Dog The Black Hater


Duane Chapman also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter apologized for the repeated use of the dreaded N word in a tirade that was sent to the National Enquirer. He was taped urging his son to dump his Black girlfriend worrying that she would spill the beans on him and his firm’s use of the N word to whom else but the National Enquirer. He now comes out and apologizes for the whole shebang. People should take his apology with a grain of salt and know that from the crap he said, he is not at all sorry, just sorry that his stupid ass got caught!

I am no longer shocked by anything that these racists say or do anymore. There is an ever growing trend in the media right now to talk about racism and how horrible it is, yet these media conglomerations and their parent companies are just more of the problems that subjugate Blacks with their hiring practices and promotion of bigoted racists. Dog didn’t promote himself up the television ladder nor did people such as Michael Richards, Don Imus or Ann Coulter plus whomever else you can name in the media. How can anyone be naïve enough to not realize that this type of behavior has been going on since we were dragged here in chains? It has not been limited to entertainment, we have scientist, doctors and presidents, and in fact it is in all facets of our government.

Duane the dog talks about how he has the utmost respect for Blacks. Uh huh, that is why he calls us all niggers, yep right. So then I guess Hitler only had the utmost respect for Jews when he referred to them as Kikes and decided to put them in concentration camps. Why is it that as soon as the racist is ousted and caught in the act they act as if the people that they are subjugating are somehow being held in high regard? This is absurd! What will happen after this, the answer is nothing of course. Dog will of course continue his show and if not you will have a bunch of White people to run to his defense and cry freedom of speech etc., then find a way to get him reinstated. They will do just what they did with that racist Don Imus, yet again showing their blatant disdain for Blacks and the subjugation that they themselves are helping to propagate.

What else can be said about what is happening, actually what has been happening forever in this country? We are divided and will continue to be so as long as one set of people holds all the power all the while subjugating the ones who don’t. But, until the subjugated wake up and realize “hey, I’m being subjugated over here” nothing will really be done about it. It is just like in the times of slavery, half the people will always see things the slave master’s way and you still here the same rhetoric out of our Black brothers and sisters, “we can’t leave massa, where we gone go that’s better than this?” Well it seems we will never know until we all wake up work together to get there.



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  1. I couldn’t have voiced this any better. You’re so correct on every point. Don Imus is now returning to radio on December 3, 2007 to the tune of 5 million to Sentinel Broadcasting which I understand is an ABC affilliate. Several of Dog’s/A&E’s sponsors have already pulled out, but it will be interesting to see what will happen with the now “suspended indefinitely” series.

  2. theblacksentinel

    Thanks, and it is just a matter of time that he will be right back on television. He is now in the hearts and minds of so many racists and sympathizers. It will be just like Don Imus, people feel they have the right to voice whatever they want yet let me go on television saying whatever I want and I would probably be arrested.

    Thanks again for the reply

  3. brotherpeacemaker

    I have no doubt that Deputy Dog will be back. Most racist do return. People are initially shocked to hear some racist rant. But then the shock wears off and people go back to their old ways because they really don’t have a problem with the racism of others, especially when the people who supported the racist were racist in the first place.


  4. On behalf of Dog, I apologize myself for his language. I am a white 48 year old woman, that has not a prejudice bone in my body! However, sometimes what is said in the family, should stay there. His son intentionally sold him out for a few dollars! Possible drug habit? Or would Daddy not support him? We really don’t know the whole story and never will. Unfortunately, there is a lot of racism. But not just toward African Americans, I have had quit a bit of racism sent my way as well. My best friend was a lady of color, black. She died 13 years ago and I still cry over the loss of my friend. She truly showed me in life, what it meant to take secrets to the grave. God bless her. She wouldn’t have thought very much about this…so in turn I see this as a sell out, just like she would have. Should this really ruin a mans 30 year career? God takes care of right and wrong…he’ll deal with this issue one day. As for his show, I liked his show a lot and so does my son. He didn’t say anything nationally to hurt anyone…right or wrong. This is son # 2 that has ratted out their Father. Aren’t we suppose to honor our Mother and Father?

  5. theblacksentinel


    How did he not hurt people nationally? When you use racist or discriminating language that does hurt people. How can using this language not cross over into your daily life? He has the ability to hurt plenty of people that he arrests. Even if he hasn’t hurt people while arresting them, tell me how many blacks does he employ? I think that speaks for itself.

    People who are racist don’t keep the people they are racist against around them. So he is hurting people just like the local racist company owner who either doesn’t hire blacks or does not provide them with equal treatment in the workplace. Being held from employment hurts plenty of people.

    But, I guess as long as he is a racist in his home it should be OK. And yes his son outing him was exactly what he needed to see the hypocrisy in his ways. So is allowing your parent to do something morally wrong honoring them? I think not.

    Anyway, I do feel that if you do something that is wrong you should lose your 30 year career. Did you feel that Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy should have lost his career over calling a white co-star a fag. He did, and I didn’t hear one peep out anyone, what happened to let god deal with it.

    You feel that he should get a pass just because you and your son like his show, what does that say about you?

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Did I say let the show go on? No. I said I like his show. I still feel this was a sellout from his son. And would I sellout my Mother or Father? It would have to be a pretty horrible thing, not name calling and the National Enquirer! As for Mr. Washington calling his co-star a “fag”, I had no idea, I am not the kind of person to sit and read or listen to the gossip columns. I absolutely know about Dog for the fact of ALL the publicity! I DO NOT hang with racist and could care less that my neighbors are lesbians, that is their business. Just like this was a family matter for him. Not excusing him, just stating a fact. I have never known (and apparently you haven’t either) Dog to abuse a black man or woman while taking them into custody. Or any other color, religion or sex. I will give you that he does not have a black employed, maybe he shouldn’t! On the same note, where I live, we DO NOT have a white Social Service worker employed. This is a County Job, does that make them racist? Against the law? You be the Judge, seems to be fitting. We all have our own Judgment Day…I can not be there for you and you won’t be there for me. I do know that my judgement will come from Heaven, not mortal man.

