Color Blind Racism


I have been reading a few other Blogs with a resonating theme of becoming color blind or getting over racism and everything is equal let’s put the past where it belongs in the past. All these themes sound fine and dandy but, there is a phenomenal flaw with them all. It just so happens that things are so UN-equal right now that I don’t believe that we can just shake hands, kiss and make up, wipe the slate clean or whatever term you like for letting bygones be bygones. There still is this small issue of wealth distribution and white privilege.

Unfortunately, when slavery ended white people of the time decided that the years and years of hard work that blacks gave for free was theirs to keep. Too bad so sad for you I guess was their thinking. Well that right there made a chasm so wide it makes the Grand Canyon look like a crack. What I am talking about is the fact that whites have been able to capitalize on free labor, and then pass that nice little nickel down to their future generations. It’s not a coincidence that blacks are ten times more likely to be under the poverty line, than whites. I know white people are rolling their eyes right now muttering how they aren’t living with wealth and so on. I mean that in terms of accumulated wealth the majority of whites start off ahead or even, while most blacks start off behind practically owing from the start. This is due to the fact that white families are able to contribute money to a newly moved out young adult. Most blacks do not have the disposable income to do this, so their children have to borrow for the first move.

Because the fact that white people are in control of every aspect of things in ones daily life, such as schools, government and companies, gives them privilege in society. People again are rolling eyes, huffing deep breaths and denying the truth. Doing all this is a lot easier than looking at America for the unfair, unequal, blatantly racist place that it is. I know, why I don’t just leave if it is this bad, and go where that doesn’t also have its own racial woes. Not even Africa is safe for blacks with the issues and problems they have. But, the issue is not whether or not I like it here or not, the issue is when are either whites going to stop playing this oblivious role and own up to the fact that they know, capitalize from and frankly don’t care about the fact that white privilege exists. Or, blacks wake up and divorce themselves from a society that does not value them.

But, unfortunately blacks won’t do that so back to whites putting it to an end, but what is the incentive for whites to stop white privilege and turn “color blind”, there is none. Whites will not give up the advantage, and that’s not to say that blacks would if the tables were turned. I don’t think that any group would be willing to give up that last bit of convenience that keeps them in power. So, unfortunately as a community we blacks need to get it together and get what we need from life by helping each other. Gentrify our own neighborhoods, save our own schools, and patronize our own establishments. We can’t wait around forever receiving crumbs as we continue begging at the big house like the poor country cousins.



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4 responses to “Color Blind Racism

  1. Calls for color blindness are most often a desire to not want to acknowledge that the main problem of our modern times has racism. We need to “notice” race, see it, own it, because such little understanding exists between black and white folks in this country. If we don’t see it, we can’t fix our problems.

  2. theblacksentinel

    That is absolutely correct, it makes people “feel bad” to acknowledge the problems. I agree we need to notice race since it is a big part of what makes people who they are. I know that my race plays a large part in my life, so to have someone say to me that they don’t see me as black is very condescending. You are so right and hopefully we “can” get some understanding between these two races and things just might improve.

  3. Boo

    I agree with everything you are saying and it is definitely a fact that white privilege exists in America. Of course it it not because of ones’ skin color that one is rich or poor; a criminal or law abiding; smart or dumb; outgoing or shy; like fried chicken or not…It is the circumstances and surroundings that make the person. Children are born clean slates and influenced by everything that goes on around them. The disgusting and unfortunate circumstances and things that went on in America in the past are a direct cause of what is going on today…Black people in America have it much tougher and less opportunity, it is really sad but it is true. The same way in which women are still discriminated against.
    I do not think the answer is to be ”color blind” or to ignore it and it is not as easy as just kissing and making up. BUT I also don’t believe in seperating ourselves in groups, because this is what causes the problem from the start. Yes support you neighbors and communities, but support all people from all races and nationalities. The “US vs THEM” mentality is what causes all the problems in the world.
    In the future all people will be mixed and beautiful (like myself!) and there will be no way of separating us! I know you might be laughing at me right now but that is truly what I believe and I am optimistic in my believe in the HUMAN RACE.

  4. Boo,

    Trust me I am not laughing at you. I know that there will never be a totally mixed world. At least not one that will be able to avoid future problems such as the ones we have now. It is too ingrained in our culture as Americans. In fact the majority of people are what is referred to as multi-generational mixtures. Then you have the direct mixes where one or both parents are not the same race. The problem is or will be just like we see now. Some mixtures are lighter and some darker. If it isn’t white vs black hate, it will become the light vs dark hate. We will hearken back to the paper bag tests of old and the fine tooth comb crap from before. It is going to take more than races becoming mixed to fix this problem.


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