Biological Mom Jailed


A biological mother with a severe case of “givers remorse” and two others staged a home invasion on the family who adopted the child she gave up. The mother and adoptive family are currently going through a messy custody battle. The biological mother named Jamie Kiefer along with an unidentified man and woman drove from Alabama to Itawamba County, near the Tennessee and Alabama lines. They broke into the home of Matt, and Jennifer Erickson which they share with their two children one of which is 5 month old baby girl Madison the object of the custody battle. The parents were tied up and the baby taken back across state lines to Fort Bragg where they hid out with a friend named Amanda Bell. When they raided Ms. Bells home they found baby Madison, Kiefer and her 5 year old son, her sister Rikki Swan with her 6 and 11 year old children. Both Jamie Kiefer and her sister Rikki Swan were arrested, but Ms. Bell was not thought to be a part of the crimes.

I do believe that once you have given your child up for adoption, you are pretty much through. You should have no rights to sue for custody or for visitation period. If the new family wishes to extend visitation to you that is up to them. Jamie Kiefer for whatever reason, other than duress, gave up her daughter, she made her decision, and she should have lived with it. What gives Jamie Kiefer the right to have her cake and eat it too? She could not take care of the child for whatever reason and gave her up, the Erickson’s took care of the child for the last 5 months and now that she feels able, she wants to reclaim her.

This type of case is so irritating, just the stupidity of the biological mother to do something like this. I feel for her I really do, I have two kids of my own and couldn’t possibly imagine not having either of them in my life. But, does she really think that by kidnapping the baby, she would be able to keep her and would never be found out. All she has done is ensured herself the fact that she will never have her baby and probably not her freedom for a long, long time. This tells me that maybe she doesn’t need kids at all since she is so irresponsible. Also, the sister who is being charged as an accomplice is just as irresponsible and she has just condemned her two children as well. Her husband is currently serving in Afghanistan along with Ms. Bell who said that is how she met Rikki Swan. Ms. Swan’s oldest child has been handed over to Child Services and her youngest is with family. Now she is in the same shape as her sister losing her own kids to help in a crime that was ridiculous from the word go.

People need to start thinking of all the consequences of actions they plan to take, before they actually take them. These to foolish buffoons probably didn’t think at all. They just did whatever they felt was going to work at this time. This seems to be the era we live in right now, people don’t have to show any responsibility when there are too many other things or people too blame.



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33 responses to “Biological Mom Jailed

  1. I’m having mixed emotions on this case, first let me say that I do not in any way condone what this woman did. She’s an ass for crossing the line, and will be punished by the proper authorities as well she should be.

    However, I want to say that being a victim of ACS aka CPS I have learned the hard way that the tatics they use to (TPR) Terminate Parental Rights or force a parent to appear to give up a child are inhuman, unconstitutional, and down right immoral.

    The emotional abuse aka PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) parents are now suffering because of the dirty tricks used by “child protective services” to “legally” remove our children (or so it appears to the unvictimized eye) or the pressure put on parents so it appears they “willingly gave up their children” is totally out of control!

    The system is causing parents all accross America to act in ways that appear on the surface to be insane, such as this case appears. But I ask the unvictimized public to google CPS abuse and see what you find.

    Follow the money and you will see “child protective services” began doubling and trippling the number of children in the system after Title IV Federal funding became available (aka incentives for the legal kidnapping of non abused children for profit)

    I’ve googled CPS abuse for you, here is what I found on page ONE-

    Web Results CPS abuse – hurting families, children, parents
    End the war against America’s families. Create checks and balances to rein in CPS abusiveness. – 31k – Similar pages

    Child Protective Service agencies abuse their federally endorsed authority to destroy the lives … Help Support Kidjacked and speak out against CPS abuse! … – 39k – Similar pages
    Child Protective Services “CPS” False Accusations — Family R…
    Six months before Tyler’s death there was a CPS report stating that “the children in the Deleon home were at high risk for future abuse and neglect” yet the … – 105k – Similar pages
    Help Expose Child Protective Services Abuse of Families and …
    3883, 11:34 am PDT, Jun 14, Heather Blosser, Because I am a victom of CPS abuse. I think CPS should leave my family alone and worry themselves with someone … – 137k – Similar pages
    Reform CPS Now! – CPS Abuse Stories – Main Content
    Have you and/or your family been questioned by CPS? Have your children been questioned? Do you feel like you’ve been wrongly accused or mistreated by CPS? – 18k – Similar pages

