College Degrees Don’t Ensure Employment For Blacks


As I ponder racism in the employment sector of the United States, I am stuck on the fact that so many people continue to talk of the huge gains that Blacks have made in breaking into the White dominated business world since the civil rights movement. But I am disappointed in these so called huge gains. We are still woefully under represented in the American White dominated work force. There are questions to whether this is due to White racism or to Blacks whatever or to the dysfunction of affirmative action.

After slavery ended Blacks during the reconstruction era were building small but prosperous towns all around the south run completely by self sufficient freed slaves autonomous of White America. But unfortunately, these towns struck a negative chord in the White communities since they disproved White’s conviction of Blacks inferiority. The rise of White terrorist groups such as the KKK was launched to terrorize the inhabitants and burn entire towns to the ground in order to keep their superiority complex alive. These types of scenarios are well documented and continued for years. This forced Blacks to move closer to the White communities where they had to settle for a second class living and working arrangement.

Blacks did not have the money power of their White neighbors yet managed to live very cohesively within their own communities. They ran the businesses that served the Black community since services could not be obtained from Whites due to segregation and Jim Crow laws. Separate meant anything but equal which had them feeling the pinch in schools and also in daily life so Blacks called for civil rights. Once this was obtained and Blacks were allowed to apply for employment with White companies the Blacks that could left the Black community in search of the White American dream. This caused the majority of businesses to close in the Black community due to lack of income. Now more Blacks being unable to obtain work from the local businesses had no choice but to find work in White owned American companies, where discrimination still reigned supreme. This discrimination led to the advent of affirmative action which was a means to force these White companies to hire minorities and women.

Whites had to be forced to allow Blacks into the workforce. Yet you listen to all the people who come down hard on unemployed Blacks such as Bill Cosby, John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas and Stanley Crouch, and you hear them say that the only thing the Black race has to do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get a degree then all worries are over. What is it about the root of the Black condition that these fools don’t understand? It looks pretty obvious to me but then if I say the root is racism I am being a race hustler or racially divisive. I believe the racists utilizing their White privilege to further perpetrate the status or lack there of in the Black community are the race hustlers and racially divisive.

So why aren’t these self appointed so called voices of the Black community addressing why the majority of companies don’t reflect the racial makeup of this country even with affirmative action? They are overwhelmingly represented by Whites but since Blacks make up about 13% of the nation if all things were equal wouldn’t we be 13% of the workers and wouldn’t 13% of businesses themselves be owned by Blacks as well. So will pulling my self up by my bootstraps somehow cause racist White business owners to hire me? Since discrimination is supposedly for the most part behind us then how these companies are staying so devoid of a real Black presence is a wonder? I would love for Bill Cosby or John McWhorter to tell me the names of all the fortune 500 businesses that are headed by a Black CEO and employs predominantly Black workers.

Black people are in a constant state of shame, ridicule, harsh judgment, being criticized, harassed, suspected and embarrassed. On top of this we have to endure the same treatment from some of our so called brothers and sisters on a constant basis. Unfortunately for the men listed above getting a degree and long bootstraps don’t always cut it. Becoming successful has more to do with being given a chance by the White benefactors than bootstrap pulling or degree holding. You could have every degree offered and if the plethora of White business men don’t want to hire you for whatever reason, trust me, you can pull every boot strap you can find till they break and that won’t get your Black degree holding butt into a good paying job. I am not saying that a degree doesn’t help but it isn’t the golden ticket that these fellows would like us all to think it is. Having a degree isn’t a guarantee of anything except that you have broadened your skills and your knowledge base.

With the further loss of affirmative action I believe that these White companies will become even more white. Somehow affirmative action couldn’t even up the racial disparity in most of these companies yet we are supposed to sit by while the racists are put even more in charge of Black’s employment fate. For more on affirmative action and the Black read Brotherpeacemaker’s Affirmative action is my bootstrap. I don’t think that we would willingly put Al-Qaeda in charge of the United States Defense Department. That would prove to be counter productive.  So why then do we think that putting the people who for years have protected their privilege all the while denying us the opportunity to earn a decent living is going to work out any better? Why do we insist on relying on White America to steer our lives in the direction that we actually need to go?



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  2. brotherpeacemaker

    It’s been a while! Glad to see you’re back with another good post! I saw a new link in my stat page and had to come and check it out.

    I don’t think enough people are pointing out the paradox associated with employment and the black community. No matter the case, the average black person will constantly be prejudged as undeserving when it comes to employment no matter what the training, experience, education, or whatever you may have. I have to agree with your theory that now that affirmative action is no longer a serious threat to corporate America, more businesses will become whiter than ever.