  7. theblacksentinel


    You are excusing him. You can say that a lot of things are a family matter. Isn’t the girl who outs her father as a pedophile taking a “family” matter and making it public? That is not the point. If he is going to do something that is wrong, he needs to be outed and I don’t care who does it.

    And just to let you know, the Isaiah Washington thing was all over the news such as CNN etc. Also, if your county Social Service manager is using white epithets to describe whites and has no whites working there, then yes it is a racist situation.

    Also, I would love to know where you live that any place is ALL black! Does this place have 99% blacks living there and are you saying that everyone, even the higher ups are black? Anyway, If what you say is the norm, that people should just be judged by god, then why don’t we just do away with any type of judicial system since they will get theirs when god calls?

    We don’t because some things need to be curtailed here on earth that’s why. So when you tell me that you would never out your parents then you are telling me that you would agree with any abhorrent behavior they display. And THAT speaks volumes about you. I commend his son for having the courage to set his own father straight. You can’t stop bad behavior with “waiting for god to judge.”

    Is this how you raise your son, he can say or do whatever because god will deal with it? Of course you don’t (I hope). In order to put a stop to discriminating, racist behavior it needs to have light shed on it. If we continue to believe that being a closet racist is OK then we will never combat this behavior.

    Thanks again.

  8. You are trying to put words in my mouth. Not happening. As where I am from, Southern, United States of America. Our population is pretty even between black and white. And yes sir, just as many blacks have great jobs as whites do. Our police workforce is primarily 50% white 50% black, as well, about 30% being women. We have black doctors or white doctors. We also have just as many black Judges as white.

    Where in this world are you from? The city? Do we have racial riots, no! Gangs, no!! Middle size town where everyone grew up knowing pretty much everyone else. So see, we learned that the color of skin doesn’t have an effect on anything. We also know the meaning of racism. And no, we do not think that one ethenic stock is superior to the other. We say Thank You, Yes Mam, No Mam,Yes Sir and No Sir. We all seem to live and work together, we are each others neighbors and friends. We have mixed marriages of color and sex. Big deal. Skin color really only matters to small minded people. Why we don’t live in a perfect world, I guess my little world is a lot better off than yours seems to be. Guess I can go ahead and Thank God in advance for that one.

    Of course we need a judicial system in our country. However, they need to focus more on drugs in our country, rape and illegal immigrants. Isn’t that a few of our main problems? How name calling rates in this, I’m just not sure. It’s not something I hear or use on a daily basis… OR EVER!

    My Mother would have slapped me down as a child if I had ever said anything close to that.

    As for my Children, stop right there! My youngest is at home and 14 years old, he has white, black and Italian friends. They spend the night or even the weekend with each other. His IDOL is WILL SMITH not Dog Chapman. I only said we liked the show. He has NEVER used the N word and his little generation here, seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe some older people should bend down and take a look.

    Alas, you asked if a girl had a pedophile for a Father, would she be a sellout? Sore spot there sport. I am that girl!! I did tell someone, my Mother and she dealt with it. She raised her children, worked hard and loved us. As for him, jailed most of his life and I’m sure I saved some other girl. When I was older, I dealt with my Father and he heard what I had to say, as well. God has taken over where he is concerned. He passed on at the age of 52. But I didn’t sell the story or sellout my family. And yes sir, I have dealt with this the biggest majority of my life. I beleive that’s where the line is clearly drawn. Name calling and raping your daughter, the same crime??? I think not! God will take care of his own. I believe.

  9. theblacksentinel


    I am not trying to put words in your mouth. What I am merely pointing out is that anytime a parent is being told on by a kid that could be construed as a sell out etc. Not that any crime is in anyway the same or equivalent to any name calling.

    Now the problem I am having with what is being said not only by you but others as well is that he was in his home and it should be OK for him to berate blacks at home, just not in public. How is this OK? I am pointing out the blatant disparity of life as a black person.

    You may live in a multi-racial version of Mayberry but, I have been living in environments that are majority white. And obviously the white people in my area haven’t progressed as far as the Mayberry crew. I have to address my son being called the N word and others. I have to address getting shoddy and denial of service.

    So, I am telling you that this name calling is NOT as benign as you would like to make it out to be. Why stop using racially insensitive language if there are no consequences. Not only did Imus get his show back, he is now on television too. Does that seem like doing these things gets you a boost in your career at the expense of just a bunch of sensitive blacks who have had to deal with this for hundreds of years.

    But, for you god should deal with dog, while he goes on to become an even bigger celebrity. What message is that sending to those kids in your area who haven’t been tainted by race yet. I know you want to believe that they are all living in this race free bubble but if I listen to the news kids just like the ones in your area are hanging nooses and doing other racially related things.

    So I believe that the line is drawn alright, it is fine to use racial epithets for blacks and in fact when you do expect to become immensely more popular with a butt load of people to not only offer excuses but to let you off the hook because hey, name calling isn’t that bad. And for those who feel that our children shouldn’t have to sit and feel bad because these so called stars are telling them in no uncertain terms they don’t mean anything to white America!

  10. Once again, I am trying to get you to hear me, when I say, I am not saying what he did was right. Nor did I say, let the show go on, so he can become an even bigger celebrity! I only said I watched his show and liked it. This was before the fact of anything he said or did. Would I watch his show now? Probably not. And I wouldn’t think his ratings would be quite as high, would you? Or do you feel this white America you live in would make him more famous? I do think his kids are selling him out! We have a right to privicy in our own homes, period. You really can’t judge someone in their home, right or wrong.