    The CPS : Abuse Of Process
    Legal Guidance prepared by The Crown Prosecution Service to guide Crown Prosecutors and Designated Caseworkers in making decisions in cases. – 112k – Similar pages
    CPS State Govt Child Abuse
    CPS State Govt Child Abuse. Child Protection OUT OF CONTROL $5000-12000 Federal Funds given for each child taken plus thousands per month (not spent on … – 12k – Similar pages

  2. theblacksentinel

    I totally agree that CPS and the system is out of control and I would never, I mean never want for my child to be in this system. I do have experience with these systems as I have a sister who was in the system before my parents adopted her and now her children (3) went through the system as well. I don’t wish that upon anyone, but it makes no difference how terrible a system is, if you do something so stupid that you have now doomed your child to be in this system forever since you will be in prison forever. She could have continued with court, but she didn’t and that is where she went wrong, when it comes to your children you have to play it safe and do what it takes “LEGALLY” to get your children back.

    Thanks for the post

  3. Outback Worker

    I was around when the so-called adoption process was taking place. Daniel made Jamie quit working when she was 8 months pregnant. We would ask how she was and he would always say fine. After the baby was born they wrote on the white board at work how much the baby weighed and her name. Daniel made her have the baby in another town so that noone could go visit. He only took off work the day the baby was born. We would ask to see pictures and he never had any. About two weeks after she was born, Jennifer one day, called in to work. The next day she had a baby, and the next day she went on maternity leave. She supposedly adopted this child Cali whom she changed the name to Madison, in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!! What? Jennifer desperately wanted a child because she can’t have any. She and Matt didn’t marry until a month after they had Cali. They were together for 5 or 6 years yet waited until they stole this child from a mother who need a specialist, to get married! Jamie needed help. She needed someone besides Daniel and Jennifer putting in her head she wasn’t capable. She needed a psychiatrist. Daniel told me she was severly depressed before she gave that baby away. What kind of people do this? They do not deserve that little girl because of the way they took her from a sick mother.

  4. theblacksentinel

    Outback Worker,

    What you are saying is that you know both Jaime, Daniel and the Erickson’s. So just because Jaime had a hard time of it with Daniel (the father), that would give her the right to go and tie people up and kidnap the daughter that she gave up for adoption? Well, I am sorry but, she should have worked with the court system, if like you said they practically stole her daughter by “filling her head with garbage” then she would have a great case. Now she has pretty much assured the Erickson’s that they will NEVER have to give back their new child.

    You also say that Jaime had mental problems and was “sick”, then why would you think that she any more than the Erickson’s deserve the child, it sounds to me that they are the lesser of the two evils. I mean the lady was sick enough to give her child away, then still sick enough to go and commit a home invasion, tie up a family, who by the way had another young child, surely traumatizing that one, and kidnaps the baby. Unfortunately, she sounds like THE most unfit mother in the whole story, and her sister (if true that she helped) is close behind.

    It doesn’t really matter to me how badly the Erickson’s wanted a baby, as long as THEY didn’t commit kidnapping to get it, which it doesn’t look like they did. It looks like the adoption was legal and now Jaime wants to have her own brand of justice by circumventing the courts and taking matters into her own hands, and you expect me to believe that she deserves this baby. HA! NO WAY!

    Thanks for the reply

  5. justme

    outback worker:
    you only know what little bits and pieces you get from gossip around the work place. Daniel DID NOT push nor make Jamie give up the baby for adoption. You dont know what you are talking about whwn you say that he “made” her have her baby in another town. Yes Jamie was depressed but Daniel tried to do what he could, he did take her to see a doctor. He lso did not make her stop working, she didnt want to work!!! i would be over there while she would ignore the works call because she was tired. She was 8 months pregnant, how long to you expect her to work on her feet. keep your NON facts to yourself because you only know rumors or gossip.

  6. prayingformadison

    Just so that everyone knows…the Erickson’s and Daniel did not force Jamie to give the baby up. Hell, she slept with her husbands brother! She had issues way before any of this happened. Why would Daniel not agree to adoption when Jamie chose that option…do you think he wanted to live with the pain of knowing his wife’s infidelity everyday? That said, he by no means “forced” her to do anything…all of this was her decision. The Erickson’s have done nothing but give Madison a loving, caring, and STABLE environment to thrive in. I pray every moment of every day that people will see what is best for Madison, and that is to be with her family…the Erickson’s.