  3. “Becoming successful has more to do with being given a chance by the White benefactors than bootstrap pulling or degree holding. You could have every degree offered and if the plethora of White business men don’t want to hire you for whatever reason, trust me, you can pull every boot strap you can find till they break and that won’t get your Black degree holding butt into a good paying job.”

    This is the most intelligent, straightforward stuff I’ve read yet.

  4. theblacksentinel

    Thanks for the intelligent replies. I am glad that it is being well received.

  5. ellie

    Entreprenuership. Start your own business and sell to the Black community.3% of all Black income is handed to Black owned business, while 97% of Black income goes to white bussiness. It would do wonders for the Black community if we reversed that stat. Fuck white CEOs, why do Black people have to ingratiate themselves with white business owners? Do what other minorities have done, the Hispanics and Koreans are doing. And one major flaw in your article is that you only talk about the business world, what about other fields such as teaching,science,engineering,etc.

  6. theblacksentinel


    When I talk about the business world, I mean anything that makes money and can be considered a business. That includes teaching, science engineering etc. which all fall into being hired by one business or another. I do agree with you on how the other races are doing things, yet I feel that the black community is so far apart right now that we would not band together in such a way.

    If you read any of my other posts that is a reoccurring theme, to have the black community become self sufficient within itself. I fear I have lost faith in that solution. I open the blog to any solutions that others want to offer as well.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. John decruze

    Well said .. Its a great post, you really are a good writer . . . . .

  8. S T

    You even say it yourself.

    “Somehow affirmative action couldn’t even up the racial disparity in most of these companies”

    Yes.. “Somehow”. Affirmative action has been so biased in favour of blacks that even if they are less qualified for positions in the workplace or in colleges than their asian/white compatriots, as long as they meet the minimum requirements, they are almost guaranteed the spot to try to improve the status quo.

    Sounds pretty racist to me. Clearly it is the white mans fault that so many blacks choose to remain uneducated, regardless of government bursaries and scholarships for those in dire need of financial assistance.

    Clearly it is the white mans fault that there are not enough blacks in the work place, as society becomes increasingly more demanding of higher levels of education and resumes that stand out.

    Clearly it is the white mans fault that while blacks, as you said, make up almost 13% of the American population, they are responsible for over 50% of its homicides (Source: US Department of Justice statistics).

    Clearly it is the white mans fault that the ghettos (such as in NY, LA, ATL) are *predominantly* black.

    Those damn Whites. You know what we should do? We should exterminate the white man! That way we can have the entire nation to ourselves, and finally we can thrive like our brothers and sisters in Africa, instead of being held down by “the man”!

  9. S T,

    You say that affirmative action favors blacks even if they are less qualified. And you got this information from where? Or is it a fact because you said it? And so if like you said as long as blacks meet minimum requirements they are almost guaranteed a job, why are the unemployment rates among blacks so high? So if what you say is true, then all blacks should be able to walk into any business anywhere and wham bam come out with a job. But since that isn’t happening I guess it isn’t true.

    Contrary to the crazy statements you made about blacks and AA according to The United States Department of Labor, white women are the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action. So shouldn’t you go and take your made up phony information to some white woman somewhere. Or better yet, just stop trying to further your blatant ignorance. And if I am not mistaken you are not even in or maybe not even from the United States, so what does AA have to do with you anyway? I get it white solidarity. Hey I wouldn’t have faulted you for that if you hadn’t been quite so stupid.

    Clearly it is the black mans fault that schools OPERATED by the government who is overwhelmingly white are so substandard in the black community. Surely it is the black mans fault that even though black men have a four year college degree and NO criminal record studies show they still have a lower job call back rate than white felons who barely graduated high school.

    It is with total certainty that the black man is at fault because white people make up 88.4% of all DUI’s, or that they make up 84.3% of all drunkenness, or that they make up 85.4% of all liquor law violations (source: US Department of Justice Statistics table 43). Clearly it is the black mans fault that idiocy reigns supreme with people who call themselves S T from Ontario Canada.

    And maybe just maybe you should crawl back into your cave and try to think about how to catch up with evolution. Of course as long as it doesn’t catch your head on fire. But I guess you were trying to school everyone here on how racism isn’t a problem by spewing racism. Is that it? Wow, that really is an excellent way to get your point across. And maybe rapists are raping women to show them that rape isn’t a real problem. Hmm, just something to think about.

    And just think, I thought perhaps all the redlining, racist lending practices, racist employment practices and other forms of institutional racism was behind people living in ghettos. I mean here I was thinking that a ghetto was a poor area of a city usually where members of a minority group live, by race, religion or often by social backgrounds; predominantly because of legal, social or economic discrimination.

