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The Racist Bone


The toe bones connected to the foot bone and the foot bones connected to the leg bone and the leg bones connected to the racist bone… Wait – A – Minute. Is there a racist bone? I don’t know but I have been reading a lot of articles where people are constantly throwing out the “he/she doesn’t have a racist bone in their body.” I even read one where a guy was saying that Bush didn’t have one of those bones either, now that was a barrel of laughs, yep, sure he nor they don’t. My philosophy has always been, if a person has to start off a sentence denying the obviousness of the racism/racist that it probably is racism/racist. Like how people usually start off their racists rants with “I’m not racist but…” It never ceases to amaze me that in this country which was literally built on racism, classism, sexism and any other ism you can think of, people would actually deny that racism still exists. Racism and racists exists people and those racist bones are riddled throughout most of their bodies.

Now I am not going to claim that only White people are racist because racism permeates all cultures, countries, continents and probably planets (if I read Brotherpeacemaker’s post correctly even “Andorians are racist”). The problem I am having is that people want to tout that they have no racist bones or they are not racist when they say these things which are usually aimed towards Blacks, but the question is how and when did they lose this racist bone? Just because Blacks have come a long way doesn’t mean that everything is equal game over, no it is just the opposite, and we still have a long arduous road ahead to continue until we get EQUALITY. I know that people are probably thinking, but Blacks do have equality, that is what was being fought for during the civil rights struggle. I also know that things are far from equal. You can see this in daily life but please remove any rose colored glasses first. We have disparities in all facets of our lives, housing, employment, education, healthcare and the justice system or for all the Blacks who are reading then it’s the in-justice system.

This world in which we live has been twisted toward the views of White people in general, we call this white privilege. When a person is born into a world where they are receiving clues and propaganda that they matter more than other races of people, they will grow up to have a feeling of superiority toward other races. The clues and propaganda come from a variety of sources, television shows – almost everyone on television looks like them and shows them just how special they are; news – when all viewpoints are told from their perspective and just how evil or bad other races especially Blacks are on a continual basis; businesses – businesses that they frequent or their parents workplace are 99% the same race as them, it lets them know that people like them are obviously more qualified; government – the people who run the country they live in look like them and make laws to protect them and their family interests; cities – is full of people who look like them and those that don’t live in a crappy part of the city they avoid just deserve the best life has to offer; friends/family – make comments about the negativity of other races, they are learning that these other races are in fact inferior because Grandpa or whoever doesn’t have a racist bone in their body.

Ruby Bridges, the first black student at the formerly all-white elementary school William Frantz, November 1960, in New Orleans, is now only 53 yrs old. So it wasn’t all that long ago that this poor little girl was getting death threats, spit on, yelled at and cursed by all manners of racist White people who if you asked them today would tell you that they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies. How can anyone think that pictures of such hatred could have disappeared just because laws were passed saying that the hatred was no longer going to be tolerated. When unfortunately hatred though now disguised in the form of all those disparities I listed before is still tolerated. It is tolerated that a person who is totally qualified for a job will be passed over because “ah you know you just don’t fit in with the company image”. Or maybe you go out for a Sunday drive and whoop, whoop the sound of sirens and “you were going 4 miles over the speed limit,” as you proclaim your innocence “uh are you rolling your eyes at me, you know I could give you a ticket?” Maybe you want to walk around the store looking for just the right gift, when you notice you are being followed, don’t worry it’s just store security trying to keep you safe while shopping.

But yet these same people who are passing Blacks over for employment, pulling racial profiling, following around innocent shoppers or any number of rude treatments that Blacks receive on a daily basis are being committed by the Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and friends that everyone keeps saying doesn’t have a racist bone in them. All I am trying to get across is that no matter what people are saying racism/racist still exists. And whether or not it is in the bones, the heart or the brain is still up for debate but the fact that it exists is absolutely not.




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