  7. Ok; I have to chime in!

    Does; Daniel know for a fact that Cali is not his? I would like to know what Daniel’s parents stand is on this? Either way; Cali is their grandchild. This was COERCION; I have issues with COERCION. If you need to be educated on this subject; leave me a message. I will get you to the best educated people in this country; on this subject.

    No; I am sorry Jennifer and Matt should have to follow protocol to adopt. I know; people that are on waiting lists; that are outraged by the fact they didn’t have to follow protocol. Why don’t they have to follow protocol?

    Cali; as is her correct name; giving to her by her mother; is very much loved; and has a family who wants her. That makes her unavailable; for adoption. Jennifer; and Matt; I have heard are good people; if that is true; give a child a home; that needs a home. This is a case; that a family needed a baby; not a baby needing a family. That makes me blood boil.

    And; either way Cali is related to Daniel; no matter what the outcome of the DNA test is. He is ok with other people raising his brother’s child; when his brother has stated; he will not sign adoption papers. Ok; yes you are mad that your brother did this to you; but don’t make your niece pay for your hurt. Daniel’s so HURT; he missed the fact; that Cali could be his daughter. Jennifer; is a woman; she should of thought of this. Because; we all know men sometimes when they are hurt; lose sight of what might be facts. I am sure; this has crossed Jennifer’s mind; but she wanted: Cali; for herself; and that is scary.

  8. justme

    yes, daniel knows for a fact that this child is not his. His so called “brother” is in jail for manslaughter, so why should he have an opinion at all. he has other kids but he doesnt see them or take care of them, he is no good!!! Daniel has his own son with Jamie to look out for, the poor kid has been put through enought. none of you know the whole story nor have you been there. Daniel is agood guy, Jamie had issues because of her affair with her husbands brother getting pregnant by him didnt help at all. I dont know the Ericksons but i hope Cali ends up with the right family. All that matters is Cali and the other kids involved. not who slept with who and who did wrong. I dont believe Jamie was in her right mind to give up Cali, she was a great mom to her 5 yr old son so i know if she gets help and gets the baby back she will be a good mom.Jamie had mentioned adoption first and of courseDaniel was for it, most men would agree if they were in his spot.

  9. Justme,

    No I do not think Jamie for one minute brought up adoption; she nursed Cali; doesn’t seem like she was wanting to break that bond. You state she is a great mom; then why put her through this hell? Hmm; you should visit my blog; my exhusband was put in the same position; and he loves my daughter; Brittany. Yes; Brittany is not his brother’s child; but if she was; he would of been against giving her up still; on the fact; she was his niece. No; I am still not convinced Daniel; is not Cali’s father. How can you know without a DNA test? I know that is a question in a lot of Daniel’s friends mind. Why wouldn’t it be? How does Daniel’s parents feel about this? I would like to know. Yes; I am sorry Jimmy has a right; if he isn’t taking care of his other children; there is court for that. My guess; is why he hasn’t; he’s been in jail; and has had no income.

    Do you understand adoption loss? If you don’t; leave me a message; I know some of the most educated people in this country on the subject.

    No; at this time we will have to disagree most men would of done this. Most men; would of got even another way; if that is what his goal was. You don’t hurt the woman you love this way. All; adoption does is hurt the mother, and child. There is a whole family in jail; because of this. STOP THE MADNESS; give Jamie her baby back; and get her the help you say she needs!

  10. justme

    i do know for a fact that Jamie was the one who mentioned adoption first!! But i do NOT have to explain myself. Do you know any FACTS, not what you have heard but actual FACTS??? Well i do, i i know Daniel is not the baby’s father!!!You dont know how Jamie really was with her baby, were you there or did you just read something? I said MOST not All men would do the same thing but if you were in the spot or have gone through EVERYTHING Daniel has with this family, you might understand.He loved and still loves her, why no one knows. If i where him and went throught all the things he has not even including the affair and baby i would have been so done with her. But thats the kind of man Daniel is, he was willing to put everything behind him to have his family with her. you say you “think” alot like you dont think Jamie brought up adoption first or that you still dont think Daniel is not the father. BUT do you KNOW??? NO!!