    But you know what, you are totally right! Those Jews, they weren’t relegated to ghettos because of anything the German Nazi’s did. And I’m sure the Native Americans in Canada and America aren’t living on ghetto reservations from anything the white man did either, right? And of course the Australian Aborigines aren’t living in ghetto’s because of anything the white man did when he got there.

    When really we all just wanted to live in ghetto’s where we don’t have to go to the crumbling failing schools. And if we do go to school we can get college degrees and fight for jobs with white high school dropout felons. All the while benefiting so much from Affirmative Action that the government says the white women get all those jobs and we have astronomical unemployment rates. Thank you so much Mr. S T for helping to straighten all of us minorities out around here. Now you go on and get back to the cave where you can try and think so you can come up with more of these great zingers.

  10. S T

    How typical. Speechlessness leading to petty insults and name calling. Also typical is your readiness to call me a racist.

    There is no racism in statistics, nor is there in biological science. Numbers are numbers. Whether or not individuals are comfortable speaking outside the

    bounds of the politically correct regarding such statistics, is irrelevant.

    I am in an interracial couple myself. I have friends of all races, and I am not a racist because I do not discriminate against anyone based on their race,

    nor am I prejudiced towards anyone based on their ethnicity. To think that anyone could dislike another person simply based on the pigmentation of their

    skin, is absurd.

    What I am, however, is sick and tired of hearing blacks piss and moan about the white man, and blaming the white man for your shortcomings.

    Ignoring the blatant racism in your comparison of the white race to Nazi Germany, your analogy is cute but totally incorrect. The white people did NOT “put”

    you in Harlem. They did not “put” you in Detroit. They did not “put” you in Compton.

    Some whites DID however, take slaves from Africa, and bring them to America. That is a terrible shame those individuals bear. It is truly a scar in

    American History.

    To be quite honest though, African Americans would be no better off in Africa in poverty, where slavery continues today, just as it did before the arrival of

    europeans. It’s no wonder you rag on America and its people without actually LEAVING. Blacks know they are much better off in America. Yet you keep citing

    the black unemployment rate, crime rates, poverty rates, ghettos, and naturally, you blame it on the white man. Because it’s easy. What an INCREDIBLE

    coincidence. That all over the planet, all whites are secretly holding you down, “putting” you in ghettos, “keeping” Africa under developed, and, of course,

    keeping you unemployed. What a coincidence that black countries are some of the most impoverished on Earth, while the countries at the forefront of modern

    technology seem to be majorly non-black. Not without their fair share of parasites, mind you. The parasites living off of welfare. The ones commiting the

    murders. The rapes. The weapon crimes. Where are the WHITE ghettos? The ASIAN ghettos? The JEWISH ghettos? The BUDDHIST ghettos? Must I continue?

    Since your concept of a ghetto is a place where poverty exists as a result of racial and religious prejudice, where are these ghettos? Hell, where are the

    atheist ghettos?

    You are not a man of science, are you? Are you superstitious? Fundamentally religious? Do you really believe in astronomically impossible coincidences?

    It is not the white mans fault that blacks are unemployed, and responsible for so much crime. How can you not see that? You can blame the white man all you

    want but it’s not going to put a degree and a resume in your hand. Blacks have been blaming the white man for over a century. Look where it’s gotten you.

    Look at all your people in NASA. Look at all your people in Politics.

    On that note, you cited the “majorly white government” as keeping you down. Funny how that government, and that racist majority you speak of, voted a black

    man president. Sure, we don’t want you getting jobs but ehhhh, we’ll compensate you with presidency. We do not WANT our people raped. We do not WANT our

    people murdered. We do not WANT to spend our tax money keeping blacks in prison. Why the hell would anyone fuel the fire that is plaguing the country? I

    am sure I don’t need to cite prison race statistics for you. Save me the energy. You can find any impertinent statistics you want about DUI, alcohol

    crimes, it’s not hard to find a category where the overwhelming majority of a country happens to be responsible for the majority of a specific crime. Surely

    it’s “coincidence” that somehow a 13% minority can be responsible for such an enormous portion of that crime?

    If you’re going to call me out on “evolution”, maybe you’d consider the science behind human adapation. Whites evolved from blacks. Blacks evolved from our

    early ancestors. Who, as modern science holds, evoled from Apes. Humans are the most successful species on the planet because of our intelligence. It has

    been the best defence known to all life on Earth, and our intelligence grows every generation and through our evolution. If you want to talk about

    “coincidence”, how about the ‘coincidence’ that blacks are so much biologically superior to their white compatriots? Yet why do blacks seem (pure

    “coincidence”, of course, which seems to be your style!) to be less intelligent on average? This comparison exists in whites and asians too. Why do whites

    ‘seem’ biologically superior yet intellectually inferior? If you’re going to pull unfounded claims from your ass, I am going to do the same.

