Excessive Police Abuse Again


Another excessive abuse case caught my eye this week. We the people are becoming extremely complacent with these types of cases. After all we see this behavior constantly on shows such as COPS, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and any others you can think of. People constantly ask “well what did they do to make the cops behave that way?” When we ask these types of questions we become part of the problem. So the question really is “what is wrong with the cop to make him act that way?” After all police officers receive plenty of training in keeping calm and cool in very stressful and demanding circumstances.

The abuse was geared towards an older black woman (surprise!) named Shundrea May in St. Louis because of three warrants, the worst being for nothing more than an unpaid ticket; for an uncovered garbage can. There were three officers on the scene, two talking to Ms. May who asked to put on a shirt since she answered the door in pants and a robe. The officers agreed so when she turned to get the shirt a third officer rushed up from behind the first two and grabbed her by the arm and started twisting until she ended up at the emergency room with a severe sprain. All for an uncovered trash can, which if you look down her block pretty much all the cans were uncovered. The cops admit they probably won’t be arrested for their cans, gee I wonder why?
The officer a Mr. Garyani a three year veteran already had another complaint of excessive force just a week before this incident. Officer Garyani said “The inference that I used excessive force is incorrect. Other officers didn’t react the way they should have. When she attempted to leave the area, I restrained her. The other officers failed to act in a professional capacity.” He has been placed on suspension which could be made permanent soon.
Listening to this man and you would think that the poor lady was a serial killer; maybe she was a serial garbage lid leave’er off’er and deserved what she got. This is just another drop in the bucket of cops and other authority figures using unwarranted roughness when dealing with blacks. I hear over and over that people are tired of hearing about blacks being abused by cops, but until we stop getting abused by cops; I hope that we all continue talking about it.



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7 responses to “Excessive Police Abuse Again

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  2. I have my own story of being assaulted by the police. I’m not writing to talk about that case right now or any of the other cases of false arrest or police brutality that I have been involved with in one way or another. I have another point to make that I hope is part of the solution. I hope you share this with everyone you know in the US! A new bill was just introduced that will help to reduce the cases of wrongful convictions, help to reduce or eliminate forced confessions by innocent citizens and reduce police abuse during interrogations. The bill is HR 3027. H.R. 3027 would amend title 18, United States Code, to require the electronic recording of custodial interrogations in Federal criminal cases. The summary of HR 3027 is as follows:

    “Effective Law Enforcement through Transparent Interrogations Act of 2007 – Amends the federal criminal code to render inadmissible as evidence in felony prosecutions statements by an individual obtained in an unrecorded custodial interrogation.”

    This is a very important bill that needs to pass! It was just introduced July 17, 2007 by Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Please support him with this very important issue by contacting your legislatures. Similar laws have been passed in Wisconsin, Alaska and also Hawaii. The police agencies will strongly oppose this bill. They do NOT want to have to record their interrogations and/or police interviews! I plan to fight to get it introduced into my state. All states in the US should have this law. It’s just common sense! It’s just one step towards taking back control from the police!! And it’s long over due. I’m fed up with police committing crimes against innocent citizens and not being accountable for what they do. So please spread the word on this subject!!