    I hardly think the judicial system has time to prosecute name calling! Doesn’t that start as a child thing? I understand where they learn it from…but not in my home! And sir, every white person isn’t alike, just like any other ethenic group! So you can’t stand in judgement of me and I can’t of you.

    It also saddens me that your child has to endour this kind of treatment. I would never live anywhere that my son and I were treated like that. I’m not sure why you do.

    You dubbed my town as Mayberry and living in a bubble. Touche’. But it seems to me that we live in the very place, that you’d love to live. So your jab against my home, can only make me smile. We would surely welcome you and your family with open arms. Our population is around 35,000. Not quite a Mayberry. But not wanting to be a city! Welcome…

  11. theblacksentinel


    I am sure that your town is great, I live where I live due to work. But I have lived in other places and found that there were a lot of similarities to my current town. Also, don’t you think that I should be able to live where ever I want without harassment? I do, but I guess everyone doesn’t share that sentiment. So I guess I can’t move each time I encounter name calling, as I would be on the move constantly.

    You know during segregation there were no racial issues as well. Not to say that your town is anything of the sort, I am just saying that you may see it totally different than someone else. I am absolutely sure after talking with some whites here that they don’t feel that blacks are treated differently or badly. Yet how would they know not being black.

    Anyway, I undoubtedly believe that Dog would be an even bigger star than he already was if the show goes on. Just look at Don Imus, his ratings went through the roof after his racial slur, Bill O’Reilly same thing. This just shows that there is a lot of support for this type of behavior.

    Now, I don’t in any way believe that we should be prosecuting name callers, that is silly. But, should they have the red carpet rolled out too, NO. Yet, this seems to be what happens when you go there in this country.

    You certainly CAN judge someone in their own home and absolutely should. Since things that happen in the home rarely ever stay there on their own. If I hate Muslims and talk about them in my own home, this is most certainly going to go out into the world with me. So that when I encounter one I am probably not going to treat them the way I would a non Muslim.

    So now tell me how being a racist in my home was OK for that particular Muslim? I obviously took my hate on the road so to speak and that is what happens in many hateful homes. Do you think that being a racist can happen in a bubble? If I think blacks are the N word then why don’t I think they’re the N word when I leave my home?

    And I do understand that everyone is not the same. I know for a fact that not all white people are racist or a problem or any other negative thing. I don’t think YOU are a racist (at least it doesn’t seem like it) yet I don’t know you well enough to make that assumption. But, you seem nice enough so far. I have a rainbow coalition of people that I think of as friends, so understand that each person is to be looked at for their merits and faults.

    Dog made it plainly clear where he was at. He said that they say the N word at WORK all the time. Now that doesn’t sound like he keeps his stereotyping, racism, racial slur spitting at home. It sounds to me like it has spilled over into his daily life outside the home.

    And my point is that this behavior is NOT benign, it does hurt people. What about the little black kids that looked up to this guy, should they now say, well he calls blacks that bad word, but he is a great guy. Nope, what happens is they now have another notch knocked out of their self esteem thanks to him.

    I am saying that we as a nation of people need to send these name calling people a message. That this behavior is NOT going to be acceptable. We can’t get that message across if half or three quarters of the people don’t think it’s that bad. I am saying that instead of them being held up as a new mega star, they should be knocked down a couple of pegs. Sure if you can build your show back from nothing then I guess you did what you needed to do. If not, too bad. But, we shouldn’t reward them, that is what I am saying.


  12. I certainley did not imply that we should reward Dog for his actions. Nor did I say the show should remain. He definately needs to clean up his act. I would never want to see a childs heart burdened from anything! He has begged for forgiveness on national spots of the news, Larry King, etc… If he really has learned his lesson, and his heart is heavy from this, must you hate him forever? As for Imus, I do not, nor have I ever listened to him at all!

    I have a question regarding primaily black rappers. They’re on the airwaves using the N word and F word and we should condone this? Heck no! I have to censor what my son listens to and watches. Should they be considered racist? Shouldn’t they be banned off the airwaves? I feel they should! It sickens me.

    And I definately do not think you should have to move because of people’s stupidity. But on the same token, if I lived somewhere and it was primarily another ethenic group, that treated me that way, I guess I would have no choice. My child would not suffer, if it were in my means to change his life, in any way.

    I’m sure as a black you encounter a lot of obsticles. I know they are many many prejuidice people in the world. Remember, my best friend was a black woman. She was not from the South, but from the midwest. She chose to live here and did for 20 years, til her death. Raised her two children without problems. She did however have problems, where she was from. We were together in white and black gatherings, not a problem for us. We did not care what anyone thought. We loved and trusted each other.

    I think when we react in such a big way, it only makes it worse. Here comes that ugly word in the spotlight again. Then our new generation sees the anger it can generate by doing this. I’ve been called a white cracker, honkey and much worse. I have lived in the city! It really had no meaning to me other than, theirs another idiot! But, when I decided to marry and have children, I moved to the country. The city brought on too much violence and kind of transparent neighbors. And I haven’t seen any lynching here!! But that’s me. I guess I can only speak for myself and the life I have made.

    I ask of you only to not lump all whites in the same catergory, as you say you do not. And yes, I believe a person earns his own merits in life. We are all different, and that is what makes our world. I only wish you peace and love in a racefree world. Have a little faith in some of us.

  13. theblacksentinel


    I don’t hate dog at all. I am feeling that if he falls then he can pick himself up. I understand that you nor I and many others don’t think that he should be rewarded, yet there are those that do. Those are the people I am targeting. We have to work together.

    Thank you for the wish of peace as it is very welcomed here in my home. I really can’t say that I don’t lump all whites together. I just know who were the ones claiming to support the other stars who used racial slurs.