    Surely, deep down inside you, you must acknowledge (but refuse to accept) the possibility that blacks are remaining unemployed, because they are unable to

    compete with other ethnicities on an intellectual or some other biological or social level, not because “all white people are evil!”. You appear to be a man

    of moderate intelligence. How can you possibly be so naive as to blame the problems of your race on another, simply because of a mark in American history?

    I would love to see your sources for your claims regarding affirmative action and white women, and ESPECIALLY your ludicrous claim that white felons are more

    likely to get a job than a qualified black individual. I would love to see these so called ‘studies’. I also simply cannot wait for your response with such

    intellectual comments about my “idiocy” that “reigns supreme”. What compelling arguments. You seem to answer your own question; “why are the unemployment

    rates among blacks so high?”. You just keep moaning and bitching about the white man, hoping it will land you an incredible career. Meanwhile, I’m going to

    continue earning my Masters degree in software engineering, living off of loans and scholarships, until I can support myself and work my way up the ladder.

    And sure, maybe I live in Ontario, Canada. Then again, maybe I live in Woodstock, Illiniois, Latitude 42.3 Longitude -88, right?

  11. S T,

    How typical, you come to a blog with insults and then expect to be treated with kindness. I’m sure you hadn’t realized this but, insult begets insult. “Had” you wanted a serious conversation devoid of the silliness then you wouldn’t have brought the silliness. How even more typical of you to come back and say that I called you a racist after your silly comments were drop kicked back to sillyville. If your comments sound racist then they sound racist. That is my opinion and there isn’t much you can do about that.

    Of course there is racism in statistics. What you fail to see is that when you create a racist environment which breeds certain factors then any and all statistical data that derives from that type of environment is inherently skewed. If the justice department admits that there is racism in everything dealing with crime such as policing, profiling, arrests, representation, plea deals to sentencing. Then it is pretty obvious that if you start with biased data you will end with biased statistics. I’m sure you read about this type of thing in the book “How to lie with statistics.”

    Wow, you are in an interracial couple with a rainbow coalition of friends and that somehow means something. Does that mean that you now have the right to say anything you want with impunity? Make stereotypes without a shred of evidence or an ounce of proof. And guess what, people dislike people for the color of their skin day in and day out no matter how absurd. And what is absurd is to think that just because a person has friends of all hues this somehow makes them not or unable to be racist, is absurd as well.

    You are so tired of black people pissing and moaning, is that what you tell your black friends? Anyhow, I am tired of white people who continuously complain that the white man is always under attack. I am also tired of white people who wish to make excuses for the blatant institutional racism that permeates this country. Or act as if talking about said racism is pissing and moaning.

    Reading goes a long way. I did not compare Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews to “ignoring blatant racism”. I compared Nazi’s use of racism to corral Jews into ghettos to the American white race’s use of racism to corral blacks into ghettos. Wow, again someone needs to read a book or two. Like I said before, redlining has been used to segregate races in America. “Redlining is the practice of denying or increasing the cost of services, such as banking, insurance, access to jobs, access to health care, or even supermarkets to residents in certain, often racially determined, areas.” And thus we have ghettos.

    Not to mention white flight. The desire of many whites to avoid having their children attend integrated schools has been a factor in white flight to the suburbs. “By 1990, the legal barriers enforcing segregation had been mostly replaced by decentralized racism, where whites pay more than blacks to live in predominantly white areas.”

    “Today, many whites are willing, and are able, to pay a premium to live in a predominantly white neighborhood. Equivalent housing in white areas commands a higher rent. By bidding up the price of housing, many white neighborhoods effectively shut out blacks, because blacks are unwilling, or unable, to pay the premium to buy entry into these expensive neighborhoods. Conversely, equivalent housing in black neighborhoods is far more affordable to those who are unable or unwilling to pay a premium to live in white neighborhoods. Through the 1990s, residential segregation remained at its extreme and has been called “hyper segregation” by some sociologists or ‘American Apartheid'”

    So you are absolutely right, white people didn’t put black people into these areas; they rigged the system so that they would end up there, then they ENSURED that the majority of them couldn’t get out. How in the hell would you know how better off blacks would be in Africa? For one thing, had the continent of Africa NOT been so thoroughly raped by so many different European nations then perhaps they wouldn’t have the problems they are having right now. People such as you really have very little in the way of knowledge but love to show that off.

    And anyway, which African country are you talking about. Not all African countries are starving and destitute. But of course you wouldn’t know that with the way you love to stereotype. You probably think that the picture’s of starving Africans is a window into the whole continent. You see Africa is a great big old continent containing about 53 countries. And each one of those countries has a different financial status. So while they might be starving in Ethiopia, the people in Nigeria are not and they have the fastest growing economy in the world right now.

