Death Penalty Becomes The New Lynching


America is a product of its past, says David Jacobs a professor of Sociology at the Ohio State University. What he is speaking of is the link between lynching and the death penalty. It seems that when he and his group looked at the actual number of lynchings per state they found that it directly correlates to the amount of African American males actually being put to death.

As he starts explaining his findings from his study, “Death sentences linked to history of lynching in states”, Jacobs states that the results might be shocking, except that I have known this all along so was I surprised, not one bit. “Our results suggest that the death penalty has become a sort of legal replacement for the lynchings in the past,” Jacobs said. “This hasn’t been done overtly, and probably no one has consciously made such a decision. But the results show a clear connection.” The only problem I have is I think that people in the legal system have to know that this system we count on to bring justice to criminals the country over is inherently racist

So the study shows that the states with the highest lynchings in the past have the highest number of blacks being put to death now, so I can surmise that the modern day death penalty when dealing with blacks is just another means of lynching our brothers. Ten southern states were of course with the highest rates. They showed that the death sentence numbers increased after an increase in the black population and showed that as soon as the population threshold was down to 20 to 22 percent the sentences tapered off. Sounds like black population control.

Another of his studies “Blacks who kill whites are most likely to be executed” showed that those blacks getting death sentences also increased if the victim was white but decreased if the victim was a minority. Also, when whites killed minorities they were less likely to get death. So it would seem that the judicial system places a higher value on the lives of whites versus their minority counterparts. But, yet again this does not surprise me as the judicial system has been screwed up since blacks were first introduced to it. Since nothing has changed that would ensure blacks a fair racist free trial I don’t see any end to this fiasco.

I have had a conversation about the judicial system before and heard a proposal that made absolute sense to me. The proposal was that we take the people out of the trial; you don’t get to see defendants or victims. How that works is the trial is actually done without the jury and everything is on transcript. Once the transcript is ready a jury reads it without any mention of race sexual orientation, religion, etc. unless it is an extremely important part of the trial such as hate crimes etc. So the jury can’t make any preconceived notions about anyone and they can just render a judgment.

I thought that it made sense; you can’t say that race etc. was a factor if no one knows any of those incidentals. Then the true verdicts can be rendered free of bias. I know first hand that preconceived notions can harm verdicts. I was on a jury once and everyone found this person who happened to be black not guilty except one man who agreed that the crime probably had not been committed but he felt that this second year college student who had never been in any trouble before probably had committed crimes that no one new about and this was our chance to make him pay. What! I told him that it didn’t matter what he might or might not have done, we were there to decide a verdict on a particular crime which he did not commit so the case is closed, but he could not live with that, and yes it was a hung jury due to that fool. Yet, you hear time and time again that racism is dead. Nevertheless here it is again biting blacks on trial whether they committed crimes or not right in the ass.




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38 responses to “Death Penalty Becomes The New Lynching

  1. brotherpeacemaker

    I am here to testify! The law enforcement system, the justice system, and our legislature system is so heavily skewed in white people’s favor and against black people it doesn’t make sense. I never thought to see the correlation between lynchings of the past to executions of today. But now I can see the connection as if it was a high energy laser beam aimed straight at my corneas. This is the type of stuff we will learn and see as long as we study and remember the history of black people’s relationship with white people. Those who are doomed to forget are destined to repeat.


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  3. Drew

    Racism is still a problem, but people will not admit it. we cannot possibly just hoarde evidance on either side, or all the work of many people would be wasted. if we continue to search for reasons to hate one another, we will surely find some. But when it comes down to it, we’re all human, an ought to treat one another as such.

    I hope that this will happen someday.

  4. lisa

    this is stupid i hate the death penelty

  5. anonymous

    More white people have been executed via. the death penalty than black people.

  6. Maybe despite all the propaganda that says black people are more violent, more white people actually deserve the death penalty than black people.


  7. anonymous,

    The point of the post is not or was not to point fingers as to who gets executed more often. This post was to let people see the correlation between lynching and the death penalty. You obviously only read into the post what you wanted.

    I am showing people that the states with the highest rates of lynching now have the highest rates of death penalties for blacks. And I guess all you can worry about is that white people are being put to death at a slightly higher rate than blacks.

    I guess it doesn’t matter to you that whites commit a higher number of crimes yet still don’t exceed the number of blacks in prison. Nope all you can hear is that someone is complaining about blacks being lynched by the penal system. I guess I should be writing posts about white men who were not being lynched at the rate of blacks and their woes with the legal system.

    If that is what you want to hear about then I think you need to write that post yourself since I have written about what I would like to have people learn about.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Snesgamer

    So, the justice system is naturally racist then? It has nothing to do with the possibility that blacks just simply commit more death penalty-deserving crime, does it?