    I also, think that it is terrible that people were calling you names as well, it has to stop. Now, I understand that you can put those names aside. The names that are being called of blacks went hand in hand with our subjugation and enslavement. It was a way to make us less than human. Whites have not had that type of name placed upon them, not to say it hurts any less. I am just saying this is far from benign.

    Also, for the rappers, they can be thrown off the air etc. I don’t listen and feel that if we stop patronizing these people they will go away. As far as dog and the others I don’t think that they should be thrown off the air, but, I feel that we all should just not patronize their shows.

    Then they will understand that this is not acceptable. I will try and have more faith in mankind as a whole. I think I am jaded by humanity.


  14. Just wanting to say hello and hope the New Year is a great one for you and your family. I think of you often and I must admit, I look at things a little differently now. I try to look at life from your point of view, as much as possible. My town isn’t as bad as many, but I do see unfair and unjust situations from people in general. Why can’t we all just work together? Take care of you and yours. God Bless…. Jeni

  15. Thanks Jeni,

    I am glad to hear this. And thank you for your thoughts and good wishes. My family and I send you and yours great wishes for the new year as well. And I too wish that we could all work this out as we do have to live on this planet together.

    You take care as well.

  16. TAMMY

    I think that it is a shame that people only have time to listen to the things that they want to make a big deal about and not the real important things like our soilders being killed it seems to me that eveyone at sometime or another has said something that has pissed someone else off .What about what is said about white people by black people oh thats right no one cares about that because they are white oh my gosh.My oppion is that we should all watch what we say, but this going on and on about it is not going to make it stop and if we keep making abig deal out of everthing that is said to us then it is no wounder that we are always at war I do think that it is wrong for him to say what he did but I can guarante that he is not the only person to have said and he will probably not be the last so lets move on and let the man do his job and those who enjoy his show should be aloud to do this those who don’t then do not watch let’s put our energy to bringing home our troops and not in who said what about who. This to me seems like we just want to keep it going and going to give us something to do on a Friday night .I am almost possitive that there has been something that some of you have done that is almost as bad.

  17. That last comment is a riot. What high profile black person is using racial epithets against white people and still has his or her job? White people like Tammy want to pretend to be the victims for things that are figments of their imagination. Tammy says we should all be careful about what we say. But then says we shouldn’t care about what these people who are using racial epithets against black people. If you want it to stop help stop it and quit making excuses or pardons for it. Tammy says she is sure that black people have done something just as bad. Tammy is a serious racist who helps to perpetuate and justify the racist behavior of white people because blacks must have done something to justify it. This is the same line of thinking from people who hear about the what Mr. Chapman did and then dismiss it by saying that the black girl must have done something to justify being talked about so viciously. Ask what did she do and the answer will be, I don’t know but she must have done something. White people caught red handed are excused because black people are believed to have done something. This is racism at its finest.


  18. Tammy,

    So I guess we should just ignore the plethora of white celebrities who decide they want to call blacks derogatory names right? If we just ignore it like slavery it won’t go away.

    I have yet to hear a black celebrity call a white person derogatory names. Not to mention why are you turning this around to focus on whites. The article isn’t about white people supposedly being called racial names. This IS about Dog the bounty hunter calling blacks blatantly racist names.

    This isn’t about soldiers dying in war, if that is what you are looking for then you obviously typed in the wrong parameters and need to search again.

    Thanks for the reply

  19. Greetings my friend! Hope things are well with you and your family. Just checking in to say hello. I can see you have your hands full with Tammy. I do not know her!! lol Take care, will check on again soon.

    God Bless.


  20. FlavRFlav

    1st of all: get each others email or something and do your ranting over that…Da*n it! Words are words and doesn’t mean that Dog is a hater. For Christ sakes, you would never understand how it feels to be called the N* word, but why dwell on something that was 300 years ago? It is over, it was a terrible history of America, but it is over…the black community today didn’t experience the times back then, and if there were an African American that came back to our time they would bitch slap all of you for still dwelling on it, and get over it, slavery is over…deal with it. If i saw Dog beating the shit out of a black man and saying he hated him for being a black person, THEN i would say he is a black hater… not because he dropped the N bomb… you all are ridiculous

  21. FlavRFlav,

    We may not have suffered slavery but we have our own dirt to deal with courtesy of the same race who committed atrocities on our ancestors. And continue to commit atrocities on our race today.

    I doubt very seriously if our ancestors would do the ridiculous things you say. Are you telling me that the holocaust victims, 9/11 victims and all other victims in the world would come back and “bitch slap” their descendants for requesting justice for their victimized ancestors?

    That shows the ignorance from which you Flav dwell in. It is perfectly fine to call a person anti-Semite or racist for calling Jews “kike”. But somehow blacks are blowing things out of proportion when they are called names and complain about it. Hell white people went ballistic over the words “typical white person”.

    Dog is a racist bastard! If he were on the phone saying that his son had to drop his “typical white” girlfriend, you all would be up in arms! But, call a black person a soulless nigger and “you all are ridiculous.”

    Your whole reply shows just how ridiculous YOU are! Why don’t you stop trying to tell black people what to be angry about. You don’t have the right to tell us that we should allow blacks to be called niggers by white people with a history of using that word to demean, hurt and subjugate blacks for years. We have the right, RIGHT to be angry!

    Thanks but no thanks to your utterly ignorant reply!

  22. Anonymous

    Not that it really matters to me, but I must say on the comment about the white individuals making racial slurs that most African Americans are the ones who are dignifying these comments that you feel are so hurtful. I personally do not agree with the comments and the names are horrible. I do not feel that any individual should be able to say them and that to be ok. However, do not pretend that white people are the only ones who use the derogatory words, or that Africans Americans do not also use derogatory statements towards caucasions. This entire country is racist and there is not much we can do about it unless we all stop blaming each other for our problems and using races as scapegoats. There is no reason it should be any more acceptable for an African American to use the N*word than a white person. So please just do not pretend that it is only white people. Blaming it all on them, in a sense, makes you just as racist.