  11. JustMe,

    You are right; I do not know for a fact; that Daniel is not Cali’s father. I do know for a fact; Cali; either way it goes; is Daniel’s parents; grandchild. Yes; I do know for a fact; Jamie nursed; that I do know. No; if Jamie brought up adoption first; I would be very shocked. If she did; I think it was because; she felt as if she had to. Daniel; loves Jamie; very much. That I do not question! Yes; Daniel, and Jamie; have an older son; that you mention they need to look out for in your previous post; so Daniel should only look out for his own children? No; sorry Daniel; should look out for all children involved in this situation. Cali Charmain; needs to be with her momma. That is another point; I would like to bring to your attention; Cali’s middle name; is Jamie’s mother first name; there is no way; Jamie wanted to give up her baby for adoption. I layed there thinking last night; and realized someone was real mad the way Jennifer; treated Jamie. I would be too; if she preyed on my vulnerable daughter who had PPD. I would like to know how Daniel’s parents feel about their son giving up their grandchild?

    Yes; you say you would of been done with Jamie. Maybe; you would of. But; men in love; do not let go that easily. Yes; you said most; but I can point you to 19 out of 20 men; that do not agree with this; and have been there. I would have more repect for Daniel; if he said; I can’t do this; and didn’t continue his relationship with Jamie. But; as you pointed out; he was so in love; with Jamie. And; as I pointed out; men don’t walk away so easily; when they are in love.

    Adoption loss? As; any one will tell you is a life sentence. Jamie; has not done any thing so terrible; that she needs to be punished for life. And; Cali Charmain has done NOTHING AT ALL. So; if Daniel would like to speak with me; I am more then willing to get him; to the people who can explain to him. Daniel; will walk away; knowing that he just hurt the woman he loves; and there is no erasing the pain he has caused for the whole family. Now; I can’t say Daniel; was the mind behind this; I have my doubts on that one. My thinking; is Jennifer was the one who talked Daniel in to this. Either way; you state yourself Jamie; is a good mother; then you question how I know what kind of mother she is? Doesn’t make any sense does it? I would like to know why you support a person; you claim is a good mother; having her baby torn from her?

  12. lalala94

    So just me since you seem to know the whole story why don’t you tell it? Never mind it’s because you really don’t!!!!!!

  13. lalala94

    Oh and praying for madison

    you should change that to praying for CALI CHARMAIN because MADISON doesn’t exist. Her name is not legally changed

  14. justme

    i do know the WHOLE TRUE story, not the one you all have read or hear but you know what i have decided not to to say anymore because why should i sit here and defend people or argue what i know is true. i dont, thats it. i and everyone involved knows everything that has gone on in the last 3 years, so i have no need to go on and tell you all things that you might or might not believe. because to me it doesnt matter what you believe or not I KNOW the TRUTH and thats all that matters. Also one day Cali or one of the other kids(involved) might read all this and i dont want to be the one they have to read it from. let their parents tell them everything when and if they want to. i will not!! All the kids involved mean too much to me for me to be the one to be a “tell all” person.

  15. prayingformadison

    dear lalala94:

    to me, her name is madison hope erickson. just like you have your opinions, i have mine.

  16. prayingformadison,

    Yes; lala94 is entitled to her thoughts!! Lala; I see understands the law. Good for her:)

    Until; an adoption is legalized; Jennifer, and Matt can not legally change Cali Charmain’s name. Laws are not opinions; they are facts; you can argue that you disagree with the laws; but doesn’t change the law. A lawyer; who knew what they wre doing; would of advised the Erickson’s of the legalities of changing a name before the adoption was finalized. Mr.Langston; stated a judge; didn’t approve what Jamie signed. If this is so legal; why wasn’t a judge present? Let me explain to you; who was present; the Erickson’s; their lawyer(I have questions for you); Daniel; Jamie; and Cali. Who represented Janmie? Who represented Cali Charmain? Who counseled Jamie; a woman suffering from PPD; what she was signing? Yes; Mr. Langston; will question all this. When Jamie said; “hey I can’t do this!” Why was Cali; not returned to her mother? This adoption was never approved; by a judge. Why did they back Jamie up in to a corner? How would you feel suffering from PPD; and someone did this to you? I am just guessing from your screen name; you are a woman. And a friend of the Erickson’s; as you stated the middle name they would choose for Cali; if Cali; remains in their family. I am hoping not! And; I will tell Mr.Langston; get the most educated people who understand adoption loss; on that stand. So if you are a friend of the Erickson’s; tell Jennifer, and Matt; read up on COERCION! As; I have my doubts Matt knew that happened; when he agreed to this. Matt; knows now; so PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS! This is doing nothing but tearing a whole family in to pieces; can you live with that? Can you sleep at night? If you can; I think you do not need to be parents at all.