  9. Snesgamer,

    If you go and read the report done by the DOJ or department of justice. They explain how the DOJ is biased. The bias comes from the fact that the DOJ was founded during a time when the climate and conditions were to target minorities.

    Not to mention that the department has NOT changed much and still overwhelmingly targets minorities. If you still have a majority of one race controlling who does and does not get prosecuted like the DOJ says, you will constantly have bias.

    The DOJ showed in the study that black people are ten times more likely to be sentenced with prison time or death than a white person having committed the same exact crime. This bias is a large reason why prisons are so overpopulated with minorities. But I guess bias has never entered your mind when looking at the justice system, right?

    They said they have not tried nor figured out a way to try and conquer the bias. So I guess your answer is YES and that comes from the DOJ themselves.

    Thank you for the reply.

  10. MiniMoose147

    I’m sorry, but this is completely illogical. Lynching is not related to Modern Day Death Penalty. Have you read laws regarding it? Apparently not, because the laws require very specific things in those states and race is not one of the qualifications. It is just wrong to believe that people are getting executed due to race, but rather child rape and murder. Personally, it sounds like the felons that were executed that just so happened to be black committed TERRIBLE crimes and just needed to be punished. Don’t blame the penal code for a certain part of a demographic being executed more often than an other.

    Also, just like to point this out: Blacks are not nearly as close to Whites when comparing statistics, but do you hear me writing stories about White lynching? No. You don’t.

  11. MiniMoose147,

    What is illogical is to think that lynching or racist views actually follow laws at all. The study did not say that they were taking prisoners out back and hanging them in trees. The first thing to do is to actually read the post in order to see the correlation that had been made. I guess I can summarize it for you. It was a University study which showed that the states with the highest amount of lynchings now have the highest amount of black men being put to death.

    No one is blaming the penal system. Although even the Dept. of Justice admitted in a study that the justice system is flawed with racism and has no idea how to fix it. You might want to take a little gander over there and check that out before you start crying about how many blacks are committing those terrible crimes. Not to mention white people commit more crimes on the DOJ yet are less likely to do time. Yep, that sounds fair.

    Anyhow, if you wanted to do a story about white people being lynched, be my guess. I would probably love to see what angle you write it from. But don’t read a post about lynching if you don’t want to hear about lynching. And again before you start spouting anything about statistics take yourself to the DOJ and get the actual numbers first. Because it is obvious that you have NO CLUE.


  12. mattd

    The problem with comparing lynching to the death penalty is obvious: people who were lynched were not guilty of crimes. People who are executed are. People who were lynched had not trial. People who are executed do. People who were lynched were done so by a mob, and mobs inherently lack rational thought. People who are executed are done so by a jury, after the incident at hand, and after emotions have cooled to allow rational thought into the judgement.

    Certainly there is evidence that racism exists in the system, but with all respect for the passion of the blacksentinel to end those injustices, this is an area where your emotion appears to have gotten the better of your rational side (the same can be said of most of the posts your have responded against, but that is no reason for you to do the same).

    Purporting that executions and lynchings are the same does several harmful things for African-American rights. First, it diminishes the image of what those lynchings really were. It allows other Americans to assume that, like the criminals who are executed, those who were lynched might have had it coming to. This is OBVIOUSLY not the case, but your argument opens that door. Second, it suggests that African-Americans support other African-Americans who legitimately commit horrific crimes simply because they are black. Third, it brings people with good intentions down to the level of racists: your arguments are both based on faulty logic and emotion rather than reason.

    There are many reasons to oppose the death penalty on race-based reasons, but to argue that the death penalty is a replacement for lynching is simply wrong. The states who you state, accurately, that execute the most black people are the same states that lynched the most people. True. But correlation does not explain causation. These are also the states that execute the most white people, and they never once lynched a white person. These are also the states that happen to be the most conservative, and conservatives everywhere, whether racist or not, tend to support the death penalty.

    If you want the legitimate complaints that African-Americans have about the death penalty and its racist implications to be taken seriously, I suggest you stop bringing up less legitimate, irrational complaints that just don’t hold up logically. It gives the other side too much ammunition against you.

  13. Mattd,

    I didn’t come up with this concept, I explained that I read a piece on the death penalty and lynching. I was just giving the information to the readers and let them look at it to see whether they agreed or not. And in fact a lot of people who are placed on death row might or might not have committed crimes. In case you didn’t know there are a LOT of people in prison who have committed NO crimes whatsoever. They slowly trickle out and get their five minutes on 20/20.

