Quiet Racism


Jay Bookman a writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote an article that caught my eye recently, titled “Even quiet racism can drive everyone a little crazy.” Now as I started reading I was thinking, hey this guy might get it, somewhat. But as I read on, no doubt he started to lose me bit by bit. It starts off with him telling us about an RV trip he took to the Masters tournament where he was with a large group of white businessmen. He says, “They were introduced as prominent businessmen in their hometown, and as we inched our way through traffic, I was astonished when they began passing time by telling each other jokes about black people — although “black people” wasn’t the term they used — of a crudeness I hadn’t heard since childhood.” Now I get it that he was shocked by the jokes and whatever, but what I caught onto immediately was that no where in this piece did he say that he opposed what they were saying or that he told them this was unacceptable, he just sat there and listened or turned a blind eye to it, maybe even laughed along as to not be an outcast.

Now I am not saying that he needed to “be” the voice for a community that he is not even a member of but, he could have at least pointed out to them their blatant disgusting game was inappropriate. Anyway this wasn’t my main beef with the report. I was more disgusted that he goes on in his opinion to start and talk about how just because there may seem to be silent racism a Black will somehow see racism where NONE exists. He states that “Conversely, it also means that some black people will sense racism at work even in cases when it probably doesn’t exist. Its nebulous nature also means that people can cynically claim themselves to be victims of racism when the real cause of their problems is their own stupidity or criminality.” If he is on a bus with all these so called “prominent business men” who I am assuming from that title run and own businesses, wouldn’t he also conclude that from his own observations of their behavior these men are propagating racism in the workplace as well? How can they look at a person as inferior and make jokes about them one day then the next day at work they see them as equal by hiring them, giving them a safe comfortable work environment and treating them with the same respect as they do their white staff.

So why then is it so far fetched that more than likely the cause “IS” racism and not just over-sensitive Blacks or our own “stupidity or criminality. I do agree with some of his statements about people being responsible and the like, because yes anyone committing crimes need to take responsibility for their individual actions, but like anything that is done, it’s not happening in a vacuum. So I would like to look at the why they did it versus just what did they do. Why are these people acting in this manner, what makes Black communities have poor housing, education, health care, and employment? And could this be the “why” that we’re looking for?

He also makes reference to how Blacks are judged according to what any member of the group does, not on individual merit and I have to say kudos for that one. Because that has long been a pet peeve of mine as to why we need to defend ourselves as being an upstanding person because one Black does something to the contrary, yet whites can do a wrong and it doesn’t reflect on them as a community. Now unfortunately he goes downhill again with this statement “That sense of group responsibility — imposed from the outside — is itself a form of racism, far more subtle than racial jokes but toxic nonetheless. There’s no cure for it — it will exist as long as racism exists. But by acknowledging and discussing its existence, we can rob it of some of its power.”

I’m sorry but judging all Blacks by the actions of a few and those business men making racist jokes are toxic yes, but subtle, I don’t think so and let’s look at the big picture here. Isn’t the fact that they find it funny, acceptable and morally not a problem lend itself to the larger problem of Racism? These men are the very reason why so many Blacks are not being offered the jobs they deserve, the housing they deserve, the health care they deserve or the education they deserve. So to look at these men as toxic but subtle is a misnomer when they are far more than that. They are just a small peek at the type of adversity that awaits Blacks who dare to approach someone like them.

Mr. Bookman made some good points but then turned around and ruined the momentum by simplifying and falling back on poor old propaganda type thinking. This type of thinking is part of the reasons that constantly talking about racism doesn’t rob it of any of its power. We can talk until all of our heads pop off and things won’t change until we Blacks as a community decide to remove the control that they (White community) have over us and our image. We can only do this by ending our co-dependency relationship. I am not talking about some separatist movement per se, but I am talking about moving back to and building up our communities. Nice thought but I don’t hold out much hope of this taking place, which means that the least we can do is to resist and help our children resist the propaganda.



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  1. I’m a woman of Vietnamese birth who’s been in this country for more than 11 years, and I’ve never experienced the slightest hint of racism. I’ve seen whites treat Asians and Negroes with complete courtesy, and never anything else.

    People who are constantly on the lookout for racism will make it up out of thin air.

  2. theblacksentinel


    I am glad that you have never had to deal with this type of behavior. But, just because you have never seen any does that automatically make you an expert and able to say “People who are constantly on the lookout for racism will make it up out of thin air.” I don’t know where you live but as a child growing up in the Northwest I had a neighbor who called me and my siblings the N-word pretty much each and every time he saw our faces. His sons grew up and married Black women and he called them the same things. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone is racist because this guy was, but I am just making a point that you don’t know what I or anyone else is LOOKING for.

    I have never seen a rape, yet does that give me the right to say that if people are constantly on the look out for rapists then they will make it(rape) up out of thin air. Of course this would be a completely insane statement, so why do people like yourself continuously want to have racisms existence dependent upon what YOU see. I don’t really care if you or every White, Asian or any other race sees what I see on a constant basis. That isn’t going to make racism any less real for the people who are dealing with it. Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Montel Williams, Venus and Serena Williams and the list goes on of people that you probably have heard of, have all said that they have seen racism or have personally been discriminated against in some way. I guess they are all just “making it up” and imagining these horrible incidents.

    I guess I could chalk up every time I am called the N-word or passed over for a job when I am the best qualified or being followed by security in the store, being pulled over by the cops and they don’t have a reason, ignored by store clerks or rude remarks from service workers, as all of these people just having a really bad day. So when you are ready to see the world as it really is just remove your rose colored glasses and look around. But until then, don’t make light of something that you know nothing about. I am sure that when racism is aimed at you or your children(and it probably already has) I am pretty sure you will have a thousand excuses for that person. Actually being Vietnamese, you should check out the racism section on WordPress there is a person who posted a youtube video of a boy who is making racist fun of the Vietnamese peoples accent, but then I guess he isn’t being racist though right? Yet the person who posted it found his Vietnamese portrayal to be not so funny.

    Thanks for the comment

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  4. Gosia

    The problem that I have is when “anyone” says they “deserve” anything. I am an immigrant, and just because I am white does not mean that I was a slave owner or in some way harmed a single black individual. I had to work my way up from nothing, coming to this country with $10 to my name. The fact that I worked my arse off does not mean that I should help someone else who doesn’t want to put in the long hours and hard work. I think it is despicable to lump all people into one category, all people do not do an action – the folks that do it should be judged for it. But, to say that a group deserves housing, education, healthcare is ludicrous – we ALL do. My kids went to a great HS where they were the definite minority (only two white kids in the school) and the education that the teachers provided was incredible. The fact that the other students didn’t want to study or learn (not even to speak English correctly) is no ones fault but their own. The education was not only equal, but better, however they decided not to take advantage. My kids did – they worked hard – got jobs, paid their way through college. It is not that they are better than anyone – it is that they worked harder. So to say that stereotypes are false is wrong – they are “based” on something that others have observed. They should all be banned – including the one that “white people” in some way owe the rest of the races. I am NOT “white people” even if I am white.

