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3d Art Hits The Street



On a break from my usual type of posting, I just had to write about this guy. Julian Beever, you may ask who the hell that is. Well he is a guy from the UK who does these fantastical 3d chalk art just about anywhere, sidewalks, streets etc. This artist is so phenomenal to me that I wanted to share a little bit with anyone who has never seen his art before.

I first got a taste of his art when it was featured on a show where they had him draw a big gaping hole on a sidewalk. The 3d image was so real and life like that people walking towards it stumbled trying not to fall into this imaginary hole. It was so hilarious that I had to do a little more background and research on it. He does canvas, recreation of the masters, murals, and of course this chalk art. He works pretty much the world over.

You might even have seen some of his work posted around the net. He says he does a lot of sidewalk art in order to bring art to the people, those people who don’t or won’t visit a museum. He feels that art shouldn’t be all locked up, and should be free to see by anyone. He just likes to get pictures of the art once he’s finished. He also loves to see the reaction of the people when they come into contact with it. He just prays that the weather holds up, since it takes up to three days to finish some of them, all of his hard work could be lost in minutes.

This was just a little spotlight on some art that I find fascinating and even better free to the public. Here is a link to more pictures of Julian Beevers, so have a look and enjoy, also if this interests you more, here is another link to Kurt Wenner another artist who does fantastic sidewalk art from Ann Arbor Michigan.



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