Statistical Propaganda


It disgusts me that people are constantly looking to statistics to prove a point on the criminality of blacks, especially black men. When these statistics themselves are flawed because the data they use is flawed and or skewed. The fact people are trying to make is that somehow black men are running rampant through our cities pillaging, raping, and killing. I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I do believe that due to the “black male condition: you know the one unable to find a job, constantly defending against overzealous societal pressure and the white mindset all rolled into one big anvil sitting on his back. I can’t even imagine the stresses a black man has.

What is so flawed about the statistical data on black men and crime you may ask? It is simple if I were going to do some statistics on which water fowl pooped more often in a specific grassy field and I took the data from the water fowl poop system (WFPS) who cites water fowl for field pooping. And it just so happens that most of the WFPS are Canadian goose lovers who gave each Canadian goose at least two passes before he actually cited them for one poop then of course I don’t get the real story, right? It would look as if the ducks were on a pooping rampage. Well that is exactly what is happening in the justice system. For every black man that gets convicted and sentenced for a specific crime his white counterpart had charges reduced or thrown out pending probation. See my point? There is all kinds of statistical data showing that for the same crime blacks are ten times more likely to do time versus whites, yet where is that information when someone wants to make a point about black crime being out of control.

This all came about when Barrack Obama talked about not being able to hail a cab in Manhattan. Immediately people spoke about the fact that most cab drivers weren’t white, to make a long story short, that these other minorities were not picking up black men because it’s a fact their more apt to be a criminals, so it wasn’t “really” racism, it was common sense. Yet, I don’t see people refusing to put their hard earned money in a bank because statistically speaking all of the Savings and Loan failures occurred in banks where the CEO’s and CFO’s were white. Better yet, people aren’t refusing young white boys entrance into schools because they committed the majority of school shootings.

Why is America discriminating against certain criminals and not all, if it is all about statistics? It’s simple, propaganda and what they TEACH you on television shows and in movies. Every other black man in a television show or movie is a thugged out gangster with his 9mm pointing sideways yelling “whussup now!” Watch the news and what do you hear, “police are trying to find a way to curb the astronomical amount of violence in the black community” or “gang violence, how can it be stopped… in the black community”. Why hasn’t America stopped that violent gang called the Police department or criminal justice system, because those gangs don’t scare white America? White America is afraid of the big black man, who’s on his way into a neighborhood near them to rape their daughters, beat and rob old grandmas. Now that is what sells news. So as a society we should start looking at the fact that statistics are propaganda that can be skewed to make anyone look as if they are doing anything that the statistic makers want them to. Hell given the right tools and I can put some statistics together that make old grandmas look as if they are on a rampage of crime. Let’s wake up black people and not fall into the propaganda hype.



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16 responses to “Statistical Propaganda

  1. actually most the stories I read on this were about how salacious Baracks comment was. I grant that the numbers are skewed, but you can’t deny that black on black crime is a common problem in many urban areas, and that a lot of it has to do with these urban areas being underdeveloped in as far as available jobs are concerned. Crime isn’t always a matter of desire, and all men are capable of them. A realignment of how we deal with the problems of crime in our cities is long past due.

    interesting article, thank you

  2. theblacksentinel

    criminyjicket, let me start by saying I love the name. Now, I agree that black on black crime is horrible, but what about white on white crime, hispanic on hispanic crime or asian on asian crime, all just as horrible. So why focus on a segment of the population and harp on this issue, why not harp on the lack of employment, education and decent healthcare. Then maybe crime would drop.

    Thanks for the post

  3. that was sort of the point of my post. I thikn a lot of well meaning people bring the issue up so they can bring up the issues of employment zones etc. What I guess I’m saying is, its not all with malicious intent…at least not a lot of what I’ve been seeing.

    it was well written, and the goose poop thing was to die for…thanks again

  4. theblacksentinel

    Thanks for the compliment, and yes I agree we are on the same page.