  5. theblacksentinel


    You say not to lump all people under one assumption, which is a good point and NOT what I am doing. I said some people. Now aren’t you also grouping people all together by saying “The fact that the other students didn’t want to study or learn (not even to speak English correctly) is no ones fault but their own. ” So ALL the other students didn’t want to study, learn etc.? Come on!

    And who are these lazy people who don’t want to work hard? I guess you are under some assumption that blacks don’t want to work and want handouts. If you read the article you would see that I was talking about white BUSINESS men who were trash talking the black race.

    Now how can hard working blacks get a job from people who have such disdain for them? If I don’t like people who come from wherever you do, and talk terrible about them, then how likely is it that I am going to give you or anyone from where you come from a job? Not very likely.

    It is your thinking that is the problem. People are constantly under some stupid assumption that I am saying that blacks should be given this or that. I am saying that we DESERVE the same chance as everyone else. NOT that we deserve some special little extra tidbits. NO, give me the same chance you had and I am fine.

    You claim that your kids work hard, well I know a butt load of black kids who work hard too, why shouldn’t they have the same chances as your kids. Just because they have black skin does not make them LAZY, UNWILLING TO STUDY OR LEARN and whatever else you blatantly blanketed on them.

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Damien

    I’m trip’n… cuz it seems to me that what Gosia is saying, is, that out of all the people in that high school her/his kids were the only ones that worked hard and took advantage of the education being offered there. NOT!!!
    My problem with “immigrants” is they come over here and inhale all this propaganda about us and run with it. So, when they are confronted with us they have these preconceived notions of who we are and what we’re about… so that is what they see.
    I think they need to teach these people the real history of this country and not the fairy tale they tend to teach… the same stuff they teach in our schools also.
    I guess you got to go along to get along, right?

  7. theblacksentinel


    Exactly! As you see she had already started dribbling out the propaganda as soon as her reply started. She was an immigrant with NO money and she could do it so why can’t ALL blacks do it. Well for one thing she has a leg up with her white skin. No matter what she says about not being lumped with other whites, she can take advantage of white privilege. The wonderful thing about white privilege is that whites get to take advantage of it no matter what their background.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Dave,

    Thanks! So does your mom. I just hope that I can live up to her standards.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  9. rhondacoca

    Yea, this is too funny. The comments on this board reflect the usual arrogance and ignorance of those too deeply indoctrinated with the dominant communty’s hegemony, they cannot think for themselves.

    Mabye the initial self-hating Vietnamese poster should come to my job where they say some of the most vile things about Asian Americans like how they are a race of people who don’t matter, how they are wack and nerdy, the constant mockery over their names and appearances and accents etc… They think saying “Chink” is funny. I fight with them everyday so I am labeled angry. If the initial poster needs to see blatant racism then she can come. I work at a studio in New York City. She can met me at the intersection of 5thAvenue and 17th street in the Flatiron district and we can walk together. Of course, when they see you, they may cool it until you leave as it usually happens.
    They also do not like to hire Asian Americans in the brokerage firm that my uncle does business with because they claim they are strange and anti-social.

    Anyway, I agree with you Damien, my parents are immigrants and they would have been oblivious to much of went on in this country as well as what still goes on in this country if I was never there to enlighten them.

    MLK spoke about this sort of thing in a much lengthier speech in made in 1967 called the “The Other America”when he said

    “A man was on the plane with me some weeks ago and he came and talked with me and he said, “The problem, Dr. King, that I see with what you all are doing is that every time I see you and other Negroes, you’re protesting and you aren’t doing anything for yourselves.” And he went on to tell me that he was very poor at one time, and he was able to make it by doing something for himself. “Why don’t you teach your people,” he said, “to lift themselves by their own bootstraps?” And then he went on to say other groups faced disadvantages, the Irish, the Italians, and he went down the line.

    And I said to him that it does not help the Negro, it only deepens his frustration, upon feeling insensitive people to say to him that other ethnic groups who migrated or were immigrants to this country less than a hundred years ago or so, have gotten beyond him and he came here some 344 years ago. And I went on to remind him that the Negro came to this country involuntarily in chains, while others came voluntarily. I went on to remind him that no other racial group has been a slave on American soil. I went on to remind him that the other problem that we have faced over the years is that this society placed a stigma on the color of the Negro, on the color of his skin because he was black. Doors were closed to him that were not closed to other groups. And I finally said to him that it’s a nice thing to say to people that you oughta lift yourself by your own bootstraps, but it is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he oughta lift himself by his own bootstraps. And the fact is that millions of Negroes, as a result of centuries of denial and neglect, have been left bootless. And they find themselves impoverished aliens in this affluent society. And there is a great deal that the society can and must do if the Negro is to gain the economic security that he needs.”

  10. Rhondacocoa,

    I absolutely love MLK’s “The other America”. It is exactly what people need to start looking at or thinking about when they want to quote MLK. Not constantly portraying him as only having a dream.

    Also, those people at your job are jacka$$es. But, of course the Asian lady who replied would never admit that. She would have some excuse or another for them and their ridiculous behavior.

    And better yet turn around and talk smack to you and call you and angry black woman. That is the nature of the type of sickness she has. I wrote a post about her comments specifically called “https://theblacksentinel.wordpress.com/2007/09/11/curing-dysfunction-with-dysfunction/.”

    Thanks for the reply

  11. To the asian woman who has no clue of what she is talking about, you should find out things for yourself and don’t judge others. You got a break to leave your impoverished homeland so whites can have someone besides themselves to train weak uninformed minds to agree with them while unleashing their systematic centuries old hatred and racism upon those who stoo up to them unlike you. You are at best very ignorant. Racist feel redeemed by your ignorant acceptance of their racist behavior. You are blinded like many others who arrived in America as willing immigrants instead of a history of slavery, racism and discrimation of every manner. They spit in our face to offer you all America has to offer because you think they are your little white angels. They offer you opportunities that has been categorically denied to the black man. They use you to justify their hideous racist ideas that suggest that because you are somehow smarter, wiser and harder working is pure bs. I’m sure your being so much harder working did not prove a benefit in Vietnam or you would not have come to this country. So, you of all should be wise enough to not buy into that. Stick around, your day is coming.

  12. ashton

    To be honest i havent read most of these comments, because i know some of them will contain racist things i don’t want to hear. I am a mixed race english person , and i consider my self half english half jamaican , not half nigger half white. Its a shame that everyone can’t just be intrested in other peoples heritages, rather than just hate because of it.