  23. Anonymous,

    Unfortunately I don’t come from the old adage that just because someone does it EVERYONE can do it. There is a distinct difference between you calling your brother jackass or cracker which could be an inside joke, and me calling him either of those names. It never fails that a person will want to justify white people utilizing racist name calling of blacks with the fallacy that blacks are calling other blacks names. When in fact the way in which the words are being used are totally different.

    So don’t you sit and pretend that this is the same situation. Not to mention this post was NOT about whether or not blacks were calling other black people names. It was about the fact that Dog the Bounty Hunter is racially maligning his sons girlfriend and other blacks by calling them racist names. Now I suggest you come into the real world with the rest of us and understand that just because one person does it doesn’t make it alright for everyone.

    And the only people who are being made out to be scapegoats is the black people YOU claim are using racist slurs to no end. I constantly hear this bullshit that blacks use this word so they can’t complain. I also don’t hear you or anyone else yelling this about the throngs of gay people who call each other fag but will lose it if some straight person who is trying to insult and hurt them uses it. Where are you to send these messages to the magazine Bitch which is for empowering women. I think we both know that if YOU went up and called a woman a bitch she would be extremely insulted.

    I could go on and on with races and or minorities who utilize a slur while denying use to those who will utilize the word for hurt. Yet, of course none of this doesn’t matters as long as white people are being denied the use of a word that maligns blacks. You really need to start thinking or doing a bit of research before letting your stupidity free.

    Thanks but no thanks for this drivel.

  24. jdogg,

    Yep, things said in a family should stay in a family, how smart, NOT! If I were telling my son that he had to dump his white cracker girlfriend and he chose to tell everyone what I said then I guess too bad for me. I shouldn’t be saying such racist bullshit if I don’t want people to hear it. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a raging freaking racist who is on a television show supposedly trying to help minorities.

    If you haven’t noticed YOU FREAKING IDIOT, not everyone that works for him IS a family member. But of course you don’t care, as long as you have an excuse. So, to you it is OK for people to use racist blather as long as no one tells. And then dumb asses will sit and try and tell people that racism is over.

    So get the hell off my blog and kiss my black ass before you go!!

  25. Rick

    When everything about you puts off a certain vibe is it stereotyping? A redneck with a mullet who hangs out with a bunch of bikers and you has never seen a black person within 300 feet of is “discovered” to be a racist. I’m not sure at what point I should sense shock.

  26. jmann

    hey i believe it is not right to be a racist and spread their beliefs but it is in the constitution to be able to have and voice ur opinions im not supporting racism as a matter of fact i am totally against it but it is over with so leave him alone and in case you didn’t know a NIGGER is by definition a rude and uneducated person. who knows she probably was acting like a nigger! how can you know all the facts if you weren’t there? and it’s funny i think you’re taking offense of what you hear and jumping to conclusions and he does save the minority! peace jmann

  27. jmann,

    I just have to ask, are you crazy? Did you NOT listen to the taping of what he said? I don’t give one flying freak what the so called definition of a Nigger is! The point is, THAT IS NOT WHAT HE MEANT WHEN HE USED THE WORD!! If he felt she was an uneducated person who was rude as you say the definition is, then THAT is what he would say.

    The meaning of the word bitch is a female dog, but we all know that when a man is calling a woman a bitch he is not calling her a female dog. Or he would say that. He is calling her the slang version of what the word means. So please stop with the bullshit already. And as for the incident being over, check the date on the post Sherlock. It was written when the incident was new.

    And for someone who CLAIMS not to believe in racism, you are going pretty far with the excuses and the phony ass reasoning for why he said what he said. You claim that I am jumping to conclusions, aren’t you also jumping to conclusions to try and justify what he said. He didn’t say she was a rude person nigger, he said that he didn’t want that nigger around because she would hear him and his family constantly calling people niggers and probably bust him. And he said that he wasn’t going to lose everything he got for some nigger.

    So please give me a freaking break and go and support your racist bounty hunter somewhere else. I don’t need to hear about the excuses that make no sense. So no thank you for a hypocritical reply.

  28. sjay

    hi. do people really think that a white person using the N* word and a native african american using the N* word anything different? i may not be an american but yes the word is racist.

    you said that ” blacks use it in a different term”. but do they really? you said “You don’t have the right to tell us that we should allow blacks to be called niggers by white people with a history of using that word to demean, hurt and subjugate blacks for years” then are they not just as bad for using the word aswell???

    i feel that dog shouldnt have used the word but he grew up in an area where it was being used. And i know that you are going to say ” how do you know what life is like here blahdy blah” But racism is everywhere! nowadays you cant even tell the kids the nursery rhyme – blah blah black sheep. you dont say “black people”, you say native african americans. its getting too out of hand. You will proberly say that just because im white and i think we can say whatever, but i DONT! I am NOT a racist. Certain words should not be used as they are hurtful against others whatever the race – white, african american, indian, french, whatever! But it isnt ok for one person to call another it, even if they are the same race. colour is just a colour!

    And to the fact that you will bring up saying this was about dog using the word. Again it was wrong and he shouldnt have done it, im not excusing his actions or words BUT i dont think it is right for all the attention being on him when like others have said that rappers and such say it aswell. Look at eminem for an example. Hes a “white person” and he uses it. Nothing is ever said about that. why???
    To me it seems that its because he hangs with native african americans. No one knows who dog knows? no one can say he doesnt have “black” friends. but if i do remember correctly he did have one on his show from hawaii.
    it was one bad action in which he is regretting and he apologised. yes his son ratted him out, which i think was wrong in a way as a person doesnt normally do that to a parent. and it was in his own home. Which i know you are sorta offended by someone stating that as an excuse – Which im NOT using as an excuse. BUT you can see other peoples point that, they use that as a reason because a child shouldnt sell a story like that and disgrace a parents name instead of keeping it private and dealing with the issue.