    Also, I agree that the people who were lynched were killed by a mob who weren’t thinking straight. But the same can be said about the lynch mob mentality of the criminal justice system. I have sat on a jury with a guy actually said that he just couldn’t vote not guilty because he knew that the black guy who was accused PROBABLY had done some crime even though we all agreed he did NOT do this one. How is that any different than a crazy lynch mob mentality who says that this black guy may have done something, I mean he IS black isn’t he?

    So in many respects things are the same. They are only sanctioned by law now. Also, is it a coincidence that the black death row rate mimics that of lynchings in states? I read the piece and could see the correlation. I understand if you see differently as that is part of life. We all have our own thoughts and see things in different ways. But, you can admit there is racism in the criminal justice system then turn around and say that the racists implications about the death penalty i.e. part of the criminal justice system can’t be taken seriously. And remember what is legitimate to you may NOT be legitimate to me or someone else. So next time make your business NOT to tell me what is or isn’t legitimate to blacks or myself.


  14. Kiley

    You, obviously, have a biased opinion. That’s not a good thing to have in this attempt at an article or whatever this is suppose to be. You should have kept this with facts, strictly with facts and not your whole “pitty us, we get executed more often than whites(which is not true, whites beat you by like 3%)” or the whole calling into action your “brothers.” It just makes your arguement seem like it’s only for black people, which does definitely make you sound biased.

    When you talk about percent of race on death row, you have to take into account the percent that said race takes up in america. As of 2007, whites are 80%, blacks are 12.8%, American Indian and Alaska Native’s are 1%, Asians are 4.4%, People of Hispanic or Latino origin are 15.1%.

    Let’s look at the whites and black. The percent of whites in death row is 45, blacks are 42. That means about 36 whites are in death row compared to about 5-6 blacks. The new lynching method for getting rid of blacks? Obviously not. Get over this whole pathetic racist crap. Everybody, yes EVERYBODY, is prejudice, not a racist.

  15. Kiley, Kiley, Kiley,

    You claim I have a biased view, AND YOU DON’T! Shame on you. Obviously you didn’t read the post or it was a bit over your head. I never said that blacks were put to death MORE than whites. The post in case you missed it, and it is obvious you did, is about the fact that the states with the highest lynching numbers ALSO have the highest death penalty rates for blacks.

    Of course whites SHOULD account for more numbers in prison as well as with the death penalty since they have a higher crime rate. But, we see that doesn’t always hold true, now does it. And I don’t know what bullshit you are talking about with this “calling my ‘brothers’ to action. You need to stow that shit right there. Not to mention again but it bears repeating, LEARN TO READ. I was doing a post on an article NOT my original idea. You give me way to much credit. But those who can’t seem to read usually make up their own conclusions anyway.

    And like I’ve said before about people like you, your opinion is free because it is worthless.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  16. Kiley

    My opinion is NOT worthless. And you’re right, I didn’t finish the article because it was full of bull and BIASED OPINIONS. You only looked at one side.

    “so I can surmise that the modern day death penalty when dealing with blacks is just another means of lynching our brothers. Ten southern states were of course with the highest rates. They showed that the death sentence numbers increased after an increase in the black population and showed that as soon as the population threshold was down to 20 to 22 percent the sentences tapered off. Sounds like black population control.”

    Yeah, that whole section right there, is bull. I DON’T have a biased view because I really don’t care if someone is white, black, blue, or green, if they commit a heinous enough crime, they should be put away for life, yes life in prison with no chance of parole because the death penalty is a violation of your rights as an American citizen.

    Now, back to the topic at hand:
    “But, yet again this does not surprise me as the judicial system has been screwed up since blacks were first introduced to it. Since nothing has changed that would ensure blacks a fair racist free trial I don’t see any end to this fiasco.”

    Do you really think we have a FAIR judicial system. NO. It’s not just unfair to black people, it’s unfair to almost everybody except for rich people because they can afford proper and competent lawyers. And women have less of a chance of being convicted of a crime then men would if they had committed the same crime! It’s unfair to everybody, you can’t try and pin it on one specific race.

    “I was on a jury once and everyone found this person who happened to be black not guilty except one man who agreed that the crime probably had not been committed but he felt that this second year college student who had never been in any trouble before probably had committed crimes that no one new about and this was our chance to make him pay. What! I told him that it didn’t matter what he might or might not have done, we were there to decide a verdict on a particular crime which he did not commit so the case is closed, but he could not live with that, and yes it was a hung jury due to that fool. Yet, you hear time and time again that racism is dead. Nevertheless here it is again biting blacks on trial whether they committed crimes or not right in the ass.”

