Teacher Gets Head Start On Sextra Credit This Year


I was railroaded ya’ see, is what a Los Angeles teacher said in court after she was sentenced to house arrest and community service for her guilty plea for unlawful sex with a special education student a couple of days ago. She is just another in a long string of teachers who are abusing their power and taking advantage of these young male students. On CBS Dr. Julia Hislop, a clinical psychologist and author of the book “Female Sex Offenders” says that hat there probably aren’t more cases of teacher-student sex of this type these days than there used to be; it’s more likely that there are just more being reported. The reporter asked “why are women finding themselves in these types of relationships?” “One of the more common findings,” Hislop explains, “is that they tend to have fairly severe sexual abuse histories themselves. That won’t be the case with every woman, but (it’s) a fairly common finding. They also tend to have mental health difficulties, not generally severe mental illnesses, but things along the lines of depression, anxiety, sometimes drug or alcohol problems or personality problems.

If what Dr. Hislop is saying is true then we have a serious problem and need to understand why these types of sick individuals are being allowed to have any contact with our children. A lot of the women who are not suffering from mental abnormalities is just irresponsible and we need to end this double standard for that of men vs. women teachers who offend our children. The damage is no less and yes some of the boys consent but so do some of the girls. As a few of the boys have actually married the offenders some of the girls have married their offenders. What I do see in a lot of these cases is the offender saying they were mentally ill when they were doing the dirty deed, yet when they are caught on tape, we see the letters, or we listen to the messages they left the students they are saying things such as we have to be careful or no one can know or I’d be in big trouble, etc. Now this tells me they were well aware of the fact it was wrong, so all of these claims are just ways to skirt the law.

Now back to the Miami teacher, her name is Jean Panzo-Montalbano, 54, who agreed that she had engaged in repeated sex with the 16 year old student and she became an unhealthy distraction for him at a time when he was struggling in school. What really makes this lady a special case is that while supposedly apologizing for her crime she rants about why we shouldn’t feel sorry for the kid and she was railroaded into a plea etc. No matter that she was charged with six felony counts of unlawful sex with a minor and one count of oral copulation of a person under 18. She actually pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sex with a minor in exchange for a sentence of three years probation, plus 45 days of house arrest and 800 hours of community service, she was also ordered to stay away from the minor and pay him restitution. Then at sentencing she stated that “I’m guilty in a way that, as an adult, I should have not let this kid get into my head,” she told the Press-Telegram. “It’s like a little kid. If you don’t keep them occupied, they’ll find a toy instead.” Then goes on to say “I was that toy for that kid.”

According to an interview with her she has since begun to focus a lot of her attention to the flaws within the special education program that employed her which was part of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, which has since terminated her from the job. For example, she said the class catered largely to emotionally disabled kids, and created a lax environment where children were allowed to be overtly sexual and aggressive in the classroom. She then describes the victim as someone other than a “little special ed boy” and the situation as something other than rape. She said “He’s 6-foot-3 and weighs 300 pounds.” “Why would I, at 53, after working 22 years with the same type of children, risk everything I have?” She also said that he initiated the relationship by telling her that he has had a crush on her for the past three years. Known as “Miss Jeanie” by her students, she said that she laughed at the idea at first and told him, “It will pass.” She said that it didn’t pass and he got possessive then even abusive towards her claiming that she only had sex with him about 3 times.

She said that she felt that the “very, very, very, low performing student” had the ability to do better and become a “productive member of the workforce,” even stating that “he looked like my ex-husband.” Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, said her office “does not approve of re-victimizing victims.” “The defendant pleaded guilty in this case,” Gibbons said. “That’s self-explanatory. She can rationalize it any way she wants.” This lady is a character, not only does she victimize a boy who claims he was afraid and had sex with her to avoid trouble. She then blames him for the whole affair even after he taped her where she agreed to the illegal behavior but the call also makes his story look true and her story just something to make her not look “so” bad.

