The High Cost Of Free Drugs


As Pfizer’s profits grow, this giant drug pusher, sorry, company is being sued by the Nigerian government for fraud related to the testing of a new drug on innocent children without parental consent. After a 1996 meningitis outbreak, Pfizer treated one hundred meningitis children with an experimental antibiotic called Trovan. Then another one hundred children, who were “control patients” in the study, did received the approved antibiotic called ceftriaxone, but the problem was that the dose was far lower than recommended. As a result eleven children died which included five who were on Trovan and six from the control group, plus many others endured physical disabilities and brain damage. Pfizer claims that its records show that not one of the deaths was actually linked to the Trovan or shoddy treatment, pointing out that the study actually showed improved survival for the children getting Trovan as opposed to the customary drug; noting that meningitis survivors can sometimes sustain brain damage and or other types of complications from the disease.

If this were to happen here in America we would be outraged literally fuming while storming the company gates with torches and pitchforks. But, we aren’t because the tragedy occurred in Nigeria, that’s Africa right? Well then, who cares, they are just lucky enough to get a dose of whatever drug Pfizer wants to push at them. America shows such a lack of care when it comes to American companies doing deviously Machiavellian deeds as long as they do them in a country where the inhabitants are generally minorities (according to the white populace here). Then when a group of angry individuals decides to exact a little payback, we are incensed and start with the whys and what for’s; it must be our freedom, you’ll here all over the news. When maybe we should start looking at our foreign policy and what our companies are doing in foreign lands.

Actually it has happened here on American soil, between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service carried out an experiment on 399 black men in the late stages of syphilis. All these men were told was that they had “bad blood,” when their doctors had no intentions of curing or letting them know what they really had. I’ve always wondered if they were infected intentionally, hey, if they would submit them to these experiments then who knows what they were capable of. Obviously no one has learned any lessons from this case at all. It seems that Blacks be they African or American makes great human lab rats. This conspiracy went right to the top, one of the doctors from the experiment said that, “If the colored population becomes aware that accepting free hospital care means a post-mortem, every darky will leave Macon County…” I can just here some of the big wigs at Pfizer smiling with the same line just enter in Nigeria. The United States Surgeon General at the time named LeRoy Edgar Burney contributed in luring the men to continue in the experiment even sending them certificates of appreciation after a painful 25 years in the study.

This makes me wonder why Blacks trust the medical field, government and any large corporation. It is completely obvious that these people don’t have our best interest in mind and can go so far as to be said they might harbor actual ill will towards our communities, whether they be in Africa or here at home.


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