    You sure do utilize a lot of white supremacist talking points for someone claiming to have such a rainbow coalition of friends. I guess the fact that the African continent which contains the largest population of black countries, being raped and pillaged like a drunk virgin on prom night, means nothing to you. Not to mention this one tiny little fact you continuously seem to leave out. That every place that seems to have a black population that isn’t doing very well just so happens to also either have or have had a white population which just so happened to employ racism and discrimination on said black population. Hmm, I wonder what the connection is?

    You are funny to think that the Aborigines, who were in Australia FIRST minding their own business and thriving, just happened to go down hill once Europe sent all of their criminals there. And you must be drunk if you think that dragging a bunch of blacks here to America in chains to suffer under slavery; Jim Crow then systemic racism has no bearing on anything. Or that the entire continent of Africa being carved up like some sort of Thanksgiving turkey by the Dutch, French, English and whoever else did nothing to put a strain on the growth of the people there.

    See it is always the same old story. The white people who did all these things are never to blame. Nope, just blame the victim. It wasn’t me; it was the one armed black man, right. Your victim mentality is just mind boggling. *Sniff* *Sniff* Black people are blaming me for the wrongs I’m committing, whoa is me. Sure showing that white people are to blame for a lot of things that are wrong in the world isn’t going to put a degree in a black person’s hand. And playing dumb to racism isn’t going to stop racism, contagious shooting, police brutality, employment discrimination or any of the institutionalized racism that exist here.

    And guess what, the white man has been using their race card for over a century. So I guess the blaming will stop when the racial abuse stops. How about that? Does that sound like a good plan? The last time I checked that is how things worked. Again, how typical, did I say that EVERYONE white was a racist? And just because a person has an interracial relationship or votes for a person of color doesn’t mean they aren’t racist. Get a clue just because a man is married to a woman doesn’t mean he isn’t gay, does it?

    You claim that ” We do not WANT our people raped. We do not WANT our people murdered. We do not WANT to spend our tax money keeping blacks in prison. Why the hell would anyone fuel the fire that is plaguing the country?” Then I guess you should go and talk to the YOUR people. As I think you had better go and get those statistics. As sure blacks have a higher number of murders but they are murdering black people. And why don’t you check what race is doing what to whom. You will see that crime is largely intra-racial not interracial. So again if you wish to stop white people from being murdered and raped go talk to white people.

    “White people rule such categories as forcible rape (65.3% to 32.5%), aggravated assault (63.2% to 34.5%), burglary (69% to 29.2%), larceny (68.6% to 28.9%), motor vehicle theft (62.7% to 34.9%), arson (76% to 21.6%), arson violent crime (58.5% to 39.3%), arson property crime (68.2% to 29.4%), other assaults (65.2% to 32.2%), forgery and counterfeiting (70.1% to 28.2%), fraud (68.7% to 30%), embezzlement (65.7% to 32.2%), stolen property (64.6% to 33.7%), vandalism (75.4% to 22.2%), weapons (57.7% to 40.6%), prostitution (56.7% to 39.6%), sex offenders (with the exception for forcible rape and prostitution, 73.3% to 24.5%), drug abuse violations (63.6% to 35.1%), family offenses (66.9% to 30.7%), driving under the influence (88.4% to 9.2%), violation of liquor laws (85.4% to 10.7%), drunkenness (84.3% to 13.2%), disorderly conduct (63% to 34.7%), vagrancy (56.7% to 41.6%), suspicion of crime (58.7% to 38.2%), curfew and loitering violations (61% to 37.2%), runaways (68.5% to 25%), and all other offenses with the exception of traffic (67.5% to 30%).” Courtesy of Brotherpeacemaker’s blog post titled “Read them and weep.”

    You claim that white nations are leaders of all things great and add the quote “Not without their fair share of parasites, mind you. The parasites living off of welfare.” Are you denigrating your white sisters, because the majority of people on welfare are white women? Are you calling white women parasites because they make up the highest rates of welfare recipients? That is a bit harsh. I am sure that they are just people who need help. It doesn’t take very much time nor resources to do an easy internet search and find this out for yourself. But it seems that even with all this talk of IQ and race, you have shown yourself to be incredibly intellectually lazy.

    But of course we both know that you were saying was that black welfare recipient = parasite, with no mention of the white welfare recipient who must not really exist. There you go again with those racial stereotypes. Because propaganda tells us that the welfare queen is some black teenage mother, when she isn’t. Sorry, wrong again, it seems like a constant from someone who should be sitting there with this big old brain and high IQ. Maybe you should have consulted with an Asian before writing this reply, since you claim they are superior to whites.

