Do Not Leave Kids In Cars, Duh!


Kevin Kelly a Virginia father is spared a lengthy prison sentence after he leaves his daughter in a sweltering hot car for seven hours; the poor 21 month old baby girl had been dead for at least four hours before she was discovered in the backseat by a neighbor. He claims it was unintentional, that he had just forgotten her. Yet in 2004, Tara Maynor was sentenced to 12 1/2 to 60 years in prison on two counts of second degree murder after leaving her two children in a car for four hours outside a suburban Detroit hair salon while she got a massage and new hairdo. She told police she was “too stupid to know they would die.” Just last month, Karla Edwards pleaded guilty in South Carolina, to homicide by child abuse for leaving her 15-month-old son, Zachary, in a car for nine hours in April 2006 while she worked at a home improvement store. When Edwards couldn’t or wouldn’t explain her actions, she was sentenced to 20 years.

I understand that these two ladies actually left their children on purpose and that is the reason for their long sentences, yet I just refuse to believe that you can leave a baby for seven whole hours and claim you forgot. This wasn’t a child that was of an age that she could have been playing alone for hours, this was a toddler who like all toddlers wants to hang out with mom or dad for hours at a time. I don’t know if he left her on purpose because he needed a break or if he left her to get something done THEN forgot about her. Either way I feel he should pay the same price as these other two idiots. I don’t believe that judges should be lenient one day and tough another, because there are still other cases of kids being left by accident and the parents or caregiver had the book thrown at them, so why this man is getting off light, I will never understand.

Apparently the court feels that mothers should be held to a higher standard as men, which is totally bogus. Why do dads get to be forgetful while the mothers are neglectful? This type of thing is common sense for everyone not just mothers. It seems to me that Ms. Edwards who left her child in the car to work might have had daycare problems, I have heard many cases like this one but still not an excuse, but Ms. Maynor what can you say to her except agree with her own assessment that she is extremely stupid and also not an excuse, and sorry no excuse for Mr. Kelly as well. These people treated their poor children as if they were as disposable as the diapers that were on their tiny butts. Anyone who is dumb enough to leave their child (who is too young to care for themselves) unattended especially in a smoldering hot car, should pay the maximum price for their crime. A crime that is exactly what it is, not an accident, not forgetfulness and it’s damn sure not excusable.



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7 responses to “Do Not Leave Kids In Cars, Duh!

  1. emily

    sounds like you are unaware of most of the facts in the Kelly case.

    And yeah, I’m a parent of two and could definitely see forgetting a child was in a car for a few hours. 4 hours, not the 7 you erroneously claim in this case. Especially when, as in the Kelly case, the older ones of the 12 kids he was watching were caring for most of the younger ones. How easy would it be to forget that you brought your daughter with you to the hardware store, to forget that she’s silently sleeping in the backseat? (Notice that you never heard of these deaths back before safety laws prohibited kids from being in the front seat…) Your brain assumes the older kids have her still. It would not be hard at all.

  2. theblacksentinel

    Hello Emily,

    Here is the article I read to get the information for my thoughts so if you feel this information is so erroneous, let ABC news know, thanks.

    Also, you seem to think that just because you leave children in the care of other children while you are supposed to be overseeing them all, absolves you of your responsibility, uh NO. It doesn’t matter, he is the responsible (supposedly) party. Instead of ASSuming that the older children had the baby maybe he should have known for sure they did. This is what responsible people do.

    I also have NO idea how a person somehow forgets that they have a sleeping baby in the car. I have two kids and that was just never a possibility for me, so sue me for being responsible. But anyway, it doesn’t matter if the baby is in the front seat or back seat the parent if they are responsible would remember that, OH my I have a kid in the back seat. So unfortunately he was negligent and needs to face the music. Accidents happen that is all fine and dandy, but if I forget to lock my child in his car seat and wreck killing him, it wouldn’t make any difference, I would be subject to severe criminal punishment. So should Mr. Kelly

  3. theblacksentinel


    Just one more note, you said that she was only in the car for 4 hours, actually your article says the same as mine, she was DEAD for about 4 hours before a neighbor noticed her, not that she was in the car for 4 hours, so yes she was left in that car for 7 hours.


    ~75 people die from lightning each year, and hundreds are injured. Nobody should go outside, ever, because outside is dangerous? People have lost their minds and their common sense. Neglecting children is bad in any case (as in the article you are discussing), whether in a car, or at a playground, or anywhere. Neglecting a child in a car IS bad, but a child in a car without a parent DOES NOT necessarily constitute neglect. It is a travesty that good parents are being arrested, jailed, harrassed and humiliated because they jump out of their car and walk ten feet away without their child. Circumstances don’t matter. Car not running, very cool day, windows down, staring at the car… LEANING on the car. Doesn’t matter to some people.

  5. If a child ends up dead because a parent neglected to remove the kid from the vehicle, that is neglect. It is not rocket science. If a parent leaves a child on the railroad tracks to be hit by a train the parent would be charged with some form of homicide. A parent that puts a kid in a car and then trots off to leave that child to die in the sun should receive the same consideration. What is a travesty is how we continue to condone the killing of children.


  6. Shawn,

    If a parent is DUMB enough to leave their kids in a car alone then they deserve to go straight to jail. There is NO excuses when we ALL are aware of the danger it poses now.

    If people walk ten feet away from their car, come back and their kid is dead, then they go to jail. Obviously they were gone TOO long.

    Anyway, why are people so lazy that they can’t take their kids with them? I have two kids and they go with me. Or they stay in the car with an adult or someone who is old enough to take care of them in the event that something needs to be done.

    I have seen NO one arrested for being right outside the car with their kids inside. If that were the case then each time you put your kid in the car and walked around to get in, you would be getting arrested. So that sounds crazy. Let’s not exaggerate the real problem.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. BrotherP,

    Well said! I totally agree. But I would have to add that we need to STOP being so selective as to who we are going to charge with this crime. Some people are being coddled while others are being hailed as the negligent criminals they are.

    Thanks for the reply.

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