Blacks Fall Through The Foster Care Cracks More Often


Even though children suffer from abuse and neglect equally regardless of race the amount of black children who enter foster care never to be reunited with family nor find permanent homes is much higher than that of white families. Should anyone be surprised by this, of course not, it is the same phenomenon that puts ten times more black men and women in prisons than their white counterparts; which is to break up the black family unit. But I guess we can’t complain too much since not enough of us are standing by to help these families regroup, nor are we becoming the foster parents that we should.

According to the Washington Times, in its report on “African American Children in Foster Care,” the GAO said that in 2004, black children accounted for 162,911, or 34 percent, of the 482,541 children in state care. This is double the proportion of black children in the general child population, the GAO said.

To explain this “racial disproportionality,” the GAO checked to see whether there was more abuse and neglect in black families, but the federal National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect showed that children of all races and ethnicities are equally likely to be abused or neglected. So unfortunately there is no excuse.

The GAO has admitted that there “may” be some bias in due to poverty and race. The question the GAO needs to answer is not why so many black children enter the system; it should be why they aren’t working as hard to get the black families back together like they obviously do for the white families. They are also claiming that the children were placed with relatives of the child’s for foster care. That these families were refusing to adopt the kids or become permanent guardians because, “these people didn’t want to give up the kinship care subsidy. So basically they are saying that they couldn’t help these children and families because of money hungry relatives. So they are now saying that this subsidized guardianship will help them “move” black kids from foster care, because these black families won’t have to forfeit any of the stipend money.

So instead of focusing on the problem that gets black children into the system to system in the first place, lets focus on some negative aspect of the foster “families” and run with that to solve things. Let’s focus on fixing the problems in the black community such as lack of employment, low income, inadequate education, housing and crime which is generally the root of these very same problems. If we were to expend this wasted energy being put into trying to find ways to keep black kids IN foster care, and use it on the things listed above, very small amounts of black children would be in need of foster care. Why not discontinue placing band-aids over deep gashes and actually repair them like we would if those gashes were slashed into the body of a white child.




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3 responses to “Blacks Fall Through The Foster Care Cracks More Often

  1. The best way to help the black community or any group of people is advocate free market economics, such as the ones you dismissed in my blog (I responded to your comment). We need less government support not more. Government has not helped any group get out of poverty rather it keeps people dependent.

  2. Let me start with your first question. YES. I am not really a have or have not, but I never advocate stealing. Who cares if there is a difference in my wealth and someone else’s?

    Secondly, helping people is fine and noble, it is when I am forced to help people via taxes that I have a problem with.

    Lastly, what the hell does get over yourself even mean? You can do better than that.

  3. theblacksentinel


    Free market economics won’t help anyone as long as there are people who decide who gets to participate in these so called free markets. I agree that the government keeps people dependent, but in order for any of your propositions to work the “white privilege” needs to end. But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I am pretty sure that Blacks would LOVE to participate in all sorts of things that would get them out of poverty, but they still have to rely on some one else to give them a chance, whether that be employment, business ventures where loans need to be obtained or school. I don’t see how people getting help to go to school would be opposed by you, because if they do, you won’t need to support them further. But, to end any and all help will serve to make even MORE poor destitute people. Right now, things are so skewed that it is still hard for people to get the chance they need to be self sufficient.

    When I say get over yourself, what I mean is that, you obviously have yours (money, education, you name it) and now you can just say “I don’t want to help anyone else”. Did you attend college totally out of pocket, or did Mom and Dad pay? Either way, most people especially those of color can’t afford to pay for college let alone look for mom or dad to afford it. So how pray tell do those people do it, to not need your almighty tax dollar?

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