  13. Ashton,

    I don’t understand what in the world your comment has to do with anything. I mean I do understand that we should all respect each others race.
    But, can you answer me this one thing? Why is it that when you say that you don’t consider yourself half “nigger” and white you didn’t use a derogatory name for white ONLY black? What is that about? Why is it you would even think that anyone would consider that you would refer to yourself as half a nigger? That itself is ridiculous.

    Thanks for the reply, at least I think.

  14. Benny

    It’s so funny to see racists accusing everyone else of being racist. This blog is full of comments by none-white bigots pointing out white bigots. Things like “To the asian woman who has no clue of what she is talking about” and “she had already started dribbling out the propaganda” make me laugh. She has an opinion that differs from yours, so you can’t help yourselves but hysterically produce her as ignorant and without worth and that the things she experiences are “propaganda” while of course the things you experience are “truth”. I couldn’t stop laughing when you use the term “hegemony” as if you are not part of one yourself.

  15. Benny,

    It is one thing to say that a person is a black or asian or even a white person who has not clue what they are talking about. But it is another to say that BECAUSE a person is a certain race they have no clue what they are talking about. You obviously lack the where with all to understand the difference. And trust me there are plenty of people on this blog that I have different views with who I DON’T think are racist. Having a differing view doesn’t make a racist. Having a view that because one is a certain race and therefore stereotyping them with propaganda DOES make one a racist.

    And it is obvious that you actually don’t understand the difference between propaganda and personal experience. It should be simple for YOU to read the difference. When a person bases their understanding of another race on hearsay and a bunch of stereotypes that is propaganda. You can’t say that just because your grandma was attacked by a black person now all black people are violent and think that is an experience. If I were to say that because some white people are racist that now ALL white people are racist that would be propaganda. SEE THE PROBLEM?

    Get a clue and do a bit of reading before spouting idiocy as it is so ridiculous. I don’t have a problem with people who explain their positions without trying to implicate EVERYONE of that particular race or gender or whatever into the picture. So when you learn what certain words actually mean then maybe you will have helpful comments but we can certainly see that hasn’t happened yet.

    You are one of the weakest links, GOODBYE!

  16. Muzkays

    Am black, racism is nonsense whether from a black or white. If ya nose, ears or anythin on ya boby is in a different position than that of the other person of another race, consider ya self different from them but if its otherwise, the one who fears God the most is the one that is the best of all. Wake up guyz white power or blackpower is bullshit. 4get it en work 4 a common goal. En if u still discriminate others but still go 2 church, piz stop wastin ya tym coz the God tha created u hates ya nonsense.
    By muzkays (muzkays@yahoo.com)

  17. “You are one of the weakest links, GOODBYE!”

    PHEW!! I survived another week in this reality based blog!! And tell Benny, I’m not a non-white…my picture clearly shows I am a tiger with a 6 year old companion called Calvin.

  18. Ge Ge

    I find the picture of the duck very offensive. I expirienced a lot of racism as a child, and could never get over the fact that people could hate you for the color of your skin.

  19. Ge Ge,

    You and I both have experienced a LOT of racism as a child. I have also experienced a LOT of racism as an adult. The picture is meant to be offensive. It is trying to give a message about racism.

    Thanks for the reply.

  20. Tati

    Thank you so much to the person who posted the MLK speech. It really contains the essence of the argument behind racism; the fact that people are told to pick themselves up by the bootstraps but how can they when all of the opportunities are denied to them? I went to an inner city middle school and then won a scholarship to a very affluent High School and later on College and experienced first hand the disparities in education, especially. In middle school, most of my teachers were white in an overwhelmingly minority high school. I knew very smart people in my class and I was one of them but the education that was given us did not prepare me at all to attend an affluent high school. I remember my teachers being schocked after I was admited on a full ride. They knew that they had not prepared me to attend a High School of that standard. I still remember my Math teacher asking me to go to her office for extra exercises despite the fact that I was doing well in her class so that she can cover more pre-algebra with me so that I can be prepared when I entered high school. Now, I was as smart then as I am now and just as driven but have had to struggle my way through things simply because I was not expected to acheive as much as I have and was therefore given an education that disadvantaged me greatly. MLK’s speech definietely strikes a cord with me. I’m living proof of the fact that people are denied equal opportunity from the beginning and are then blamed for their failiure. I consider myself lucky to be where I am but feel sorry for the many other smart kids in my class who did not have the same opportunities I had.

  21. Tati,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You are exactly the reason I write and post what is happening around us. We need to be aware that this crap is still happening. Just because civil rights laws were passed and integration became the thing of the day, did not stop racism and the continued subjugation to stop. So again thank you for your reply.

  22. John

    “I still remember my Math teacher asking me to go to her office for extra exercises despite the fact that I was doing well in her class so that she can cover more pre-algebra with me so that I can be prepared when I entered high school.”

    It sounds like your teacher recognized that you had more potential than most of your classmates, and wanted to give you extra attention to provide education on par with your abilities. She should be commended for taking the extra time.

  23. Leslie

    Soooo, this is a text I got from an old friend who hasn’t texted me in… forever.. and this is what she sent me.

    If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists. You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gangmember, or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.I am proud… But you call me a racist….Why is it only whites can be racists? here is nothing improper about this.. Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on. I sadly don’t think many will. That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves!BE PROUD TO BE WHITE!!It’s not a crime YET .. but getting very close!It is estimated that ONLY 5% of those reaching this point in this msg will pass it on. I am certainly proud to be white.

    ookay, first off.1. What race is orange? (I asked dear old friend this and she said, “IDK lol, japanese?) Point proven.
    2. What rights have whites lost? Slavery ownership rights?
    3. “You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us..” okay, ALL people, of all races, do that to EACH OTHER. saying “YOU” implying all races not white is offensive.
    4. LOL @ the ending statistic… it is so random and so MADE UP how could they even logically or scientificly come up with that number?
    5. Being proud of a race doesn’t make it racist, when a person says “I am proud to be German…Portuguese..English…Spanish…Russian..” No one screams “RACIST”
    6. When has someone screamed “racist!” when a police officer (of any race) beat up such a scumbag? When has a police officer wrongfully beat up an innocent person protesting their rights?

    This is concrete proof that racism is here, people. I am Native American and my “friend” knows this, yet she still sent it to me. Why? I can’t fathom. whatever, the case, I was angry and sad about this.

  24. Leslie,

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. It is sad that people are so wrapped up in their own privilege that they can’t see how idiotic and hurtful this email is. I have seen this as well and find it absurd to say the least. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Leslie,

    I personally think your “friend” is a idiotic, possibly prejudice B***H who needs to be punched in the face and all of the other racist, prejudice, whites who stereotype people. They need to remove the stick from their a**es and realize that black people are here to stay. If they have such a problem with it, they should curse their ancestors for bringing them here in the first place otherwise get the f**k over it. Blacks are here to stay.

  26. Wonder

    what do you think about the current racial tensions in South africa whereby whites of Boer origin and blacks of native South Africa clearly display racial intolerance?

