Curing Dysfunction With Dysfunction


Should the merit of everything that happens to a person depend on whether or not someone else believes or has the same experience? Would someone tell a victim of rape that “well you know I have never been raped myself nor do I know anyone who has and men have treated me and all the ladies I know with nothing but respect, so you know if you are looking for rape then you undoubtedly will find it.” Of course not, that would be insensitive and extremely hurtful. So then why is it acceptable for people to say this to people who have been discriminated against or been the victim of racists and racism. It is as if in order for your encounter to have any weight or credence it must be verified by all who hear about it. Not to mention if racism doesn’t exist as these people love to say, then no matter how hard you look; it would never be found.

What is the reason for the constant barrage of people acting as if you have to prove to me that this happened? When I wasn’t even aware that it was necessary to prove my experiences? My thoughts go to how in the world can you criticize racism and say things like well “I don’t see it…” What rock are you living under that you don’t see or hear the news? You have Black men being shot the night before their wedding in a hail of like 50 bullets and the cause was contagious shooting by the cops. Please. You have a man go to get a job who has graduated with a Masters degree with honors and just because he is Black with locs in his hair he gets the inside name of “ghetto dude” by the staff assigned with hiring or not hiring this man. And yet who really thinks that this young man or “ghetto dude”, as the company so lovingly referred to him as, will get a fair shake in getting the job.

It is much easier to look the other way or basically just deny seeing anything at all. One reason is that the same people who do this are guilty of subtle forms of racism themselves on a constant basis. This isn’t just for White people because all races do this and yes this includes other Blacks as well. I read a Blog earlier in the week about racism etc. A person replied that the racism was terrible but the Black people who were complaining about it should stop wasting time thinking about or calling attention to racism and just go get an education. Now what makes this person assume that all Black people are uneducated especially those that bring attention to racism. All the people whose Blogs about racism that I like reading right now as well as myself are all pretty educated people; all having attended various colleges.

Not to mention this person would have Blacks stop complaining about or calling attention to racism. Am I supposed to think that this will somehow end racism? Well I guess that person would feel a lot better since then they would never have to hear about it and we could go on getting discriminated against in peaceful silence. Now is this person also for letting the police and the nightly news know that we should stop solving or reporting on crime because then that wouldn’t exist anymore as well. I guess we could all live in silent terror of the hordes of criminals that will be roaming the streets. But at least we won’t have to hear about it anymore. This is idiotic at best, advocating dysfunction to cure dysfunction. This is typical of how people think about racism since it doesn’t affect them then it is not on their radar.

I don’t have to convince, persuade or sway anyone’s opinions about racism. Think what ever you will about whether it does or doesn’t exist. Base your feelings on the any fact you want such as, you don’t know anyone who does it or had it happen, what difference, is it going to make to me. Are any of these things going to somehow keep me safe from someone who decides to discriminate against me? Is it going to stop racism the world over? No, racism and discrimination whether I ever see them again will undoubtedly continue on well into the future because like a bunch of ostriches people will continue to stick their heads in the sand or maybe stick them somewhere else.



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3 responses to “Curing Dysfunction With Dysfunction

  1. When blacks start taking as much notice of black racism against whites and Asians as they do white racism against blacks, then I’ll grant you some respect. Until then…!

  2. theblacksentinel

    For one thing no one ever said that racism goes only one way. I am talking about the “MAJORITY” of race related discrimination. Also, I could have sworn that the last time you posted you “didn’t see any racism against negroes” . So what you are saying is that you “see” the racism when it’s Black on others, just not when it’s White on Black? Also, if you have been in this country for over 11 years or whatever, then you would know that Blacks don’t use Negro anymore.

    I do see when Blacks are racist as well, but that is not the focus of my Blog. My blog is focused on ME and how I am feeling about the things I see in this world. I am not the spokeswoman for all racist acts. So when you can show no PROVE to me all your racist stories involving Blacks I’ll take notice and grant you some respect, until then…!

  3. Yes, America is a racist country and we have exported our brand of racism worldwide. We need to keep seeking solutions to promote tolerance and end racism.

    BTW some orgs. profit from just crying wolf and putting a band aid on issues.
    The first organization I suggest should be disbanded is the NAACP. When it was strong and had direction, it worked, but now it needs to be replaced by a more focused, less political and more result oriented concern.

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