Racial Analysis Paralysis

We need to open a dialogue about race is what I keep hearing when some type of racial travesty such as the Jena 6 happens. A dialogue about what, is what I am asking. We have dissected, dialogued, ranted, raved and analyzed racism to the point of analysis paralysis. We are virtually paralyzed by racisms affects and unable to move past this sense of pseudo equality. Sure we have Blacks who have “made it” does that fact now make everything equal, so let’s just hold that above the heads of the masses that haven’t.

On the news you hear reports about how Blacks now make “only” 20% less pay than their White counterpart and that is an improvement over the last 10 years. Wow, should I be smiling and slapping my knee at the fact that we’re almost there by golly. If anything we should be outraged and infuriated about this news, obviously something needs to be done. Do you think we should open a dialogue about it, will this somehow convince the employers to pay the Blacks they hire the same as their white counterpart? Of course it won’t, because if it would then the pay would be equal right now. Since we have been discussing and analyzing unfair wages, hiring and firing practices of the White dominated business sector for years.

Whites and Blacks have been discussing in some form racial disparities in all its many facets since slavery. So what more is there to say about it and how long do we have to continue discussing the same old thing before we decide that action is necessary? A call to action isn’t a call to violence. We have sat in the passenger seat long enough waiting for Whites to somehow be the ones to drive us to equality, when it is obvious they have no intentions of doing that. Would you sit in the passenger seat and beg for your attacker to drive you to the police station or a hospital? Absolutely not, that would mean certain death, obviously your attacker would more likely be planning to continue to victimize you rather than help you.

When are we Blacks going to get tired of acting like the country cousins begging at the big house for the scraps from White society? I don’t have the answers on what we need to do, all I can say is that in my opinion we have tried to assimilate by marching and pleading to be let into the massa’s house but we all know that not everyone can be the house slave. What else can we do to gain acceptance? And why would you want to “force” someone who doesn’t want you around to let you hang around anyway. If the Black community was a child you wouldn’t tell them to continue hanging around a bully who makes fun of them, is violent towards them and won’t let them play in the game. No you would tell them to stand up to the bully then stay away from them and play with someone who appreciates them.

So in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “I sit here deeply concerned that I suspect we’re leading our nation on an integration trip that has us integrating into a burning house.” This is what I am feeling, I am not saying that integration is wrong and should be stopped, but before we continue on the same road that seems to be leading us to nowhere we should stop for a moment take a deep breath and survey the map.



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2 responses to “Racial Analysis Paralysis

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  2. When you’re a minority, whether it’s racial or religious, you’re likely to be discriminated against. Rest assurred this discrimination is even worse in many countries than yours, and better in others.
    Racism is a human trait – it emerges as a pathological state from the simple fact that you’re going to love your own family more than anyone else’s.
    Don’t expect anyone else to be accepting of notions of equality – they can only be certain in your own heart and grow from there.
    Intergration into the crap culture of the USA?
    Why would you want it? Create a new one – that’s what we ALL want, white, black, rainbow or brindle – a new way and new hope, with new dreams that can allow us to leave ALL the old religions and racisms behind.
    Let’s make a better millennium!
    See http://newilluminati.zzn.com

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