  27. Wonder

    I am surprised by Gosia’s remarks. I dont think there is honesty in Goisa’s statements. You cannot go to aforeign countrty and have your children , only two of them to be the only hardworking in a school or class and the rest be lazy non hardworking and be black at the same time. You simpokl,y saying thgere is a coincidence between the wiling to work for what you want and race and the black were unfortunate to be naturally lazy.
    surely if all black pupils could not be allowed to be bale to work hard there mus be a reason beyond teir control and you(Gosia) are implying the reason is their race. Yes the reasion could be the race but the (maybe previously) oppressed race and a corrective action on the part of the adninistartion is to give a better leaving condition that will allow them to be bale to work hard.
    When you are talking about blacks you are refreeing to that race wher generationsnand generations ogf them were slave or descendants of slaves. Theiur life did not start from zero as yours but minus something. They had first to fight for recognition as humans and be able to explain the duffrence in traetment and kleaving condition sto their kids and explain the feeling of inferiority towards other races. If Gosia thinks Blacks are not capable of working their way up who then was the Messiah which to took up arms and fight for black recognition and equality of races in Africa. If they were lazy and thoughtless individuls how then did they manage to liberate themselves under stressful circumstances?It takes hard work and brains to prosecute a liberation war if Gosia does not know.

  28. Wonder

    I am proud to be black. Whatever positions i acquire in society are not a result of my ancestors enslaving other people. That one i Vouch. They cam eto Africa voluntariry with ill intent. We had to figt them ; they did not grant us rights. We fought for our rights and am proud to belong to a race that ois capable of fighting for uts rights.

    I won’t stand up and say i am not a racists. I dont practice racism, however. Just like homosexuality; Some peolpe may be attracted by/to people of the same sex but may never have a sexual encounter or rtelation with them , would you call those homo or hetero sexual???And whenever I see a white idiot wont accuse him/her of being a racists for idiots are found everywhere in all race s al the time and forever. Idiots contadict themselves in teir articles. They oftenuse themselves as point of refernces forgeting that they are not representative enough of the societies they speak for. Its when peple act ythat you can classify them EG who ever thought Gosiah could be a racist before the racial response above … nobody.

  29. McGyver

    Maybe racism isnt hating others for the color of their skin. Maybe it’s just prefering to be with people like themselves. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Maybe the word racism is mistaken for the word bias.
    I grew up with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. We seldom all agreed on anything. Because we all had our ideas and bias’. They never called me a racist for disagreeing with them because we happen to be close to the same color.
    I think we are all born as individuals and have our favorites and consequently, our least favorites. We rank things and group things automatically. It is a part of our human experience and nature to gravitate to those who are like us and away from those who are not. Many husbands and wives even look alike. But on the same token we gravitate away from people who are different. That doesnt mean that we hate the differences.
    If there were two establishments side by side, one black and one white. A black person comes along and goes into the black establishment, does that make him a racist?
    Where do you draw the line?

  30. McGyver,

    I think you are confusing what racism is. It isn’t preferring to be with you own race, as that is the most of us. We are familiar with our own and therefore seek it out, under normal circumstances. You are not racist for disagreeing with people, that doesn’t make sense. You are racist when you choose to ignore that people of other colors have the same needs, wants and desires as everyone of your race. When you create a product and then want to peddle it to ALL people yet, only take into account your own race, that’s racist.

    Just because we rank and group doesn’t mean that we then need to deny others the same rights as ourselves just because they are different. And if you are gravitating AWAY from people of a different race based on nothing more than their difference in color then YES you ARE a RACIST! Give me a break. It is one thing to feel more comfortable with your own and actually shunning those who are not just like you. And where is this black establishment you are talking about? And since it doesn’t exist, I guess that would be a NO. Where I draw the line is a bunch of phony contrite excuses as to why people are racist. Get a clue.


  31. Wonder,

    Give me a break already. If a person is a homosexual meaning they are attracted to people of the same sex. Then regardless if they ever have sex with a person of the same sex, THEY ARE A HOMOSEXUAL! If I am born black and never mingle with any black person and grow up in a white household in a white neighborhood etc. Does this mean a person isn’t black? Um, duh, they are, right. So if a white person is acting in a racist manner then they are a racist, AS WELL AS AN IDIOT!! The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    So, when I see or hear someone saying racist things then I see that they are racist, plain and simple. That is my position.


  32. wonder

    The subject of racism is a tricky. We do have as much racist as we have idiots. Now the difficulty is in discribing an didot who happens to be of a different race than ours. There is a huge risky again in trying to mark a difference because in trying to do so, we end up condoning racism.

    Suffice to say all racists are idiots but not all idiots are racists.
    However, some racist’s attitude are simply a reflection of a racist upbringing, that makes them victims of a racist past.
    Why Icall thenm idiots: we are the only mammals that do not want to accept that we are of the same species even if we have biological differences.

    The other bad thing, as bad as racism is xenophobia. People of the same colours behaving in such away as if they are superior to the other by virtue of country of origin. I hapen to reside in a foreign land after our aging dictator ran amok and tok away farms belonging to people of the other race. . The worst form of racism I witneses ever practised by an african black man. I think that gives you a clue.

    I am segregated by my fellow black people whoa re native to the country and we share a border. If we wre of dffrenet colour I would easily label them racist. that would be an error wouldn’t it.

    But there is a lot of peopkle whio will remain racist becasue they choose so. We call them die hard .. Rh.d.es or die hard B..rs.

    To them hatred of another race is rooted deep in their hearts. These are found in all races that are in my continent of origin.

  33. wonder

    After all is said and done, we all seem to agree (except racists of course) thats racist are diots.

    The discussions ofthi dkind are good in so far as to show hat as much as there are racist out there there are people against racism. Keep it up Black Sentinel. I am sorry for my typing errors in my last postings.

  34. wonder

    The biggest problem i have with McGyver is that he assumes points he set to prove.

    He presents his opinions as if they were a fact.

    For exmaple, is it a proven fact that ‘many husbands and wives even look alike’

    It is dangerous to reason like just to justify racial segregation.
    I do not want to say he is reckless but he is careless. I am sorry I have no better words. I am lucky I cant be racist towards him cause I do not know his race.