    Thanks again for the post

  5. Rob Bateman

    Sadly, these arguments all fail to account of high levels of criminality in blacks societies throughout the western world as well as Africa.

    Black communities have only existed in UK in any size since the 1960’s yet within that time these communities have gone the same way as those in America. Only when they stop blaming whites and discrimination for their condition and start taking responsiblit for themselves will things improve.

    The lead article talks of dishonest CEO’s and white students shooting fellow students but these are minority crimes and in the case of the former none violent. Black crime is pervasive, destructive and damaging to communities, black communities.

    The notion ‘Black on black’ is a socialogists way of telling the wider community that they have no need to worry as black crime is only committed against blacks. In reality it is just crime and should be described and treated as such.

    The whole basis of the argument is wrong and the situation will not change while black education failure is so widespread. Relatively, blacks fail education in America and the same pattern is apparent here. While it is contoversal to talk of genetic diferences being responsible for these failings it certainly true that black culture is not aiding the mental development of their children.

    Drop the junk music and start listening to Mozart!

  6. theblacksentinel


    Interesting arguments, I by no means say that there is no blame in or on the black community. But, I don’t think it is genetics, since before blacks left Africa and especially before white man went there for any reason, they lived amongst themselves without the crime rate soaring. I believe that the black mindset is not conditioned to living in such a backwards manner, I am speaking about the fact that the UK as well as US are so capitalistic and not community oriented. Africans of the past lived in villages where things pretty much evened themselves out as far as how things were divided amongst the group. If you look now to those Africans, Aboriginies, and any other “tribe” of people not associated with cities, other races and propaganda, they live peacefully alone minding their own business, helping each other to survive by sharing. What do you think accounts for this?

    If I believe most whites, and sociologist then white communities should have really low crime rates. Yet, the UK and most white societies were extremely crime ridden places already before blacks ever entered the scene, isn’t that why Australia is full of the UK’s criminals of the past, so what do sociologist say about this? Sounds like maybe blacks came into violent societies and adapted to the conditions already in place. What I mean by that is the fact that Europeans have always adopted a Prince/Pauper type society where there are always the haves and have not folks. You can’t think that this type of situation will not breed crime.

    I don’t think that you can dismiss, the raunchy treatment that blacks got/get, such as racism in the work place = no job, no job = no money, no money = poor schools, neighborhoods and healthcare, and in turn = CRIME. It is sociology at its finest. Look at the BIG picture and you will see where I’m going with this.

  7. brotherpeacemaker

    What’s truly sad is the fact that people are so focused about numbers that they miss the bigger picture. Why are black on black crime statistics such a focus when crime is going up everywhere? Just this morning I hear of a white woman who killed her children. Now is that three crimes or all lumped into one. Ken Lay and the Enron bunch swindled tens of thousands of people (many of them white) out of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. Is this counted as one crime or tens of thousands? Two white men kill three white women in Rhode Island. Is each man charged with three crimes? If so we have six additions to the white on white crime statistics. But I have yet to hear anyone utter the words white on white crime in the news media. Statistics of this phenomenon are never mentioned over the air.

    I think the case of the Jena Six is a prime example of how statistics are woeful in representing the phenomenon. White kids threaten black kids by hanging nooses from trees on a public school campus. Black people are offended. But the dominant white people who control the school system, the courts, the police, the jails, and whatever else in Jena, Louisiana think it is just a childish prank not worth any attention. In the meantime, there are skirmishes between black kids and white kids. A white mob of kids assault a young black man and the brother winds up in the hospital emergency room. Nothing is done. White people say kids are just letting off a little steam. Black kids retaliate and jump a young white male who suffers no serious injury and the black kids are arrested for attempted murder. Statistics say black people in Jena are violent. But reality says white people in Jena are not only aggressively violent but are protected by a system that minimizes their violent tendencies.

    And by the way, listening to Mozart is no guarantee that someone won’t commit crimes. Where are the statistics for this supposition?