  17. prayingformadison


    it doesn’t matter who i am. but you will never get me to change my stand on this, just as i will never get you to change yours. i know for a fact that there was no coercion. all people know is what they read in the papers, hear from other nosey “outback workers”, etc. my belief is that jamie gave her child up to people she knew would love them. when she changed her mind (which was not the next day like she states), she should have done it legally. she did not try every legal venue, to get a dead end as she states. i know jamie is the only side talking, but when the truth does come out, and believe me it will, the ericksons will get to keep madison. and as far as i’m concerned, the only family madison has is the ericksons. that is my belief and please don’t try to change my mind because it will never happen. save your opinion for someone else….thanks!

  18. prayingformadison,

    NO; you will never change my stand. I could care less; where your stand is; and you are either a friend; or relative; is my guess. I understand adoption loss; if you do not want to read my opinion; stop reading. Yes; I know COERCION; was involved; doesn’t take to much; to figure that out. If the Erickson’s feel; they are Cali’s only family; they have no business adopting any child. Why are they not talking? What are they hiding? If you were a little more educated on COERCION; I would respect your thoughts; as I can tell you are not educated on the subject at all. If the Erickson’s; can sleep at night; God help us all!!!!! I still have my doubts Matt; knew what took place at the beginning. But; he knows now; so do the right thing; Matt. No; this adoption was very UNETHICAL:( I think they are not talking; cause their attorney is trying to get all their stories to match; how sad is that?

  19. lalala94

    Cali Charmain Kiefer has a family that loves her. A BIOLOGICAL family. What you are not understanding is when she grows up if she is not returned to Jamie which I pray she is, Not only for the sake of the family but for Matt and Jennifer’s family, TAKE MY WORD FOR THIS AND MANY OTHER CASES OF ADOPTION. SHE WILL HATE JENNIFER AND MATT. SHE WILL HATE THEM WHEN SHE FINDS OUT HER FAMILY DID WANT HER AND THEY DID NOTHING ABOUT IT TO GET HER BACK TO THEM. SHE WILL HATE THEM WHEN SHE FINDS OUT WHAT MOTHER DID TO GET HER BACK. There are many cases that adopted parents are so selfish that they are thinking of what is best for them. How they are going to feel. The person that needs to be thought about is Cali. How is this going to effect her when she gets older. How is Jennifer going to feel the day she says you are not my mother. My mother fought for me, my mother would not have hurt another woman as badly as you did her. This will happen I mark my word. Jennifer needs to stop and realize she is hurting that baby more than she could imagine. Cali has a family that wants her how can you justify that being ok?????

  20. family

    I Really want to know who (justme) is.? Are you friends with the Kiefer family, or just the Triste Family? I can see that you hate Jimmy, and like Danny. I can’t help but be curious, as to who this is. I’m not sure if you really know what a good person Danny is, or if you just know he’s innocent in all this, and has been the victim long enough. I do appreciate you defending him. Can you reveal yourself somehow?

  21. THQ

    You know, the web is really not a place to air such personal details. Sure, you may feel a moment of vindication, but please, think before you post. For those of you thinking that going through the courts to resolve this is the best way – wake up! Check out the story of Anna Mae He which took 7 years of litigation, Evan White which took 3 years, and Allison Quets who is still fighting after two years. In her case, there is no father as she did donor IVF because she was in her 40’s. She has spent about a million dollars – her entire savings and retirement, sold her house and car, lost her job, and everything else trying to get justice in the courts in FL. It’s a joke – when an educated, fit mother is temporarily ill and bows to pressure to sign a consent then immediately revokes before anything is signed or the kids are in the couple’s custody – but cannot get her children back. That is just stealing or unethical or whatever you want to call it. She didn’t go home and wait 3 months or have a history of abuse or anything – she was an ideal parent and could not even pay enough to get the courts to return her children. The courts are failing these natural families. Mothers who have just given birth go through enormous emotional changes, which most weather ok because they have a supportive partner. When you are like Jamie or Allison and you have those around you telling you that you are incompetent, you crack then feel desperate to have your child back. You are not a bad mother, you were just very vulnerable. That is not a crime – that is why there are laws that are intended to protect women in these circumstances. However, it requires that the courts follow the law. Don’t assume there will be justice – the adoption industry is a 1.4 billion dollar industry with a lot of influence in the legal arena. With that much money to work with, you can bribe a lot of people.