  35. Isabelle

    As a child, I didn’t see ‘race.’ I wasn’t raised in a house hold that believed in it. I saw color, simply because I wasn’t blind and at an inner-city elementary school ‘color’ of ALL varieties was impossible to miss. I didn’t comprehend this color as ‘race,’ however. I was naive, undeniably so, and happily so. My parents thought it best to leave me that way because, quite frankly, it afforded me a much larger social circle in a school where white children were actually rather few.
    I learned about ‘race’ and therefore ‘racism’ the summer after 4th grade when I fell victim to it in a way that nothing had ever prepared me for. I was sent to a ‘Math, Science, Computer Camp’ at a college university for ‘minorities and women.’ Apparently, not all elementary school students were as blissfully unaware of racism as I was, and they certainly weren’t blissfully unaware of race. They were acutely aware of my race, and they made that fact known.
    Out of 400 people who attended that camp, I was one of 5 white students and, try as I may, those other 4 girls were my only friends the entire time I was there. I was baffled- all my recess playmates at home were black (they were the only girls who could jump double dutch with me, and we all knew all the same rhymes, which was all that mattered at the age of 9), yet these girls and boys looked at me like I had personally injured them. They didn’t know me. They didn’t know what my opinions on their skin tone were. They judged me, and made me miserable, based on a stereotype that they had of my ‘people’ and our race.
    I don’t hold what those children did to me, or the other four white girls at that camp, against any of them. They were young and were, in all likelihood, merely propagating what they had grown up seeing. However, I find it baffling that despite scenarios like these, it is far too often the white populace only that gets accused of ‘racism.’ Yes, the black population is far too often stereotyped based on the actions of a few, and it is horrible and unfair that it happens.
    Just as it is horrible and unfair that, based on the actions of people who I am in no way related to, I will never be able to belong to a group that ’empowers’ the people of my race. College campuses across this country have “Black United Students” groups or, “Blacks for Equality Everywhere.” Try forming one of those groups with the word ‘White’ in the title instead of ‘Black’ and see what happens. Not only will the group NOT be formed, but the group members in question may find themselves suspended from the University. Why is it racism when the white populace excludes the rest, but entirely acceptable when the blacks, Asians, Native Americans, etc exclude the rest? ‘Minorities’ say that they don’t like it when they are stereotyped, yet pay little credence to the fact that there are, at this point, more white people in our country whose families had nothing to do with slavery than white people whose families did.
    I don’t wish to belittle your plight or to make you believe that I don’t feel for what you have been through- having people judge you based on your appearance is hell and it is unfair. I just want to ensure that people understand that racism is most definitely a two-way street, as are stereotypes, and neither will go anywhere until BOTH groups involved are equally willing to do away with this notion that race has anything to do with who WE, as individuals, are- because it doesn’t. Or, rather, it shouldn’t.
    I will say though, I am deeply curious to see how this ‘race relation’ topic is affected over the next ten years given the drastically changing demographic in the United States. Sometime in the future, nearer than some may want to admit, the white population will absolutely not be the ‘majority.’ Who will be considered ‘racist’ for wanting to be exclusionary then?

  36. Isabelle,

    It is quite obvious that they didn’t teach you the difference between racism and prejudiced. I in no way anywhere said that only white people were prejudiced. WE ALL HAVE OUR PREJUDICES! Even YOU Isabelle, even though you were raised color blind…yeah right. Anyway, how did those kids deny you your rights? What did they do, besides prejudge you based on your race which would be prejudiced or stereotyping behavior? You never said what they did to you. Did they deny you the right to play? Or did they not play with you? Did this somehow keep your family from having a job, food, health care, legal rights? Did their behavior somehow keep you from an education?

    Now that we have all the NO’s out of the way we can move on. I am sure that the behavior of those stupid kids hurt. And yes we have ALL been there regardless of color. But, how does your stupid kid story equate to the centuries of degradation of the black race by the white race? Explain that one for me. So, instead of looking at what I am saying based on its own merit, you wish to compare a couple of weeks in summer camp to my or any other black persons complete lifetime existence. Wow, that is what I call a lack of compassion. You sound like this, yep I see that you broke your neck and are now paralyzed but I skinned my knee in the third grade so I understand your situation. Give me a break, OK.

    You ARE belittling my and other black people’s plight with your comparison. How dare you. STEREOTYPES AND SYSTEMIC WIDE RACISM ARE TWO DIFFERENT ANIMALS. You need to take a step back and think about what you have written, as it was extremely thoughtless.

    Thanks for nothing.

  37. Isabelle

    racism: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    prejudice: an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
    any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.

    As you can see, ‘racism’ is nothing more than a color-based form of ‘prejudice,’ so please do not begin to tell me what my intellectual capabilities are or are not. You don’t know me, as is clear based on the fact that you chose to answer all of the questions asked about me, for me.

    You accuse me of having no compassion simply because I set about proving that whites are not the only people to be blamed in this ongoing battle of the races. You have no idea what I, or my family, have been through. You couldn’t possibly know that I’ve watched my sister go in and out of hospitals her entire life, watched her knocked down because she walks crooked, watched her suffer a prejudice unlike ANYONE could ever imagine simply because she was born ‘deformed.’ Did it ever occur to you that, if I do lack compassion for your plight, it’s because I have seen first hand that your collective do not have it nearly as badly as you would like the rest of us to believe. YOU can walk. YOU can get a job. YOU can get an education at any University you want. YOU can leave your parents’ house because your life is not dependent upon being near someone who can care for you all the time. YOU can live more than 50 miles from a hospital if you wish. You want to talk about a lifestyle that’s restrictive? Try that one.
    Does it suck? Yes. Is it unfair? Yes. Do I feel bad for it? Yes.
    I feel sorry for what was done to the black population in the United States. I do not think, however, that the white population living there now owes the black population anything because of it. You say what I have written is ‘thoughtless’ and yet it’s clear you did not pay any mind to over half of it. How do you suppose I feel knowing that, based on the actions of a group of people I have never met and am not related to, I am required to watch others form entirely exclusionary groups and am allowed to say NOTHING? Because saying something makes me a racist and means I lack compassion. I don’t lack compassion, I just do not believe that I owe you anything based on your race anymore than I believe that you owe me anything based on my gender.

    “You ARE belittling my and other black people’s plight with your comparison. How dare you. STEREOTYPES AND SYSTEMIC WIDE RACISM ARE TWO DIFFERENT ANIMALS. You need to take a step back and think about what you have written, as it was extremely thoughtless.”

    YOU are belittling ME as a woman by assuming that what YOU face everyday as a black man is worse than what I face everyday as a female in a work force that has yet to entirely accept us. How dare I? I dare because I can. I dare because someone has to. I dare because I do not want my children to grow up in a country where Universities are required to give ‘points’ based on skin tone. I dare for the same reason you do, because somebody HAS to. Yes, stereotypes and systemic racism are different things. You assuming I lack compassion because I am a WHITE person who dared to talk back is a STEREOTYPE. Me being told that I can’t play on a playground because I am white is RACISM. And if I had been a little black girl, say, your daughter, you would NEVER have said that it ‘didn’t compare.’ But I wasn’t a little black girl, I was a little white girl, and everyone knows only white people can be prejudice (as you would say ‘yeah… right’). As for thinking about what I have written… what I wrote was an honest response to which I was expecting, and hoping, I would get an intelligent and well thought out answer from a man who had struck me as being very bright. What I got, instead, was a lecture from a morally superior black man who clearly has no interest in honest discussion and wants, instead, to lash out at people in an attempt to make himself feel better. You do that. Just remember, neither RACISM nor PREJUDICE will ever going away without discussion.

