America’s Killer Diet

Overweight kids with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, what is going on with the food choices in our community? We are eating more processed foods than ever or what CNN is calling “America’s killer diet.” Over the last ten years portion sizes have ballooned up as fast as our waistlines. Just twelve years ago you had an obesity rate of 1 in 6 adults where now 2/3 of people are obese. And this is now spreading down the ladder to our children. We have the benefits of stores stocked with foods of all types yet we are malnourished compared to those living in the Caribbean who is eating fresh produce, seafood and meats daily.

What has happened to family dinner time that now the majority of it is now provided by Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, a White Castle, the King or a little red headed girl named Wendy? Our diets are riddled with sugars and oils high Omega 6 such as in seed oils and soybean oil which are linked to disorders such as depression, high cholesterol, suicidal thoughts and even criminality. A lot of the foods that say lite, diet and sugar free are loaded with these oils and sugars. In an average week most people consume more than 3 pounds of sugar through soda, candy, sugar added juice, cereals chips and any other processed food items.

The calorie content in most of the meals that we eat out at restaurants or our favorite fast food joint is about one to two thousand calories and that is per meal. This is pretty much the total amount of calories most people need in a day all consumed in just one meal. Along with this meal a person is going to eat at least two more meals, a few snacks and drinks which all undoubtedly will be full of fats and sugars. This has become the norm for part of society where vegetables are seen with disdain and French fried potatoes are now the vegetable of choice. But we do eat our vegetables, what about the salad bar where we gobble up salads in which we slather ranch dressings and toppings such as bacon bits, cheese and nuts, making this just as fattening as eating a couple slices of full topping pizza or hamburgers.

Cooking has become a thing of the past. A lot of people complain of not being able to cook or not knowing what types of foods would make a healthy meal. This could be because with the growing need for a second income our mothers are now in the workplace keeping them from being home with their children teaching them how to prepare proper meals. People also complain that they don’t enjoy healthy foods due to a lack of taste etc. Knowing what comprises a healthy meal and one that is tasty is as easy as a trip to you local library. There are cookbooks and recipes that can help to deal with our lack of knowledge with cooking good healthy foods.

In the Black community we are getting away from our roots and eating more fast food than ever before. We have made choices to allow our children to make their own food choices and consume candy, fast food and processed junky foods on a daily basis. A few of us want to put the responsibility from our actions on others and sue fast food restaurants as if they brought the food to us and forced us to consume it. What good is a lawsuit if you aren’t going to live long enough to do anything with the money? It is our responsibility to make sure that we consume the correct types of foods.

People constantly say that soul food is contradictory to healthy foods and that is just not true. We can eat healthy and tasty it is all a matter of choice. Sure Blacks are known for having full figured bodies, but somewhere along the way people took that to mean overweight bodies, just more propaganda that we have to deal with in the Black community. Taking pride in having a healthy body should be a priority that we as adults can pass down to our children breaking this pattern of food abuse.

We have to understand the health risks that obesity brings to us, our families, children and community. Starting healthy eating clubs or having healthy eating classes at the community center might be some options. We should also start getting the exercise we need to go along with our new found healthy lifestyles. Taking a little time to ensure that we have a handle on our health seems like a no brainer since the majority of us out here are lacking quality health care. Since health care is a problem keeping ourselves as fit as possible will surely help to offset this and many other problems.



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5 responses to “America’s Killer Diet

  1. mo79uk

    Well said. You don’t need to be a great cook to eat healthily, you could at minimum roast some fatless meat and vegetables and have fruit as desert. Lovely stuff!

    There’s nothing wrong with fast food every now and again and of course these chains never said “this is good for you, eat regularly.” So the onus is on the mouth that devours it.

    I think more than diet, being sedentary is the most focal thing. To exercise 30-60mins a day could simply be a brisk walk in the park – literally.

  2. theblacksentinel

    Thank you, and that is right it doesn’t take much. We are becoming a very lazy and sedentary people. Then wonder why heart disease and the rest of these diseases are out of control.

    I agree that there is nothing wrong with fast food once in a while, but it’s the daily thing that we need to wean ourselves from. And yes exercising as just walking is a great form of exercise, and cheap! I do it all the time with my family etc., it helps to clear the mind and catch up on the family communication.

    Thanks for the comment.

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  4. Excellent post. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to get our diet in order. There is so much mis-education in our community about the effects that the food we eat have on all other aspects of our lives. Everyone else seems to understand this concept, which is part has allowed others to capitalize on blacks’ willingness to spend billions of dollars on food that will not only send us to our graves, but will lay the foundation for the next generation to follow suit.

    This is one of my biggest gripes with “black leaders”, religious and otherwise. They have found every way to get black folks worked up about trivial issues, but have let a problem like this go un-noticed.

    I myself have gotten into not only changing my diet, but evaluating nutrition as a science. I’ve made a commitment to posting more info on my site about nutrition and health. I guess it’s the responsibility of those among who know better, to educate others. As simple as it seems, this post is a very good start.

  5. healthy eating should be our top priority since there are many junk foods and foods with no nutritional value these days `”:

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