    Yes, there ARE idiots out there that think like that, you can blame this man for possibly destroying the life of the young man in this trial but you can’t blame him for this type of mindset. The media does NOT portray blacks in a good way. They have TV shows, movies, and even rap songs sung by black people that talk about gang violence, rape, and other various things. This gives people a pre-conceived image of a group of people, and it’s very hard to change the way someone thinks. I know that not all black people and minorities are in gangs and that they do not support that type of life style, and I know that there are just as many white people, way more than the minorities, committing crimes. I know. Rock and metal bands and their fans are looked down upon as being satanic and violent because half the rock/metal bands sing about violent things or just sound violent, even worse than any rap song I’ve ever heard. They are thought to be satan worshiping soon-to-be murderers. It’s just a fact that there will always be someone that will judge other people based on what others do. I know this wasn’t your original idea but you don’t disagree with it.

    Well, now I’ve finished the article and I still think it’s biased. I don’t think badly of you, if that’s what you think, quite frankly I just like to see what others think and then I enjoy arguing with them to see if they can back it up and still be a good sport about it. You have to take critisism in stride, you didn’t do too well that post. Let’s be better next time. Can’t wait to see if you reply.

  17. **YAWN**

    Your right I did only look at one side of the story and guess what, THAT IS MY RIGHT AS A BLOGGER. If you have another side you want to have sported then by all means write your own damn blog with that information. Like I said before, because it is obvious you didn’t read the reply either, I wrote a post regarding a study I read. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? A study that was written by SOMEONE ELSE. I just put it out there for others to see and come to THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

    I am NOT here to be your brains nor to read for YOU! If you are going to complain about the biased positions then by all means go where you feel that your side is being told, you don’t have to stay. Enough said. Oh, and I still think your opinion, views and comments are worthless. But, isn’t that biased and my opinion? Just like you telling me that my post is bull and whatever else is YOUR BIASED OPINION? See you don’t have to make a big leap to be considered biased. So please don’t keep on with it, as it is getting you nowhere and will get you trashed if you see fit to continue sending me the same crap as before.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  18. Jacob

    I highly disagree that the death penalty is racist; the fact is that inner city blacks commit up to seven times the amount of murders than whites, and other minorities combined. In fact if you exclude the “black murders” from the statistics America would have a lower murder rate than some European countries such as Germany. Naturally if Black people commit more murders than the conviction and the capital punishment rate would be higher. This researched is skewed as it does not take into count that more crimes are committed by intercity blacks. While the rate for the capital punishment may be higher for them, I highly doubt that it is seven times higher to make up for the increased murder rate.

  19. Jacob,

    I don’t rightly care first of all. But, why don’t you enlighten us all on where you got those (out of your ass) statistics that say that blacks commit seven times the amount of murders than whites? Or all other minorities combined. Because the last time I checked whites committed the most crime in America. But I guess you mean per capita as if that overrides all other numbers.

    OH, in case you were wondering MORE whites are put to death in America. The post wasn’t about who did more crime or who is put to death more. You should TRY READING the post before you comment, as this would be helpful for a dialog about the post. So, put your phony numbers back into your ass, and go get your facts straight and then maybe we can communicate.

    Thanks but no thanks to stupidity and phony numbers.

  20. i think some people are racist but most aren’t and i think some people use their skin tone to say things like “its just cause i’m black” no matter what you should be getting punished for your crime a crime is a crim and if you die for it maybe you should have thought twice before comming the crime…-_-

  21. keanfreshman,

    Yes, NOT everyone is racist and yes there are people who overuse their skin as an excuse. There are people on both sides doing any and everything we are talking about. But what I am NOT talking about is any of that. I am talking about a study which shows that there is a direct correlation to the amount of lynchings during Jim Crow and the amount of Death penalty punishments now.

    And of course people should be punished for their crimes. The problem is not that people shouldn’t be punished but the fact that innocent people are being railroaded right onto death row. And that we should be looking at that and fixing the problem. Not sweeping under the rug and talking about whether or not people should have thought twice about doing crime.


  22. bubba

    You are a racist. Statistics don’t lie. 15% of the population is committing half the crime. I was watching a group of black leaders discuss issues concerning the black community. They were all crying about how racist everyone is. One guy commented that there are racist out there, but the problems still remain. He wanted to stop moaning about racism and start dooing something about the community. Some people have a victum mantality and others look for solutions. You are living with a victum mentality. Our country is majority white. If you want to be in a majority black country, move to one. If you are fine living here, do something about the problems that foster crime in your own community.

  23. Bubba,
    Learn to spell or use spell check then come and tell me about how it is a victim mentality that continues to keep such glaring disparity between the black and white communities. And you speak of doing something about the problems that foster crime in my community. Well in my community the criminals are white, what should I do about that? But if by community you mean the black community I would have to say that if blacks weren’t unemployed at twice the rate of whites maybe there would be less crime. But someone like you would rather not find that out, right?