  38. Isabelle,

    Again, I sit here and read your ridiculous reply and I can tell we are getting ready to have a full blown field day with this one. You actually make me laugh out loud! That is rare. I would say thank you as laughter is extremely soothing, but it is for all the wrong reasons. I laugh at your comments because they don’t quite make much sense. You are contradicting yourself and utilizing the same tactics you accuse me of. So, let’s get started shall we?

    What’s the difference between racism and prejudice? A question posed over and over again. And a great answer IS: “Racism is a system of advantage based on race. And you have to ask yourself, who is advantaged by this system, and who is disadvantaged? In the U.S., it’s the white people who are advantaged. I’m not saying that all white people are actively racist. The question is, are you actively anti-racist? There’s no such thing as being passively anti-racist. We’re all prejudiced. We all have misinformation about people different and like ourselves, and we’re all exposed to stereotypes. Prejudice is like smog: no one says, “I’m a smog-breather”, but if you live in a smoggy place, it’s hard to avoid breathing it. When I hear someone say, “There’s not a prejudiced bone in my body,” I say, look again. Because there are bones in there that you may not want, but they’re there.”

    So I hardly doubt that those little kids on the playground had so much power and advantage that they could stop you from getting ahead. Those kids did what ALL kids do to those who are different; they behaved the way society behaves. Do you think that those black kids learned that behavior from hanging around blacks? Do you think they mimic the behavior of their “advantaged” black parents or did they emulate the dominant culture? Get a clue.

    You tell me your story about your “deformed” sister. And that shows you have compassion. Really, I have a special needs son; does that mean that I am compassionate towards people based on that, of course not. I have had mothers with kids who have the same special needs as my son, act in a seriously non compassionate way towards my family. So, having a person in your family with needs different the whole means very little.

    You couldn’t possibly know that I’ve watched my sister go in and out of hospitals her entire life, watched her knocked down because she walks crooked, watched her suffer a prejudice unlike ANYONE could ever imagine simply because she was born ‘deformed.’” And somehow being knocked down continuously because of one’s race is less of an infraction? What are you saying? If somehow they gave her a brace or a cure became available for your sisters condition, would she still suffer the same “prejudice”? Or would she now blend in?

    Exactly what can you give a black person, to make them blend in? Is there a cure or brace for blackness? You continuously compare experiences to racism as if you understand what it entails. You couldn’t possibly understand unless you were to go back and be born with this racial equivalent of your sister’s deformities. So why continue to act as if you can compare racism into being less damaging. You can’t.

    Did it ever occur to you that, if I do lack compassion for your plight, it’s because I have seen first hand that your collective do not have it nearly as badly as you would like the rest of us to believe. YOU can walk. YOU can get a job. YOU can get an education at any University you want. YOU can leave your parents’ house because your life is not dependent upon being near someone who can care for you all the time. YOU can live more than 50 miles from a hospital if you wish. You want to talk about a lifestyle that’s restrictive? Try that one. Does it suck? Yes. Is it unfair? Yes. Do I feel bad for it? Yes.”

    How in the hell do you know I can WALK? If it is so damn easy out here for a black person to get a job, why is the unemployment rate for blacks more than twice that for whites? Oh, they just don’t want to work, right. And are you telling me that people with disabilities don’t get jobs, go to school, leave their parents house? Or is this just my imagination? I have a cousin with cerebral palsy. She has it bad; she is in a motorized wheel chair, can’t walk, barely talk intelligibly and probably stands out worse than your sister ever thought she could. AND SHE HAS A FREAKING JOB, AND DOESN’T LIVE WITH HER FAMILY AS SHE DOESN’T HAVE ONE. Her mother has been dead for years, not to mention she didn’t live with her when she was alive.

    You can’t out sob me lady! Anyone anywhere can and does have it worse than the next person. That is what we all feel. But, I am not talking about special needs. I am talking about able bodied individuals who are being reduced to less than special needs. I don’t see these as the same. No one should be denied a job based solely on their appearance. That is absurd. But, it happens ALL THE TIME. And that is what I am writing about, the racial aspect of it. If you want to see the special needs aspect of it, then by all means write a freaking blog about it. But, don’t come to mine and expect me to do it for you, that is not my angle and I have special needs people I love in my life as well.

    I don’t need your sympathy! I don’t care if you feel “sorry” for the black community. You don’t feel sorry enough that you want to see change! You feel sorry, and shut up already because I have a sister who can’t get a job, or some idiotic kids tormented me for a few weeks. Not, I feel sorry, what can I do in my life to enact change. NOPE! I feel sorry enough so shut up now, because “I do not think, however, that the white population living there now owes the black population anything because of it.”

    And if this is your feeling that the white population who continue to be advantaged based on their own behavior don’t owe the black community anything, then how do or should I or anyone else who have NOTHING to do with your sisters disadvantages feel bad or should owe her anything? Why should I care if she gets a job or can live more than 50 miles away from a hospital. WHO CARES RIGHT? We don’t owe her a damn thing. In fact NO ONE owes her a damn thing! At least that is the way it seems from your point of thinking.

    But you see I live with the thought that we are a community of people. Not just a community of white people or special needs people or even black people etc. I think that we owe everyone the same rights and chances to do any and everything anyone else is or can do. But, basically we are all held captive by your primordial retarded way of thinking. YOU OWE ME THE SAME BASIC RIGHTS AS ANYONE ELSE. And until I have all those rights, YOU fucking owe me sister. How about that?

    How do you suppose I feel knowing that, based on the actions of a group of people I have never met and am not related to, I am required to watch others form entirely exclusionary groups and am allowed to say NOTHING? Because saying something makes me a racist and means I lack compassion. I don’t lack compassion, I just do not believe that I owe you anything based on your race anymore than I believe that you owe me anything based on my gender.”

    Why is it all white people’s assertion that the group of white people who are racist or continue to propagate the systemic racism we ALL experience are a group “they don’t know, never met, aren’t related to etc, etc? Don’t you know any other white people? Don’t you know yourself? You are helping racism along just by acquiescing to the system we live in. By not standing up and saying change needs to happen, you are saying this racist system is just fine. . . FOR ME, everyone else who can’t get these advantages be damned. So please spare me the “I don’t know them” spiel.

    OK, how am I belittling you as a woman? Wouldn’t that mean I am belittling me as a woman? Or did you just make an assumption that I was a man? You keep calling me one! But, you would never assume anything right? I guess you are OK with University giving those unearned points they have been handing out for years to white students and still do. I guess you are OK with the points they give to disabled students, students from certain areas, certain families, certain backgrounds, whether an applicant is a child of alumni or from certain fraternities etc. But, OH MY GOD, they might give a point based on race, for shame!