She complained that she was illegally wiretapped by the boy, and asks what about that. Well I am sure the district attorney thought that the crime she did was far more damaging than that of a kid who was trying to get out of a bad situation by getting the proof needed in order to make people believe his story. She should be in prison deal or no deal. Her irresponsibility knows no ends, so much that she is defending her actions and pointing the finger at the school for lax rules and the boy for being large for his age and supposedly wanting her. Wow, what ever happened to I’m the adult and this is wrong, then having a talk with the principal and parents, I guess she doesn’t have to adhere to those types of standards.



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5 responses to “Teacher Gets Head Start On Sextra Credit This Year

  1. brotherpeacemaker


  2. Jeannie

    If people want to believe I would throw away 22 yrs. intentionally for a 16 yr. old or anyone for that matter do not know me .
    And yes I plead guilty because I didn’t have 50,000 to pay for a defense. You would be surprised what goes on really within the judicial system, and I also learned that my reputation and 22 yrs. of excellent eval. were suddenly forgotten and the kid who is a pathological liar as told to me the the school Psych. and has a history of violence. He is 6ft 3 and weighs 200 lbs.
    Lose your innocence like I did and forget what you believe to be a fair and just legal system!!! It’s all about money and politics.
    I know I am innocent and know what kind of character I have so for all of you who want to hate me for what you believe? I do not care …

  3. theblacksentinel


    I am just going by your own statements such as you agreed that you had “engaged in repeated sex with that 16 yr old.” You may say he is a pathological liar yet you are now saying that you didn’t do this, well that means there is more than one person who is a liar here.

    You claim that he was not innocent etc. That is besides the point he is an underage child even if he is a 6’3″ 200 pound boy. You were the adult, and just because he initiates something doesn’t mean that you have to go along with it. You had a way to initiate some recourse NOT intercourse.

    If you felt like he was forcing you since he was so big and violent then you go to the authorities or the principal etc. You don’t cry I was scared after you’ve engaged in such an intimate act which you yourself say happened again and again.

    If someone is forcing you to have sex that is rape and you get help, report them or remove yourself from the situation. Not to mention you never mentioned rape once, which leaves me to believe that these sexual encounters were totally consensual.

    No one hates you, except maybe his family, so relax. Also, I wanted to say that as a black person I KNOW that the legal system isn’t fair, I know that if “I” a black woman were to sex down some school age minor, I would be going straight to the slammer. And I mean for a good LONG time.


  4. Jeannie

    I am late in responding due to just now having a computer. I wish more than you will ever know to someday know why I let this ED student ( Emotionally disabled-which is not an accurate diagnosis since he is violent, a liar, a thief, a bully and extremely angry) convince me that I would be hurt and my daughter also if I ever told anyone what happened that night. I know what all the articles say and what was on the tv.. But there was no relationship. My own state of mind then was not healthy. i was advised not to talk to reporters and give my side of the story and at first I didn’t understand that but do now..I am a felon, can’t work, was jailed and am doing community service. I am on probation. I never once had a criminal record of any kind. I was an exemplary employee and had 22 yrs of excellent evaluations. I had a good relationship with my Administrators and wish today that I would have believed in myself that she would have believed me also. I had lots of proof and documentation of abuse by that student and abused was witnessed by other staff personnel. I had a great attorney. He helped me stay out of prison. He knows what happened to me and believed in me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money for a trial and afford a lawyer who dealt with women’s issues of past abuse, incest and battering.
    I see a therapist. Not because I was the predator though I do understand people see me that way. Iknow I was the prey for 3 yrs as the student told me that 3rd yr!!
    I hope someday I can write about my experience and tell what really happened.I need too.
    You are right . You would have gone to the slammer and that would have been horrific and just or more wrong!!! I use to be naive and believe in the judicial system but no more.
    I saw how women were treated in jail and degraded. I wasn’t even convicted but made to wait all day to pee and not given a kotex which was needed. I saw a woman have a seizure in my cell and the women jailers took their time helping her. We were asked to go out in the cold and given no jackets or blankets. with our noses up next to the dumpsters.
    Why would I all of a sudden risk everything at age 53 after working for 22 yrs with L.A. County?? I all of a sudden became a sexual predator? All my life has been working with kids and was good at it.
    I appreciate your time and acknowledge your oppinions. I would have seen it probably the same way 2 yrs ago too. Now I don’t jump to conclusions or believe what is on tv or in the news. I do not judge.Jeannie

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