    And just in case you didn’t know, the white community commits far more crimes than the black community. What are you doing to put a stop to it? Where are your community meetings to address this FACT? Where are the white leaders pointing fingers at the white people and asking them what they are prepared to do about the rampant crime in their communities? They are nowhere, that’s where. And the reason they are nowhere is because the focus is on blacks as if we are the only race that commits crime. Get a freaking clue.

    Our country is a majority white, means what exactly? And because of this fact, blacks shouldn’t expect fair treatment under the law? Blacks should be content with the blatant racism that is rampant in our country? Blacks should only focus on blacks and continue to let the systemic racism run rampant in the race card playing white community? Or should we just continue to play the game from the sidelines as the status quo requires?

    The problem in this country is that we want to constantly focus on the symptoms and never the disease. If someone walked into the doctor’s office with blood gushing from a wound in their arm and the only thing the doctor can focus on is that the person has a dirty bloody shirt and continues to tell the person that they need clean clothes, the problem never gets fixed. Think about that one, because this is what you are telling me to do. Only look at the symptom of racism not the racism. That might be helpful for those whites who wish to continue being racist but it does nothing to help black people. But of course that isn’t your main concern.

    Your main concern is for blacks to stop crying about the treatment in this country and just put band aids on the gaping wounds that white privilege is cutting into us. Now if you want a country that is devoid of blacks, why don’t YOU and the other racists move to one? Don’t presume to tell me to move out of a country that some of my ancestors not only OWNED first but the others actually built. You don’t have the freaking right. Do you tell the white people who are unhappy with this black president that if they want a white president they should move to a country with one? I bet you don’t. Most people like you wouldn’t have the good sense to see the hypocrisy in your statements.

    You sit there and tell people that they should stop moaning about racism and do something for themselves. So we decide to do something for ourselves and apply for jobs yet, the majority of businesses are owned and operated by white people. We then find ourselves being passed over for jobs such as the statistical study by Devah Pager shows. That a black man with a college degree has a call back rate on jobs less than that of a white man with a felony record. Nope that isn’t racism, right Bubba? That is just a black man who doesn’t want to work.

    Well, unfortunately the facts are against you on this Bubba. Remember you said that the statistics don’t lie? So while you are gabbing on about how blacks are playing the victim, I am looking at plenty of statistics to show that blacks are consistently the victims of all sorts of racism. And if we see that blacks are being victimized while trying to get jobs would that then show that blacks being unemployed at twice the rate of whites is just a symptom of racism?

    So, then what of that victim mentality? Should those blacks who are surely being victimized just ignore that and move to countries where blacks can get employed? Or maybe the white’s who would rather hire a white felon instead of an educated black man should move to a country where there are no blacks. So maybe instead of pointing your ignorant finger at the black community, you will point your finger right back at your own community.

    Maybe if people such as yourself worked within your own community and tried to change this system of white privilege and systemic racism, blacks wouldn’t be victims and have no victim mentality. Then maybe they wouldn’t be unemployed at twice the rate, which drives up crime, be denied housing, services and quality medical care.

    But then who would be the crime scapegoat for white racists then Bubba? Oh yeah, the Hispanics, who get called out every time someone mentions the high white crime rate. So in the vain of Dr. Richard Kimble in the movie Fugitive, It wasn’t us white people it was the one armed Hispanic; right Bubba? So it sounds to me like you have a lot of work to do in order to straighten out your own community before you go chastising some other community.

  24. Crew,

    It is quite obvious that you DID NOT READ the post. And it is irresponsible to comment on a post you don’t understand or know anything about. You read the title and ASSumed what was being said. So please go troll somewhere else, I don’t have time for stupidity. Thank you, don’t come again.

  25. Response,

    Why is it OK for you and some other white people to play the race card? And have you ever asked yourself WHY do white people have more money? That shit didn’t happen by accident idiot. It’s called inherent wealth. You see after slavery ended, black people were sent packing without a dime to their name, no clothes, food or anything else that one would consider a possession. Not to mention they had to search high and low to find family members who were SOLD away from the plantation they had been on. But I digress.

    But, of course we know that through slavery this country and white people gained considerable wealth. We know for a fact that if it had NOT been for slavery, this country wouldn’t be the super power that it is today. Free labor means 100% profit, you can’t beat that formula. Anyway, then through Jim Crow, black people were continuously denied access to the greatest wealth in the country. The wealth that white families built off of the backs of those black people they were denying access to. Jim Crow ends and hmm, all of a sudden everything is equal. How dumb are you, really?

