It’s All Inside JC Penney (Including Racism)


Just yesterday I had to go to JC Penney to exchange a bunch of baby clothes my parents bought for my infant son, just a bit too small. Upon arriving to the infant toddler section I found the customer service area and there was a lady trying to do the same thing that I was there for. We walked up to the counter at about the same time and I noticed that the lady that I approached the counter with had already picked out the replacement outfits, so I asked the customer service agent (lady) if I should do the same first. Well, she looked at me as if I was trying to steal the answer from her, then she immediately turned to the lady that walked up with me and started asking her what she needed help with. Was it any coincidence that the lady and the CSR (customer service representative) just so happened to be a white? I think not! Now my bad side was about to show and I went from A to Bitch in a matter of seconds. Needless to say I tore that CSR a new one.


I don’t know what types of dealings she has had with blacks in the past but, unfortunately for her I wasn’t that “fold up” type of black who constantly lets crap slide. Nuh uh, if anything, by the look on her face she was the one folding faster than superman on laundry day. I had a cranky baby, my oldest acting like he was looking to buy out the entire JC Penney and I was tired to boot, so she got unloaded upon good fashion. I just couldn’t believe that she was being so extremely blatant with her racist attitude, didn’t she understand that “I” am the customer so whatever your personal feelings are towards a certain type of people, you keep that junk at home. When you come to work you are a professional, I don’t care what you do for employment.


It is time that all blacks who feels a situation is discriminatory in some way should step up and call it like it is immediately. No longer should we blacks feel that we “have” to take someone’s shoddy treatment especially when you are spending your hard earned money. These racist people continue behaving in this manner because they feel that we won’t take those greenbacks to some other place where we are obviously wanted. And that is exactly what we should be doing. When we make these people feel like the idiots they are, or stop patronizing them so they lose business, we might see less of this behavior. Because, I am pretty sure that this particular CSR will think twice before she pulls that type of act with another black person.


I personally don’t like to have to get nasty with folks, but I also feel that it is my responsibility for my children that I nip this in the bud, so they might see that they don’t have to take this from anyone. I want my children to have a sense that you can stand up for yourself and demand to receive the treatment you deserve. So, after the confrontation was over, two other CSR’s ran to help me, and might I add they were quite pleasant and helpful. As for the CSR who showed her stupidity, she was out on the floor stocking shelves when I left.



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5 responses to “It’s All Inside JC Penney (Including Racism)

  1. edlonac

    You shouldn’t necessarily chalk that one up to racism. People are generally jerks, especially people who work in jobs like customer service. If she was giving you that look out of generally being a jerk and not racism (there’s no way for you to know for sure), then telling her she’s being racist makes her feel like she didn’t do anything wrong at all.

    I’m all about going off when it’s necessary, but it’s really easy to misjudge when someone’s being racist. So my point here is to go off on her assuming she’s *not* racist – that way the stuff you say will sink in. If in that case she *is* racist, she’ll realize on her own why she treated you like crap.

  2. theblacksentinel

    Unfortunately I think I do know. Since a white lady came up to her with the exact same question after me and the lady before me was white, she had no problem telling them the information. I guess she was a jerk in between being civil and nice to the two white ladies.

    And since I receive bad customer service on almost a daily basis, I don’t chalk up all the incidents to racism only the ones that are totally blatant. Also, the other customer service agents there were in agreement that she had been. They were white as well, so if they could see it then I think it was obvious.

    Thanks for the reply

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  4. Lynn Goutch

    This may be late and after the fact. This was not a matter of race or rudeness on the CSR part. If two people are approaching the counter at the same time, it was most likely that since the other customer had her replacement in hand, she already talked to CSR. This person who had the problem was being rude by interrupting the CSR and the other customer. Lots of people who are rude interrupt CSRs while helping another customer because they believe they have the right to. It’s not like this person has never been to a store and exchanged item before. Should the CSR have stopped helping one customer to a rude person?

  5. Lynn,

    I did not interrupt the CSR since she was not helping either of us. We walked up at pretty much the same time and NO the other lady had NOT been helped prior since we entered at the same time. She grabbed some clothing while I went in search of a CSR to find out what the procedure is for this store.

    So since we walked up simultaneously and I asked her a question before she said anything was that rude? Should I have stepped back and let her help the other lady? And if so, why shouldn’t the other lady step back and let me be helped then? See you can’t sit and jump to conclusions as if someone was being rude to her, because no one was. She was being a bitch.

    So it is neither here nor there for you to ask if the CSR should have stopped helping a customer to help a rude person, since neither situation was in play. The only rude person I saw was the CSR. Also if you noticed I said that the CSR rudely turned to the other lady and asked what she needed help with. Why couldn’t she just say to me “Yes that is exactly what you need to do.” I was trying not to waste her nor my time by standing and waiting or being helped only to be told this is what I must do. And if I was being so rude then why did the other CSR’s break their necks to try and help me and apologize for her?


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