OJ Simpson What Else Can I Say


As I am watching CNN all I can think about is why OJ Simpson doesn’t just go hide in a cave somewhere. Maybe he can hide out with Bin Laden it seems no one can find him and that would be exactly what the doctor ordered. I am just sick to death of seeing, hearing and just knowing anything about this idiot. He is becoming as bumbling and stupid as Homer Simpson, I wonder if they are related. But, at least Homer has some redeeming qualities.

Well anyway the story goes that OJ somehow knew that these fellows were staying in the Palace Station Casino, who had some memorabilia of his that included his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture of the running back with J. Edgar Hoover. He went there with some guys he just met at a wedding reception cocktail party to go and take what he says was his. The room had a few collectors in it including Alfred Beardsley who had testified in OJ’s civil trial. Mr. Beardsley said that the story is pretty much as OJ tells it except there were guns in which Simpson said, “I didn’t see anybody with any guns.”

Is this guy for real? He knows damn well that after he didn’t get convicted of allegedly murdering his wife and waiter Ron Goldman that the public, police, the victims families and hell only knows who else would love to see this bumbling idiot in prison, jail or even dead. He just continues to put himself in the weirdest and stupidest situations I have ever seen. By the way he acts you would think he was a 15 year old teenager who doesn’t have much life experience and continues to make bad judgments. A friend says that he continues to want to be a player totally involved in the high life even though those days are done. There he is on all the news programs cheesing for all to see just like a big ole stupid looking joker. He has come out with a stupid book that people are saying sounds like a confession hidden behind a “what if.”

Now I don’t proclaim to know whether this idiot did any of the things that he is accused of from murder to robbery but I do know that his stupidity makes my skin crawl. I can only take stupidity in small doses which I get plenty of just from daily life. OJ is constantly giving me a stupid overload. All I can say is please OJ I need a break from your idiotic behavior, its bad enough that I still have Paris, Brittany, Nicole and Lindsay. For whatever reason it is easier for me to ignore those idiots’ antics but OJ, there is just something about that man that makes it hard to deal with. I think it’s the fact that he used the Black communities hope for him by pathetically pandering to our sense of racial solidarity during his trial and no sooner than he got off he went right back to the stupidity that got him in that situation.

So please OJ for the love of whatever just leave us all alone and keep to your self. Find a personal brain like Bush so that you won’t have to ever do any thinking which at this time doesn’t really seem to be a problem.



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7 responses to “OJ Simpson What Else Can I Say

  1. brotherpeacemaker

    You would think this man would stop with all these public theatrics and dramas and learn to live a quiet life. I know that if I had been on trial for the murder of my wife, whether I did it or not, I’m going to do my best to keep from getting in a similar situation.

    On the other hand. People in the white community are still smoldering from him not being convicted of his wife’s murder that OJ jay walking would make headlines across America. OJ has gotten more national attention in the last couple of days than Genarlow Wilson has gotten in the past year.


  2. Yeah..i dont even know what to say about this guy..He has become that dud that white folks can use as an example of why black folks should be behind bars..I dont want to convict the guy ahead of time, cause this could all be more bullshit, but most people who get acquitted of capital murder keep low profiles. Maybe it is time for The Juice to retire …for real this time

  3. theblacksentinel

    I hear both of you, this guy is through, one way or another. They will make sure of that. This is why I don’t understand why he doesn’t just put this type of lifestyle behind him and lay low, like a person with half a brain would.

    Thanks for the reply fellas.

  4. john

    check me out, cant touch me.I am OJ! Watch me bob , watch me weave, you have seen the replays. that is what he is trying to tell anyone who will listen. Where is family? I have three brothers and 1 sister. If this man ever crossed mine or my brothers path this blog would nill.

  5. John,

    That was really clever. You really put me in the mind of O.J. Let me give it a shot!

    Check me out! I don’t have to obey laws. I can pass laws and then sign a statement why that law applies to everyone but me or anyone who works for me or anyone who works for anyone who works for me. I grab my pin. Scooter won’t have anything to worry about. I’ll attack a country and award no bid contracts to private firms controlled by my buddies. I’ll send thousands of people to die and make the country broke. I’ll ignore the fact that people are losing their homes. But when all those people losing their homes affects one of my buddies on Wall Street then I’ll move quickly to keep that big money company from going under. My approval ratings have fallen as far as gas prices have risen. Where is family? Do I really care? I’ll send your family members to Iraq and then pretend I care when they come home in a body bag. Watch me bob and weave. And you won’t need replays because I still have a few more months to do this act. My predecessor was impeached for exercising a little personal irresponsibility. My irresponsibility has cost the nation dearly in its relationship with countries around the globe.

    And all people want to do is talk about how O.J. got away.


  6. bestpi

    I would like to suggest we cut the guy some slack. He lost everything.

    He had it all, and sacrificed it, to save the only thing he had left. The only bit of love left in his life.

    Think about it. if you had everything and also had everything done for you. then you were suddenly less than nothing. How competent would you act.

    Especially when you know you can never have any of it back because of the secret you MUST keep. Even though you know it will mean a life of hell and keeping it will keep you penniless for the rest of your days.

    I got to tell ya. I don’t know that I would have done any different in his shoes. But I don’t know that I could live with it either.

    It’s too much to write here but nearly 20 years of being a detective professionally tells me I am right.
    Here is the story the way I see it. You be the judge.
    You just might see this gentlemen a little differently.


  7. dana leiqh

    you know i really have just no comment for him hes like mad old && still does thinqs like hes 20 or somethinq like he basically needs to just qrow up && qet a life asap . also why would he put himself throuqh all this thinkinq he was qunna qet away w. all that qun stuff . && just because you plead not guilty for what he did to his wife well that was luck maybe not this time . {loser}

    serously this quy needs a reality check && deff needs to qo to church more often like ASAP . && i aqree about the whole white people thinqy . thats why half of them HATE us soo fknq much mostly because of him && now more drama wth is wronq with him .

    take him to jail please hes old just give him life && hes qunna die soon anyways whats the piont of not keepinq him . either way hes qunna live a miserable life wich way you put it . nobody likes him hes famous but not really for a qood cause thats for sure .

    sincerley , dana leiqh .
    hit me up if anythinq .
    && if yopu feel what im sayinq . serously .

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