    NO, dare you and I accuse you of having no compassion because you set about to compare your encounter with stupid prejudiced CHILDREN with a race of people’s encounter with slavery, systemic racism, prejudice and Jim Crow laws. Do you NOT understand that? You said these children JUDGED you based on your exterior looks/race. You didn’t know their “belief or doctrine”. So exactly how do you compare a situation where some kid is denying you the chance to play with them and a race full of ADULTS, teens, children and everything in between is denying another group of the same inherent rights? How does one compare a skinned knee to a broken neck? YOU DON’T! That’s how.

    And as a little girl you felt prejudiced is terrible. As a little girl, as a woman, as a mother and as a black person, I feel, felt, and will feel in the future, so basically a lifetime of the terrible feeling of your couple of weeks. And not to mention, feeling it for my spouse, children, sisters, brothers and neighbors. WOW, your week of torment is beyond compare. Maybe you should write a book about it. I don’t know of any stereotype for a white person to talk back. As far as I knew, white people have ALWAYS had the right to speak up. They were never hanged for being a certain race and speaking or not, looking or not, running or not, just freaking being! Let me know when that happens. And please don’t come with the comparison of some white dude hanged for whatever perceived crime that isn’t related to his RACE!

    And I could care less about you feeling that I was a very bright black man yadda yadda yadda. I am a bright black woman and don’t really need your praise as it doesn’t bring me a damn thing. I know that in your small world praise from someone as your self should be a mouth watering carrot for someone like me, but it isn’t. I could care less. I need equality, not praise. And it is a constant that because I won’t accept your view of how great I got it, doesn’t reduce my argument nor does it mean I am not interested in an honest discussion. Just the opposite, I am interested in an HONEST discussion, not your fluff filled, I don’t know any racist and I felt a lifetime worth of racism in a week with a bunch of kids who won’t let me play discussion.

    Let me know when you want to get real, as this garbage is just that, garbage and will be treated as such. When you can understand that you don’t owe me for what HAPPENED but for what is HAPPENING, maybe we can talk. Until then, you are just another part of the problem. A person who believes that racism, prejudice and any disparity ended the day they signed the Civil rights act. Just like discrimination for the disabled ended the day they signed the Disability Discrimination Act.

  39. Isabelle

    “Why is it all white people’s assertion that the group of white people who are racist or continue to propagate the systemic racism we ALL experience are a group ‘they don’t know, never met, aren’t related to etc, etc?’ Don’t you know any other white people? Don’t you know yourself?”

    Aren’t you the same woman who complained that you’re sick of blacks being stereotyped, being lumped into large groups based on the actions of a few? If you don’t want to have to pay the price for the black numbers amongst you who commit crimes and populate our jail systems, stop asking the non-prejudicial whites to pay the never-ending price for the supremacists that live amongst us. You don’t want me to associate you with criminals just because your black? That’s fine. I don’t want you to associate me with racists just because I’m white. The fact that you DO, the fact that you ASSUME all white people either are racists or must be friends with, have family, etc that is racist is hypocritical at best. At worst, it makes you yourself the very thing you profess to hate.

    “When you can understand that you don’t owe me for what HAPPENED but for what is HAPPENING, maybe we can talk.”

    How, exactly, do I personally owe you, or anyone of minority standing for that matter, for what is happening right now? I, personally, have never denied anyone an opportunity or an experience based on their race, religion, or gender. I, personally, have no issue what-so-ever with anyone based on their race, religion, or gender and would therefore never deny them something based on these things. So again, I ask, how EXACTLY do I, PERSONALLY, owe YOU a damn thing? Do I believe that legislation should afford for EQUAL opportunity across the board? YES, I do. The key word there is EQUAL. The fact that you feel I OWE you anything based on your being black is a clear sign that you don’t believe in equality. You believe you should be given something for nothing. I don’t believe whites should be given greater opportunities than blacks. I also don’t believe that blacks should be granted a free-pass simply because the white majority ‘owes’ them something. Just as I don’t believe that alumni/alumna, the disabled, or any other minority should be given a free pass based on these factors. The only way to have an ‘equal’ society is to have it be just that- EQUAL. A society that grants people things based on nothing more than the fact that they feel they are ‘owed’ something is FAR from equal.
    I don’t believe that discrimination, of any sort, ends the day Congress signs some stupid act. A piece of paper ends nothing, just as these words are merely that- words. They will solve nothing and they will show you nothing. I also do not believe, however, that discrimination is a one-sided animal. The idea that ANY race is ENTITLED to anything, that any group of people OWES anyone anything based on skin tone is absurd, and racist in and of itself.

    “I know that in your small world praise from someone as your self should be a mouth watering carrot for someone like me, but it isn’t. I could care less. I need equality, not praise.”

    You know nothing about my world. Or myself. Just as I know nothing about your world. Or yourself. Hell, I didn’t even identify you as the proper gender (for which I apologize, not that you care, because you’re too all important to see a sincere apology for what it is). I don’t ‘praise’ people to afford them ‘mouth watering carrots,’ I didn’t intend it as ‘praise.’ Praise is given to students, or children. It was merely a compliment, albeit misguided based on my gender screw-up (again, I apologize, and again, you probably don’t care). As for your need for equality, reference my above argument. You’ve already stated that we can talk when I figure out that I OWE you for what is HAPPENING right now. I owe you for the horrible things that have befallen your race, despite the fact that my relatives didn’t even move here until after the Emancipation. They NEVER had slaves. They are not a prejudiced or racist group of people. They are the type of people who actually DO speak up when derogatory jokes, about anyone, are told. You’re right, though, people like them are absolutely part of the problem.

    Do I owe you because your relatives were once slaves and mine were not? Interesting, since I have relatives from Scotland, Poland, and Wales- all of which have long histories detailing a great many pillages, conquerings, and enslavements that befell their citizens. Yet I don’t claim that the Brits nor the Germans OWE me a damn thing.
    Do I owe you because the the whites in the US at some point enslaved the blacks in the US? Fascinating, since the white people who lived in the United States back then are not my descendants. How is it fair or equal to claim I owe you anything based on the actions of a group of people I could never have known and was never related to? Or perhaps you think I owe you simply because you are black and I am white? Yes, because that is a clear sign of equality. When someone is OWED anything based solely on their RACE.

    Racism as you see it, this notion that ALL whites think ALL blacks are incapable, incompetent, and probably criminals, is not helped by people like you. You’re morally superior ‘you live in a small white world and I’ve suffered more than anyone else on this planet could ever comprehend just because I’m black’ attitude does not help your cause. Stop telling the world, regardless of its color, that it OWES you anything. Because it doesn’t. Nobody OWES you a damn thing. Your situation, being a woman, having a son with a disability, being black- all of it is what you make it. I guarantee you that sitting there, wherever you are, telling me that I OWE you something just because I’m white… it accomplishes nothing. It makes you look foolish and like you’ve not got the ability or the drive to EARN what you want.

