What Does It Mean To Be Black


What does it mean to be black was a question posted by another Blogger who then promptly took the post down saying that “I was a little naive when posting this article in hope of starting an intelligent dialog.” So “I am going to close comments in light that no one today has answered this question.” I guess he was basically looking for this, now you need to clear your throat and in your best really super smart scientist or professor sounding voice say “Well to be black would mean that you derive your ancestry from northern to well um sub-Saharan Africa or well actually that you derive your ancestry from one of the many indigenous people of the continent of Africa. Yes that is what it means to be Black.” Come on that is what it means to be of African descent or to have Black skin.

But we all know that actually “being” Black means so many different things to so many different people. How can one give an intelligent answer to such a personal question? I am pretty sure that this guy did not in fact want each and every person to come to his Blog and give him “their” personal what it means to be Black to me story. What it seems this fellow wanted was basically for people to approve of his assessment on what it means to be Black, which was to not be Black at all.

Since this man didn’t want to be Black he couldn’t or wouldn’t even refer to himself as a Black man; it was always brown person or my brown skin. He told me it was because his skin color was not black it was in fact brown. How absurd, when he prominently refers to his wife several times in the post as White. Now by his logic or better yet by his illogical thinking shouldn’t he have referred to her as a peachy pink woman? Hell, if we are now using the Crayola School of skin color descriptions white was way off. But we all know that his skin color isn’t the real reason he doesn’t want to be called Black; it is that black conjures negative emotions and thoughts especially when referring to racial identity.

We have all heard the dismal words that are associated with black such as blacklisted, blackballed, Black Tuesday, Black market, blackmail and the list goes on and on. Even if we take the news and other media sources into account, they would have you believe that the Black race is out of control, all the Black on Black crime, Black athletes gone wild, and all the statistics to support every negative fear that most people associate with being Black. Regardless of this I think that he was extremely hypocritical such that it was almost laughable. It was fine to call his wife White and to clearly state that he has “assimilated FULLY to White culture” but he doesn’t want to refer to himself as black because his skin is brown. But, once his duplicity was called out he started back pedaling. Unfortunately after seeing his own blatant hypocrisy he started changing the wording in his post to lessen the off-putting representation of his mindset.

To me once you post something short of grammatical or massive reporting errors, I say leave it and face the music, love it or hate it these are my thoughts. I don’t write posts for people to come and shower me with love and acceptance, sometime my posts and those of the people I read most often get some pretty negative raunchy comments. Hey it goes with the territory when you are writing about racial issues. So for my man to start changing the wording of things because they hit a sour note with his readers was such a cowardly act and the beginning of the end.

His account of assimilating fully to the white culture somehow mutated into his having assimilated to humanity not exactly white culture. As if to be Black is to be separate from humanity. What the (insert expletive). That doesn’t even make sense. We are all a part of humanity and anything dealing with the human condition is part of it too. His wife makes a comment on the post stating that she doesn’t identify herself as White, yep sure, right, and this just after her husband called her White about two or three times in his post. I guess they don’t exactly see eye to eye on what her skin color or identity happens to be. She says that she has German and British ancestry but she doesn’t identify with either of them as well. But here in America being White is her identity regardless of what she wants to identify herself as. They can both identify their skin color as that of humanity or whatever but the fact still remains that when either of them walks out of their house they are seen as a Black man and a White woman. This is nothing new, surprising or horrible, it’s called life.

Anyway, the whole thing was like watching a train wreck in progress. You see the train you see the car on the tracks then bang a big ole crazy mess. Yet you can’t go back and take the car off the tracks all the inner nuts and bolts of their life philosophies were already out, the proverbial cards were on the table so to speak. It was foolish to think that by changing the wordage it would somehow alter the course that he had already established. If this post is any indication changing the wording or deleting his post didn’t do anything to stem the discussion.

The problem for this Blogger wasn’t that he didn’t get any answers to his supposed intelligent dialog starter it was the fact that he had been ill prepared to deal with the objections to his choices. Unable to recant what was previously said the poor guy folded like Superman on laundry day and packed that post up. This is just the ugly side effects of putting your unadulterated thoughts out for the world to analyze then pick apart. But as long as you open the dialog then you should feel that you have accomplished a goal of sorts.

So what does it mean to be Black well as I said before to be Black is a personal journey that no two people will travel the same way. Now the question this guy should think about is what it means to be Afrocentric. I can give him MY thoughts on the meaning. It means to have your main focus in life and mind centered on Black or African heritage; doing things that will further advance you and those of your collective heritage, while building strong and lasting family, friend and community bonds with those that share this heritage.

I know that this will not satiate this guy because this doesn’t encompass his lifestyle or that of his rainbow coalition of friends and family. But, I am sorry, this is how “I FEEL” and I don’t care if he or his wife or any one else in the world agrees with me. Because I don’t have to support, acquiesce, approval or give my endorsement to a persons lifestyle choices just because they feel that it was right for them. Now undoubtedly there are those people including this guy who will say this is a racist point of view. I don’t advocate for segregation, separatism or any types of violence against any group, I don’t hate any other groups but, hey, you are entitled to believe whatever you want.



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  2. Lisa,

    Yes indeed you can! Have at it.


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