Are Police Getting Away With Modern Day Lynchings?


Danny Brumfield, 45, was shot in front of the New Orleans convention center after walking in front of a police car, carrying a pair of shears. The police say it was a case of self defense, the District attorney Eddie Jordan agreed, then closed any investigations and charges will not be filed. Now the autopsy report is in and the evidence now shows that Brumfield was shot in the back by a single shotgun blast. Unfortunately Jordan now claims that even with the new autopsy report “I don’t believe that autopsy alone is sufficient to create a situation where we would be able to carry our burden of proof.” As far as being shot in the back Jordan says that “how Mr. Brumfield was shot in the back.” Jordan is suggesting that conceivably he was turning or falling off the patrol car at the time.

The police officers maintain that Brumfield was making stabbing motions, with the shears, when he ended up on the hood of the car, no one was sure whether he was hit by the car or jumped on the hood. His daughter who was sleeping outside the convention center witnessing some of the action agreed with the police that he was on the hood hanging on and then she heard the shot. His family explains that he had the shears because he was cutting cardboard for his grandchildren to sleep on so they wouldn’t have to sleep on cold concrete. The officer Ronald Mitchell who fired the fatal shot was terminated police spokeswoman Sabrina Richardson said; claiming it was due to “a domestic violence issue with his wife”.

This is yet another case from New Orleans of police being out of control. How does a person get shot square in the back and have it deemed justifiable by authorities. I understand that he may “have” been threatening the police officers, but he had shears and his back was obviously at the officers, so it seems that it would be prudent to handle the situation differently. Such as, firing a non-fatal shot or maybe just not using the shotgun. The police in New Orleans were involved in many other shootings involving blacks that are being either prosecuted or investigated at this time. Such as Ronald Madison an unarmed, mentally retarded man with no criminal record, who was killed by a shotgun blast to his back, the police officer told the investigators that Madison had turned and reached into his waistband right before the officer opened fire. The officer who was charged with first degree murder has resigned from the force. Six other policemen also were charged for the shootout on Danziger Bridge. Three others were indicted in the killing of a second person on the bridge. All of the officers have pleaded innocent, and are awaiting trial.

This to me is a wakeup call that people need to see that it is obviously OK to shoot, maim, kill, beat down, and any other violent thing that cops would like to do to blacks. But, yet people are saying that “racism is pretty much dead” or “look how far blacks have come”. These statements are just ridiculous. What I say is look at the facts, so many blacks are being shot numerous times apparently justifiably due to the “contagious shooting theory”. It is interesting that cops never seem to get “contagious shooting” when shooting at white people. Also, the frequent beatings blacks get, but judges and people say that the person shouldn’t be struggling and they wouldn’t be beaten. Well I don’t know about you, but if someone is beating me, I’m going to struggle. Unfortunately, I guess white people never struggle when being arrested, so there is no need to beat them, just blacks.

All this is showing me that blacks are under attack and it seems that it’s just as justifiable as it was when lynching a black was taking place (more often). Also things in America are more the same than ever. What else we should see, is that we blacks need to be kept in line by any means necessary.



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9 responses to “Are Police Getting Away With Modern Day Lynchings?

  1. I’m a reporter working on a piece related to the topic of this blog. I’d like to get some feedback from you on what made you write this article.

    My interest is in the numerous incidents like this one that have been occurring all over the country during the last 10 years.

    I’ve found numerous references to these lynchings occurring in the post-reconstruction period, but have found no comprehensive investigations into state-sanctioned acts of terrorism that are occurring in recent times.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Max

    f*ck the police, most are f*cked up!!!!!

  3. Max,
    It’s one thing to express outrage over obviously wrong situations, but those words seem to lack any intelligent direction. I realize my advice here is unsolicited, and therefore can and most likely will be construed as criticism, but please, try not to sound so ignorant.

  4. Joe

    Hey im obviously alil late on this article. id like to point out that the demographics on new orleans say that it is 70% black in population. so if anybody gets shot there is a 70% chance that they are blacks. Ha yeah if a white dude gets shot, well first of all according to this only 24 % of ppl are white, well anyway if a white dude gets shot than nobody reports it. Its the media, they make alot of things seem worse. I went on vacation there like 10 and most people there are black, and very friendly might i add.