    So just the mere fact that white people have more disposable cash is an inherited racism. Now, if our little history lesson is over, at least for those little dummies who relied on the public school system and obviously didn’t apply themselves, let’s move on shall we. So it is besides the point if YOU believe that the justice system is racist. Because by their own statement in an article written by the DOJ they said that YES, THE SYSTEM RACIST, and they don’t know how to go about fixing the system. You see, If I were you, before I went off the deep end playing my race card, THE FIRST RACE CARD TO EVER BE PLAYED, I would have done a smidgen of research. But people like you never seem to do any research. You just talk out the side of your neck on issues you know nothing about.

    And how about this for a funny little kicker. There is a blog titled the White Sentinel. Hmm, I guess you didn’t bother to look that up either did you. And IF you had read the post JACKASS JONES, you would have noticed that I am talking about a study that was done, not my own personal beliefs. But again, lack of critical thinking and reading skills have put you on the ass end of the conversation here. And since you wish to talk about all these so called ills like BET, and all the rest. What about every major channel on network television? Do they show pretty much ALL white television. And I am sure you did no research on this either, but BET is owned and operated by white people. So it is hardly a channel for black people. Get a clue! Unfortunately, not even Sherlock Holmes could help you find one.

    And who in the hell has been protecting white interest thus far, Matlock? Why that would be the government, because we know they didn’t pass laws to continue to subjugate black folks, now did they? And How about this Dumb Fuck, racism ISN’T ABOUT SLAVERY! Why do you fucking idiots continue to believe that just because black people have ancestors who were slaves, that this is the end all and be all of any racist conversation? It’s stupidity, that’s what it is. Affirmative action IS extremely biased. Just NOT in the way your dumb ass thinks it is. Why don’t you go and check with the department of labor. Because affirmative action helps MORE white women than any black person. So just fucking get some education, it goes a long way. And you know what dingbat, we give reparations every year to people who never suffered the holocaust. Why is that? But of course, that is probably just fine by you that billions of dollars in aid money goes to Israel every year.

    It is too bad that people like you are so stupid as to think that just because laws were passed, means that whatever race issues that existed have come to an end. Guess what, they made laws to stop murder, has that happened? Well, of course not! And you claim that you believe that people should be judged on their personal merits not skin color but continue to use the same old racist rhetoric to try and make a point. And you don’t have to worry about anyone coming here and reading your comment and calling you a racist, because this stupid ass comment will never see the light of day. You see, I don’t entertain stupidity. I have learned that it is a waste of my time to post this tripe. As it serves no point but to try and utilize the same stupid ass propaganda to further the status quo. I am not a platform for your idiocy. So guess what, I don’t give a damn. Now kiss my black ass!

  26. Xantall

    theblacksentinel it seams that you are well informed about the subjuct at hand yet i do belive you are a little biased but that can not be helped. Everyone is in some way or form. Yet it still seams to me that the study you speak of was done where racism did run amuck, where hate and killing was an everyday occurance. It take the human race generations to change and learn. I myself do not care for race, yet will admit that then there is a larger number of another race that is not my own I have the stiring of the flight or fight reflex. Which is primal like everyone has.
    Upon the idea you placed as a way to run a trial it is a good idea but there is a few problems. A jury is moved by the trial and is based on emotions. Yes it is to be just on facts but if a mother is on the stand cring cause her child was murdered it would stir the jury. You understand what I’m saying? That is just my opion.
    While reading your responce to a comment I assume that you deleted I have a few comments. Wow! They seamed to have really pissed you off. But just a little extra information for you please do not take this the wrong way. Yes the united tates wouldn’t be were we are with out the rough beginings that we all had. Blacks were the major use of free labor but there were whites as well just not as many.
    People through out history have always seamed one or another race or nationality as lesser than themselves. I do not belive that it is right but even my ancestors, from Scotland and Ireland were slaves to the Romans. They belived that we were below them. That is the problem with believing. It leads to death and hate any belief leads to this. Ideas are good they can be changed and helped to become better.
    And yes the main cause of racism is slavery. I live in the country far away from the city but when I went to class in pittsburg. I had to quit because of racism. The school was 98% black and the last 2% was mixed. The staff was black as well. I was nervous not because of that but because I was in a huge city when I was use to the freedom of the woods.
    Yet a few of the black girls took the fact that I didn’t talk to anyone as I thought I was better than them (which happened in high school as well with white students, I’m just not social) so they made it their mission to make my life a living hell. I had spoke to the staff and was told I was just being over senstive. Anyways one day I couldn’t take it and turned punching one of the girls. Next thing I know I’m being hauled to the office and being accused of being racist. Mind you i did have a few friends there but that didn’t help. I left with in two days. Like hell I was going to have that chasing me around campus I saw what was done to a guy they called racist.
    You can’t say that a few stupid people repersent the whole race. And yes I still talk to my frineds I made there. Good luck with your blog and try to relax a little people make stupid comments when they believe they are being attaced ot that their beliefs are being attacked.