    And yes, I know, far too often the black population is NOT given the things that they have rightfully EARNED. And they DO have the right to speak out and I encourage them to do so. I encourage them to call-out the hiring managers who dismissed them as soon as they saw their skin tone, the bosses who fired them for being black, and the assholes around the water cooler who tell inappropriate jokes. I encourage them to scream, loudly, against these things and to demand they be given what they have EARNED. Just as I encourage anyone else who thinks they have been prejudiced against, for any reason, to speak up and demand they be given what they have rightfully EARNED. But this perpetual use of the ‘I’m a minority and haven’t been given what I deserve because the entire world hates me and you now therefore owe me’ argument is bullshit. If you want it, go get it. PROVE you’ve earned it. Don’t use race as a crutch. You think Obama won the Presidency because he claimed ‘You, America, owe me this?’ No, he won the Presidency because he had EARNED it. (And no, I don’t believe racism has suddenly vanished simply because we have a black President. I’m not that naive or that stupid.)

    Don’t sit there and tell me that I, personally, owe you anything. Because I don’t. I have not wronged you. I, personally, have not hindered your past, your present, or your future. Just as I have never hindered the past, present, or future of any other black man or woman. Moreover, you have no way of knowing that I come from any semblance of ‘advantage’ greater than anyone else.
    OH WAIT- that’s right, I’m white. That’s ALL the advantage I could possibly need. It doesn’t matter whether my parents had the money to put me through college, whether I was bright enough to get a scholarship, whether I had to join the military just to pay for my bachelors degree, or whether my employer paid for it for me. For all you know, I myself am currently unemployed and struggling just as much as any poor, black family right now. You don’t know these things and none of these things matter to you because I’m white, so I clearly have a HUGE advantage over you

    Neither myself, nor anyone else in this world, OWES you a damn fucking thing, “sister,” anymore than a rich black man living next door to me owes me something just because he has money and I don’t. You want it? EARN IT. THAT is EQUALITY.

  40. Isabelle,

    Don’t you mean “man”? LOL! Anyway, I was speaking of the ones who frequent my blog and speak to me about racism. Maybe I needed to make that a little bit clearer for you. I don’t know ALL white people. But, I do know what those who come to my blog say. So, I guess I didn’t stereotype them; they stereotyped themselves with the same talking points.

    You say “OUR JAIL” system? Who exactly is “our”? I’m sorry, but what price are you paying? Do you have a receipt for this? The last time I checked the advantages which are given to the white race are given to the white race, not the white supremacists or openly racist. Or are you going to assert that you don’t have any advantages being white?

    I didn’t associate YOU with anyone. You are white, that is not my fault and I can’t help you change that. The white racists’ founders of this country created a system of advantage for white people such as yourself, and now you want to turn around and cry about it because you don’t want to feel responsible! You are responsible! By reaping the benefits of the systemic racism just as any other white person does. How do you NOT get lumped in there? What do you do to end white privilege?

    I said you owe me equality!!! That is a right to any person living in this country! If you have to ask then you have a serious problem. I owe you and everyone else in this country the equality to do any and everything that I can do. That SHOULD be common sense. But since you had to ask, maybe that is why equality is still so elusive for all but the white race. But of course you will get angry and claim you don’t owe me a damn thing because we know you’ve paid your dues already and have the receipts to show it. SNIFF, SNIFF, can you smell that, AAHHH! I love the smell of “white privilege” in the evening. You wear it very heavy you might want to lighten up on that, it don’t smell too good.

    “I, personally, have no issue what-so-ever with anyone based on their race, religion, or gender and would therefore never deny them something based on these things;” as you speak about all the blacks in “OUR” jails. OK, you just run with that one if you must. If you don’t believe that white’s should be given any greater opportunities etc. So then how do we fix it? What do we do, Sherlock? You don’t believe that we need to ensure that blacks or minorities are given any help. You said so in your last comment, when you spoke of these so called “points given”. How do you level a playing field if one player has been given carte blanche to run the course while the other was chained for the majority of the race? Do you let the hobbled runner go and say, “Hey your equal now”, while the other runner has long since passed the baton thousands of times and crossed the finish line? Do you hobble the runner who was free running all along? Do you force the whole race to restart? What the hell do you do now?

    OH, boohoo, my ancestor’s were slaves; well technically they were indentured servants and not the chattel slavery or anywhere close to it, and so what? Am I now supposed to say that since YOU don’t wish to collect on these so called atrocious indentured servitudes I should just what shut up? You see, I am not trying to collect on some slavery bit! Where do you get that idea, oh, that’s right it is a stereotype and an assumption that when a black person asks for equality they really want reparations for slavery? NO, I want freaking EAULITY. And I am owed that by right of citizenship. You sure have a funny way of showing your neutrality towards other races.

    You are so stunted in thinking that this is becoming a hassle to speak with you. Why is it that I am owed something because I am black? When did I say that you are white and owed me because I am black? I said that I am owed equality, what about that don’t you understand? What about that has anything to do with your race? Why does it seem that you are arguing against my having equality? Am I asking for too much?

    How quickly we change tunes. You now claim blacks aren’t given things they have rightfully earned, but earlier you said that you don’t owe black people a damn thing! HUH! Do you even know what you are talking about? You encourage blacks to call out the hiring managers and others, only to then turn around and throw your deformed sister in their face and let them know that she can’t get a job either. Or maybe you will then compare your week long stint in summer school with a bunch of knuckle headed black kids to their being shut out by the white hiring managers and how we all have it bad! Isn’t that the bull crap you gave me when I spoke out? So please spare me your supportive white person act.

    Ahhh, how sweet, you are now lecturing me on how to live my life. You say that blacks don’t get what they rightfully deserve but now here you go again with how in order to get ahead, they need to deny that they are owed anything. And I am sorry if you don’t feel that you owe black people the same equality that you receive. But, hey, that is why disparity still exists, right? You may not be that naïve to think that Obama being president didn’t end racism, but you seem to think that blacks don’t get what they rightfully earned but they also aren’t owed anything. Things that make you go hmmmm!

    *SIGH* Get your freaking story straight!!! You fucking well do owe me and every other black person the same equality as anyone else. And you know what you can take your dumb ass straight to hell for all I care. I am done with you Jackass Jones. Don’t come back here with your, none thinking, contradicting, can’t get the story straight, jumping around Neanderthal. Don’t let the door hit you. . .

  41. Isabelle,

    I think you read me loud and clear the first time Jackass Jones! Go to hell!!! I am done with your idiocy. Let me make this clear, go anywhere, BUT here. I am not going to waste one more second on you as you don’t read or maybe you don’t know how, seeing as that week of torment you went through with those black kids marred your learning capabilities for life, obviously. And besides, I have better things in life to do and you aren’t one of them.


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