  8. theblacksentinel


    This reply is right on point I could not agree with you more. And yes, what about the Jenna 6, will someone from the white community answer this question, please?
    Thanks for the reply

  9. Johann

    Black sentinel, joe has emailed me and told me that i must check this out because its good stuff. I cannot speak much on racism, because due to the high level of mixture in New Orleans there is very little race issues among the citizens. The pure bred politicians are another story. any way myself being tainted with many bloods, including african blood, and growing up in a culture influenced bu african culture, I do not consider myself a part of the “white community even though i have cream colored skin. B-U-T, i can say this. New Orleans, is unfortunately is often bearing the title “murder capitol” it is dangerous, not for tourists but mainly for residents that have beef with eachother, and I can swear that people with creamy skin and people with caramel skin, latte skin, and dark chocolatey skin alike, although showing a vast amout of hospitality and easygoingness, are all thuggin it. Surely my personal experience in seeing all skin shades thuggin it completely blows statistics out of the water. David duke, who was born in ohio i believe, tried to pull that shit, and its deception. know why, because when he says that crime in new orleans is mainly the blacks fault, he fails to mention that the majority of the people in new orleans are either mostly black in heritage, or have a good number of african genes in their bodies. If the one drop rule was real, then every native new orleanean would have to call them selves black. SOo that proves one thing : STATISTICS ARE FOR LIERS, AND LIERS USE STATISTICS! 🙂 yall have a good day hear?

  10. Johann

    Jena is an ugly hic town in northern louisianna. nothing like southern louisianna. If i would have been there i think i would have gon 504 on thier redneck asses and would probly have more in commn with the black boys because of similarities in us. When I am on vacation, I will often hear black on black crime. the first time i heard this i thought what is the difference, murder aint black or white its murder, who cares what color the criminals skin is so why bother even pointing it out. yall have a nice day now hear:)

  11. Johann

    Rob, although white skinned, I have black genetics in me. its evident in my hair, lips,and other things. I have never killed a man, and rap is, next to new orleans jazz, my favorite music. I have got into fights, but it was only because i was defending myself, and half of the fights were with either spaniards or cajun french people. I am sorry, wherever poverty is, there crim will be also, that is why new orleans is dangerouse, louisianna is also the state with the highest number of murders. louisianna has a ton of black people compared to most other states, but it also is one of the poorest staes and least educated. sorry, color has nothing to do with crime, environment does. and come on man, mozart is good for babies but he has no beat or base! 🙂

  12. Johann

    Question of the day:an english baby and an african baby are raised in a tank. They are the only ones. What is different about them? Mentality, no, importance, no, intelligence, hell no

    hair, yes, teeth, yes, skin,yes, height, maybey, lips , maybey. do you know what all of these have in common, they are of little value when assesing a man.

    My hair is nappy and curly, does this mean that I have a killing gene. certainly not.

  13. Johann,

    One problem with your scenario! Not one person in our society is raised in a vacuum. We don’t get to sit in this tank without the influences of the history of our race, ancestry and dealings with other races. We are not only a product of our surroundings but of the surroundings of everyone before us.

    Thanks for the reply.

  14. Johann

    yes, but as a new orleanean, most of my roots are the same ones that the black man next door has. we celebrate the same culture,traditions, way of life. and im just saying that his color isnt gonna make him kill more people than me. I have known him for years (since childhood) and he does in fact share the exact culture i do (creole) so to me we can be grouped as one. you see what i not saying that we are raised in a vaccum. that was for theoretical purposes to ssay that there is no killing genes on black people

  15. Johann,

    I really don’t care how you slice it, you do NOT have more in common with the MAJORITY of black people from New Orleans than you would the white people there assuming you were NOT raised in a black family. Do you and that black family share the same racial history? Do you share the same slave history? I have family in New Orleans as well and they will be the first to tell you that they have more in common with me than they do the white people in their area. It isn’t about AMERICAN CULTURE. I think that is where you, Gabriel and Joe are confused. You all seem to be confusing heritage with nationality. They are NOT the same.


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