    See according to the statistics, whites form the largest racial group on welfare and teenagers form less than 8 percent of all welfare mothers. But don’t let me rain on your parade because for all I know you meant per capita for the parasites, right? Per capita is fine and probably will show higher rates among the population that has the most adversities. But who cares right? As long as you can ignore their circumstances to point your finger of indignity all the while ignoring those like you, is all your looking for.

    How senseless a statement to make, every statistic on the education system shows that racism or for those in denial, some invisible force is causing schools in some areas of the population that just happen to be predominantly if not all black to be inferior. And then you ask why they aren’t in NASA. Are you serious? And since black people don’t run any school systems that I know of here in America, it is going to be awful hard for you to say they did it to themselves. Actually, I am sure you will make something insane up and say that black people somehow took control from the government and decided that they would have inferior buildings, lack of books, teachers and other resources.

    Oh my, a black man is president call the news, racism is dead in America! And if that makes any sense then, Oh, look Bill Gates, a white man, is a billionaire call the news, poverty for white people is dead in America! But of course it makes no sense saying that one man getting to a certain status means that everything has changed over night for ALL people of his particular race. Get real! Do you even think about these things before you write them? You don’t want people calling you a racist but you continuously use a lot of racial stereotypes that most people with a higher IQ would equate with racism. How does that make sense either? Obviously people don’t want a lot of things to happen and then turn right around and do something that would cause the exact results they don’t want. Go figure. Maybe it’s just a human thing or maybe it’s just an S T thing. Here is a hint, don’t say things that sound racist and no one will say that you are saying things that sound racist. Problem solved.

    Whatever, move on. I’m sorry to inform you that what you said is NOT evolution. That is a form of racism called Eugenics. Look it up. In fact white people did NOT evolve from black people and black people are not one step removed from apes. See there you go again with the racist babble all the while claiming to be part of a rainbow coalition and interracial lover and all. People continue to amaze me. And I did NOT insinuate that white people were some sort of un-evolved people. I said that YOU talk like an un-evolved person. See that is where we differ. You can not see the difference between pointing out a specific person in a group and pointing out a group because of a specific person. That is why you continuously use racial stereotypes.

    I think you need to check yourself. Here lies the difference between you and me. YOU continuously make statements out of your ass; I give you statements that I can surely give you names or government departments to go and fact check for yourself. You still haven’t given me one iota of proof that “Affirmative action has been so biased in favour of blacks that even if they are less qualified for positions in the workplace or in colleges than their asian/white compatriots” I think we are pretty much done here. You wish to use ASSumptions that can be easily refuted and most I have already spoken to. Now it has come down to just the same lame drivel as before. And if you think that a white felon does NOT have a better call back rate for jobs than an educated black man with no criminal record, then I would suggest AGAIN, that you take some time to read the study done by Devah Pager. It should be most entertaining. As those WERE her findings.

    And wow, didn’t I already give you the source for my information on Affirmative action, why yes I did. I said ACCORDING TO THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Now I am sure that you should have been able to read that and go and look that up, what, with your higher IQ and all. Next you will come back and ask me to see the statistics regarding the Devah Pager study. And I certainly do NOT appear to be a man of intelligence! I appear to be a WOMAN of intelligence. Is that a hint of sexism from you too? Hmm! And you didn’t really say what race your significant other is, but I am hoping that he/she isn’t one of the freshly evolved apes who is bitching and moaning while not being able to find a job.

    Then again you may live in Woodstock and probably do (another reason we should rethink our immigration processes and whose running across our borders). But one thing is perfectly clear; you are NOT the normal American Joe, now whether you snuck across the border or immigrated is immaterial. For one thing it is clear by your use of vernacular. The last time I checked Americans stopped utilizing the use of “OUR” at the end of our words such as favor, or color back in 1825. So it lead me to believe that you did NOT receive your elementary, middle or high school education here as those words would consistently be considered misspelled per school standards.

    And trust me I don’t really give a rat’s ass where you came from or are going to. The point is, is that you have no basis for anything you claim. You have no proven studies aside from maybe the department of justice crime stats. The rest have just been a mish mash of drivel basically pulled from your nether regions. So to cut this book short, you consistently use racial stereotypes as if they are some sort of proven facts and you consistently fail to actually read or maybe you just didn’t comprehend what had been written to you. I feel it is illogical for me to have any further conversation with you if these are the results. It is a waste of my time and patience. I bid you adieu!