    I do believe that you have made some good points about racism but i dont think you see the whole picture from other peoples views – whether they are a different race or religion.

    dont be 2 offended. peace out!

  29. Sjay,

    *SIGH* Where to start! Anyhow I don’t even know the term Native African American etc. Never heard it and don’t care to have it used for myself. Anyhow, I think you are simplifying the whole blacks can say it and whites can’t. Yes blacks say it and YES they do not always mean it in a negative way. Do I think it is right, not necessarily, but that is neither here nor there when we are speaking about Dog.

    Do you also have a problem with Hispanics, Asians, White’s, Gays and Lesbians who call each other racially charged names? Of course you don’t. You could care less. That is the problem. I have NOT once heard anyone tell homosexuals that they are not allowed to call each other “fags”. I see it on t-shirts they wear and other things. But I doubt very seriously if they would be fine with you or I calling them a fag. And that is because they mean something totally different from what some person who has disdain for them means. I shouldn’t have to keep saying this over and over, as it seems to me to be common knowledge and sense.

    Also, Dog was NOT using the word as some pseudo black person. If he were then he would have no problem saying it with and in front of black people. He said that he did not want his son dating a nigger! Where in that statement is he using it like a black person who would more than likely NOT use the word in that vain. Yes, I am sure some do, and they mean the same derogatory thing that Dog did. He was using it as an ultimate insult against his sons girlfriend. So NO it is not the same thing and it doesn’t matter where he grew up. He should know better. He has no more right to call blacks niggers as you or I have calling gays fags.

    And your little spiel about bah bah black sheep is bogus. Here the story is alive and well. And in fact I tell it to my son without a problem. Is that sheep being black supposed represent blacks in some kind of way? Or when YOU say it are you emphasizing the black sheep in a derogatory way and trying to parallel it to some black people or something. How ridiculous!

    To insinuate that things are just going to far in the name of racial sensitivity. Being racially insensitive is NOT a right! And being able to yell racially derogatory names at your son about his girlfriend is NOT protected under some sort of “what is done at home stays at home.” If he didn’t want others to hear him saying that word he should NOT use that word. Once he started calling people that, then he shouldn’t expect anything less than to be called out for the bigot he is.

    And when something is wrong it doesn’t have two sides. How about the next time you hear about child rape you try looking at it from the perverted child rapists side. Will that somehow make the situation any less wrong? Of course not! So please don’t even try it with that lame reply. Wrong is wrong is wrong and that is the only way to look at it. And yes I am offended that you insist I look at the situation through the eyes of a bigoted racist. I think NOT!

    Thanks for the reply.

  30. jmann

    hey enclosed is the dictionary definition of the word nigger:Extremely Disparaging and Offensive so maybe she was offensive to him or his family im still not saying it’s right but who knows how she behaved peace

  31. Jmann,

    Sorry, I don’t really care what the definition of the word is. I know that when a person is using the word they are using it with the language it always stood for. It isn’t rocket science that this man doesn’t even read dictionaries so to try and make the excuse is ridiculous. It’s like trying to say that Mike Tyson had the dictionary meaning of Bolivia in mind when he said he was going to fade away into Bolivia. We both know that he didn’t mean it that way and neither did Dog.

    And like I said before, if he did mean it that way then he would have said that. You don’t need to go around the world so to speak in order to call a person disparaging and offensive. You don’t need to use a word that you know WILL be taken as something totally of offensive. So why bother saying it. With that logic right there negates that argument all together. It makes NO sense whatsoever to do that.

    Please stop with that line of illogic.

  32. Okay, also, the dictionary was saying that the word in question IS “extremely disparaging and offensive,” not that this is what it MEANS.

    This was meant as a warning to readers and a guide to understanding the context if they ever encounter it.

  33. sjay

    to start with YES I DO have a problem with hispanics or whatever using racial charged names! the point i was making is that YOU are talking about blacks and whites using the N* word!

    and to come up with saying that a rapist is anyhing like racism is disgusting! they are two completely different situations! you would react completely different if your son or daughter got raped. wouldnt u? so you can not judge the two the same!
    Yes they are both wrong but rape is far more serious and dangerous!

    it actually makes me sad that you cannot understand someone elses reasons and beliefs! you have not understood actually anyhin that i was trying to say. I was saying that IT IS WRONG. i wasnt saying it was right what he did. i was not supporting his actions. i was merely saying that he apologised and him and his family should have been dealing with it privately. There are many kids out there that think of him as an idol. Are you telling me that an idol should be taken away from those kids because his son wanted to out him and sell the story for money? Alot of kids dont have many people to look up to.

    And as for the blah blah black sheep. I was stating HERE that we are not allowed to say it anymore. Again i was using the whole racism as a whole world. you know different countries have different laws about it now. I was using that as an example about here now!

    i did not say you should look at it through a bigots eyes. i was saying anyone elses view! Nothing i have said are LAME excuses. they are views and opinions! read more carefully and not judge before you understand correctly.

    it doesnt matter what colour or race a person is! using that word whatever is wrong! even if you think that the term is completely different.

    the whole way through i have been trying to put across that racism is wrong and you have tried to change it around and say im puting rape and racism together in the same category? what the hell?

  34. Sjay,

    I know what we are talking about! But, the fact of the matter is, people such as you want to continue to say things such as well black people say it… As if that is some sort of an excuse for whites being able to say it with abandon. Give me a break.

