Mother & Baby Get The Boot


A mother and toddler were kicked off a Continental flight this week because of the babies excessive babbling. The flight attendant told the mother that her child’s talking was no longer cute and she should handle it by giving him some Benadryl. When the mother said no, the attendant went to the pilot and had him turn the plane around on the complaint that the Mother had threatened her.

Is this all we learned from 9/11 you piss off a flight attendant and she gets to tell the pilot you threatened her so you get yanked off the flight. A stupid lie told because the baby babbled too much. Well that is what babies that age do, I have two kids and one is sixteen and he babbles too. Ok, maybe not babble but come on what is the world coming to. Don’t we have more pressing issues to deal with on planes such as over booking, long wait times, sitting on the runway for six or seven hours at a time and excessive prices? I guess this flight attendant has no children, and if she does they should check them for chronic Benadryl abuse.

The flight attendant needs to be reprimanded and the airline should be paying for the mother and her child’s tickets due to the inconvenience. What next, are they going to start putting people off the plane because they cough too much, talk amongst each other too much, how about the loud breather; I sat next to a guy who’s breathing sounded like a dragon with emphysema. This is what it’s all about infinite diversity. You can’t take the quirks out of everyone to have a completely silent happy little flight. There will always be someone or something that gets on someone’s nerves, get over it.

I guess I find this so ridiculous because I have traveled on planes where they had children who I wished were only babbling. Soon I am going to be traveling with a little baby about four months old, I just know they will be kicking me off the plane as well, because when he gets grumpy, look out.


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One response to “Mother & Baby Get The Boot

  1. Jennifer Laurin

    That is my friend Katie! Stupid flight attendant! She should be fired!

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