Sex Ed For Kindergarten?

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Mitt Romney just like all the other candidates running for the presidency couldn’t wait to hear something that he thought would outrage America if he repeated it with a phony outraged voice. Mitt has been raging on about Obama stating that if elected he would go with the Planned Parenthood’s sex education which starts on a Kindergarten level. So with apparent indignation Mitt claims “I was governor four years,’ said Romney and “I never had one person coming to me and say, ‘You know what, governor, I’m concerned about something.’ What’s that? ‘I’m concerned about sex education. I’m concerned my kids aren’t learning enough about sex.’ I never heard that.” I don’t know what is so outrageous about this since Mitt’s state starts teaching sex education as early as pre-kindergarten. I guess what he should be outraged about is that he as Governor doesn’t really know what is going on in his OWN state.

I am by no means an Obama fan and certainly not a Romney one either but this issue is something that angers me whenever people talk about it. Mitt would have you believe that when Obama says that going with the Planned Parenthood option would mean teaching the Kindergartener’s the whole shebang. Well I am pretty sure that what is meant is that we start with the basics of teaching a child the correct names for body parts and what makes a man or woman etc. This is not too much for a child that age to handle, they will ask those questions anyway, I should know I have two kids. All I keep seeing is the fact that we need to protect our kids’ innocence and such, well I don’t think that anywhere in the Planned Parenthood or Obama’s minds we are going to be teaching kindergarteners HOW to have sex in the perverted sense. So how does knowing ones body parts etc. taking a child’s innocence.

I think this is just simpler mind redirection techniques on Romney’s part. These presidential candidates are so lacking in anything to offer the American public that they are just playing a game of “I don’t have to show you that I have something to offer, I just have to show you that my OPPONENT doesn’t have anything to offer.” This way if they point the finger away from themselves enough people will be forced to look at them and say “well that guy seems to have the better policies”, even though all he did was point out the flaws in every other candidates policies. I for one do not see anything positive about any of these politicians. We have a serious dilemma which is just witling down which one of them will be the lesser evil and I am even having a hard time just doing that.


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