    And how the hell is a rapist any more disgusting than a racist. What makes it different? Is one more acceptable than the other? Well to ME a racist hurts people just as a rapist does. For you to be so disgusted tells me that you feel that somehow racism is some kind of victimless or harmless event. Well guess what, people are injured when a racist commits his/her actions too. Maybe injured in a different way, but they both leave lasting scars.

    Just because something happens in the privacy of a families home doesn’t mean that they need to keep it silent. It is the right of any person in any family to air whatever family business they see fit. I don’t see anyone saying that they shouldn’t have a family show that shows their personal business because it is private. But now that he is making raging racist statements it is now all of a sudden private. PUHLEASE!!

    I don’t really care what the hell you can or can’t read where YOU are. I am concerned with what is going on here where I am. If you have a problem with what is going on where YOU are, then I suggest YOU do something about that. I am trying to do something about the problems we have here. Thank YOU.

    So, I guess you are out frequenting sites of other minorities and chastising them about the horrors of taking control of and using derogatory words that once was used by others to demean their character. Yep, I bet you do. You may have a problem with it, but what do you do about it? My point was that no one goes out and actually says that people have the right to use fag because some gay people use it to.

    I am NOT saying that you put anything together. I am saying that you are trying to make excuses for his behavior. You have said how he could have been using some dictionary version of the word, what is said in their family should be private and black people say it too. These are all excuses as to why him saying what he said isn’t something that should be called out.

    You may think that racism is terrible but your words speak a whole different thought. You want to act as if just saying that racism is bad absolves you of any of the idiotic things you say otherwise. It doesn’t! And again if you don’t know much about being discriminated against or having racists use their racism on you then don’t tell anyone who does whether or not it has affects that hurt and last like rape. You just simply don’t know! And would be wise to stop trying to force someone to look through the eyes of a perpetrator of racism.

    Thanks but no thanks!

  35. sjay

    you really cannot grasp what anyone else is saying can you.
    I have not made excuses for his actions! I have already said that it was wrong of him to saying anything like that. Its wrong for ANYONE whatever the colour to do so. I have never stated that it was ok for white people to say it because blacks do! It is wrong full stop!

    That is YOUR opinion and i can except that you think that a rapist and a racist are the same.
    But in MY opinion a rapist is worse. Someone cannot over come being raped. that person might not be able to have a relationship or a proper friendship as a result. But i feel that people can get past having racial remarks said to them. Im not saying that it is right for someone to do so but everyone has had racial remarks said to them before.
    and were does gays come in to this? this is ment to be about what dog said. But on the subject no you dont here people say it. but it doesnt mean there aint to place on the net that aint talkin bout it.

    and how dare you say that i dont know what it feels like. you know nothing about me. You know nothing about what I do to try and help. I have wrote papers about racism. I have defended peoples actions but i have also shown what the WORLD is like with racism and rape. I have heard many stories about people that have both been raped and had racial remarks said to them. i have looked them in the eyes while they tell their story to me. Do you actually think everyone who has a say doesnt do anything to help???

    and for you to say your trying to sort things were you are is rubbish. by saying that you are basically saying that you dont care about how racism is anywhere else as long as you say something about america! well i have news for you, racism is everywhere and to deal with it you need to deal with other places too.

    and to the last statement, I was not telling you to look through the eyes of a racist! i was simply saying that you have to see other peoples opinions! and for you to say that basically i am a racist then think again. I most likely do far more to help than you do!

  36. Sjay,

    WOW! What nerve! You obviously can’t grasp what anyone else is saying to YOU either. You want to be the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t agree with you, not that I can’t grasp the idiocy you keep spewing. You are making a ton of assumptions as to what he meant or how he said this and somehow you wish for me to sit and put myself in his place. Give me a freaking break. I have listened to your stupid drivel long enough. You WILL NOT get me to agree with your position on how he meant it, or what type of a person she was. Nor will I entertain looking at things from the racists point of view. GET IT?

    Are you thick in the brain? I never said they were the same! I said that each of them are out hurting people, and I don’t think that anyone wants to look at things from the rapists point of view. It was a correlation in order for you to understand that I will not look at anything from the racists point of view. You are obviously having trouble grasping that. You still haven’t even showed why being a racist is any less bad than being a rapist. How about you start by explaining that?

    And you say that I should look through someone else’s eyes. Someone like who? I am talking about a person who spewed racist language, so who is it that I should try and identify with? The racist who spewed the garbage or the idiot who sits here and tries to defend it? You tell me. When wrong is wrong there are no two ways to look at it. This is where I am speaking about rape. It is WRONG there are no two ways about it. So I ask again why should I look at rape or racism from another point of view? If it is wrong then there is only one way to look at it. AS WRONG!!! GET IT? If not too bad.

    Where did I say I knew anything about YOU! LIKE I SAID BEFORE I am going by YOUR words alone. And if what you say is true then you have sat and tried over and over to justify his racist drivel even though you keep saying it is wrong. So I can only surmise that you have no idea. You also make absolutely NO sense. I have defended peoples actions but i have also shown what the WORLD is like with racism and rape. What the hell does this statement mean? Who knows and who cares at this point.

    The absolute point is this, you don’t make sense, you sit and try and defend the racist rhetoric then say you don’t like racism. You are full of hypocrisy and I won’t listen to it any longer. This is your last comment to me. You don’t know what you are talking about. And I highly doubt that you have written any papers or anything else let alone about racism.

    We are DONE, DONE AND DONE! No thanks.

  37. Ok folks, there are a lot of freaking stupid ass people out here. When you try and make excuses for the bad things that someone does you are supporting their actions by excusing them as if they were not so bad. I hope that is crystal clear. Also, if something is WRONG there is only ONE way to see it, WRONG, WRONG WRONG! Where is the confusion in that? Is there another way to look at murder or rape? Or is it just when looking at racism? I am tired of this idiotic argument. Enough said!!!