    I was recently a witness in a felony case. I’m not going to get into all of the details of the case, how it was a false arrest or all of the many errors that went on with that case. But I would like to tell you about the police falsifying their police reports to try to convict an innocent person. I knew early on that the person charged with this felony was absolutely innocent. I was listed as a witness for trial. The police did not interview me as they did others. They did not want to interview witness’ proclaiming the defendants innocence. I had obtained information that would or should have cleared the person charged prior to trial. I called the investigating officer and told him of the alleged victim recanting her story and her telling a close family member of her’s that she made the whole story up. I even had recorded the conversation on audio tape with her close family member. I told the investigating officer that she had recanted her story and that he needed to do more investigating on the case. He told me the case was closed. I explained to him the seriousness of the charges, the seriousness of the penalties and how it would destroy this person’s life. He told me that he already done his investigation and that it’s closed! He said that all he does is put the “stories” together and gives them to the prosecutor. Nine months after the defendant was initially arrested and prior to the 3rd trial attempt, I went into the police station and insisted on being interviewed. I already had previous knowledge that this officer had been falsifying his police reports. So I hid a small tape recorder in my pocket when I went in for my interview. The officer was not happy to see me and was irritated that I was even there to be interviewed. None the less the interview went forth. The officer would not take any notes, he yelled at me for no apparent reason, he interrupted me, he cut the interview off and then threw me out of the interview room. Then he continued to yell at me outside the room and make ludicrous and snotty remarks to me infront of his audiance of cops in the office. He was very unprofessional. I then sat back and waited to read a copy of his police report. I was not surprised about what I read, but very sickened by our justice system here. The officer did not write up an honest report about my statements made in my interview. He left out important facts and went so far as to blatantly lie about extremely important facts of the accused being with an alibi witness. These facts pointed or screamed innocence for the defendant. Without going into all of the details of the case, I will tell you that these omitted facts and lies written up by this officer could be the difference between an acquittal or a conviction in this case. I turned in my copy of the audio tape to the defendant’s attorney and it was then turned over to the prosecutor. I was there for the handing over of the tape. It was priceless!!! The prosecutor looked at the tape, turned to the investigating officer and said “did you know you were being taped?” There was no reply from the officer. And no other words came from the prosecutor. The prosecutor then stomped past me glaring. It was a nice day for justice!
    The defendant was acquitted at trial. The jury came back with their decision in about 15 minutes! Early on they had also tried to pressure this defendant into taking a plea on the felony case. They had falsely arrested him again shortly after the first arrest. There was another audio tape for that trial. It was turned over to the prosecutor for discovery. About two weeks later the charges were dropped! This innocent person could have been found guilty of a felony and then yet another charge. I do feel the tapes were not the only reason he was acquitted of the felony case, but it was a big contributing factor I’m sure. And I know it was the only reason the 2nd charge was dismissed. Until we do have laws that mandate recording interrogations or interviews, if you MUST talk to the police under any circumstances – – RECORD the conversation! Check with the laws in your state though first! If they don’t want to record it – YOU record it and NEVER give the police your original tape! I even record any and all phone conversations with the police. If this bill gets passed for federal cases, our states will soon follow. I’ve personaly had my own dealings with false police reports. From small issues to more serious ones. The police tend to misquote you and sometimes just plain old lie in their reports. This law will make it impossible for them to do. It’s time to take back control from the out of control police in the US! This is why I feel this bill is so very important! Please let everyone you know about this bill and support Mr. Ellison with HR 3027.

    “One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only
    interest.” ~ John Stuart Mill

  3. I just saw the report from the police chief in PHILADELPHIA. And was so disappointed . As a black American I was upset . All I could think about was Wilson Goode …….Here we go again. Blacks put Mayor Nutter in office and once again a black Mayor has disrespected black Americans. Mayor Goode let a community burn down and 11 black America die! Now Mayor Nutter lets officers beat kick and disrespect American citizen and a slap of the hand is given out. If Police are hire and paid to protect the public . Then how do you justify not fireing all police officers present. Mayor Nutter and the Chief Of police fire 4 officers . That tell me that a crime was admitted. The job of a police officers is to pervent and stop crime . Each officers there didn’t do there job…. All should be fire and jailed! If not Mayor Nutter…………….. you are no better then the evil police officers that beat three citizen. And to mention the murdered officers ( Are you saying that the officers where still upset,,,,,,,,,,,So they beat the citizens???)_ . If so….that disrespects all Americans that have been beaten and murder by police officers! Sean Bell family should be able to shoot any cop they see . And just say WE ARE STILL MAD! Military American personel are in prison for disrespecting Iraqi prisoner.Unarmed Blacks in this country can be murder and beaten and before there body is in the ground. The Police officers are back to work! I remember when Mayor Nutter was running and he kept saying that he wanted the cops . To be able to stop and fisked . I knew then this is a man that is not connected to the people that voted for him.. Any time you give more power to police . Black Americans pay with there lifes! Mayor Nutter should no better!!!

  4. Tyrone,

    I totally agree. This is not only disrespectful it is consistent with the same hypocrisy that is constantly being sent to the black community by the dominant community and those blacks that tow that line.

    It is ridiculous that this fool Nutter would think that firing four criminals out of fifteen will somehow placate people in the black community. These criminals should be behind bars right along with any other police officers who decide that they should be dispensing justice at the end of a boot.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. jeff

    Wow, I wanna feel you but your grammar is so bad Tyrone.

    Here is a tip. If you want to get a point across, make sure you don’t look like a 4th grader while you do it.


    Please try and be respectful to other people who reply at this blog. I try and give everyone voice to air their opinions so please remember that if replying again. I just don’t want you or anyone else to think that this is a platform to bash others.


  6. Danlows

    As a member of police staff in the United Kingdom, I can say without doubt that interviews with suspects and/or witnesses should be recorded. In fact in the UK, it is illegal to interview without a lawyer present and the interview either visually or audibly recorded. This is to protect the rights of the interviewee as well as the officer to prevent these types of allegations. Frankly i am surprised that americans havent insisted on this sooner than now.

  7. Danlows,

    I agree. We should record visually to protect all involved. No one wants abuse nor false allegations of abuse.

    Thanks for the reply.

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