since it isn’t a problem to kill blacks on a whim. None of them cares unless they can be pointing their finger at blacks at it plays better for the white media.



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4 responses to “Shoot Him He Has A Hair Brush!

    by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    What is wrong with children’s parents and families today?
    Everyday we are loosing more and more young children
    Adults are just standing by letting our children go astray
    We are not just loosing children but also grandchildren

    Think the media and our communities would be fighting
    The media relishes while the communities does nothing
    With those attitudes, the scum of the earth we are inviting
    When we do not help children their lives we are afflicting

    We fight for more casinos but not for children’s safety
    Playing lottery all day and night but not attending PTSA
    Things we could do to help children, there is a variety!
    Wakeup adults, our children have all but lost their way

    Children will shoot and kill adults without any thought
    Usually it is their initiation into a particular street gang
    When no one offers alternatives, gangs are their resort
    No longer positive to say, “they went out with a bang”

    We need to know where our children are at all times
    Even when on the computer, know what they are doing
    Today, computers are also offering young children crimes
    Education not sex is what children need to be pursuing

    How will they know these things unless they are taught?
    Many of today’s parents are nothing more than children
    About how to raise children, they do not have a thought
    One child getting another child pregnant, which is truly a sin

    It is pass time we start holding visuals, rallies and marches
    Attending PTSA Meetings and local political proceedings
    We have to fight until once again children’s lives flourishes
    Right now children are “Filling Graves and Raising Ratings”
    When Will We Say, Enough Is Enough

  2. Unknown

    Eyesight problem or not, everyone knows not to approach police in a threatening manner, especially not with an object. This is not a black vs. white thing, because there are MANY cases of this involving all Caucasians. We just only happen to hear about these through the media for obvious reasons.

    The police did their job, they didn’t second guess what could have happened, they took action. Overdone action, but still action.

  3. theblacksentinel

    Please, I have seen the cops NOT empty their guns into a white person who was pointing a rifle at them. So if this is a case of the cops doing their job, did those cops that did NOT shoot this white man do their jobs? I guess not. Anyway, I could listen to the plethora of witnesses, that the cops just happened to NOT talk to but the press did, who said that the kid dropped the brush before being shot.

    I am sorry I have not heard of one case where the cops put twenty or thirty bullets into any Caucasian. Unfortunately for you, CNN or network news may not run it, but you will never put a black out on the local news. And since local news is still on the web just like all other news when I search for police shootings at least one of those supposed cases would pop up. Wouldn’t you think?

    Yet they don’t and why? Because they are NOT happening. But, when a black gets shot there will always be one excuse or another to justify the obvious murder. I am sorry there is not one excuse that can be used to shoot over twenty times. Once or twice great, but twenty, come on. Get serious, there is no reason to pump lead into someone as if you are the mob.

    So regardless of how a person approaches the cop, either use the same force on ALL people or stop using it all together. So approaching a cop the wrong way should be a death sentence for all or none.

    Thanks for the reply

    by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    Just where do we think killing one another will get us?
    Selling drugs, robbing banks and killing police officers
    Sure, lots of things happening to us is unfair and unjust
    Gangs, drugs, dropping out of schools, are not the answers

    Our children need adults in their lives if they are to change
    Get from in front of the Keno machines and off the bar stools
    Between adults and children, let us regain parental exchange
    Crime is filling our jails, cemeteries and emptying our schools

    Instead of running towards, adults seem to be running from
    From their responsibilities, children, work, anything positive
    Things adults are doing to help destroy our children is dumb
    About the things, negative, not positive children are inquisitive

    Do not misunderstand me; there are some really good adults
    Listening to the local News on Nov. 8th I was very impressed
    Former Maryland teacher, Erica McCullough getting results
    Thanks to her, needs of our young people are being addressed

    Adults and children, visit and read about her
    There are lots of Erica McCullough’s but our children need more
    Take my word for it, adults like Erica, young people really prefer
    For a child to step into a better life adults must first open the door

    Do we really think our children want to kill, be killed or go to prison?
    This writer knows first-hand that children prefer positive motivation
    Fearing being killed, in front of their homes children cannot have fun
    Adults are we going to offer children hope or watch their destruction

    The death rate of our children continues to increase on a daily bases
    Why, because neglect of our children by adults are growing like cancer
    Just look around, you can see the hurt and neglect on their young faces
    Adults, wise-up and realize, “Colleges, Not Cemeteries Are The Answer”

    Positive Things Come From Positive Minded Adults

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