  27. Xantall,

    I have to say that I am saddened to hear about your harsh days in that school. Yes, they were stupid people, they are everywhere and there is no getting past that. I also have been in a situation where something beyond my control led to me being labeled as harsh to someone based on their disability. So I know your pain there. It is never a good thing.

    I also, understand that your ancestors were some of the second wave of indentured servitude in the U.S. But, the majority of the countries wealth was built on the backs of their free labor being slaves. But, they abused a lot of races of people to build this nation. The Native Americans, Chinese and others were bullied in order for this country to be who it is.

    Thanks for the reply.

  28. John

    I personally don’t believe the system as a whole is wrong… but the people it runs on might be. It can be the greatest system and have the most well meaning people running it and participating in it, but that all means squat if they have preconceptions… conscious or otherwise.

    I never really thought about the idea you presented of having just the manuscript… I think that’s genius. Finally a way to effectively drain the vast majority of emotion from a case, by eliminating tone and body language you scrub the image to be so much neater. I can tell you this, OJ would never have walked if this system were in place then. Ygh… maybe that’s not the best example, eh?

    While i don’t have any personal experience in the matter, (I lead a rather sheltered life and have hardly even run into any minorities in my neck of the woods) I whole heartedly agree with everything xanthall says. I’m glad he succintly wrapped up a bunch of issues I would have overtyped, I’m sure. However there is one place i strongly disagree… racism is NOT caused by slavery. If one were to use simple common sense it becomes quite obvious. You said it yourself sentinel, be careful to ASSume what’s a symptom and what’s the cause. slavery existed in this manner, as long as it did, BECAUSE of racism.

    Also, here is a little tidbit of info as far as the “racism” of white’s disposable cash. “free” labor wasn’t free. Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means endorsing slavery. But it wasn’t cheap to purchase. My point is, only the richest 1% owned slaves. I find it interesting how little everything has changed, really. And even those who couldn’t afford slaves didn’t exactly look down upon it, and blacks were still SOL when cut loose, I’m not arguing those points. Just that slavery made a select rich few richer. Which, as we all know, doesn’t exactly make the whole country richer.

    I also take my views to a bit of an extreme when it comes to ignorance… I think (if it were practical) there should be a test administered to would voters/parents to stop the ignorant from perpetuating ignorance. Now I’m sure it will never happen… but it would be nice to see a small test asking some basic questions about the political views of the candidates to ensure a voter knows more about runner XYZ then what FOX news told them >.> While my views align with the theory of republicans, where they have brought this country brings me to tears. But I digress.

    We don’t need a new system. We don’t even need new people in it. All we need is a way to help spread information. I think its safe to say that, in my SMALL community, racism is dead. I personally am a bit uncomfortable around minorities, not because I’m afraid of them etc. but because I don’t want to accidently piss someone off because of my own ignorance… embarrassing and awkward (and possibly painful) on a whole new level :S It’s kind of ironic really…. the fewer minorities present, the fewer passed down misconceptions, the more logic can prevail, the less racism. In the one place it doesn’t really help. So does it really deal a blow to racism if there’s no race… to…… ism……?

  29. John

    … and now I look like an ass for adding even more. But one other point i wanted to make. I think you may have been a bit harsh on Jacob for him not properly iterating what he thought (I think). You say that more white’s commit crime than blacks but the ratio of blacks to whites in death row are off. I don’t doubt it. But it might be less skewed than you think… kind of. It’s possible that blacks simply commit a higher amount of capitol crime on average than whites. especially if, statistically, almost all white collar crime will be committed by whites, very little of which constitutes the death penalty. Of course, then it can be taken a step further to the fact that blacks are put into the situation were its more likely to commit or be convicted of capitol crime….. but contrary to popular belief, statistics DO lie. Often. Almost always. They can be easily manipulated. And worse, can leave out root causes. After all, racism has resulted in minorities with lower income, and lower income has direct correlation to capitol crime (I ASSume. heh at least I’m honest about it)

  30. John,

    I only took the study of the DOJ to say that the numbers are skewed. It was them who did the report showing that racism is behind the numbers. Also, I don’t think that I post every comment of some folks Jacob being one of them. If you come at me like an idiot, then I will get hostile and treat you pretty bad. That is one of my, lets say, bad habits.

    Also, it is true that blacks have a higher per capita rates, but whites have a higher overall rate. Not to mention if the government admits that they are searching and watching minorities more, then of course the minorities are going to be caught more. If you were to search more whites than minorities then white people would be overrepresented in jails. So, we can’t just look at it in this bubble. We have to think outside the box. If racism plays even a minor part in anything that is going on with criminal cases, we have to look at that as well. So I agree with you that stats aren’t always what they cracked up to be.