  5. Joe,

    I guess you are missing the point entirely. The point ISN’T that a black man got shot by cops in a predominantly black place, which like you said is more likely due to demographics. The point IS that this is another case of an unarmed black man who after the fact we find out committed NO crime AND shot in the back. Now if you can show me the predominantly white area where white men are constantly being shot in the back while unarmed by cops black or white. The problem is you can’t, because it DOESN’T HAPPEN in high numbers like black men. And don’t read me the bull crap per capita crime stats because for this it doesn’t come into play.

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Joe

    Ok ,Ok dont get mad at me I was just presenting a fresh perspective. I emailed my friend from New Orleans about your question. I know im retarded and take things to far. And he said alot of white people get shot there because they are thugs down there too, which, most people would have us believe its only the blacks that are gangsters. But you’re right they were unarmed. But he said that it doesn’t happen to often. And also New orlean is and has always almost been ,or second place at least, the murder capital. I looked up the news clippings and it said that the cops down there even were found hiring thugs to kill people. Like the damn mob. And my friend says that it is sooo currupt that they even let you know that they can f$%^& your world if you piss them off. I was relunctant to believe it but when I saw some news clippings I was like dayum! But yeah one thing about per capita when it comes to murder is that its true. I looked it up the new orleans murder statistics lets see if i remember. this is what i remember: 1994= 420 murders, 1998= 350, then the next numbers that I remember is 250, 315, and most recently 280 murders. Not only is it the murder capitol, Louisianna is the state with the highest number of murders. He said cops down there are a little on edge to begin with and plus they can get away with anything they want to. He said they even will tell you that to your face down there. But he also said that the citizens live in these mixed neighborhoods and usually aren’t prejudiced. But its also a fact that most white people there are mixed with either spanish or black so that could be why. Sorry for talking so damn much I just thought it was interesting and a little disturbing. Cop killings are rampid there according to my buddy johann. Probablybecause the people are tired of their corrupt bull shit. But those are just some thoughts. If it took place in my area I would say hell yeah, its got to be racism.

    P.S.– Im just a amiable guy who liks to talk, don’t yell at me too hard Ok? 😦 . Yell at Johann hes the one who told me. He said for the most part its a great place for black people because black played a big part alongside other ones to shape the Noo Awlins way of life. Love and peace and hope to ya! Like I said KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  7. Joe,

    Thanks for that information. This is the stuff that people need to hear about. I think that we citizens shouldn’t have to be afraid of the cops who are supposed to be protecting us. But all too often they are the ones preying on us like nothing more than a common gang. Damn this is pathetic.

    Thanks for the alternate view, information and I will definitely keep it up.

  8. Joe

    Yes they in practice (obviously in new orleans) nothing more than a gang. My friend and I were talking and he said that a few years back a cop shot her partner in a bar and proceeded to rob the bar.LOL. And in the same year that there were 420 murders a detective found out that one of the wards didnt report the majority of the crimes in there are . They did it to earn a safe rep and win 10,000 dollars. Well that must mean there were over 450 murders, and for such a small city. Yep when the justice system in screwed up, crime and law of the jungle rules. ok im goin now. LATER!

  9. Joe

    Whats more is that the chief of police, as well as many of the police ( and citizens) are black or are, like most new orleaneans, mixed with black somewhere along their bloodline. But its because they don’t really care what color a person is, its just if you piss them off or get in there way they will either make your life a living hell or kill you. My friend tells me that because its such a racially mixed area people really arent sensitive because such a mixed people could not peacefully exist otherwise. And he said that its mainly when people do what the cops percieve as disrespect. Johann is white and he told me when he was a kid a drunk man pissed all over the back of his house his dad called the police, and the police. The intoxicated man proceeded to get back into his truck and drive off. When the mobster cop got their he asked his dad ” what the hell do you wnt me to do about it? I suppose YOu would have gone somewhere els to pee?” and left and let a drunk man on the road without pursuing him. This boils my blood. Anyway he said that if you are interested the topic more you can visit his page www. Because im tired of talking about it for obvious reasons. ANyway. Maybey one day youll write a blog on it.LOL. just at thought. It certainly would reach alot of people. Im cool now but I told gabriel he was crazy to be talking like that because you were goin to tear him up more. LOL I think I wet myself the first time I left a comment. Ok nice talking to you . Im sorry for th10, 000 comments but when he gets on your blog I have to get on too!! ok bye now

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