Mother Beats Kids On Flight


What is the deal with planes, flight attendants, moms and children? Another airline fiasco involving a mom and a flight attendant, except this time it was too much babbling from the mother instead of the babies. Tamera Freeman, 38 flying from San Francisco to Denver was arrested on touch down after beating and yelling at her two little ones ages 2 and 4. She also threw a drink at the flight attendants feet, chasing her into the aisle while pointing her finger yelling obscenities. Apparently this mother was drunk as a skunk.

Getting drunk when you are traveling is pretty bad but drinking around your children while traveling is just down right ignorant. Maybe she should think about letting another family member care for them while she figures out what’s important in life. This lady is facing 20 years on a felony if she is convicted of abuse. One thing that I can applaud is that the flight staff in this case showed good judgment by intervening in the situation and not forcing everyone on the plane to return to San Francisco because a flight attendant felt threatened by a mother and kids. The Continental flight attendant from my post “Mother and Baby Get the Boot” should take a lesson from this lady, she obviously had better training.

The way we live right now, you don’t know your neighbor and probably don’t want to know them. But, we as a society need to find a way to make sure that we start acting as a community and help each other with the child rearing. Remember “it takes a village to raise a child”. That is absolutely true; I am from the old school where we as children were watched by everyone on the block. If you did something wrong you were reprimanded by whoever saw you doing it and your parents were told about it and they got you too. I understand that we live in a lawsuit happy environment and to do the community child rearing would inevitably end with courts, lawyers and big money. So we are stuck with parents who can’t handle the responsibilities of parenting and there is no doubt we will see more abuse in the news.


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