  31. “free” labor wasn’t free …. My point is, only the richest 1% owned slaves.

    Uh, John? Where did you get this information?

    In fact, slaves were owned by up to one-quarter of all American households at the peak. And that’s in the northern states!

    While we tend to think of large, wealthy slave plantations, slaves in this country tended to be owned one or two at a time by middle-class households. Slaves in the north, for instance, were common on single-family farms and among ministers and other middle-class folk.

    slavery made a select rich few richer. Which, as we all know, doesn’t exactly make the whole country richer.

    Let’s leave aside the fact that, as I just pointed out, slave-owning was widespread and not limited to a few rich people.

    Slavery most certainly did make the whole country richer.

    In the South, slavery formed the bulk of the economy for generations. After the invention of the cotton gin, in particular, slavery generated vast wealth as millions of bales of cotton were produced and exported every year.

    In the North, slavery and slave-trading were vital to the colonial economy, and as one U.S. president noted, were an “essential ingredient” in building up enough wealth to gain freedom from the British. It gets worse, though: between the Revolution and the Civil War, the North’s main economic activity involved slave-produced cotton from the South: financing, insuring, supplying, marketing, transporting and selling the cotton grown in the South.

    While these businesses tended to be run by the wealthy, almost by definition, most Americans owed their livings to these economic activities. And, of course, lower prices from slave-produced goods increased the standard of living of ordinary consumers.

    Finally, the U.S. was only able to industrialize because of southern slavery, and thus, in a real sense, most of the riches of the nation wouldn’t exist without slavery.

  32. A Southern Conservative

    As a southern conservative, I will be the first to say…. Racism is alive and well and it is not fair to anyone… I noticed in some previous posts, Bubba said all blacks do is play the victim… That is bullshit. Whites play the victim all the time. The whites can not find a job because of affirmative action. The illegals are taking over and shut my factory down. Blah, blah, blah, get over yourself…. Someone commented on the fact that black people with college degrees can not get jobs because someone would rather hire a white felon. Those people have no business proclivities what so ever. The reason I got on here in the first place, only to say if you want to stop all the bullshit, pull a Draconian Code from the 7th Century B.C. You commit a crime, you get put to death. That would stop all this white, black, purple, and red bullshit about more of my people got executed than yours.
    A white business owner who would rather hire a minority than a felon any day of the week

  33. Diversity doesn’t work.

    Whites resent blacks, blacks resent whites.

    It would be the same if the ethnic groups were different. The problem isn’t blacks or whites; it’s diversity.

    Multiculturalism is simply one of those “feel good” ideas that no one bothered to think through.

  34. John Galt

    If for example, If I was on trial for myself (a white male) killing a black man, and I had an all black jury… I’d be nervous.. Even if I was innocent.

  35. Brett,

    250 years of slavery.

    100 years of Jim Crow.

    50 more years of racial discrimination and stark inequality, with no end in sight.

    And you think that “blacks resent whites” because of “feel good” efforts at multiculturalism?

  36. mmorningstar

    people tend to surrogate themselves from others…everybody is a racist you dont admit it..which is fine long as you have respect for others..i live in a very mixed area..and there is really not to many problems..*deleted by theblacksentinel due to idiocy*

  37. mmorningstar,

    Do you mean that people tend to “segregate” themselves? I am sure that is true to some extent. Then there are the FORCED segregation that comes with racism and white flight etc. That isn’t the point of the post nor anything else I was talking about at this time. And as far as everyone being racist, I think you are mixed up yet again. Everyone has prejudices but racism is a different flea on the same dog. And if people are being racists doesn’t that mean they have NO respect for that other race? Come on get real! And what proof do you have that there are so many areas where blacks hate all these “others” and vice versa? It sounds great in order to justify what is going on and happens quite a bit.

    Haven’t you ever heard someone say that they run red lights because “hey, everyone does it.” When in fact if everyone did it there would be too many accidents to count. If everyone did it, we wouldn’t have a need for lights. So we know for a fact that everyone DOESN’T do it. That is just an excuse that people use in order to make what they do seem “not so bad.”

    And when are people such as yourself going to let go of this racist fantasy that black people don’t want to work for what they get? The majority of black people are hard working individuals. Does that negate the fact that racism is still prevalent in our society? What exactly are you trying to say? Are you saying that racism doesn’t keep disparity between the races prevalent? That somehow black people just don’t want to work, and that is what makes the disparity? That sounds ridiculous! But, hey that is what racism is all about, ridiculousness.

    If only you knew what you were talking about this would be an easier conversation. The point is, you cling to idiocy, stereotype, lies and phony hand me down comments propagated by other white people in an attempt to steer the conversation into the ridiculousness of racism. And I have to say no thank you. Take your stupidity elsewhere.

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