In My Dreams


I have had this recurring dream since I was a small child. I had the dream again a couple of weeks ago and I just finally had to find out what this dreams meaning was. The dream starts off with me going back to a childhood home of mine, sometimes the house is foreign yet I knew it was my old house, and I start walking down the hallway when I notice a small door I’ve never seen before. I go through this door which is pretty small so I had to crawl, once inside I see a whole new hallway with a bunch of new rooms which are very appealing. The rooms are nicely decorated and just ready for someone to move into. So I set about exploring each room in order to pick one out for myself. At the end of the hallway is a staircase that leads up to a loft like room that you can separate so it is like a standing tower. This is the room that I always choose; I just never actually get to move into it.

Boy, I actually love this dream because it is so familiar and comforting, which is one of the reasons why I needed to find out more about the meaning. After I had a long talk with Orunmila, I got the meanings I was looking for. First of all the fact that I went back to an old house and finding it in good repair is telling me that I would be getting good news and could be that I was going to be with or find my true love and have joy in my life. This is interesting because when I thought back on the dreams the times I didn’t recognize my old house, was symbolizing that I was missing something emotionally. If I had looked closely to the things in the house it might have told me what I was missing but so far I can’t recall anything in particular.

Going through the hidden doorway and walking the new hallway inspecting this new area of my old house was symbolizing the beginning of a path that I am taking in life or also a journey into something unknown. It represents something spiritual, emotional, physical and mental passages in my life. Also, it is indicative of a transitional phase in my life. The rooms themselves represent hidden aspects of my conscious mind and the different aspects of my personality. The fact that the rooms were hidden suggests that I am developing new strengths and taking on new roles also, growing emotionally. Walking the halls looking to pick one of the nice rooms for myself is saying that I am going to accomplish something.

Finally having to make a choice between the room’s means a situation or issue that I feel confused about. I might be having a hard time deciding what the right thing is to do; I need to look to my heart for the answer. The fact that I chose the loft style room is telling me that I may need to become more involved in things around me and give more of myself in my personal relationship because I am being a bit distant. Since everyone is different do not think that just because you have the same, similar or aspect from this dream that the meanings are the same, you will need to get a reading from Orunmila yourself and get the full answers. This was very informative and fun. Now that I know what it all means I can pay closer attention to the finer details of the dream and maybe understand more about the inner me.


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