  12. Dark Frosty

    “Today, many whites are willing, and are able, to pay a premium to live in a predominantly white neighborhood. Equivalent housing in white areas commands a higher rent. By bidding up the price of housing, many white neighborhoods effectively shut out blacks, because blacks are unwilling, or unable, to pay the premium to buy entry into these expensive neighborhoods. Conversely, equivalent housing in black neighborhoods is far more affordable to those who are unable or unwilling to pay a premium to live in white neighborhoods. Through the 1990s, residential segregation remained at its extreme and has been called “hyper segregation” by some sociologists or ‘American Apartheid’”

    It’s interesting that you right that because this white flight to the suburbs, as you’ve written has caused many communities to become largely non-white. These non-white, especially black, enclaves have become cheaper to live in than mostly white areas, again as you have mentioned. The consequence of this lowering of housing costs in our communities is that many a white “hipster” movement has arisen in which affluent white people move to non-white communities to exploit the cheaper rent and housing costs, therefore causing that area’s costs to go up and displacing the local community that can no longer afford to live there. A community of people who oftentimes have been there for generations. Seriously, white people will only live near us or any minority when it benefits them and the rest of the time wouldn’t give a rat’s about our communities. It’s like white people want to have their cake and still eat the damn thing too. Sorry about the rant I just had to get that off my chest.

  13. Dark Frosty

    “And just because a person has an interracial relationship or votes for a person of color doesn’t mean they aren’t racist.”

    I forgot on which blog I read this comment, but someone posited that Obama probably got a lot of “you black people can shut the hell now votes” from whites. And as for interracial relationships, well white men have been having “relations” with black women for centuries and we all know how much those white men “loved” black women. Ah, my head hurts, ma’am I don’t see how you can stand such a high concentration of white supremacy coming to your blog. You’re a stronger person than I.

  14. S T

    I have to admit I am surprised, your train of thought and your arguments are much more coherent when you do not resort to petty name calling.

    In addition, I had of course considered the possibility that you were a woman, but with the usually informal and anonymous style of communication online, I generally make a habit of assuming the people I ineract with are men. Not for any reason other than the fact that, traditionally, most of the people I have interacted with online HAVE in fact been men.

    In my defense, I was NOT referring to blacks in particular (let alone pregnant black teens) with my mention of welfare, nor would I have generalized “all (white/black/teenage women/men) on welfare” as being parasites (I do not believe as much in stereotypes as you think). Surely not all people on welfare are the ‘parasites’ I speak of, and conversely, surely not all parasites are on welfare.

    As for Eugenics, it IS generally accepted in the scientific community that our earliest ancestors had dark pigmentation. I did not say that blacks were a ‘step above apes’. But I did say, and it is true, that wherever white people came from, we came from blacks (Kenyans if I’m not mistaken). Have you heard of Snowflake the monkey? An albino gorilla with blue eyes. He was considered a tribute to the possible rise of the white race in humans.

    Your analogy comparing Barack Obama and Bill Gates was again, quite off, as was your marriage analogy. Of course just because a black man is president, does not mean the ‘problems for the black race in America’ are over. The point I was trying to make is that the majority of whites in America (as demonstrated by the election), were NOT racist, which is what you seem not to be able to believe. I think it would be quite a stretch to suggest that the whites that voted him into power were still otherwise ‘racist’. I think it is much more likely that a gay/bisexual man would be married to a woman than a black man be elected by racist whites with several options. I do understand your point that just because an event has occured, does not NECESSARILY negate the possibility of a certain state. But I still think that your claim is weak.

    I am not sure where your earlier excerpt about segregation came from, but I again think it is quite a stretch to suggest that whites were willing to pay more ( in the 90’s, no less ) to avoid blacks, instead of to avoid the poverty itself. We don’t not want to live in the ghettos because of black people; we simply don’t want to live there because of the crime and poverty (although I admit, given the option, I doubt many people, including whites, would choose to live as minorities in an area even if they felt safe in said area). That is why nice neighbourhoods with nice homes cost more. Not because there are less black people in them. I think that should be obvious to everyone except for someone with a biased ‘victim’ mentality. You do say that a lot of what I say has racist undertones, and I admit that that is true of much of what I said earlier. But it is only in retaliation to YOUR racism and claims about the white race, that sparked that in me.

    I think you refuse to acknowledge your own racism. You simply look at the white man as looking down upon you, keeping blacks from getting jobs, or keeping blacks in ghettos. Undoubtedly racism exists in America. It is with certainty that there are racists of every race. I am sure many white people do deny blacks jobs in favour of whites. But that number of people cannot possibly be responsible for everything you say. I am sure it exists, but you have to be kidding me if you think that there is enough racism in modern America to keep black unemployment as high as it is. There are countless factors at play; white racism likely being a very minute one.

    That is all I have to say really. I do not intend to argue just for the sake of arguing, and I think you’ve made your likelihood of continuing this conversation clear to all.

  15. Dark Frosty,

    You are exactly right with your thoughts on the “hipsters” who move in to black neighborhoods causing an upswing in the cost. This is commonly referred to as Gentrification. And trust me those hipsters have no problems with moving close to blacks, as they know that it is only a few years and the blacks will be displaced.