  38. JJ

    Well, I live in the Southern United States as well, Mississippi in fact. Everyone in the world assumes we still own slaves down here and that black people are tortured daily, it is just as absurb as a word being banned! The only people down here who use that word are the older generation who do not know any better (ignorance) and it is just as insulting to the white people who hear it as it is the black people. As far as race problems, wars, riots, etc…we DONT have any! The biggest abusers of the “N” word (shame I have to use an abbreviation) are in the black community. For some reason, the black community idolizes the very people who discredit the whole race. I am talking about the likes of Kanye West and all those other rappers who promote racist ideals and at the same time are being publicly racist themselves. The system is set up in America for the black community to have more than equal rights. Try getting some college money if you are a poor white boy!! There is nothing available but student loans!! I don’t want this to turn into a rant about how far the civil rights of others have been offended to promote affirmative action. JUST IMAGINE IF I HAD A PAPER CALLED THE “WHITE SENTINEL.”

  39. JJ,

    Give me a freaking break already! Guess what Sherlock, there IS a “paper” called the White Sentinel! Does that surprise you? I hope NOT! Anyhow, blacks are NOT given more than equal rights. For one thing we don’t even have equal rights YET! Why don’t you show me the hordes of blacks who are dominating the college scene with all this so called free money?

    They don’t exist! Because blacks are still being denied college entrance. Not to mention the schools in the predominantly black areas are so underfunded, understaffed, undersupplied that the kids coming out of these schools can’t even compete. Let alone get into college over white students, so give that bullshit a rest already.

    I get so damn tired of people like you who wish to play this stereotyping role of “the black community idolizes the very people who discredit the whole race”. Should I go to the same length and say that for some reason the white community idolizes the very people who discredit the whole race. I am talking about the likes of Duane Dog the Bounty Hunter, Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Richards and all those who promote racist ideals and at the same time are being publicly racist themselves.

    Does that sound OK to you JJ? Of course ALL white people don’t idolize those freaks any more than ALL blacks idolize the ones you named. So until people stop making these freak ass blanket statements about the black community among other things, we will continue to have race issues. When white people are still able to have that invisible leg up due to the color of their skin, blacks will NEVER have equality.

    You need to stop being stuck on stupid and do a bit of thinking. How the hell can you think that blacks are somehow getting more than their fair share if we (blacks) still have higher unemployment, less than equal health care, make less money than our white counterparts, unequal housing opportunities and more instances of being poor. So think about that Einstein!

    Unless what you are saying is that blacks having this little crumb of something that is far from being equal to whites is more than enough and in fact too much. Then I don’t exactly see any instance in any part of the country where blacks are somehow over represented unless you are talking about prison and that isn’t a prize nor is it fair. But we won’t get into the whole justice system.

    So please ease up on the Kool Aid and try looking at the FACTS of our country, life and racial situation. It might be an eye opener.

  40. Guy,

    The post is about Dog the Bounty Hunter. It is obvious that you are in the wrong place. There are plenty of blogs talking about rappers and the use of the word Nigger. So I would suggest you go and find those and then rant about rappers there. I am not interested. Next time try your hardest to stick to the topic at hand.

    Good bye!

  41. Southernstupidity,

    Did I say stupidity, I meant pride. It is obvious that you didn’t read the post at all. You just ASSumed to know what it was about. Also, get off your lazy ass and get an education before you talk about black people getting off their lazy asses and studying in order to have as many chances as white people. Can you say dictionary children? That is a place to go when you don’t know how to spell. Also, English IS your first language, correct? Then shouldn’t you know how to use it. *SIGH* Oh, how I dislike the ignorant people. You are totally the weakest link, you big dummy!

  42. jg

    seriously i will not promote or watch someone on t v that has that background (jail,racism) will not watch this they really need to do something about there hair he,she bleach is really ugly and his is longer than hers o m g what is happening to t v

  43. Awww, Southernstupidity,

    You claim not to be a great speller but you somehow got into the 2nd most decorated engineering school in America. And people complain that unqualified blacks are getting jobs and into colleges everywhere, now doesn’t that just take the cake. Well if your left hand is smarter than me, next time let your left hand write your reply, because it is obvious that the rest of you is stupid.

    I “prolly” did go to college? At least I can say that, at the University I went to, my professors would not have tolerated “prolly”. But, of course someone at the Kmart college of engineering wouldn’t have to worry about that. I am sure they allow any type of spelling as long as it comes pretty darn close to something they recognize as a word. I bet you won the “spelin B” too, didn’t you, my special little friend.

    You came here before talking about how Dog wasn’t racist and this was all stupid, now you are saying how blacks cry that white people mistreat them when they don’t. But, then as soon as you are busted up, you screamed nigger faster than a drunk Klan member spotting the black man his wife left him for. Now look here, if your mother had raised you right, you wouldn’t be on the internet calling people niggers, spewing racism and being the simple minded uncouth fucktard that you are.

    So my suggestion is that you go and slap your momma and if you can find your daddy slap him too, because they did you a big disservice. They obviously lacked the parenting skills to give you the sense god gave the common jackass. So let’s all just say a prayer that your six year old brother is able to break the cycle of ignorance that you were incapable of.

    And the next time you wish to showcase your racism AND lack of education, go and do it where somebody might care. Because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you or your retarded view of black people. Oh, and from your comment about slavery, yet again, it’s obvious that spelling isn’t the only thing you can’t seem to get right. And they let you into college. Ha, ha, ha!

  44. isaiah mann

    Um,to the jack ass who is ”correcting people on there spelling”,nobody gives a shit.and what college did you go to,how to be a pain in the ass university,oh,wait,is Harvard law of stupidity,or is it Yale law school for shit heads?

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