Let me be the judge



I’m sure by now you’ve all seen or heard of one of daytime televisions staple the court room show. You name them, Texas Justice, The People’s Court, Judges Christina, Alex, Mathis or Joe Brown, and one of my most hated Judge Judy. These shows usually pit two idiots in a court room being presided over by an ex-judge who has whatever extra spark that makes them perfectly suitable for daytime drama. The one thing that all of these judges have in common is their undoubtedly uncanny ability to yell, insult and belittle their perspective idiot claimants or defendants unmercifully. At times you can be sure that the justice both idiots are searching for will not be found in any of these courtrooms.


Forgive me if you think that I hate courtroom television shows, I don’t. I had (noticed the past tense) come to love the People’s Court. I couldn’t get enough of it, setting my DVR to record it daily so I wouldn’t miss a thing. My boyfriend mind you can’t even stand one minute of hearing Judge Milians’ voice and runs from the room the minute he sees me gearing up to watch the show. I even have an autographed picture from the judge. But, as of late I have been having a serious problem getting through a show without being disgusted and fast forwarding through certain rants the judge has been making. Some of the things have been said in a way that feels really racial and caused me extreme anger.


I don’t say this lightly, as I was a huge fan but, as I take a step back it’s as if no matter what evidence a person of color produces it’s almost irrelevant…you lose! I once saw Judge Judy in which a black man had accused a white man of stealing his money; but before the presentation of any evidence she called the guy an out and out liar amongst other things, yelling it with such venom. The white man denied it all, in which she said that the black man was so ridiculous. Needless to say the black guy produced a video tape showing the white guy in full view stealing the money. She did not offer an apology nor did she take back any of the bad things she said. She just commented on how he should have produced the tape sooner. I feel a Geico moment here: “I’m sorry, if I had known you were there, I wouldn’t have said that.” But hey, he was no caveman just a black one so he didn’t even deserve that.

These shows are fodder for the masses of mindless drones just wanting to see the next verbal beat down in a Jerry Springer meets Court TV fashion. But, anything that makes the mind go blank in an attempt to block out the real issues of the day, this is a double bonus if you include a bit of minority bashing as well. Maybe I should not be so concerned with the treatment of minorities on these shows about truth and justice seeing as there is no truth and certainly no justice for most minorities in our legal system and these shows just want to reflect the position of America.



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4 responses to “Let me be the judge

  1. brotherpeacemaker

    These shows are more like the judicial system of America than anyone gives them credit for. The racism of the judges are typical. Their judgments just as unfair. Their contempt for black people too real. Needless to say I cannot stand these shows. Their existence is more evidence of the programming of America, of African Americans, at the hands of our own television sets. If you want to be entertained by court room drama pick up a John Grisham novel.


  2. theblacksentinel

    I hear ya. I haven’t watched in a while, it has really gotten on my nerves to a point that I needed to take a step back and let it go. I have tried the John Grisham novels but I only read one that I like a lot, I couldn’t get into the others. I probably should try again though. But, you are absolutely correct the programming of these shows is to get us used to blacks and minorities in general getting the shaft by the law, then we won’t be surprised. Better yet, we will come to agree with it and start to point the finger at our own and asking them “what did ‘you’ do?” When that is not always the case.

    Thanks for the reply

  3. What a great article. We definently need to talk about this topic more. Thank you for bring this to light. Especially where you listed all the known cases, that was the most un-nerving part for me.

  4. emanon

    You must realize that these shows are for entertainment only. The only one I don’t care for is Judge Judy. All of the hollering and screaming and name calling is ridiculous. All of the shows are just that, shows. But, I always agree with all of the decisions that are made. If people don’t want to look ridiculous and be embarrassed they should not go on the show. Before they go on the show they no what the deal is. They have a choice and they should make it.

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