    It happens over and over again. White flight takes white people to the suburbs away from the downtown areas and the blacks are pushed into the area as a result of low cost housing. The infrastructure of said area breaks down due to lack of tax revenue based on low housing costs and lack of businesses who also chase after the white population.

    After the infrastructure is so weak which creates a lot of abandoned homes. And once either gas prices rise, commutes become tiring or they are looking for a quick buck, the white people return to the inner cities, or ghettos and begin purchasing homes for a pittance. Anyone doubting that only has to look no further than the crumbling inner cities of Detroit and St Louis just to name two.

    I know for a fact that you can get a house at a steal in St Louis. Check out Brotherpeacemaker’s blog, I believe that he had a post on purchasing a home in St Louis. I also did a blog on gentrification and it also speaks to the phenomenon. Also, look into the North St Louis buy out. A few developers are purchasing every vacant building they can get their hands on there. And sitting on them even though that isn’t allowed but the city is looking the other way because of the money.

    They are waiting for the right time and a bit of an upswing in the market to develop that area. The city also gave the developers imminent domain. Against the wishes of a lot of black homeowners who will probably be put out of their homes so that this guy can turn a pretty penny flipping these neighborhood’s into predominantly white havens. He has already shown the plans and blacks are definitely out of the picture there.

    Thanks for the reply.

  16. Dark Frosty,

    Again very correct. Lots of white people claimed that the only reason they voted for Obama was to end the cry of racism once and for all. As if one man can negate the experiences of the many. And in fact, since the election the boldness and blatant rise of racism has begun. There are even more racist coming out of the woodwork than there were before.

    I think that a lot of people see the disparity between black and white people and continuously wish to exclaim that it must be due to something else. It isn’t racism and the only other thing they can cite is black laziness. When in fact black laziness is nothing more than a stereotype. Yes more blacks are out of work, and a large number of them are college educated. Are all of these people just lazy?

    Of course not! But I am sure some of the unemployed ARE. That is just a fact of life. But if we know that the majority of them are not lazy then we need to be asking ourselves why are the numbers for blacks so much higher than everyone else. And deductive reasoning should narrow it down for anyone. We all know that racism in employment hasn’t ended. Blacks are the last hired and first fired. It has been that way for a LONG time.

    I just roll with the punches. I think I have gotten much better at dealing with many different types of personalities. It helps to show patterns in the thought process. And serves as an example some times.

    Thanks for the reply.

  17. J.P


    I just came across this article and my first response was, “Wow! Someone truly understands”. I have earned a bachelors of business adminstration degree and currently pursuing a master’s degree; I cannont get a job. One thing that burns me up on the inside is to see how white’s manipulate other’s black to be forceful and harsh to one another in the work place. I experienced and witness the black manager purposeful targeting black employees with sterness and authority but did not use the same aggression towards white employees.

  18. unemployed college grad

    I am also a college graduate with no criminal record and I can attest that it is really hard to attain employment. I grew up a military brat who saw the world while I was growing up. I have lived in so many US cities that it would seem unbelievable to the average person. My father retired from the military after attaining the rank of Major in the US army and fighting in multiple wars in the name of so called freedom. I also grew up in extremely white environments and saw first hand the entitlements that young white people experience. I can clearly remember two white associates who committed crimes but never experienced the repercussions of their acts. They were charged with aggravated robbery for (over a matter of weeks) stealing beer from a local grocery store. It apparently totaled over $500usd and they hit a manager with a car door while attempting to flee. Later that day they were arrested and a few months later the charges mysteriously disappeared. I witnessed these types of things all the time in the white community. These kids get second and third chances day in and day out. These white kids where so privileged and they didn’t even know it. Many of these whites who claim to have friends of many races are in fact surrounding themselves around self hating ignorant blacks, asians, and latinos. These are the types of minorities who never challenge their white friends intellectually or even talk about real issues facing society. I can still remember to this day trying to explain to a white associate the complexities and wisdom of MALCOLM X, a man who he had discounted as a radical black militant. We even sat down and listened to an audio tape of Malcolm’s words and then discussed the ramifications of slavery and four hundred years of systemic racism. Many of these “rainbow coalition” types are really surrounded by sellouts who are as clueless as they are and help to perpetuate negative stereotypes. There was this one Jewish kid who I remember had to suffer through the most disgusting comments about the holocaust and his people almost on a daily basis. He just laughed it off, I’m not jewish and even I was offended. I could go on for days but I will end it like this, we all are victims of society because our history has been rewritten or in many cases completely deleted. The elites know the truth about civilization and how much we have contributed to society but it is in their best interest to keep white supremacy as their ideology b/c it has been the foundation of their entire culture for thousands of years.

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