Cavemen Evolve

As ABC gears up for its fall lineup it seems that they have a supposed comedy in the works based off the Geico cavemen commercials. The show is not surprisingly called “Cavemen”. This is how ABC explains the new show: “Cavemen is a unique buddy comedy that offers a clever twist on stereotypes and turns race relations on their head. Inspired by the popular Geico Insurance commercials, the series looks at life through the eyes of the ultimate outsiders — three modern cavemen — as they struggle to find their place in the world. Joel, his cynical best friend, Nick, and easy-going little brother, Jamie, are contemporary cavemen who live in the suburban south and simply want to be treated like ordinary thirty-something guys. Despite their attempts at assimilation, Nick doesn’t believe mainstream society will ever completely accept them, Jamie seems to take it all in stride and Joel straddles the middle, torn between his friends, his traditional values and his loving fiancée.”

As I watched the new trailers I was very unimpressed with the whole premise that the cavemen are trying to “assimilate”; into white culture no doubt. The problem is that this is the case with all nationalities, in order to make it in today’s world you need to assimilate as close to the white culture as possible. The cavemen are just another race of beings that need to be seen as “Caucasian”. I don’t think that they should be black either as I don’t think that blacks ever were cavemen. But, I would like to have seen the cavemen have a nationality all their own. Of, course since we live in a white dominated society anything that we have no experience with such as aliens, people from other dimensions or realms and of course cavemen will be modeled after white people. That is very disheartening for people of other races such as myself being a black person I have to say that I am pretty tired of the blatant racism.

I do not like having my children seeing that the majority of aliens on Star Trek, or everyone in the Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, X-Men and Star Wars are pretty much lacking when it comes to a black presence. If you take a look at the majority of shows in general you can’t help but notice how short on minorities they are. What are my children supposed to think of themselves, self esteem and their race as a whole when faced with such blatant messages such as “you and people like you don’t matter that is why you are barely represented in the majority of your favorite movies, television shows and cartoons”, and when blacks are in these movies they are assimilated.

I guess my real point here is that the cavemen show is just more propaganda that everyone needs to be white to matter (isn’t that why they are trying to assimilate). I just wish the cavemen had their own culture or at least show us what they are assimilating from.


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One response to “Cavemen Evolve

  1. jimmy dean

    whites are the true cavemen and they are using black people to stop it from going on air .Even though they claim that cave people who are clearly portrayed as white,the skin,hair,being lazy which is why whites had slaves,low I.Q. which is why they(pale people stole their knowledge from black kemmet !I’m black and I say air this true portrayal of the pale race.Which is really why they had the strike to stop the cat from getting out the bag.

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