  22. theblacksentinel


    The problem is not whether or not she got a fair trial etc. The problem is that if she feels that her child was stolen or what have you, how is going to commit an even worse crime going to help the situation. So regardless of how long it would have taken her to go through the courts she now has NO recourse. She is NEVER going to have the baby back if she gets convicted of this crime. So if the courts aren’t the answer according to you, then what is. Hell, I know the courts are bogus, read some of my other posts. The whole damn system needs an overhaul, but until then, what should she be doing? Home invasion and kidnapping I am sure is not at the top of your list.

    Thanks for the reply

  23. justme

    just to let everyone know, Jamie Kiefer and Rikki Swann posted bail today and they are home. Their father is still in jail because they cant afford to get him out.

  24. prayingformadison

    Let’s just hope she doesn’t do anything stupid like she did before….

  25. justme

    just thought you would like to know, Richard Triste (Jamie’s father) got out of jail yesterday.

  26. A judge is just now deciding whether Jaimie and/or the baby’s father ever signed any relinquishment of parental rights.

    Your post is one huge conglomeration of conjecture, assumptions and contradictions:

    “Jamie Kiefer for whatever reason, other than duress, gave up her daughter, she made her decision, and she should have lived with it.”

    WRONG: A “decision” made under duress is not a decision at all and often falls under the category of fraud which can overturn any contract or adoption.

    “She could not take care of the child for whatever reason and gave her up, the Erickson’s took care of the child for the last 5 months and now that she feels able, she wants to reclaim her.”

    We do not know any of this. We do not know if she was unable to care for her child or just coerced into signing papers. Many perfectly capable mothers are coerced because adoption is a huge money-making industry. She did not abuse or neglect or abandon her child. And, if the papers were never signed or were signed under duress, and/or if there adoption has not been finalized, then the Erickson’s are the kidnappers and have less right to this child than the child’s mother and/or father.

    “the stupidity of the biological mother to do something like this. I feel for her I really do”

    What a contradiction that is! Compassion does not judge.

    “I have two kids of my own and couldn’t possibly imagine not having either of them in my life

    Well, neither can she!

    “But, does she really think that by kidnapping the baby, she would be able to keep her and would never be found out. ”

    And if the Erickson’s are the kidnappers??? Then what?

    Let’s wait and see the facts before we judge. Let us bear in mind that in the most notorious of these types of cases, it was those holding the child who were at fault: Baby Lenore (in the 70’s), Baby Richard and baby Jessica. The two later cases the chidlren were eventually returned to their rightful, biological parents and are doing just fine. In the first case, the DeMartinos kept their kidnapped daughter by felling the state after being ordered to return her.

    So, Please…let’s not cast stones just yet…

  27. theblacksentinel


    She made a dumb move, period. All she has done is pretty much assured herself of not getting her daughter. I know about the mother instinct as I have two kids of my own and would be just as desperate. Yet, I don’t know if I would jeopardize my keeping my kids in the long run by doing something so ridiculous. I think I would go through the law in order to get my kids back.

    Thanks for the reply

  28. stillprayingformaddie

    You are right. A judge is hearing the case as we speak. But, trust me, it’s not looking good for Jamie or the dad. The Erickson’s will continue to raise Madison just as they have been when the judge rules, no question.

  29. anon

    Just in case no one has heard, Jamie and the biological fathers parental rights were terminated. Jamie was also indicted by a grand jury with 4 felony counts related to the kidnapping.

  30. Amanda Wade

    I am the mother of the other child envooved in the case Oliver Erickson and I have many mixed emotions when it comes to this subject.

  31. over here in nc

    does anyone know what happened to amanda bell? I know she was in jail for awhile for whatever her help was in this mess, but I just recently saw her back here at Bragg, did she get a plea bargain or what?

  32. MOI

    Jamie’s husband only agreed to stay with her if she would give up the baby..she was conflicted, but, ultimately agreed to give Cali up for adoption. I believe she didn’t really understand how difficult that decision would be after the fact, and suffered for it. Despite everyone’s opinions, I believe that, jsut like in the Bible, the best mom is the one who let go of the baby during the battle. Just like any mom, she did whatever it took to get her baby….right or wrong. If someone had my baby, I would break any law and hurt anyone to get her/him back. Seriously. I feel horrible that the other family was harmed, but she was trying to get her baby back. They are all answering for it, all being held accountable. Someday, Cali will google and find all this out on her own. She will knoow that both ehr moms fought with all they had for her. I know this sounds twisted, but I see both sides. Jamie’s husband is evil…..pure evil!!!!

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